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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Radio Talk Show - November 21, 1989 Before Art Bell took over the program on Coast to Coast am.

Billy Goodman was the first to bring up controversial subjects. I believe he got too close to the truth and he was let go. His attitude changed drastically just before he left. I was a guest on his show but after 15 minutes something created so much static we couldn't continue. I believe that was on purpose.

I believe that this is the first time you will hear what started out to be a revealing of Bob Lazar and what he knew. This will lead up to what happened to Stayce Borland. It may take several days to cover it all so stay with me and you will learn a lot.

BL: Bob Lazar
BG: Billy Goodman
C: Caller

BL: (Speaking to Scott, the Private Investigator) Everyone has been calling me. I, ah, if you can imagine a Q clearance, is a thorough background investigation. I've had a Q clearance for a long time! Before I ever got on the project out there. But like I said, I don't want to spearhead everything. My intention was to come on, say what I had to say...
C: I think our request is a little bit different! What we are trying to do... I guess I'm at a loss!
BG: He probably had no idea what we're trying to do! Maybe, I can touch on that, and Scott, thanks for calling. Let me tell you what's going on here Bob! I don't know if it's necessary with you, because you are 38 levels above Q, but, there's an investigative force that has joined, what we call, "Finding the Truth". It's probably the first legitimate organization, that checks out UFO claims, ok? And it's the very first one. This organization is out of California and they have over 20 investigators! One in Las Vegas! They want to get to the bottom of it once and for all!
C: I'm interested in the condition and shape, of the disc, he claims, he saw, up at Area S-4 (Groom Lake, Area 51) on the testing range.
BL: The condition, as I said, on the TV program, seemed new!
C: I didn't see the TV program.
BL: OK. It seems almost brand new. That is, if I know what a new saucer looks like! As far as the shape, have you ever seen any of the Billy Meir photographs (Some.) There's one that it bears a striking resemblance to. I coin the term, "The Sport Model" It doesn't have any wierd protrusions! It looks like a slim, thin, disc with ridges in it. It bares an incredible resemblance to that. I tend to think, it is that disc.
C: What are the approximate dimensions of it?
BL: I'd say approximately 30 to 35 feet across. About 15 feet tall.
C: How close were you allowed to the object?
BL: I stood inside the doorway.
C: Were you able to determine what the metallic make up was?
BL: No, no.
BG: Did you touch it at any time? (yeh) What does it feet like?
BL: It feels like ordinary metal.
BG: What, aluminum type feel, or what?
BL: Can you feel the difference between steel and aluminum?
BG: I guess steel is colder.
BL: It just feels like metal.
BG: What was the disc doing?
BL: Just sitting there. There were no tripods. It was just resting, on the bottom of the disc.
BG: Were there people milling around it?
BL: Not at the time I walked up to it, no. There were people in the area.
BG: Is that the only one you ever saw?
BL: No. I saw the other ones, but at a great distance.
BG: What were they doing.
BL: They were just parked in the hangers.
BG: Like an airplane? You never saw them take off or land?
BL: No. I don't even know if they are operational.
C: I took a class in Quantom Physics in college, and we studied a lot about gravity. About gravitons!
BL: The theory of gravitons, is wrong. Physics has always done that. Where there is a question, they create a particle. You must know what I'm talking about. Photons, and stuff like that.
C: Have you read or found anything that confirms the existance of gravitons?
BL: No. Everything denied the existance of gravitons, and in fact, I don't know if I've said this already, or not. There are actually two gravities of wave, and 2 waves that are misconstrued, as one force. And they are called gravity A and B.
C: What's your general attitude about quantom physics? The Quantom theory?
BL. That question could take all night. If you want to talk to me privately about that, I'd be glad to do that. Write me, in care of the radio station.
C: At one point, on the TV program, you said the crafts you saw were from another solar system. Do you believe that because you know where they are from, or because you've ruled out, that other planets in the solar system are habitable?
BL: It's because I know where they are from.
BG: Next, we have an aerospace engineer.
C: Physics is a hobby of mine and Riconbauch (a guess on that spelling) says time is not the fourth dimension. You say this vehicle has 3 gravity generators in it. What does it use to generate these intense gravity fields? Is it neutron stars, or what?
BL: No. The gravity generators, generate the gravity themselves.
C: I was just being funny when I said neutron stars. I know the only thing that can generate gravity, is mass, or body.
BL: Right. That is the only thing you know of (LOL)
C: I'm curious how this sort of thing works? I can understand how they would bend space and time, and lens it, but the thing that bothers me is you say it stretches space time, and then the vehicle follows the space time. (Right) Continually?
BL: Not continually. It attached itself to distorted space time. And returns with the distortion. It's quite a bizarre thing to think about.
C: This is the most facinating thing I've ever heard.
BL: It is. I would have lived up there. I would have worked with no pay. It was so facinating to me and I just became enveloped with it. It's new physics. There's a lot that's very difficult to grasp. There's no three dimensional anologies. There's a lot of current theories, the "Super String" theory. They go into eleven dimensions, in physics, and things like that. You begin to grab at straws, after awhile. Every time you get stuck, you say, well, oh, another dimension will handle that, and ah, you go on and on. Same thing with particles.
