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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Man is often illustrated as an imposing figure standing upon a globe, peering at the stars, trying to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. As a synthesis, there is a point of understanding in man's consciousness where macrocosmic knowledge of infinity and eternity becomes incomprehensible, and it remains for him a state of mystery. This inexplicable mystery, whatever aspect it may assume to various peoples, is a superior intellect called God: this intellect having the attribute of comprehending infinity and eternity.

With each succeeding generation of man on this earth, it is hoped that they will unravel further the mysterious causes behind the effects observed in our minute portion of the Universe. What will happen when today's teen-agers grow up into a divided world? It is no wonder that they are regarded as a distinct social group.

Earthman is finding a new freedom in breaking the bonds of earth to travel the roadway to the stars. Russia's moon rocket traveled 343,700 miles out from earth, and circles the sun as an artificial planetoid every fifteen months. This is a marvelous feat in human engineering, but where is the source of knowledge, and how does a mysterious something called intelligent mind resolve complex equations that can send a vehicle that far from the earth? We might get this picture: Man trying to solve the mystery of creation when he is the greatest mystery and the answer to it.

Oh Man, in the mysteries of the Universe, you stand as a sentinel upon the sands of time, observing the incalculable wanderings of men, and the errant peregrinations of wayfarers across the valleys of life. You stand alone in the night, and your eyes wander across the imperceptible distances of space, and you see scattered throughout the inky darkness the light of ten trillion stars, and your mind makes a crude attempt to touch the Universal, to comprehend infinity, yet your mind is universal and infinite. You are bound in the shackles of mortal thought. Thus you are bound in a vehicle salient to the limitations of those thoughts.

Your computations and tabulations try to unlock the door of enigmas to the modus operandi of the universe when within your being lies the key, now dormant, but with each individual that finds this key a greater en rapport with the infinite vault of knowledge will ensue.

Man, the universe of matter, energy, space and time, is composed of magnetism, and you supercede this universe which expresses itself through an infinite variety of densities, phases and motions. You are Consciousness, differentiated from all other expressions in that your Being is aware, thus your verification. Man knows and others know not. Of course, though as someone once wisely said: "All the philosophy in the world will not get you anywhere if it is not used."

by Bill Hamilton
circa 1959

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