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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Finding a deeper sense from "experiences"
by Nate Hansen
Larson Newspapers
Red Rock News, Sedona, Arizona

Kathleen Ducek relaxes in an upholstered rocking chair in her living room. The wall behind her is decorated with randomly pinned pictures of Belgian artist Rene Magritte's surreal skies.

As each tear-out of Magritte's art hangs beside her own watercolor renderings and photographs of dreamlike clouds, Ducek can't help but relate to the consummate artist's attempts to make people discover new meanings in familiar things. When she looks to the skies, she sees much more than what the typical person sees.

When she was 8 years old, she was abducted by alien life forms.

Ducek remembers biking home one day when, all of a sudden, she found herself on the opposite side of town nearly an hour and a half later.

She didn't know where the time went or how she arrived so far away from home. She can only say she had an "experience."

"I don't like using the term 'abduction,' Ducek says. "It's kind of the black sheep (term) of the UFO community."

After a period of time, Ducek started to remember her "experience." The details of the particular abduction are quite vivid.

Ducek looks for words to preface the abduction. She doesn't know whether or not to take the events literally. Regardless, she understands people will find the story frightening.

Ducek says she remembers a "circle of children." Everyone within the circle was connected.

According to Ducek, while children sat in the circle, long needles penetrated everyone's skull and entered their brains.

At the end of each needle was a tiny hand. The hand removed portions of each child's brain and traded the parts with other children, she says.

She says the children "twitched" as the procedure happened.

"There was something about this process that brought us together," Ducek says.

For the past four decades, Ducek struggled to identify the meaning behind her abduction and the numerous abductions that followed. After years of speculation, she estimates the ambiguity is natural.

"How often do people deny their reality?" she asks. "We call it 'woo-woo,' we call it 'psychic.' But maybe we haven't caught up scientifically to see how far our consciousness can extend."

She says people always assume abductions or sightings involve extraterrestrials. Why couldn't contact come from people from the future or interdimensional beings? she asks.

"Let's explore more," Ducek insists. "Understanding is fluid. Nothing is black and white."

According to Ducek, she remembers people's faces in the "circle of children." As a matter of fact, she's met three of them in person.

Although every person has their own recollection of what happened during the abduction, all can agree on specific events. Unfortunately, some were left fearful and traumatized, but Ducek was only left uncertain.

Ducek admits there are several sides to the UFO phenomenon. while some people might consider the events horrific, she embraces the abductions.

Despite one encounter she says resulted in unidentifiable puncture marks on her right forearm and spine, in addition to a significant lump on her right arm, Ducek refused to be scared.

"As long as I felt a victim of it, I didn't have any power," she says. "We think forcefulness is power, when actually vulnerability is power."

Ducek leans back in her chair, smiling, as if she's happy to relieve herself from a burden. After speaking with her for a few moments, one realizes there is no burden at all.

"There would have been a point when I would have said 'Absolutely, no. I don't want this,' she admits. "But now, I like it."

Ducek admits the UFO community is waiting for its "moment of disclosure." They're waiting for proof alien life exists one of two ways, she says.

"For me, if you're trying so hard to prove it's real, you're missing the point. You're missing the whole gift of it," she says.

According to Ducek, they are either waiting for the government to release the "dark secrets" to the public or for UFOs to reveal themselves.

"Some people are waiting for them to land on the White House lawn and say, 'Hey, here we are,'" she laughs.

Under hypnosis, she described a gray figure with big black eyes, but she is skeptical on the reality. She says she probably wouldn't do it again.

"A lot of it is hooey, but a lot is reallyl compelling," Ducek says of UFO research.

Ducek feels the underlying reason abductions and experiences occur is to educate the world of its responsibility. She thinks they're trying to warn the world of the damage being done to Earth.

"The message I've received is that it's time for us to grow up as a species," she says.


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