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Monday, February 19, 2007


By Debbie Sarbiewski
The New Times
Seattle, Washington

When I first started to remember it was always the same. I would be asleep and would wake up feeling terrified, not being able to move anything but my head. I would turn toward the door very slowly, my eyes wide with fright, dread pressing against my body.

I have been afraid before, but no fear is as great as not being able to move or not being able to stop what was going to happen, even though I didn't know what was going to happen.

The second thing I started to remember was being returned. I could feel myself being put back into bed. I never saw by whom, but there I was -- being returned to bed.

Once I was tumbled into bed right next to my sleeping husband. I rolled over towards him and started to laugh. A voice in my head said, "How do you feel? Debbie, we cannot leave you until you tell us how you feel." Facing my husband and still laughing, I said to him, "They want to know how I feel!"

I do not know what was so funny or why I couldn't answer their question. My husband just mumbled something in his sleep. The next thing I knew, it was morning.

I tried to tell my daughter and husband what was happening to me; they would listen, but say nothing. I later learned that they would discuss this and wonder if I was going off the deep end. We had the book Communion in the house for a couple of years but I never read it. There was a strong feeling in me to suppress what was happening. Finally, I had to understand what was going on. I read it.

Every hair on my body stood up; is this what was happening to me? Well, if there was one book on this subject maybe there were more, so I searched bookstore after bookstore. I didn't know anything about New Age stores so I had to make due with the mainstream. I read everything I could get my hands on, including some channeled books that talked about love. Not the "oh-I-just-love-that-purse" kind of love, but universal coming-straight-to-your soul type of love.

Something inside me clicked. I could feel this love while I read the books. It was like a memory remembered. Something incredible was happening to me and I felt an overwhelming desire to find out what it was.

One morning when I woke up, I knew that I had been visited the night before. I was so shaken that I wasn't sure I could drive. I felt like I had been taken apart and when I was put back together they missed -- like the two halves weren't quite lined up. What had happened to me? The urge to crawl up in the fetal position and stay there on the bathroom rug was so great. Instead, I went to work. I went home, I went on like nothing had happened, and I was falling apart.

This incident stayed with me for a very long time. I was so confused. The love that is felt throughout the universe -- that I had read about and felt to be true -- was so strong within me. Why, then, was I so scared? Why was it that I couldn't remember what had happened to me?

I was so determined to remember that I went to see a hypnotist. When I tried to recall the visitation all that came back was the anxiety. It was no help, and only made me more determined to find some answers. I was sure that at some time I had to give permission for this to occur. But what was it, and why was I so driven to find out.

Since you don't just go up to your family and friends and say, "Hey, talked to any aliens lately?" I continued my search, watching shows on cable access; reading. My whole life seemed to be changing, at least on the inside. I felt like an enclosed tornado.

About six months later it happened again. I was awakened. I laid there frozen, fear and dread again weighing me down. I stared at the door. Then it appeared: a small being of light.

The fear grew. This time I heard a small voice telling me, "Get over the fear, get over the fear." Somehow I let the fear go. Then the voice told me, "Now feel the love." I opened myself and allowed the feeling of love to touch me. It was so powerful. I laid there looking at this being, feeling love from it, and sending love to it.

Then, as if following some rule, I turned my head away and closed my eyes. The fear was gone.

Some people never get over the fear. Some people never feel fear. I would tell anyone that feeling the love these beings have for us is definitely preferable to feeling fear.

My search to find out about them continued; to find out why I was taken from time to time, poked at, prodded, and explored. My journey led me to a local channeler. I booked a private session with her. I wanted to know the nature of the universe and how everything fit together so that I could better understand what was happening to me. Since I had yet to develop the ability to receive answers, I went to what I considered the source. What a treat it was, getting answers!

I was informed that you must take anything offered to you by a channeled entity -- or, for that matter, anyone -- and filter it. Sort of try it on, if it doesn't feel right or sound right, simply pass it on. If it resonates as truth, or something remembered, perhaps it is.

I learned, among other things, that the visitors I had were called Zeta Reticuli. I also learned that there were other space beings here on Earth helping us to grow and to awaken to who we are and what we are; spirit beings wearing bodies to have the earthen experience.

Yes, I had agreed to allow the Zetas access to my physical body. They were here once, on their journey, so they understand what is going on with us. They are very delicate beings -- we might injure them -- so they keep us in a hypnotic trance when we are with them. Their energy chakras start with our throat chakra; they have no lower energy fields.

Since our bodies resonate at a lower frequency than theirs, when we encounter them their higher or finer energy output is so foreign to us we feel fear. They have nothing but love for us. They understand the genetic code of our bodies -- our DNA -- because they helped design it way-back-when.

The Zetas were once struggling, like we are now, to awaken to higher purposes and goals. They also had wars, famine, and disease, and when they poisoned their planet, they survived by living below ground. Knowing that food would run out, they started to manipulate their DNA structures to achieve a body that could gather nourishment from the gases in the rocks of their underground dwellings.

To ensure that war and hate would not return, they eliminated emotions from their DNA. An emotion is a thought that you attach a feeling to and put into motion through the physical body. They have the highest regard for us because we are working to refine our emotions, to allow and deal with our emotions. With all their advanced technology, a tear on their planet is more prized than gold is on ours.

Since that meeting, I have continued to find books about experiences with the Zetas and other space beings -- some based in fear, others in love. In the book, Bashar, we are told of a wonderful race of beings and that the beginnings of this race started with a beautiful idea; take one part human (at a time in their emotional development when the DNA structures are changing to allow a higher vibrational existence), and one part Zeta Reticuli, mix, and allow to grow and advance.

There was a mini-series on television about the abductions of humans by the Zetas. It ended with a visit to a spacecraft and the abductee being shown a child that was part human and part Zeta.

Before I took a seminar, a conversation triggered a memory of my being returned after a visit. Going into this memory, I, too, was shown a child, a small child. I remembered making faces at it and having the child mimic me back and laugh. I picked up the child and felt so excited. "You did it!" I said.

Is it possible that before we came here, some of us gave permission to the Zetas to have access to our physical bodies? That in doing so we gained the option to work through fear? That we gained the experience of being exposed to a higher energy Being to help us wake up to the fact that there is more to this life than what first appears?

The more we open to love and acceptance that there is a grand plan going on here -- not just with the Zetas but within ourselves -- the more we must realize that the universe is getting smaller and the role we play in it is expanding.

I thank the Zetas for dragging me yelling and kicking into a much bigger world, for awakening in me a desire to know more, to feel more. What I do with that desire is up to me. We all have the ability to choose love over fear, to allow higher vibrations into our lives.

This story covers ten years of my life. This would not have happened unless I was ready. For those of you who still feel fear about their contacts with space beings, I invite you, right now, to choose to release the fear and remember the love. The choice does exist.


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