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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Location. Ellicott City, Maryland
Date: April 9 2004 Time: 1002A

The witness was driving his 18-wheeler traveling north on US 29 and wanted to stop at a store for something to eat. He took the US 40 exit east then at the light he went right instead of left, this took him into a residential area, which is considered bad for big trucks, so he knew he had to turn around so he took the first right down the street and went 1 ½ blocks and saw a "person" walking a dog. The figure had a gray hooded sweatshirt on pulled over the head and was facing away from the witness. The truck apparently startled "her" (he guessed it was a female due to the body shape) and she turned around very quickly and he saw a face that he had never seen before except in alien report drawings. The figure was about 5 foot 1 inch to 5 ft to 4 inches in height; with an oblong-shaped face with a sunken nose, creamy pale skin, very small mouth, and two very large all black eyes that stared at the witness. Shocked, he did not think to stop for a closer look until he was past her ½ a block; very curious he made a U-turn in the intersection to go back for a better look. When he turned around the figure with the "dog" was already gone, which was strange because it only took less than a minute for him to turn his rig around.
HC addendumSource: NUFORC

Comments: This report has to be a first, even though there has been other recorded incidents in which, aliens or humanoids have been seen in the company of "dogs" or other animals.

Location. Near Lucasville, Scioto County Ohio
Date: August 24 2004 Time: 2130

On August 17 the main witness Lisa and two of her friends, Della and Sheila reported seeing mysterious lights reflecting and cavorting over the witness's property. They also witnessed what appeared to be a solid object in the sky taking different positions across the sky, zipping from place to place. It was comprised of several lights and could be seen to rotate, having a white fog about it and at times would be comprised of 3 or 4 lights, but it was silent.
Later they saw an object comprised of a triangular shaped light configuration come into view after the witnesses heard a distinct jet-like low dull roar or rumble.

On the 19th, Lisa watched a huge luminescent white cylindrical shape, which she attempted to videotape. On the above date Lisa and her friend Sheila felt that there was a creature near the home. They reported seeing a small light come down in the field ac ross the road some distance away, they sat around and waited to see what would happen next. A little while later Lisa heard a rustle and saw a bush move to the left, next she saw eyes or something reflecting light.

Soon after seeing additional flickering lights descend towards the field, Sheila reported seeing a creature that was engaged in a rapid scurrying or running through the field across the road and into the immediate yard in front of the house. She could not discern with certainty whether it was 2 or 4 legged due to darkness, but felt it was walking upright and also felt herself to be keenly aware that there was a physical presence outside as she watched through the window. Sheila said that she could see a large white head but could not see the body since it sort of blended into the bush, but the eyes were reflecting the security light, like an animal looking at you from the woods.

Lisa also reported seeing something land in the field and claimed she saw something running i n the darkness. Whatever it was, it was running very fast and seemed to blend in with the environment. Sheila estimated the distance of between 20 to 25 ft from the window to the bush where the creature was seen. Sheila also reported other mysterious activity in the area including a very strange thunderstorm with continual rolling thunder and ferocious strobe-like lighting that hit the area on August 18.

HC addendum
Source: UFO Research Cincinnati http://home.fuse.net


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