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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Another "ODD" experience I had in November of 1967. It was a chilly night a week or so before Thanksgiving. We had all gone to bed at the regular time somewhere between 8:00 & 11:00pm. The STRANGE thing was this evening I woke about 2:00 am to find myself standing at the sliding patio doors exiting the house into the back yard. I didn't sleepwalk & never got up in the night to smoke but I had a lit cigarette in my hand and I was staring across the terraced back yard all the way toward the Catholic Church parking lot across the four lane road. Just above the Palm trees I could see three dull orange elongated-window-shaped lights just hanging in the air. No noise whatsoever & they were motionless. I would guess them to be approximately 2 x 5 feet in size ( each ).

I was very confused to see this. It was after 2:00 am & there was never any activity at the church this time of night/morning. I kept watching & they did finally start to move, ever so slowly. They did eventually go up the road & over the hill. ( maybe took 20 min.. to half an hour) where I couldn't see them anymore. I never mentioned them to anyone.

In the summer of 1968 my husband, myself & five children were traveling on the desert highway in Arizona. We were going home to San Diego after a weekend of camping in the desert. It was about 2:20 ?? or close when we both noticed a bright green checkmark SHAPED light which was "blinking" & was up the road coming toward us.

We pulled over to the side of the road to watch. After that we both seemed CONFUSED as to exactly what had happened? We got back in the van & drove to a gas station. My husband asked the gas station attendant if they ever saw any GREEN lights out there on the road in the desert. The man got a terrified look on his face & changed the subject.

JAN 25, 2002: I awoke about 2 or 3:00 am to a feeling someone was massaging my temples on my forehead. I felt paralyzed. I tried very hard to open my eyes & couldnt do it. I kept trying .. & finally got my right eye opened a small "slit" to see two small beings sitting on the foot of my bed or standing there at the foot. Couldn't tell which. They had on hooded robes & I couldn't see their faces. The one on the right was "just there". The one on the left had a SQUARE -WHITE-board looking-thing in its front. It took the white thing & pushed me in the face & chest and pushed me back down as I was half sitting up by now. Then I was out & gone to a deep sleep again. When I woke that morning I remember rushing to the window to see if any footprints were left in the snow outside my window. Later I wondered how I had known it had snowed that night. It snowed only once or twice every few YEARS.

My FIRST sighting of a UFO was in Richmond California. Close to San Rafael Oil Co. It was 1947 the summer ( June or July ) vacation from school when I was 9 & 1/ 2 yrs old. Mom had sent me off to the small local grocery store in our Gov. Housing Project. (It was the end of WW II & Dad had retired from the Army) It was a beautiful warm summer day. I was in shorts & a cotton blouse. The sun was out .. bright & cheery.. It seemed as though I was walking in the SHADE as I went along.. It puzzled me & I thought maybe clouds were passing over.. or rain clouds were there. I looked up & saw a low level of clouds rolling by in the sky.. They were moving very fast .. I kept walking & soon felt as if it were going to rain. The sun was bright but the shade was there? I looked up again & the clouds were still rolling & passing over very fast. I stopped to look better at the clouds......All of a sudden I saw a DARK line...ABOVE the rolling Clouds in the shape of a semi-circle... way off in the distance .. I kept walking & looking. Soon I saw in another area .. the same thing....Then it disappeared & it appeared in a different area..this kept happening till I became aware ( in my mind) the dark lines were forming a complete CIRCLE....Being a kid I kept thinking.. "THE SKY IS FALLING"! This Circle seemed to go as far as the eye could see, miles & miles in all directions.

As I think of it now the color was gun metal gray or pueter color. I saw no detail on the bottom. This made me very excited & I ran along looking for an adult to show this to & ask what it was. Two people unloading groceries from their car at the curb looked up as I insisted they look & tell me what it was. They didn't look LONG ENOUGH to actually SEE what I had seen. They waved their hands & said "nothing there". I kept insisting they look longer & they looked at me like I was nuts. This really upset me & I don't remember anything after that.

I have thought many, many times of this sighting. The only thing I can compare the size to is the movie "Independence Day" & possibly bigger then that .


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