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Friday, November 24, 2006


Investigation Uncovers Spy Game Surrounding UFO Mystery
Gary S. Bekkum
November 21, 2006

Were secure vaults breached at Los Alamos, a USAF base, and other locations?A national security issue buried in a UFO tale has been interpreted to an official under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Starstream Research investigates in a new on-line feature series titled, "Exempt from Legal Recourse."Truth is often stranger than fiction." Nowhere is this more apparent than in the latest revelations detailed by the on-line investigative report produced by Starstream Research.

I am the de facto editor and senior writer for Starstream Research, a private provider of intelligence and analysis on futuristic national and international defense, security and risk developments. I founded Starstream Research to explore areas of 'exotic' technologies that often remain outside of the bounds of conventional intelligence publications, like those produced by the esteemed "Jane's Information Group." Exploring cutting edge and 'over the edge' topics, such as the application of cold fusion research for new weapons of mass destruction technology, or the U.S. Government's twenty-year interest in using parapsychology for intelligence collection, are the norm for Starstream Research. In other words, we often explore topics which Jane's might not touch with the proverbial "ten foot pole."

Over the past few years Starstream Research has evolved from numerous contacts with scientists located around the world. They share a common vision of new and more advanced understanding of the laws of nature, and their application to practical technologies. As a result we have also bumped heads with members of the intelligence community, or their proxies in the private sector. Our latest series of stories, "Exempt from Legal Recourse," developed from sources working with the intelligence sector of the government.

As editor of Starstream Research, I have been attempting to walk a thin line between sources' requests for anonymity and the need to move our investigation forward. The result has been something of a mixed bag, leaving both readers and sources less than satisfied with the details we have provided. I am in the process of reviewing a considerable amount of material, and determining what may and may not be released to the public.

The present controversy revolves around stories released by Starstream Research, and distributed by The American Chronicle. Those stories revealed that in late August of this year, three agents of the Washington Bureau of the FBI met with an undisclosed party and discussed a UFO tale involving several former and present government intelligence officers. The UFO tale surrounds a loosely knit and unofficial group of government insiders known as the AVIARY, because they were once covertly identified only by bird names. Some members of the AVIARY remain unknown, with several of their real identities in dispute.

When questions were raised over reported entry by UFO researchers, including a former counter-intelligence officer, into secure government vaults at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a USAF base, and other locations, I knew we had a story that needed to be told to the public. We received a considerable amount of information thanks to on-going contact with U.S. Government officers and consultants by an independent investigator reporting to Starstream Research.

Confirmation that the FBI had been apprised of some of the activities was independently confirmed by another unnamed. The most interesting aspect of the case appears to be the release of personal and confidential email messages to an independent investigator close to Starstream Research, via Dan T. Smith, a private citizen who received copies forwarded from an officer of the Defense Intelligence Agency under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The DNI is the highest level of the U. S. intelligence community. I subsequently received confirmation of concerns over the leak of messages from a second source, as did another independent contributor.

The purpose of the transfer of the messages remains an issue of discussion, but suggests a counter-intelligence operation. A mutual undisclosed source confirmed that the issue was briefly brought before the FBI when reviewing national security clearance and procedure.

Although our focus has been on documented government interest in unusual phenomena for intelligence gathering, we suspect the use of phenomenology for intelligence may be closely tied to real cloak and dagger activities, both past and present. More disturbing is the apparent disconnect displayed in messages between parties involved in their official capacities regarding a topic far removed from any 'UFO tale.' Access to secure government vaults is a very serious matter, as was illustrated by the discovery of classified information from Los Alamos National Laboratory during a recent drug bust. The deliberate use of the so-called UFO "giggle-factor" as cover for nefarious deeds involving espionage on behalf of foreign powers is a genuine concern.Our renewed investigation was born from a special series at the Starstream Research website titled "Invasion: Earth?" which examined claims from government officers and consultants about an alien presence based upon the moon.

Substantial government sourced documentation, recently released by the CIA under Congressional mandate, provided new corroborating evidence for the claims of former CIA test subject Ingo Swann, as originally told in his out of print book, "Penetration."Although we have made no judgment about the reality of an 'alien presence,' there is no question that the tale has left a mysterious trail in official government records.After reviewing new information presented by Starstream Research on the Ingo Swann affair, a former CIA senior analyst wrote to me, "You do a service. Excellent analysis from what is officially released material needs constancy of theme and purpose, not simply "expose'" morning coffee. You do excellent analysis. I sure as heck am learning things I didn't know, but which fit like my hands in gloves I was shown but never allowed to try and put on."

Apart from boosting our egos up a notch or two, the confirmation that our investigation had elicited a positive response suggested there was more to the tale left to be uncovered. Additional details are presently under review, as the investigation remains on-going. The result of the investigation, reviews of CIA documents, and additional details are available at the Starstream Research web site:www.starstreamresearch.com


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