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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


by Aileen

In 1991 we were in contact with an Iranian UFO researcher that had set up his own UFO organization, or should I say research organization. He was interested in studying UFOs that were written about in the Quran. So he would send me his articles and I would publish them. One item he sent was written in Farsi and I did not know what it said but I printed it in the Missing Link anyway because it had to do with his research. Better I had found out what it said before printing it! It was his undoing. Because he had sent the articles I naturally sent him free copies of the Missing Link. We never knew who, but someone read his article and was furious. Perhaps many of you know that you are not to change one word of the Quran or you could be killed. He never changed a word but he interpreted what was in it as UFO related sightings. In the Bible there are many as we western researchers know.

When whomever got hold of his article they went to the religious authorities. He was followed from Tehran to Istanbul. He called me several times asking for help. All I could think of was for him to go to the American Embassy and ask for asylum. He never made it there, instead he was arrested and taken back to Tehran where he was sentenced to prison for 5 years. During that time his father died because of shame. Shame that his son would write such an article against their beliefs.

The reason I am telling you all this is because the tides have changed which you will see down below. A Moslem country has allowed a book to be written by a researcher in Pakistan!

This article is one of the Iranian researchers and it has the one in Farsi I referred to. However, we cannot put that in this article. I wish I knew what it said!

DATED May 8, 1991


A bright tailed moving object in the Anzall skies amazed and wondered some of the residents of this town and terrified some others. This object appeared in Anzall sky at about 9:20 p.m. last night, moving very slowly it disappeared after a few minutes.

This morning a number of people contacted the newspaper officials in Tehran and reported this moving object in the N.W. of Tehran.

One of the newspaper readers confirmed the sighting of this moving object at about 8:00 p.m. in N.W. of Tehran which was glowing pink, yellow and red bright lights from it. He saw it in the sky above Tehran Pars and followed it closely with binoculars. It as more than 700 meters in length and it seemed that it was being towed by another object which was moving at about 100 meters in front of it and eventually with a round movement. It disappeared in Ferahzad sky (urban town).

One of the airport officials confirmed the obseration of this moving object and added that three of our pilots happened to see this object in a very high altitude moving south to north.


Many of the Oromiyae residents were witness to this very fast moving glowing object which was moving from the southwest of Azablajan toward the north.

This object was moving like a rocket and was leaving a very bright, steady tail behind. It was seen at about 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. last night (Tuesday).

One of the airport officials confirmed this moving object but mentioned that no radar system had registerd the moving object.

According to one eye witness, it was like a UFO or an express rocket which was carrying a bright light behind it.

This object was also seen in Tehran, Ilam and Anzall Port skies.

This object was bigger than a star and it crossed Oromiyae sky in less than 4 minutes northeast of Shirevan Town and had no noise at all.

This object had bright white and red colored lights which was glowing from around it. There were at lest four objects moving behind it. It entered the Ilam sky from the southwest and crossed over the northern mountain of the town and disappeared.
I believe a picture of this UFO was taken and sent to CUFOs. I have a copy of it.

Later he sent more articles and some were written on the Quran as mentioned above.

I do not know where he is today. I did see his name on a conference that was being held in Brazil but I don't think he showed. That was several years ago.

This is from the pages of the new book:

On September 19, 1976 DSP satellites picked up a "Fast Walker" over the Middle East. Within minutes of its entry into the Earth's atmosphere, it was detected by the radar of Iranian Air Force base, "Sharokhi." At once, two F-4 Phantoms of the Royal Iranian Air Force took off from the airbase to intercept the intruder. Iranian pilots were able to see it from a distance of 70 nautical miles. It was a gigantic disk, brightly lit by multicolored lights. As one of the F-4s came close to the object, the electronic instruments on board stopped functioning. Immediately, the radio contact was lost and the pilot had no choice but to abort the mission.

Pilot of the second aircraft witnessed a strange phenomenon. He observed a smaller object come out of the bigger disc and fly towards him. When he attempted to fire, the firing panel of the aircraft went dead and he too lost radio contact with the base. He also aborted the mission and managed to land safely. The small UFO returned to the gigantic disc and in a few hours, the same UFO was spotted over the skies of Morocco.

The story made the news the next day. Teheran based newspapers reported the incident based on the information provided to them by the Air Force. On the orders of Shah Reza Pahlvei, the ruler of Iran at the time, Royal Iranian Air Force prepared a detailed report of the incident and forwarded a copy to the US Embassy in Teheran. A copy of this report is presented below:

This report forwards information regarding sighting of a UFO in Iran on September 19, 1976.

At about 12:30 am on 19 Sept 76, ________ (words here are blacked out in the original document) received 4 telephone calls from citizens living in the Shemiran area of Teheran saying that they had seen objects in the sky. Some reported a kind of birdlike object, while others reported a helicopter with a light on. There were no helicopters airborne at that time.
(The rest of the document is in the book.)

And this is the book:

UFOs in the Quran

Product Details: Author: Abdul Aziz Khan ISBN: N/A Format: Hardcover Pages: 236 Weight: 1.07 lbs Pub. Date: N/A Publisher: Fair Co.

DESCRIPTION "'UFOs in the Quran' will blow your mind. At times it will amaze you, at times it will frighten you but for most part, it will just take the ground from under your feet." - Abdul Aziz Khan"

With over a billion followers spread across the world, Islam today stands as the second largest and the fastest growing religion of our time. I wonder how many of these over one billion followers know that their religious scriptures mention spacecrafts that visited the deserts of Arabia during Prophet Muhammad’s time. To most Muslims, It will come as a great surprise that the pagan Arabs, who opposed the Prophet, worshipped alien visitors from outer space! These alien visitors (or “sky-gods” as they were understood by pagan Arabs) are mentioned repeatedly in the Quran and the Hadeeth. Yet, in spite of their emphasized mention, Muslim world has not been able to gather any concrete proof of their existence. In the absence of concrete scientific proof, these alien space travelers occupy Muslim conscience as “spiritual beings.”Concrete proof of their existence has been gathered elsewhere in another part of the world. In the West, thousands of books have been written on the subject of UFOs but the real reasons for their visits to our world have still remained a mystery.

Furthermore, UFO researchers today understand that governments of certain Western countries are concealing important information on UFOs, but the reasons for this global censorship has not been understood.It took courage to write this book and it will take courage to read it. Yet, one thing is for sure. “UFOs in the Quran” will blow your mind. At times it will amaze you, at times it will frighten you but for most part, it will just take the ground from under your feet." - Abdul Aziz Khan
US $14.90


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