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Monday, November 27, 2006


Location. Glenwood, Indiana
Date: March 12 2006 Time: 1700

The witness was riding down State Road 44 when he saw a white object in the sky. He didn’t know what it was at first and it then began to get closer. When it was about 200 or 300 yards away he noticed that it was a disk. The craft began moving downward at about 30 miles per hour as if it was going down a spiral staircase. He watched it for about 5 minutes. When it was about 20 feet from the ground it disappeared.

In exactly a week he saw the same object again in Rushville. This object disappeared too. At 1930 that night he saw it again in Connersville. This time it had red and blue lights on the bottom. The disk sightings plagued the witness up to May.

Every time he saw a disk in the sky the witness felt that the aliens wanted something with him. He could not sleep on the night of March 31. He looked at his clock to see that it was 2300. About five minutes later he had a sore throat. It felt like something had been stuck down his throat. He also had a really large headache. He got out of bed to take some medicine noticing that it was 530A. Out of his window he noticed a really bright blue light in the sky. It slowly moved to the left and stopped. It disappeared about 5 seconds later.

From that night on every time he closed his eyes he would see a flying saucer or an alien being with what seemed to be a headdress and some kind of dress with squares all over it. The alien looked like it had a large head with huge eyes.

On the morning of March 26 he noticed more missing time, about 2 hours. The next morning he woke up sleeping on a tissue. The tissue could only get there if he was out of bed. The morning after he noticed a fiery object right outside his window, it disappeared 3 seconds later. He claims to see “alien faces” in the clouds.

HC addendumSource: www.ufocasebook.com

Location. Rancho Cucamonga, California
Date: July 1 2006 Time: midnight-0100A

Over the past 6 months the witness, Gary L. Grimley, had felt he was being watched through the windows of his house, always catching brief glimpses from the corner of his eyes. Motion detectors would continuously go off around the house and no one would be there.

On the above date he saw bright lights outside his house and 3 types of strange beings outside his windows. He described the beings as, # 1, small, with very small feet, large head and eyes, about 4ft tall and a milky white translucent flesh tone with a very shy demeanor, # 2, very tall, 9 to 10 feet very slim, large head and eyes, 14” feet with long toes with big toe on the opposite side of the foot, milky white translucent flesh tone, demeanor unexplainable only stares at witness, # 3, 6’ tall, snout for a nose, skin is red with green spots all over, fur covered squared feet, 3 claws per foot, demeanor very stern and rather frightening.

He sat frozen in his living room while the beings were tapping at his windows, the door handles were jiggling and deadbolt locks unlocking by themselves. He called 911 and reported a prowler. The police arrived 45 minutes later, but 2minutes before they arrived all went black outside and the tapping and scurrying of feet stopped.

He called his friend to take him away from the house for the night. In the morning he returned and found strange footprints, swirled markings on his concrete driveway and large amounts of “dried chemicals” all along the side of his house. Outside the windows, deep scratch marks in the cement and circular grooves on his brand new windows. He opened the garage and found a very sticky slimy residue which resembled some sort of plasma (which is currently dissolving the concrete floor). He attempted to report this to several law enforcement agencies who ignored him. He has reported subsequent visits by the humanoids.

HC addendumSource: http://www.ufoevidence.org/sightings


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