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Saturday, November 19, 2005



He says that you can see saucers on the ground. He says there is a kind of a cone -- a large cone and the larger vehicles come and land on top of the cone with the top of the cone fitting into a hole in the bottom. There is an elevator inside of the cone and that goes down into the mountain or ground about one kilometer. You can see the aliens running around the base getting into the vehicles. They use small vehicles to get around that have no wheels. They are rectangular in shape and they levitate. They do not show up in color because they are highly reflective, but in black and white they are visible. He says that there are beam weapons that are floating in strategic locations and there is a road into the base. He obtained infrared photos of the area from an altitude of 14,000 ft. There is a level highway going into the area that is 36 ft. Wide. It is a government road. One can see telemetry trailers and buildings that are five sided with a dome. It is standard military procedure. There are many guard points and "stakes" and there are launch domes that one can see. Next to the launch dome he saw a black limousine and another at some distance off. The careful measurements showed that the limousine was the same length as his Lincoln Town car. It is a CIA vehicle. Also there was a blue van. He has been cautioned about these limousines as they will run you off the road if you try to get into the area and in fact somebody has been killed in that manner. To the North is a launch site. There are two wrecked ships there: they are 36 feet with wings, and one can see oxygen and hydrogen tanks. There are four cylindrical objects Socorro type -- two carrying something while flying. The whole operation is based upon a government agreement and a technology trade. We get out of it atomic ships that are operated by plutonium. The Cash-Landrum case was one of them. The doors jammed open and neutron radiation came out.

One is based at Holloman Air Force base and possible Ft. Hood, Texas. Refueling of the plutonium is accomplished at Los Alamos.

He had traced pictures of this base back to 1948 and it has been there starting in 1948. Pictures in 1952, you can see many saucers and the base and trucks in winter time. The road was "passed off" to the local inhabitants as a lumber contract. He has photographs (I believed) of the firing of a beam weapon that ejects in two directions. (That would be necessary on a flying saucer. The reaction forces would impede the vehicle.) He has computed the speeds of flying saucers at 15,000 mph an indicates that the pilots of ours are from NSA, the National Security Agency. The aliens have had the atomic propulsion system for 48 years and the saucers themselves operate on an electric charge basis having to do with a crystal semiconductor and maybe a super lattice. I think he said "as you increase the voltage, the current goes down." At present there are six to eight vehicles, maybe up to ten over the area and sometimes up to 100. They can be seen in the clouds. They go into the cumulus clouds and produce nitrogen nitrade. I speculate it is this you will see when you see black spots in the cloud. They eat holes in the cloud. If you can see black spots in a cloud, then you can tell that a vehicle is in there.

He says they come from six different cultures and in his communications that some come from a binary system, possible Zeta Reticuli and from distances up to and larger than 32 light years away. They appear to have one to three ships in earth orbit at 50,000 KM altitude. Based upon data he had to form the words to try to communicate and he produced a vocabulary of 627 words in a matrix form and uses a computer. The Flying Saucers we see are limited to operation in the atmosphere.

Now with regard to the cattle problem, the aliens are using the DNA from the cattle and are making humanoids. He got pictures of their video screen. Some of these creatures are animal like, some are near human and some are human and short with large heads. They grow the embryos. After the embryos become active by a year of training, presumably that is required for them to become operational. When they die, they go back into a tank. Their parts are recovered.

In 1979 something happened and the base was closed. There was an argument over weapons and our people wre chased out, more than 100 people involved. (Some place later he indicates further details on this point.)

The base is 4000 ft. long and our helicopters are going in there all the time. When it became known that he was familiar with all this, the mutilations stopped. They are taking humanoid embryos out of this base to Albuquerque.

He said there are still quite a few of the helicopters in operation. All are unmarked. They fly at night. He went up there himself in a helicopter and the OSI briefed the copter pilot and he thought perhaps the copter pilot himself was an undercover man. They saw helicopter pads up there - Viet Nam type, with bearing markers and the trees pushed off away from the location. It is such a wild area he said. He agreed to send me the coordinates of this base.

Regarding abductions of people, they pick out medium to low IQ personnel. They are able to scope out each one. They pick up these people and then put implants into them and take tissue samples; including ovum from the women, sperm from the men and DNA.

They can program these people as slaves to do whatever they wish and they will have no memory of it. The hard core type refuse to be x-rayed or hypnotically regressed. You can recognize them because of their eyes. He says "peculiar look in the eyes and expression -- with a funny smile." Hynek knows about all of this and has been in contact with Coral Lorenzen. (Editor's Note: Remember this was before Hynek died, also Coral died.) He regards Hynek as a government cover. At his house, he showed Hynek films and out in the back yard a flying saucer. He asked Hynek about his view with regard to abductions as to how many people might have been abducted. Hynek, unhesitatingly said about one out of forty.

He said that many people come to his door to see him, just "out of the blue" and he sees scars on the back of their necks. That previous old scars are easy to detect and that new ones are hard to detect. He feels that this is a sickening situation.

