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Saturday, December 16, 2006


A Common Creation in UFOlogy
by The Eagle

Among detractors of the George Adamski Story, most of whom have no personal knowledge in the case at all, much sport is made of their "just happening to have plaster of paris and equipment to make casts of the footprints in the desert sand," followed by a facetious comment about, how many people carry around plaster of paris in the trunk of their car?

Had those detractors ever bothered to check their information at all they would have that this meeting, as in most UFO contact cases today, was a culmination of a buildup of events leading up to the face-to-face meeting, that took place over a timespan of many months. G.A. was already in mental rapport with the UFOnauts before that meeting. (He first sighted their ships in 1946, 6 years earlier.)

About that same time Al Baily, a railroad telegrapher in Prescott, Arizona was receiving strange messages over the telegraph wires from beings who claimed they were not of Earth. Later he was urged to get in touch with G.A. which he did.

Then they both received messages for a time, ostensibly from the same group of extraterrestrials, and they both sought to meet them face to face. In time they were invited to get together for just such a meeting!

They corresponded and agreed to meet at a midway point on the US interstate highway west of Blythe, a long drive for both, and to proceed from there. After that point was agreed upon Al Baily was told that the meeting would be north of there up in a secluded canyon.

They both prepared for the trip, taking cameras and paper and pencils for sketching, snacks to eat, something to drink, a shovel in case they became stuck in the desert, matches to start a fire, jugs of extra water, and G.A. took his small telescope, his camera and equipment, a package of plaster of paris and a mixing container. Nothing mysterious at all. They expected a ship to land and G.A. was going to get a cast of its landing track if it did. He did not know that it would not touch ground.

No mystery about the military airplane in the area either. G.A. had reported the planned meeting to his case officer who had passed it on, and the Air Force was asked to keep an eye on the area. No big air search. Simply an advisory to military pilots operating in the area to keep an eye open for any unusual activity. One pilot did in fact file a routine report that he had observed something unusual in the correct area at the right time which was immediately classified and he was hushed up -- and has never been released. The other military airplanes that followed have never been accounted for by the Government.

At between 11:30 and 11:45 that 20th of November 1952 a twin beech trainer plane flew over from the West. Moments later they all watched a gigantic silvery-gray cigar-shaped ship slowly approach to above them and seemed to stop. They became quite excited and didn't know exactly what to do. G.A. was sure they were too exposed to the view of passing cars and asked to be taken to a less exposed spot. Lucy McGinnis and Al Baily jumped into a car with him and raced about a half mile along the highway, then turned and followed a track in towards the ridge where they stopped the car not quite a half mile in, to the west of the highway. G.A. sent them back to wait and watch with Mr.and Mrs. George Hunt Williamson and Mrs. Baily. The big ship was still up there.

Adamski took his camera and telescope equipment and headed for the base of a low flat-topped hill formation about 200 feet further in towards the ridge. All this time the huge gray ship had followed the car and was now almost directly overhead. As Lucy and Al were returning to the road the huge ship in the sky turned and silently crossed the ridge and out of sight, just before a number of military aircraft arrived on the scene and flew about overhead.

Adamski spent the next 5 minutes or so setting up his telescope and camera attachment, hoping that the large ship would return when the military airplanes left. Suddenly he saw a strangely dressed man standing at the entrance to a small ravine. We all know the rest.

Why didn't he get pictures? His camera was mounted on the telescope on a tripod set up to shoot a distant object. He didn't even get back to it until the meeting was over and the visitor gone. The small ship that brought the visitor from the larger craft did not touch ground and left no track -- but the visitor did, so they later made a plaster cast of that.

They didn't shoot pictures of the approach because of the confused hustle to get out of the exposed position on the road and to a place where a contact could take place. Adamski did not choose it. Lucy and Al Baily did that. No trackmaker was left with Adamski. When he was left off he had only his telescope and camera equipment, all he could carry and he was walking alone.

All of this information has always been available to anyone who cared to look for it. There are no secrets here and nothing new. The mystery is all "created" by the various storytellers from simple lack of knowledge, and so is much of the obfuscation.


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