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Tuesday, November 22, 2005



I was 15 years old and was headed to my room to study when I saw a bright blue and white light outside my east facing bedroom window. The next thing I remember is a 4 foot tall alien being "talking" to me with, I believe, his mind. I wasn't afraid and remember thinking to myself that I should be. I remember this being mentioning to me that he was an Atlantean, and when I asked him what that was he told me a special type of being from "far away". He also told me that I was of their "light" and that someday I would understand what that meant.

I remember feeling as though he was talking down to me (talking to me as though I was just a kid) and resenting that. Up till this time I had not been the best behaved teen. I have a facial birthmark that kept me pretty isolated and bitter at that time and of course I had better things to do than study and act mature. I matured quite quickly though after that first experience.

I also remember seeing a considerable amount of gold or things that had a golden colour and I believe I was on some kind of very large spaceship.

The next thing I remember from that "visit" with them is being back in my room huddled over my math book. I don't remember opening the book or even sitting down at my desk. I noticed several things after a few more of these "visits", the first is that I seemed to lose the chip on my shoulder. I also began to get better grades in school. Things came much easier to me, especially science.

I also remember a visit with my grandfather. He was in his late 60's and quite crippled with arthritis already. I remember really looking at him that day and telling him that I would pray for him, which I did. I took his hands in mine and prayed for him on the spot. A few days later he called me and said "I don't know what you did kiddo but I feel better than I have in years." Today my grandfather is still alive and still free of arthritis. I've also done that for a few of my pets and one stray dog that had been hit by a car.

Since that first visit there have been many more. They started on a nearly weekly basis in 2002 and have continued that way ever since. The Atlanteans evidently want to help mankind and, from what I understand, several of these children of light were placed here. I don't know if they are all Atlantean or not but I believe they have the greatest power with the most advanced technology and a desire to share that with us.

There are some things they mentioned to me though that bother them about us. One is that we are wasteful, especially with our natural resources. That seemed to bother them the most. The second thing that upset them is that some of us are ruled too much by materialism ( I assume money). They also implied that our Bible was "inaccurate" and that much of what MAN forbids is now conveniently included in "the supposed word of our God". There is some significance to the year 2007. I have had a very uneasy feeling about that year. In fact, I get chills just writing about it. I expect it is not going to hold a positive significance.

That's all for now.

Thank you for sharing. We look forward to more of your experiences. This is a positive experience which we all would like to have.


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