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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


13 October 1917
by The Eagle

One of the earliest UFO contactee cases in modern history took place near the end of World War 1 before the astonished eyes of more than 10,000 witnesses. As is now being discovered in most of the significant UFO contactee cases this was not an accidental nor a happenstance event. This was a very carefully planned and controlled contact exercise. The witnesses were identified earlier and were developed through a series of successive visits by the UFOnauts, who obviously were keeping close watch on all developments around them.

The strange phenomenon of synchronicity was evident here also. The record shows that the last 6 visits at least, and possibly more not accurately recorded, took place at the same time and the same place, on the same day of the month, before the same witnesses without fail. In fact, as word of these recurring UFO sightings got out and was passed from mouth to mouth around the countryside and then around the world, the number of anxious fans grew.

By the time of the third contact, on 13 July 1917, between 4,000 and 5,000 people were present and witnessed the "sun" dim as a small circular cloud hovered over the site of the apparitions.

On 13 August the witnesses were confined in jail at the time of the expected reappearance hoping to break the spell. The contact then took place on the nineteenth after their release.

From an Eyewitness Account

At midday on the 13 of October 1917, a crowd estimated at between 10,000 and 12,000 (some reports said 70,000) people, from as far away as London and Vienna stood waiting in the soggy fields and valleys around Cova de Iria for an expected reappearance of the object. Many had been there in the rain all night and throughout the morning and they were muddy and damp. On each of the previous contacts the next one was given, including this one and these witnesses had come here to see for themselves.

At high noon a dim luminosity was seen moving in the low rain clouds, and it grew brighter as it approached. Suddenly it burst through under the thick cloud ceiling in a flash of brilliance that made many think it was the sun. This radiance, however, could be looked at directly without hurting the eyes. It slowed and hovered a few hundred feet overhead as a hush fell over the multitude.

The brilliantly radiant pinkish-orange ball of light dimmed a little, and a lighter yellowish lenticular mass of light with a halo-like corona of luminous smoke girdling it at the equator could be seen inside. It was rotating in a counterclockwise direction around its vertical axis and seemed to be silent.

Suddenly it dipped and began to make sweeping passes over the heads of the frightened mass of witnesses, some of whom panicked and began to run. Some fainted and others threw themselves to the ground to escape. It passed so low at times that witnesses said they felt the heat from it, and some claimed that its radiance dried their damp clothes!

News photographer Alfredo de Fendricas from the local weekly paper published in Fatima, Portugal, recovered from his surprise in time to change the plate in his old and cumbersome bellows camera and shot a second picture of the fiery ball, which did not come out well because of the motion of the object. He did however, get one good photograph before this, of the UFO just after its emergence from the clouds as it was beginning to hover. This picture shows a brilliantly luminous ball of light at about a 20 to 30 degree angle of elevation above the horizon with the clouds all around and above it brightly reflecting its radiance as it moved.

This gave rise to the statement that "The clouds parted and the sun came through, revolving on itself and casting beams of colored light over the multitude." It should be noted, however, that the photograph shows a radiant object at a low angle of elevation above the horizon while at the same time Greenwich Observatory in Englnad recorded the sun in its proper position at zenith at the same time on that date. Clearly this was not the sun.

As this frightening demonstration was going on the three contactees, Lucia, Giacinta and Francesco were waiting in their usual place accompanied by their Father-Confessor priest of the Catholic church, who had also been with them on the contact before this.

They reported the apparition, for the last time, of the beautiful angelic figure in white who gave them a message for the Pope in the Vatican. The message contained three secrets, the third of which was sealed and was not to be opened until a later specified time, which according to some accounts was to be 1960.

NOTE: I find it interesting that the figure in white was wearing a "hobnail" skirt which was the fashion at that time!

From Contemporary Reports of the Local Press at the Time

In 1960 Pope Paul, VI (?) unsealed the secret, read it, and had it sealed again. When Pope John the XXIII read it, after ascending to the Papal leadership, he transmitted it to certain authorities in Washington, London, and Moscow who in turn saw fit not to release it to their people.

Among other things this message said in part "You want me to give you a sign, so that everyone will accept what I have to say, which I say through you to mankind. You have seen the 'miracle of the sun' today and all, believers, nonbelievers, farmers, city dwellers, wise men, reporters, lays, clergymen, they all have seen it, and now I proclaim:

A great punishment will fall on mankind; not today, not tomorrow but in the second half of the XX Century.

There is no order in any part of this world, and Satan reigns in the highest places, from which he controls the progress of events. He will succeed in effectively getting himself to the top of the church. He will seduce even the souls of great scientists who will invent terrible weapons with which it will be possible to destroy in a few minutes a great part of humanity. He will have in his power those forces that govern the people, and he will incite them to build enormous quantities of these terrible weapons, and if humanity does not oppose this, I will be obliged to let free the arm of my Son. Then you will see that God will punish with greater severity than in the times of the flood.

The time of times and the end of all ends will come, if humanity is not converted. And if all should remain as it is now, or degenerates still more, the great and the powerful will perish with the small and the weak. For the church also, will come the time of its greatest trials. Cardinals will oppose Cardinals and Bishops will oppose Bishops. Satan will walk among them and in Rome there will be great changes. All that is rotten will collapse and all that falls will never rise again.

The church will be darkened, and the world will be overturned by terror. There will come a time in which no king, emperor, cardinal or bishop will believe in that, which without doubt will come to castigate those men according to the plans of the Heavenly Father.

A great war will break out in the second half of the XX Century. Fire and smoke will fall from the sky, the waters of the oceans shall boil, and immense waves will arise and overturn inundating all. Millions and millions of men and women will perish from hour to hour, and those who remain alive will envy those who are dead. Wherever one will turn to look at those humans there will be only anguish, misery and ruin, in all countries.

The time advances every day more, and the abyss widens without hope. The good will perish with the wicked, and the great with the small, the princes of the church with their believers, and the rulers with their peoples.

There will be death everywhere due to the mistakes made by the senseless, and the followers of Satan, who without fail will reign in those times. In the final place, those who survive all these happenings will proclaim a new glory and the faith of God and will serve him as before when the world was not perverted.

Go my little ones, and proclaim it. For that purpose I will be always at your side to help you."
Hmmmm that gives you a lot to think about, especially with things that have already happened. But WHO WAS THAT WOMAN?


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