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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Location. Colorado (exact location not given)
Date: May 7 2006 Time: night

The witness happened to glance out her bedroom window and saw a “landed starship”. The object was a “seaweed green” color. Sort of silvery with white lights, the ship had steps built into the hatch that lowered down to exit the ship. The ship was round with an “octagon dome”. The lights were turned down and went to a “dark blue” color.

She said three entities walked across the street and stood by a tree and street lamp. They seemed to be talking to each other. She isn’t sure all three were actually from the “starship.” The number of entities varied as the witness reported her story, sometimes 3 and sometimes 5.

One male was approximately 5’7”, he had dark hair, and wore a sort of “Count Dracula” type cape, with a pointed collar, and he wore all black with a red sash across the front. He had black boots which came up almost to the thigh. There was a female with a pink sequine type jumpsuit, with shorter boots. Another male had a bad case of skin rash or sunburn; he had “worry” lines on his forehead. One side of his face was covered with an eye-patch of some sort. He was dressed in tan colors with tan thigh length boots. He wore a chocolate vest with pins on it. The witness became frightened and closed the curtains and apparently did not see the object and its occupants depart.

HC addendumSource: MUFON reports

“I could crush you”
Location. Bourgata, Israel
Date: May 30 1993 Time: 0300A

Hannah Somech woke up when she heard her dog barking. She got up and went downstairs from her bedroom to the kitchen and looked out the garden through the glass door when she saw her dog literally flying through the air and slam against a wall.

Shocked and terrified she bravely opened the door but was confronted by an invisible wall: she could not go any further. Then she saw an eight-foot tall giant in bright coveralls. A thief, she thought. “You think I am a thief?” she heard inside her head. “What did you do with my dog”, she asked furiously. “He disturbed me, as you do now,” the giant spoke telepathically, without moving his lips. “I could crush you, but I don’t want to. Just leave me alone, I am busy.”

The woman ran back to the bedroom to wake up her husband, but when both came down, the giant had disappeared. In the garden, they found huge footprints, 1 foot, 4 inches in length. Later, circles appeared too, again covered by the reddish cadmium based liquid. After the encounter Hannah suffered severely from fatigue, headaches and muscle pain.

HC addition, addendum
Source: Michael Hesemann, UFOS: The Secret History
Encounter with isolated humanoid.
High Strangeness Index: 8


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