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Friday, November 25, 2005


Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen

A renowned Finnish physician has risked her reputation by publicly declaring she's had 100 close encounters with space aliens!

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen, chief medical officer of Finnish Lapland from 1975 to 1987, says she's been whisked aboard spaceships and been examined and operated on by extraterrestrials.
She also believes the space creatures have saved her life three times.

Dr. Luukanen lived in Geneva, Switzerland, with her husband Sverre Kilde, a Norwegian diplomat to the United Nations - was once skeptical of UFOs herself. But her incredible encounters have made her a believer.

"Dr. Luukanen is a woman of high integrity and not one to fabricate stories about ETs and UFOs," says Mirja Covarrubias, spokeman for the Finnish Consulate in Los Angeles, California.
In one early meeting, the doctor remembers a small alien giving her first aid until help arrived after her car was hit by a bus.

"The small ET was applying some sort of energy to my body in the area of my liver," said Dr. Luukanen, 50. "When I got to the hospital it was determined my liver was damaged. But the alien had prevented it from hemorrhaging and saved my life."

Another time she lost control of her motorbike and fell off. The bike shot into the air and almost landed on her -- but she says a force field deflected it.

And she said she narrowly escaped death when an elk jumped in front of her speeding car.
"An invisible force field deflected the elk -- and I was able to pass through the force field safely!"
Dr. Luukanen said her very first sighting of a UFO took place in August 1986 when she and a friend spotted a yellow sphere hovering 60 to 90 feet above a field in Rovaniemi, Lapland.
"I had never been so terribly shocked and scared before in my life," she said.

She didn't make too much of the sighting until 1988 when she was hypnotized at a parapsychology conference in Generave -- and suddenly remembered having had dozens of contacts with aliens! "Apparently the aliens had placed some sort of mental block on my memory so I couldn't disclose details of these events," she declared.

But she says with hypnosis she has remembered past encounters and became able to remain conscious when new meetings take place.

"Typically this is at night at 1 a.m. when I'm alone. Suddenly, the whole room I am in becomes bathed in light emanating from a UFO outside the window. My entire body starts vibrating and I blank out.

"I don't immediately recall the details of the encounter, but I do find myself mysteriously exhausted the next morning, and that's a tip-off I had a contact the night before."

She remembers meeting three kinds of aliens.

One type is three feet tall, has a huge head and big black eyes, but no nose or teeth.
The second type is like the first but has a large nose.

And the third type is about 12 feet tall, with a very small head and large dark glassy eyes. These aliens wear lab coats, gloves and hoods over their heads.

"I only saw the third type on one occasion when they were apparently performing some sort of operation on me," said Dr. Luukanen. "It's possible they placed a tiny implant in my brain. But I have no idea where it may be located or what its purpose is. I doubt a brain scan could pinpoint it.

"I'm not afraid of these medical exams and don't mind them. I sense that they are very positive in nature. I realize that I am part of a huge experimental project."


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