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Monday, November 13, 2006


1957 Brazil UFO Healing Case
by Brent Raynes

On the night of October 25, 1957, in Petropolis, Brazil, a young girl suffering from terminal stomach cancer and who appeared to be on the verge of death, was surrounded by her family and loved ones when her room became lit up by a powerful light that originated from a mysterious object outside. Two dwarfish humanoid figures emerged from the object and entered the house. They approached the girl and with strange instruments proceeded to seemingly treat her medically, and reportedly after about 30 minutes they left, leaving the girl completely cured.

Though the identity of the family was not revealed, Anazia Maria, the family’s maid, gave this report to Brazilian journalist Joao Martins:
“The daughter of my employer suffered from cancer of the stomach. She suffered considerably, and I was employed to serve as a sort of governess, and to assist the Senorita Lais, the daughter with cancer.

“She had been given many and diverse treatments to control the cancer, but the doctors had said there was no hope. In August of 1957 my employer sent the whole family to a small farm near Petropolis, hoping his daughter would improve in the better climate. But the days passed with no improvement. Lais could no longer eat and her suffering was horrible and became worse every day. She was given constant injections of morphine to control the pain.

“I remember the night of 25 October very well. We expected her to die as the pains of Senorita Lais were terrible. The injections seemed to have no effect. Her father was singing a verse when suddenly a strong bright light came on to one side and shown directly on the house. We were all in the room of Senorita Lais whose window was situated exactly on the side of the house from which the light came. The only light inside was a small lamp at the head of the bed.
“LOOK,’ cried Julinho, a brother of the dying girl, as he ran to the window and saw a disc-shaped machine there in the light. It was not very big, and I am not learned enough to be able to say what its diameter might be or its height. I know that it was not very big. The upper part was enveloped in a luminescence of a yellowish-reddish color.

“Suddenly, a port automatically opened in the object and two small beings emerged. They came toward the house while a third one remained in the port of the disc. I noticed on the interior (of the disc) through the port I could see a green light dimly like can be seen in ‘night clubs.’

“The ‘humans’ came into the house. They were short, about 1.20 meters tall, smaller than a younger son of my employer who was 10 years old. They had large heads on top of their shoulders, reddish ears, small slanted eyes (like Chinese), but their skin was a vivid green!

“They had something on their hands that I thought were gloves. Their suits were white and seemed to be thick. The chest, the sides and the cuffs shined brightly. I do not know how to explain. They came up to the side of Senorita Lais, who moaned in pain, eyes wide open, and not understanding anything that was going on around her. Nobody moved or spoke in the terrible tension. I was there in the room with Sr. X and his wife, Sr. Julinho and his wife, and Otavinho, the younger son of my employer.

“Those ‘humans’ looked at me silently and stood at the side of the bed and Lais placing the instruments that they carried on the top of the milky coverlet. They made a gesture towards my employer, and one of them placed his hand on the forehead of Sr. X and ‘discussed’ the case of Senorita Lais with a bluish light that showed all of her interior. We saw all there was inside the belly of the girl. With another instrument that emitted a noise, ‘he’ pointed it in the direction of the stomach of Lais and we could see the cancer. This operation lasted about a half hour. Then Senorita Lais went to sleep and ‘they’ left. But before leaving the house, they communicated with Sr. X telepathically that he would have to give her medicine during one month. Then ‘they’ gave him a sphere made of stainless steel-like metal which contained some 30 small white pills. She was to be given one per day and she would be cured.

“Lais later returned to her doctor who verified that her cancer had been cured.
“Lais was condemned to die of cancer of the stomach and in spite of this she was saved by an instrument that looked like a flashlight, that emitted rays that ‘dissolved’ the cancer, and she survived. They saved Senorita Lais and the same night returned to the flying machine and were gone.”

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