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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Thank you Albert Rosales for these cases!

Location. Chajan, Cordoba, Argentina
Date: July 21 2002 Time: 2300

Police officer Guillermo Arias was on routine patrol through a rural area when he heard over the radio that his colleagues in arms over at Achiras were seeing lights in sectors of said community, and that they were heading towards Chajan along National Route 8. At the wheel of the police patrol van, he managed to see a formation of 7 lights in the distance and decided to drive 10 km along a rural dirt road.

When he had covered said distance, he noticed, not without surprise, that the engine of his vehicle sputtered and died, causing the police car to strike the edge of a guardrail. Simultaneously, the lights on the van’s dashboard began turning on and off randomly, the police radio went haywire and its dial displayed the random shifting of the frequencies while the cabin became filled with an acrid odor, as though of burnt wiring, and the interior lights and stop indicator, which were broken, began lighting on and off.

Seized by fear, Arias leaped from the van and walked away a few meters down the road, losing his cellular phone in the escape. The darkness was total, when suddenly, amid the confusing situation; an immense light emerged from a field adjacent to the road as a triangular object rose majestically into the air. Now Arias condition went from fear to abject terror as he saw what he described as a real “floating city” some 200 meters long with a long row of windows (perhaps as many as 100). Arias claims having seen something move behind them, describing the movement as “TV sets which make lines and shadows”, which he defined as “non-human”, and that many beams of light came out of the giant triangle, aimed at the ground. The event lasted 2-3 seconds, but to Arias it felt like an eternity. The object suddenly rose and sped away, vanishing behind the hills of a local field. As the object moved away, the whole area was lit up like daytime and there was an afterglow that lasted another 20 minutes.

HC addendum
Source: C.O.R., Circulo Ovnilogico Riocuartense, Argentina

Location. Tapiola, Michigan
Date: August 6 2006 Time: 2230

The witness was driving in a remote area when a square metallic craft hovered over his vehicle. The witness sped up to 80mph but his car kept slowing down. He slowed to a sharp turn and the craft was still over him. He took off again, but the harder he tried the slower he went. He finally came to a complete halt.

Along with his dog, he exited the vehicle and ran into the bush to hide. Next he saw many lights through the brush at approximately 1000 yards away and about 50 “figures” moving about. Then he saw what appeared to be a huge “cocoon” about 12ft long and 12ft high, there were lights on this object. The activity reminded him of an ant colony moving around the queen. Apparently the creatures noticed him and he saw 3 creatures come into the bush, these were somewhat human-like but had very long legs and very long arms and a large torso, and a normal sized head. He did not see the eyes, there was light behind them. The witness and his dog ran from the area and hid again. The creatures appeared to search for him but apparently gave up. From his location he saw 2 more cocoon-like crafts in a row with numerous creatures moving around them.

HC addendumSource: NUFORC


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