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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Transcript of a hypnosis session
Hypnotist - Leneesa

There's something in my tent. Somebody is coming in my tent. I see him. The flaps on my tent flies open. I can see the shadow. I can see a blue light. How did they do that? The trees are there but this thing is over the trees. How did he get down here? That man -- he is down here with me. That man that came from the ship. The one that has the blue light that is over the tree over my tent.

Why is he lifting me up like that? He's not using his hands though. Whoooo - he is pointing his hands at me and I am floating. I am going up, I am going up! I am going up into that thing but I am laying down. I can't move, I am spinning. Here he comes, he is coming in there with me. He tells me that -- that light has disappeared??

I am lying on a table now. There is a little door. I see two people. Two things and they look like that one guy that was out there. He's tall. Tall like that man I saw before but he doesn't have the same face. Oooohh... I can see him good. He has a face like the one that looked at me through the window but he is tall. His ears stand up on the sides of his head. Straight up. He is telling the one to do something. I am not laying down any more.

I am sitting up against the wall. There is a seat built into the wall. I am looking up now. We are preparing to go on a ride. That is what happened -- they took me off the table.

They examined me before. They stuck a needle in my foot. They stuck a needle in my foot!! In my left foot in the bottom of my foot! What is that stuff you are putting in my foot? He speaks in my mind -- "It will help you. You need this." Why is he sticking that in my foot? (Getting excited) I don't want that thing in my foot. Don't stick that thing in my foot (crying). He tells me I am okay. They use the blue liquid to break down the atoms in my body. It has something to do with the blue light. It is a transporting system. That is how they locate me, by the blue liquid. The use that stuff -- liquid, fluid -- on all contactees. It is nothing from this planet. That blue liquid came out of me one time. It came through my nose. I don't have any shoes on. I have clothes I had on in my sleeping bag. I see my black pants and I have my black and white shirt (on).

I am sitting on a chair. There is somebody sitting in that window there. Somebody on a small chair. There is somebody at the window looking at me through the little door there. I didn't see that before. This thing is big. I see myself up against the wall. This looks like a space ship. I have never seen anything like this before. It's got a seat that goes up the wall. Like.... there is a panel on the wall and it has buttons on it. I have seen that before! This is a funny looking ship.
This person is looking through the door. You know there are three people on this ship. Two little, myself and somebody looking through the window. The one looking through the window I have seen before! I am looking around, I can just about see everything now. The floors are funny. Little tiny holes of some kind. There is nothing underneath them. It is black. I can see that, there is that guy sitting at the window and the guy that stuck that thing in my foot.

OOOhhh, now he is starting to sit down. I think we are going someplace. He's sitting down and there is a door the other guy keeps looking through. He smiles at me. I have seen him before, he smiles at me again. Is he teasing me? It's the same guy that looked through my window as a kid. He's there with those guys but he is like a kid too. He knows me. He is 200 years old but the other guys are much older. He is just a kid. All them guys have big heads, little teeny lips, long necks and a robe on the back of his neck. He has a silver one too. Ooohh boy, I like that suit. He has a metallic cover and a red suit -- something coming out of the top. It is like wings. It is a good looking suit. He is a Commander of that ship.

Look at his feet! He has weird feet. His feet look like a chicken's feet. Four toes -- no complexion -- just grayish white. His feet are like his face, the same color. They look alike almost, except one is 3 feet tall, one is four feet and one is seven feet.

That seven foot one is a Commander. I can tell he is a Commander because that guy that is sitting by the window is the same but he has different colors. Same type cloths but different colors. Not different colors but different color shirt that comes under. I am not sure that is a shirt or a one piece suit but it has wings like over the neck. The collar stands up. Standing up like a wing.

These guys are going to take me on the ship. We are already there. We are going through a tunnel -- an opening in the earth's atmosphere. A window. We are going through a window in the sky. I want to see all the stars! The stars there. Oh, yes, we are coming into a base. There is a bigger ship. We are landing. There is another dimension. It is there. Nobody is going to know. It is so big - I have never seen anything so big. It is sitting over the top of Earth. It is above Earth. We are going forward. It is opening up.

It looks like a bubble. It's a round bubble. (The ship they are approaching) Big windows. I could see inside -- we are going inside it. There are hundreds of people inside it. I can see the people even before we go into the ship. This thing opens up and it opens up and it is two wings like, oh yeah, it is opening up and letting us fly in. There are more of those ships. This is the landing base. This is where they land the ship too. There are people walking around and it looks like an airport -- like an airport that is indoors. It is different. We are landing now, we are turning in different positions.

It has different people. There are people dressed up like earth people, no -- there is people there, there's people like you and me there. The little ones, machines, androids, there is different races and combinations. There's the one who picked me up.

Their walking me out now. Taking me out of the ship now. They are holding my arms. All three of us are going down the ramp. The Commander is there. I keep staring at him too. I don't know why he is there. He has bubble eyes. He is so intelligent. Why is he looking at me? He knows too much about me. I don't like that feeling. He knows more about me than I know about myself. He looks like an insect. I don't know... They take me there, they are taking me off right now. They are taking me to another level.

