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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Oct. 25, 1973
Near Eupora, MS

A 50-foot wide UFO hovered 2-3 feet above Highway 82 at twilight, seemingly suspended on a "beam of light." The primary witness' car lights went out and the engine died when it was 100 yards from the craft. Another car stopped just behind him. A second UFO hovered about 60 feet above the first, illuminating it with a light. Both craft were similar, like inverted cups, and had greenish-blue flashing lights. A catfish-like creature came out from the top of the lower UFO, holding onto a handrail. It had gray, fishlike skin, a wide mouth, one glowing eye, flipper-like feet and webbing between the legs like a "flying squirrel." It had feather-like objects on its back which opened and closed when it moved.

Oct. 19, 1973
Draguignan, France

Four youths in two cars drove up a small mountain (le Malmont) to investigate the sighting of an orange-yellow UFO seen earlier by a friend and his girl. No UFO was seen, but a diffuse white glow silhouetted a being approaching the group. Later two of the witnesses saw three entities pursuing their slowly retreating car. The entities were wearing one-piece suits with a waist-high red light. The head or helmet was square with luminous, rectangular eye slots. One of them wore a gas-mask with a veil covering the face. Their gait was slow and mechanical. Meanwhile, in the other car, the other two witnesses twice saw two sets of "red legs" crossing the road and later their car was swung sideways across the road, then back again. Other effects included heat, a smell of burnt insulation tape, the beings conversing with modulated whistles, one of the cars being shaken while parked, a powerful white light beam and E/M effects on both cars. No traces were found.

October 23, 1973
Nr Russell Springs, KY

A woman saw two 3 foot tall beings in her carport who walked around the side of the house and entered a craft sitting on the ground, which then rose over the house and disappeared. The men were reddish and walked as if on tip toes. The ground was disturbed where the craft had been sitting.

Oct 25/26, 1973
New Uniontown, PA

This complex report spanned about seven hours during the night. The main report involved a young farmer and two youth who advanced on a bright white domed object about 100 feet in diameter sitting in a field. The UFO made a lawnmower like sound. Two creatures, 7 and 8 feet tall, were moving along a fence about 75 feet away from the trio (they were 240 feet from the UFO). They both had long, dark gray hair and greenish-yellow eyes. Their arms hung almost to the ground. They seemed to communicate with whining sounds. Rifle shots were fired at the larger one, whereupon it moved its right hand up and the UFO disappeared and the noise stopped. The creatures slowly walked back towards the woods. Later a state trooper and a UFO investigating group noticed some strange effects, especially with the farmer, but no more sightings occurred. A strong definite odor was present at times and animals were affected. The farmer's auto headlights dimmed as he approached the UFO during the initial encounter.

Oct. 28, 1973
Nr Bahia Blanca, Argentina

A truck driver as abducted by two men and a woman, all about 5 feet tall with tight-fitting gray coveralls and long yellow gloves and boots. They had high foreheads and slanted eyes. They spoke among themselves in a buzzing sound, but to the witness when he was aboard with a radio. The UFO was shaped like a yellow plate and had a yellow light inside. Reportedly he observed lines from the UFO touching power lines and a lake. Llanca suffered from amnesia, nightmares and extreme anxiety for weeks afterwards. He claims to have a message from the beings which he can't divulge. He was on board 40-50 minutes.

Nov. 1, 1973
Nr Goffstown, NH

The first of a series of humanoid encounters in this area. Mrs. Florence Dow heard a thump on her front piazza, and saw a motionless figure wearing an old black coat with a wide-brimmed hat pulled down over the face. The face appeared to be covered with masking tape. The figured motioned to her with a gloved hand.
The above sightings were excerpted from Year of the Humanoids by David Webb


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