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Thursday, June 02, 2005


From: Author Jorge Martin

Re: New book “Vieques : Caribbean UFO Cover-up of the Third Kind”

Press Release -Journalist, UFO researcher and author Jorge Martin is about to publish a new book entitled “Vieques : Caribbean UFO Cover-up of the Third Kind”

This book is an in-depth investigation on a large number of UFO / alien related events that have occurred in the island-municipality of Vieques, which is part of the archipelago of Puerto Rico and was, until recently, used by the U.S. Navy as a site for military exercises, bombing practices and for the experimentation of new weapons.

We describe astounding incidents occured in the lands controlled by the U.S. Navy in Vieques, such as the following:

1. A large number of sightings of UFOs of all types and sizes (saucer shaped, triangle shaped, cilyndrical, etc.)

2. Reports of Unidentified Submergible Objects (USOs) and underwater humanoid beings.

3. Visits and landings of UFOs with the subsequent disembarkment of humanoid beings in the NAVY / Raytheon Corporation controlled sites and bases in Vieques: R.O.T.H.R. radar systems, bombing site, U.S. NAVY aistrips, weapons and ammo storage facilities areas.

4. Clashes between UFOs and U.S. jetfighters.

5. UFOs during the U.S. NAVY military maneuvers.

6. Many encounters with non-human entities.

7. An apparent covert U.S. NAVY UFO / alien contact program in Vieques.

8. UFO / alien - Roosevelt Roads NAVY Station connection.

9. The sites of underwater alien bases in the Archipelago of Puerto Rico, in the south-west and east.

10. Joint U.S. military - alien activities?

11. An alien presence in El Yunque Rain Forest - with photos.

11. An S-4 Area in El Yunque?

12. Disinformation and harrasment programs

Our witnesses and sources include members of U.S. NAVY civilian security personnel, policemen from the State police Department of Puerto Rico,Vieques Municipality Police members, pilots, fishermen, residents of Vieques and the main island of Puerto Rico, and civilian pacifist protestors who acted like human shields against the U.S. NAVY’s bombing practices.With many photographs, illustrations and maps.

For further information, please contact Jorge Martin:

My name is Jorge Martin. I am an author, journalist and UFO researcher, television consultant, lecturer. My articles and reports in spanish languages have been translated and published in English, Russian, Italian, French, Japanese, Portuguese and other languages. I am fluent in Spanish and English, and can read Frech, Italian and Portuguese, and have researched the UFO / alien matter in Puerto Rico for 30 years. I have produced radio programs in Puerto Rico and I am the editor of ENIGMAS magazine, published in Puerto Rico in Spanish language.
I consulted and appeared in several TV U.S. / U.K. based TV programs and documentaries from the Learning Channel, Fox TV (Sightings, Encounters), Unsolved Mysteries (NBC), Mexican (Televisa), Ecuatorian (Tele Amazonas) and Japanese (Nippon TV).

My contact information is:

Jorge Martin
P.O. Box 30054,
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Telephone: (787) 758-0692
E-mail: jmartin@prcinternet.net


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