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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Location. Zuñiga, Cerro Quebrada del Diablo, Chile
Date: April 27 2000 Time: late night

Neldis Rebolledo Flores was in her backyard collecting firewood when she suddenly saw two strange creatures at about 5 meters from her. They were not human or canine in nature, they moved around just like kangaroos, very hairy with claw like hands and heavily muscled hind legs. Their heads were like that of a human but covered with hair. The witness was able to ascertain that the two creatures lacked wings. Despite being terribly afraid she was able to fling a piece of wood towards the creatures. However they remained there without moving. The witness' pet dogs ran terrified from the area and hid under a parked truck. Seconds later the strange creatures began to leave the area making short jumps just like kangaroos, they even bent down in order to avoid a low hanging spiked chain link fence. After this encounter the witness has not been able to get a good night sleep.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.aforteanosla.com.ar/rancagua

Location. Waukegan, Illinois
Date: summer 2000 Time: close to midnight

Felicia Hernandez and her now husband were dropping off a family member after work at about midnight, they all worked the second shift at a warehouse and carpooled home. The area where her cousin lives is a wooded area but there is huge soccer park across the street where there used to be a grade school for years. They arrived at his home at about midnight and dropped him off in his driveway and watched him go up to the door.

The night was very clear and as they pulled away they looked toward the park and noticed that it was extremely dark. The park itself is on an incline so you can only see very little unless you drive up the hill next to it. At the intersection they did not have a stop sign and as they were halfway through they heard growling and footsteps like a dog’s toenails on pavement. They looked in the direction where they were coming from but saw nothing and when they reached the center of the intersection they could hear breathing outside her boyfriend’s window, really heavy breathing like if something was charging the car. Felicia began yelling for her boyfriend to driver faster, but he appeared to be in shock as he kept staring toward the park, she couldn’t tell what he saw but he was pale. Finally he snapped out of it and floored it and all the while they could hear this “animal” running alongside the car growling and breathing really hard while they were going at least 50mph. The creature kept pace for about 4 blocks and when they turned around that’s when they saw it. It was all black with a huge wolf-like head and massive in stature with red glowing eyes.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.guardiantales.freewebspace.com/Skinwalkers.html

Location. Baquedano, Chile
Date: June 2000 Time: night

Upon hearing the frenetic barking of his dogs, security guard (involved in a previous encounter) Luis Alberto Calivar armed himself with a flashlight and a knife and went outside to investigate, as he did the dogs suddenly became very still. Soon his lights illuminated a dark greenish form that ran very quickly climbing up a Wasintonia palm. As he shone the flashlight at the figure he felt his arm become “cold” and the knife and watch dropped out of his hand, at the same time the dogs stood very quiet and still. A feeling of numbness overcame his body and he ran back inside his security shack, he was followed by the dogs that hid under the room and began to shake in fear. He could only describe the creature as having large flopping ears, fluid in nature, apparently without a bone structure (!), it gave the appearance of being a flexible mass that moved around like a Kangaroo. It moved silently and was about 1.30m in height. When he first spotted the creature it seemed to have been crouching down, behind a bush. It seemed to twist its body around and never looked straight at the witness, who never dropped his flashlight. Incredibly, despite the reactions the witness felt no fear and did not notice any odors coming from the creature. The encounter lasted about 5 minutes and the creature was about 9 meters away from the witness. He further described the creature as having greenish hairs about 5 to 6cm in length. Soon after the encounter Calivar had too see a doctor and lost about 20 pounds.

HC addendum
Source: Ramon Navia, “La Verdad Oculta”
Translated by Albert Rosales
Thank you Albert Rosales for the above reports


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