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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I received a letter in September from an experiencer in Colorado. He asked for help and since he didn't have a computer I wrote him a snail mail letter. This week he replied. I was a little shocked to see he had submitted his letter to me and my response to a local newspaper! I mean, if it was personal would you do that and use your own name? Since he put it in the newspaper without asking me I am going to return the favor and put it on my blog. The first letter is from him, the second is my response and the last one is the current letter he has written to me. Be ready for a little shock!

In my 30 some years as an abductee, aliens have taken me from my bedroom, my car and the food court of a regional shopping center. I'm sure it's a familiar narrative so I won't revisit it in detail. However, I would like to share an observation with regard to how the Grays have been treating me.

For years, the Grays have experimented on my body with an emphasis on anal probes. I've counseled with four leading researchers who independently agreed that I've been probed more thoroughly than most. At first, this was unspeakable awful, but as I gained insight into what was really happening, it became tolerable. While abduction hardly is pleasant, the probes were different. It's hard to explain. but I'm no longer ashamed to admit it's something I very much enjoy.

In the last few years, however, the Grays have stopped showing the same interest in me. They continue to probe, but without any enthusiasm. It's cold, quick and clinical. They still subtract my essential fluids. They still force me to hold human-alien hybrid babies, but on more than one occasion, they've neglected to probe me at all!

I'm struggling with the question of, "Is it them or is it me?" Why won't they probe me like they used to? One possibility is that I'm no longer "of age," but everyone tells me that I look five years younger than I really am. I'm frequently carded at bars and restaurants. I work out and eat right. I just don't get it.

My hope in writing is that others have made similar reports, and that perhaps we might all get together and learn something. I would appreciate your ideas on why this is happening (or not happening), and how it might be remedied.


Thank you for your letter of inquiry dated September 28, 2005

I would like to hear "all" of what has happened to you. You glossed over the different times you have been "taken." That is if you don't mind reiterating.

By you writing to me in the mail I assume you don't have a computer at your disposal.

Now what I am going to say about the probes on your body is my assumption and I cannot prove it but I think it is valid.

You were chosen or gave your permission before you were even born into this life to be part of a hybridization program to repopulate the planet in the future with positive, loving persons with exceptional gifts. I believe they extracted your semen to be used in this program. They chose you because you were a healthy vibrant male with good genes. They brought you one of your "children" so you could see what they were doing.

I believe that the way they extracted semen was by the anal probe using a type of "spark" or stimulant that produced the semen which they collected. This is the same method used in cattle reproduction programs on the bulls. Only in that case they use a cattle prod and when they apply the electricity the bull ejaculates at which time they catch it. A straw of the semen will sell up to $1,000 for prime bulls. I am not saying you are a bull but the method is similar.

Now if you liked the sensation you can find a way to do this on yourself by electrical stimulants. I don't know if this is what you were getting at but I felt it was.

If you want to check out more about the new children look up Indigo Children. They have talents that most of us do not have. One can even read photographs and books through the sole of her shoe by holding the object under it! It is amazing. Can you see how important it is to be part of this program? I think they have collected enough semen now and that is why it has slacked off.

You may think my explanation is off the wall but that is the way I see it. I hope this will make you feel better about what has happened to you.


I am writing this in hope that your insight and considerable sensitivity can provide a measure of comfort and perhaps even closure for myself and others.

Your suggestion that I research Indigo Children plus your 'down to earth' knowledge of breeding practices has compelled me to ask for your assistance, patience, and understanding interpreting what follows. "Thanks!"

During the 1st day of Gulf War II (Bush Senior) I was working in Salt Lake at the Federal Center downtown, supporting a rally to call for an end to that terrible Mideast adventure. Being a veteran, and an organizer of this action, I was in the street, interacting with motorists, pedestrians, and the Press. During a lull, a large dark SUV approached the Plaza in front of me, stopped, then discharged a number of quiet well dressed male bodyguards, a child ( 26" - 30" tall) and what appeared to be a "handler" or interpreter.

I was already within 3 - 5 feet of the curb and was shocked -- no, more CAPTIVATED by the child. I was on my knees in front of (him) without even realizing that I was! The "handler" asked me to explain what these people wanted, what they were doing, etc. His exact words were "would you please explain to (him) the child the concept of war?" I did so in a few moments as the child and I were face to face.

He said not a word, but I felt as if my very essence of understanding was being tractored out of my soul. This child possessed the most unusual eyes I have been able to experience. The pupils were vertical.

Since then I have had "dream/visions" (asleep) of mating with him, silent very effective females, being observed during the act, etc. I now have been celibate for a number of years. However the reproductive drive seems to intensify and I have a yearning almost obsessive need to mate with a normal female and sire children. HELP!!
I ask any of you, how would you reply to that letter and do you understand what is happening to this person? I was amazed that he said he still gets carded but he was working during the first Gulf War so he can't be too young?

I think whatever happened to him with the anal probes has stimulated something that he doesn't know how to deal with.


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