BG: Where do you work right now Bob?
BL: I have my own comapny.
BG: What do you do?
BL: I'd rather not say. I still conduct business with the government on a technical aspect.
BG: Like a consultant type thing?
BL: You could say that.
C: Bob, does M-42 mean anything to you?
BL: Not off the top of my head.
C: How do you rate Hawkins?
BL: Stephen Hawkins? Well, a lot of the basic theory is incorrect, but, he's a very thorough guy. Have you read his new book?
C: Yes, I have! I'm an experimental researcher and ah, I think we're in agreement about what you're studdering about. I studder some too. See you are a physicist, and how far back do you go, as far as, traveling backwards through time? Can you go back to the "Big Bang" theory, and subscribe to it?
BL: I'll go with the big bang theory, but, it's.... so many other things could have happened. That's more with particle physics, high energy physics, and that sort of thing.
C: Well, isn't that where it all began?
BL: Yeh, it is, ah, but when your talking on a scale like that, your sliding out of my field of expertise. I do subscribe to the big bang theory. There was a big bang. Where the initial particle came from, there's a big debate about that.
C: Could you give me an estimate? Was the big bang part of an evolution, or, was it part of a creation? Or was there something before that?
BL: Well, that's the chicken and the egg question to me. I would say, the big bang was followd by, a natural evolution, although, I don't believe things just evolved to where it is now.
C: I guess I went back too far. You don't want to go out on a limb with theories. You want to stick with facts!
BL: Yes, I'd rather do that.
C: What are the facts? How far can you trace us back?
BL: Probably, from the instant of detonation, of the big bang.
BG: What is the big bang theory?
BL: How the universe was initiated. I think the way that was detected was, someone happened to look, and noticed all the galaxies were moving away from a certain point, at certain speeds. They were able to reverse the directions, and everything came to a single point. It gets really crazy.
BG: How many flying saucers have you actually seen?
BL: Nine.
BG: And you know for a fact, they did not come from here? Where do you think they come from?
BL: My best guess is that they came from another... well, another world.
BG: When they are flown in the S-4 area, are they flown by aliens, or military pilots?
BL: They are either remote controlled or people because I did not actually see who got into the disc.
BG: Did it look like there was a lot of room in the disc? How large are these things?
BL: There's not much room inside.
BG: I guess you'd have to be very small?
C: I heard John Lear talking about drugs and hypnosis, being used on indivudals working on ET projects. Do you confirm that? Also, when the people were up at Blue Diamond, I think I heard someone say they got a scar on their shoulder. I was wondering if you knew anything about that? Also, is it possible that the group could have been abducted, by people, involved with the project and that's why they lost time and some of them got scars?
BL: Honestly, I have no information on abductions.
C: What about drugs and hypnosis?
BL: Drugs and hypnosis... I found out about this, supposedly this happened to me. I found out about this through regressive hypnosis. I have vivid memories of everything, but, there were a couple of days, I only remember going out on a plane, and coming back on a plane. I thought it was really strange! So I decided to try a hypnotist, whose name is Lane Keck, here in Vegas. He had no idea why I was there, I wanted to go with someone completely unbiased. I just stepped back under hypnosis, entire days, so I would re-read the reports and get things a little clearer. There was an intense drilling period, of rhythmic yells, and in a room with some guys continuosly threatening me. I said under hypnosis, I was drinking something that smelled like pine! It even sounds strange to me, but, I heard myself on tape. As I described this, Lane said it was something the military uses called the Aron method. Some sort of regimented hypnosis. That's where all that came from.
C: John (Lear) said, that's why, most of the stuff, that's going on up there, when they first get there, are indoctrinated, with the drugs and hypnosis, and when they leave the sight, they return back to normal. Have no memory of it. When they go back, something triggers them back into regression again. They do their work under hypnosis, and when they come back home, they have no memory again. That's why people can go on these missions, to South Africa, pick up these saucers, and no one having any memory of it. Does that make sense to you?
BL: Yeh, that sounds cool, but I can't confirm or deny that. Obviously, something is done. Something was done, in the area of hypnosis to me and I'm sure other people, that work there. Whether they can turn you off, and on, I really don't know. Maybe they can do that. It sounds even far fetched to me but I really don't know.
BG: But do you think it's possible?
BL: Well I can't say anything is impossible any more, because I keep finding out differently.
BG: They must have some kind of power over these people.
BL: Yeh, but, why do I have most of the memories of most of the stuff I was involved with then.
BG: I'm not saying you, per sae, just other people going up there. They must have a way of controling them.
BL: Right. I have a hard time believeing everyone can adhere to the program. There must be a way. It can't be just threats.

More tomorrow.


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