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Saturday, February 17, 2007



An out-of-body experience changed the life of a former prostitute and drug addict.

Merry Lynn Noble is now a counselor for drug dependent adults -- strongly backed by an extraterrestrial she contacted in a life-changing vision.

Merry left an abusive farm home in Montana and fled to Denver, Colorado, when she was 18. She fell into a life of prostitution, drugs, and alcohol abuse.

In an interview with the Rocky Mountain News, she said she became disgusted with her life and began to think seriously of suicide. Then 33, she went to sleep one night, hoping she wouldn't wake up.

Said Merry: "After I dozed off, I was taken out of my body to my parents' farm in Montana. My parents were taken out of their bodies, too. We drove around chasing rabbits, then stopped and talked."

Merry told her father that she didn't think life was worth the pain. Her father tried to talk her into going back to the farm, but she refused.

Then they were startled by a blinding white light right over the car.

Said Merry: "It was a UFO about 50 feet above the car. I fainted, and in a sense I felt like I died and my soul was taken out through my head."

A male voice then told her that she could have a choice between going on or returning to her body. He said all he wanted to hear was Merry giving herself to a higher power.

Merry continued talking to the alien, who identified himself as Zander. He told Merry he would always be close to her and give her help. He said she was undergoing a near-death experience which only happens when a soul cannot take life anymore. Zander said Merry had been given a soul cleansing.

Merry was returned to her body. She woke up a completely different person and for the last years has devoted herself to helping others.

I met Merry Lynn Noble when I attended the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in Laramie. She is now a Ph.D. in psychology. She was a beautiful vivacious lady. - Aileen


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