There are rooms there. I can see. There are many, many other rooms there, not just rooms but space like open areas like a cargo bay or something. It is humongous. Bigger than a football field.

Just inside where they put the ships are smaller ones. There are also rooms. People are laying on tables with bubbles laying over the top of them. Is that what they are going to do to me? I see all these people there. They got these people there. They put these people there. They put these people there but they don't look like they are dead. There are hundreds of people. There are 20 rooms, more than 20 different rooms, they got bubbles. That doesn't look like a door there, how do they get inside there? I see that door now. It slides open. They take me through that door. They take me in that room. All these people laying upon these tables.

He tells me that I have seen this before. Don't be surprised. You have already seen most of these things. You are the one who got this idea and we need you, we need you to do the things we want you to do. This is why we brought you here because in time you will be asked what this room is. This room is the salvation of our souls. Yes, you see the bodies but the souls are fluid and the souls, what do they have to do with the souls? They take these people's souls. Oh! That's why they do this. That is why these people disappear. These people are from places all over the world. From all over Earth. These people have been kept alive.

This ship is a "transformation ship." This is what they call this. It's a "light city." "The Light City." This ship is known as a light city and it has carried these people and this is what they are telling me. They tell me that this ship has been traveling around Earth for thousands of years and these people are there to be kept for the time of the changes. These people have been missing for a long time. They have been missing from Earth because they disappeared. They have been taken up. They are kept suspended to be possessed by the souls of their fellowman.
We need these bodies to be placed upon the earth when the time of change comes. They will return to Earth when the time is right. They will return to Earth to guide us through these times. These bodies, these souls of light are carried into the next generation. We take care of these bodies with that power. We keep them suspended in time because there is no time in space.

Yes, they have been reported missing. The people on Earth know these people have disappeared but in time in another generation they will return. Their souls are suspended in time also.

The souls have been taken, but they are not in danger. God protects them. They are alike too, they are like us. They chose this, they chose these bodies. Like these bodies were not of use any more. My body has been chosen too. But my soul has been kept in my body.

Ohhh... I have been in this place many times and they told me the reason my body was not.. the reason my body was taken out was so I could experience this. When I left the Blue star I made a decision. They took me, they said my soul has been in thousands of different bodies. My soul is an old soul. My soul -- old soul. My soul went though changes on this Earth many times. My soul has traveled around the Universe in other galaxies. My soul is like a beam of light that shineth from the beam of light from the stars of the sky. My soul is the energy of the sun. My soul is one like all. It is that soul that shall lead you to your destination. You will be called upon to take the courses of the times. You do not remember this. "Why is this my decision?" "It is happening for a reason."

They have taken all these souls -- all these bodies -- their souls to complete the energy. Souls for use as a power source of energy. God is all the souls. They have taken all the souls because there was no longer a use. Oohh, I understand. Their souls were taken from their bodies because their bodies wre no longer of use and replaced them in other bodies. This is how they do that.

When we are kids we choose a body and once our souls have went through a change in that certain body, the souls are taken back out but they are not used as well and placed in others of more convenience to the plan!

They keep saying, "The Plan." "The Plan" is the time of the changes. Your life will be what you generate upon this Earth. Many souls have possessed other bodies of people, I understand it. They take the souls out of the body that are not of use to that body and replace it into other bodies for their experience to learn. All these bodies learn different things because of the plan -- each person has a different job, each person has a different mission.

Power is the ultimate power of all the souls. Power will be given to that power.

I can stop that war. That war will end. I will stop that war. I will be that man that stops that war. (?) Through the powers of God. God has chosen me to lead my people through this time. The people are one. We are all one in the Universe. Our God is power and energy. He is not a man. We are all God. We are God in a different soul for that energy is the source of all creation. All creation upon this Earth, in the stars, upon this ship, upon this galaxy, everything is God.

The people will have left this earth. This place will be devastated. The change in mankind. It will happen so fast.

(Speaking to Leneesa) You are the teacher of the souls from the time of (what sounded like) Equopod. The Equopod was the time of the ages of Equo. In ancient times. It was the time of teaching the souls of the Universes. It was your goal to lead these people through these times. Your goal is to teach us that we are the ones of the Universe. Your purpose is to wake us up. Your purpose is to wake us up to the times. You don't know you are very special and you are always. We are all one. Love is the people of the soul of the universe. We must love each other. God loves us all. God of the Universe.

We chose -- each one of us contactees, to do certain things. Each one of us have a mission. Each one of us must lead our people. Each one of us who believe will be saved from the devastation. Earth will change. It will change.
Comment: This man came down from Alaska to confer with me because he kept remembering the blue light. He was a black man, a cook in Alaska, and had never been interested in UFOs and knew nothing about them. He was very nervous and afraid of hypnosis but we endeavored and the above is what came out! One of the most interesting sessions I was privileged to be part of.


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