The aliens have gone wild and use hypodermics. He has been paralyzed four times and has been hit 250 times by hypodermics. He says they know you could and they do whatever they want to do and the above points have been verified medically.

A man came to see him with a top secret document that was dated in the 50's, indicating if anybody found out about all of this they would kill them. He was asked "doesn't that bother you? He said "no it didn't."

He said he had sent in some film to Kodak and there were seven rolls. They were Ectokrome G which could not be processed locally, so they had to go to Kodak. He does all of the film work commercially so that nobody could claim that he had monkeyed" with the film. His films come back, but one of them which was plain Ectokrome was missing for about 2 months -- when received nine feet was missing and this was close-ups of UFOs that he had taken. Missing pictures known to him showed up in a top secret document that he studied and the code name is Aquarius and it is a project of NASA. They are the ones that kept the film and copied it with deletions on Ectokrome and sent it back he suspects.

There have been indirect threats by the air force intelligence against him.
The location of the base is 2 1/2 miles northwest of Dulce and almost overlooks the town. It is up on a mesa. We discussed the similarity between everything we have been talking about here and the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. He said he speculated the movie seemed to be a plan of disclosure. The coordinates of the location are not far off and the mountain where the actual base is looks much like the mountain the movie.

Here is what we got in the trade off. We got the atomic technology, the atomic flying ships. Several of them. The first one was wrecked on the ground and it can be seen and photographed from the air. A second one was wrecked. A third one was wrecked. Apparently this last one was repaired and was the one that was in Houston -- near Houston in the Cash-Landrum case. The second item that we get out of it, are the beam weapons. The beam technology and third (he speculates) is the thought beam. That is the means by which communication is accomplished. It is electrostatic in character with a magnetic artifact component and it is the only way of communicating with people. They have to have the implants in order to use it. In the crash that occurred at the base when there was a disturbance of some sort, the aliens killed 66 of our people and 44 got away. This was information from an alien computer input -- true? He does not know. Supposedly it was over an argument and they turned on us.
I discussed with him whether he wished me to relay any of this information to other people. He said he had no objection. He would like to review any writing that I might do, to make sure that it is right in advance, and also to make sure that the source of the information was given. I mentioned in particular, John Schuessler, who would be extremely interested in part of this data. (NOTE: John is now head of MUFON.)

I gave him a summary of my analysis of the electromagnetic environment around UFOs related to propulsion. He was going to study that, but he did not comment offhand. He was familiar with what the aliens called MPS which means manipulations per sequence. In an electromagnetic field that can be manipulated into many configurations and the craft can stall. In order to prevent that, this field is adjusted once every forty milliseconds. He has studied the trails from UFOs and they seem to break down into a pulse rate of 62 per second. Based upon the color movie pictures, there seems to be a blast of light and a spectral components and composition in there, with a Bow-Wave in front of the UFO with nitrogen showing green and oxygen showing blue but with the saucer being invisible. They can run into a car or airplane and this Bow-Wave will destroy them. Rockets can hit this Bow-Wave and be destroyed. They can't penetrate it. At White Sands he was shown pictures of an F-15 shooting rockets with a missile at a target and the saucers came in behind the missile, 30 ft. behind, and then flew through the explosion!! He didn't know what the purpose of the demonstration was, but suspected it might be just to show how invulnerable they are. But sometimes the saucers get into trouble and they are all consumed in some kind of way.

When he went up to Dulce in a helicopter, they landed and left some equipment there, but then when they came back the pilot was extremely nervous. Paul wanted to land on the base, but the pilot wouldn't do that. They came back to Dulce and landed at a small strip there, where they found two large Huey helicopters. The highway patrolman in charge there named Valdez went aboard one of the choppers and they found them to be full of commandos. They estimated a total of 75 commandos, fully armed with M16 rifles and rocket launchers. They did not have any indication of rank. They only had shoulder patches on. The helicopters were part of a project called Blue Light and they were from Ft. Carson, Colorado according to an OSI input. When they left they were escorted by these two large Huey helicopters. As they were flying along -- in the background, they saw rise up -- one of the advanced space technology vehicles that looked like a manta ray with a negative dihedral and projections coming down. It flew vertically past the two accompanying helicopters. Paul feels that it is imperative that this information be released because he feels that it is unconstitutional for the government to be involved in such an arrangement that invades the privacy of the individuals by the implantation's. He said that "once they have been tampered with by the aliens, they are never the same." (I suppose one can easily believe that. Jim McCampbell comment.)

So it appears that for the privilege of collecting the biological materials in the mutilation of and the abductions and the operations on board the craft, the government has allowed this to go on and even to assist for the privilege of getting the nuclear flight technology, the beam weaponry and the thought beam technology, plus also the embryos which are flown out of the base. (A rather fantastic story -- Jim McCampbell comment.)

Paul strikes me as being an extremely conservative, extremely knowledgeable and reliable scientist, who was intimately familiar with sophisticated laboratory equipment. He is thoroughly scientific and reliable. (Jim McCampbell evaluation.)

The base was started in 1948 showed major construction of the base from the photographs that were studied.

Jim McCampbell


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