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Saturday, November 11, 2006


Thank you Albert Rosales of Humanoid Contacts for this case!

Location. Near Strasbourg France
Date: February 1972 Time: afternoon

A housewife was alone at home preoccupied with some house chores when she suddenly heard a loud undulating sort of murmuring sound, similar of that to leaves falling to the ground.

Suddenly she started to rise into the air, the walls, and the roof disappeared and she floated upwards into the sky. At one point she thought she had died and she floated within a gray misty cloud. Frightened she saw a motionless metallic object hovering above her. An interior voice tells her not to be afraid. A small dark trap door opened up on the bottom of the object and she floated inside. A bar of diffused light apparently is pressed against the back of her head, she was unable to react but felt no pain. Inside she found herself standing in a gray kind of footbridge surrounded by a tangle of other identical footbridges.

Soon an “invisible power” directed her towards a nearby corridor and towards a circular room with metallic walls. There she saw numerous human-like, men and women seated in individual chairs, which were placed around the circumference of the room. The same force that had guided her into the room guided her to an empty seat, which she sat down on.

Next to her was a circular porthole and looking through it she could see that the craft was moving at a low altitude above a stretch of water, which appeared to be an ocean. She saw an object, which was apparently accompanying her object in formation; there was another identical above it. The witness had the impression that both objects flew in conjunction with each other, one possessing power, and the other speed. Around each craft shone an extremely bright white light.

Soon she was confronted by about thirty pairs of human like “twins”, who appeared to be human robots, or copies of copies, apparently devoid of any emotion of feelings. Each time that one of them pressed on a metal panel that faced the witness it would light up. They seemed to operate in pairs of two and in perfect order, and each time they walked on the center of the room, which was illuminated the “aliens” would levitate up into the air and to the ceiling.

She described the “clones” as about 1.50m to 160m in height, with beautiful fair complexions, blue eyes, wearing white combination suits topped with an egg shaped hood over their heads. Two of what the witness called “hermaphrodites” approached her. They appeared to act like androids telepathically communicated with the witness in a strange metallic voice. They told her that this was the third time they had met her, even though she had no recollections of the previous events. The witness understood that these humanoid clones had limited reproductive capabilities and that their “spirit” diminished while being “remade”. They did not exchange any words between them or with the witness. As under a charm or spell, the witness continued to stare at them fascinated.

One of the humanoids approached the witness and telepathically told her the following, “We are of your parents, combined by nature.” Approaching closer he inserted a tiny flask of glass in the corner of her eye and withdrew liquid from it. She then heard in her mind, “These contacts take place with a great number of people with the goal to prevent your mutual destruction and the disappearance of your race.”

Then, without saying a word the humanoids exchanged mysterious signals, which the witness was unable to understand. One of the beings then approached the metallic panel and pressed it, again becoming luminous. She heard additional telepathic messages, while the humanoids seemed to have disappeared from view. One of the messages contained the following message, “Each human being is a universe in miniature.”

At this point the witness apparently lost consciousness and found herself back in her home. She did not hear any noises and searched around the house finding all the doors tightly closed.

HC addendum
Source: Godelieve VanOvermeire


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