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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Thanks to Albert Rosales and Humanoid Contact cases for these reports.

Location. Cazalla de la Sierra, Spain
Date: March 26 2002 Time: 1500

A pharmaceutical products salesman was returning along a deserted road when he noticed ahead in the distance and in the middle of the roadway an object resembling a shiny pear that was resting on three metallic legs. Somewhat perplexed he approached and noticed two individuals standing on a nearby field. These were over 2 meters in height, wore tight fitting white coveralls and helmets resembling that of the early astronauts.

He parked his vehicle and approached the two strange figures on foot. One of the men walked away and entered the shiny pear-shaped craft while the other remained behind. Knowing that these men were “not from this earth” he still asked the remaining humanoid if he needed any assistance. He felt that as he approached the strange pair he had been in some type of a trance and seemed to have floated over the road. The humanoid answered and appeared genuinely happy as to his offer of assistance but said that everything was in order. He also added that the area was very beautiful and also added: “Humans don’t know what they have. Where we come from we don’t have such beautiful scenes, they disappeared a long time ago.”

The astounded witness managed to ask the humanoid where he was from and was told that they hailed from another dimension, a concept that humans have not yet assimilated. The humanoid smiled as he answered the question. The humanoid then bid goodbye and walked towards the nearby shiny pear-shaped object, he then disappeared inside of it.

The craft then emitted a loud whistling sound and disappeared at very high speed towards some nearby cliffs. The witness described the humanoids as about 2.50 meters in height, wide chests and heavy set, thin legs. Generally human features, but somewhat “refined” or sharpened features. The suits were very tight fitting made of an apparent synthetic material resembling plastic. Their eyes were very light almost white and their speech was hesitant & accented. Also their movements seemed kind of clumsy.

HC addendum
Source: J M Garcia, Francisco Padron, Spain

Date: May 18 2006 Time: 0100A-0700A

Two witnesses reportedly experienced a 6-hour encounter with a disk, two other white “things” (on the lake) and approximately four camouflaged humanoid beings. The beings appeared not to be breathing. One witness recalled hearing “clicking” sounds coming from the beings themselves. The disk spent most of the time over the lake and then landed on the lake, creating a vortex, or fog formation around itself.

The beings were seen on the water and on the land. The beings would not move until the witnesses left, which they did but then they returned again. Additional details indicate that the beings in the water were wearing something that looked like “hip waders”. The beings on land blended in really well with their surroundings.

A witness said one being stood 50 yards off in the willows and was almost impossible to see. The beings saw the witnesses and the witnesses felt they were being stalked. The disk came close to the shore at one time and then back to the lake again. The lights on the disk were in the shape of a peace sign “V”. The lights flashed red and green. It followed the witnesses at times and then took off again. The lake is reportedly very shallow. The case is still being investigated by source.

HC addendum
Source: Barb Campbell “Saskatchewan Paranormal Research Center”


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