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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Location. Valenca, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Date: 1956 Time: night

Bright lights awakened Vera Lucia in her room, looking out her window she noticed what appeared to be a person holding a flashlight walking down an alleyway by her house. She apparently suffered a memory lapse and could not remember what occurred that night. Later under hypnosis she remembered lying on her bed paralyzed unable to move. She was able to clearly see what was happening around her. Soon two figures walked into the room. They floated just above the floor and they were identical to each other. They had Oriental features, with dark olive skin, and black hair. One was a male with short hair the other a woman with long flowing hair. Both wore a tight fitting phosphorescent silvery suit.

The whole time, the woman stood back as the man performed several “experiments” on her body. He had some type of luminous wand, which he used while performing several tests on her body. Soon both humanoids stepped back and disappeared into a luminous bluish glow that appeared to be a portal of some kind. That same night other witnesses saw a huge bright light hovering over some nearby woods. Soon after the incident, Lucia was endowed with the power of healing which endures to this day.

HC addendum

Source: Painel Ovni
High Strangeness Index: 7
Reliability of Source: 7

Comments: Early bedroom visitation case, the silvery wand type object has often been reported in conjunction with humanoid reports. Also the reputed psychic healing ability obtained by the witness is notable. Note the similarities (as far as the acquired psychic abilities) with the Pantano del Pintado case in Spain the same year.
Location. Pantano del Pintado, Sevilla, Spain
Date: 1956 Time: evening

The 18-year old witness saw, hovering about 10 meters above a pond about 40 meters away from his location a brilliant metallic cigar shaped object. He observed the object for about 20 minutes when it suddenly shot up into the sky silently emitting a plume of smoke from behind. While the object hovered over the water he was able to see “waves” on the surface. Soon after the incident the witness reported acquiring the ability of “precognition”. And was able to see the death of his mother several days before she died. He claimed that heavy chain smoking dwindled his psychic abilities, which he did not want.

HC addendum
Source: Joaquin Mateos Nogales, Manuel Filpo Cabana High Strangeness Index: 8 Reliability of Source: 8

Comments: Not an entity case per se, but a significant case indicating a definite psychic connection in some cases.

Location. Crewe, England
Date: 1969 Time: night

9-year old Mark was walking along the wide pavement street when he saw some strange characters coming toward him. He saw three of them and they were somewhat taller than normal humans. As they approached, he was stunned to see that they were dressed as men in suits, but had very large dog-like heads. These heads swayed widely from side to side as the creatures walked. Mark was absolutely terrified as they approached, but they seemed not to notice him and he passed by them safely. Terrified he ran all the way home.

HC addendum
Source: Fortean Times
Comments: This report seems straight out of a cartoon.


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