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Saturday, May 26, 2007


My Extraterrestrial ExperienceConsiderations:

* I can give you a full detailed story of this experience but I will try to keep up the main facts to the extent of my English language abilities.

* My consciousness is slowly being liberated by the implant for unkown reasons. So, since the beginning of this phenomenon I have difficulty to express completely and correctly my situation (as not would be happening for a "normal" illness.)

* Implant = "Mini-machine in my brain".


I. How it started.

Everything started one night in year 2003, probably in March. That night, I was sleeping when suddenly I "wake up" because I felt a solid object being introduced through my right ear. Inmediately another part or extension of the same object (probable a mini-robot or mini-UFO) put something on my forehead that almost hynotized me to prevent any defense reaction of mine. All the event last for about 1 or 2 minutes. I felt how something was being introduced through my right ear until it reached some place inside my brain. To be more specific, the level of technology of which I am talking about is some kind of plasma (even energy) that can be controlled just as a mechanical machine would be controlled nowadays (by humans.) There was no friction, just the sensation of something slipping inside my head. When finished, the object or mini-robot was put off and disappeared. I could wake up and knew that something was strage.

II. The begining.

Since that night, until some months later, I started feeling strange activity in my brain. My will was being cut to the control of "something" else. I felt like having another spirit / conscience to pull my body. At first some rewards were given to me. For example I could concentrate very well or obtain everything I wanted from other people. I started making some nature discoveries due to an increased intelligence. A lot of conceptual correlations. I get to draw "crop circles" and other symbols that transmit some high intelligence concepts. My senses were keened. Some things did not changed, like: I could drive my car even with this phenomenon inside my head.

III. When things turned bad.

Probably 6 months later: I start hearing and sometimes feeling behind (but inside) my brain some sort of electric flame. It produced a burning and localized sound. This phenomenon started going down, very slowly (within a period of weeks), to the base of my brain. The sound started growing in intensity. Finally, a tinnitus was created and, obviously, I lost more of my self control. The tinnitus become a torture, I could not withstand it.

Probably 1 year later: I had most of my self control lost. I was acting like a zombie or robot, all my brain activiy was held by this plasma (or energy) object. I even was able to hurt my self once and again without defending my self against my self! I hit my head with my hands (fists) in desperation. I could not continue I needed to get back to my parents house (until then I was living on my own.) Then, violence got worse. I hit my head with the wall sometimes. I stop driving my car because the plasma object (or "mini-machine in my brain" as I later called it) took the control of my brain regarding to driving security measures. One time I stopped my car in the middle of an avenue because I could not drive any more. Another time, the "mini-machine in my brain" made me accelerate too much without any security measure.

IV. Total internal self disorder mixed with very high technology.

3 to 4 years later: I am being robotized. Sometimes I am being controlled like a videotape: Like a rewind. Sometimes, my movements are not human, I act like a machine. My thinking is also robotized. I can hardly act upon my free will. My feelings, emotions, sensations and thinking are controlled by the "mini-machine in my brain" or implant. In the short term (minutes, hours) I can not control my body. In the mid-term (days, weeks) I can almost control my actions. In the long term (years) my activity is blocked by this "mini-machine in my brain".

* In the night, I have very high fidelity dreams / nightmares. I have some kind of television inside my brain. Definitely, it is a machine that can creates hi-resolution images in my brain.* My corporal memory is cut. I forget things very easily and can not remember some things of my past (previous to March 2003.)* I could not see it, but a couple of times I felt my body was changing physically, like if it was made of mud. No evidence of that.* I lost the sense of value (of things). A couple of times, I destroyed money and other things of value.* Many times per day I have voices coming out of my mouth. The origin, definitely, is the "mini-machine in my brain." It creates voices of all range, from man, to woman, kids, even from robots. It is a very accurate voice control. Definitely, it is a machine, not an organic illness of the brain.* Besides the tinnitus the implant also produces internal (cerebral) voices to control my behavior. This is how the implant robotizes my behavior.* The implant increases and decreases my intelligence up to its will.* The implant keen my senses but also confuses them up to its will.* The implant produces known and strange feelings in my body.* The implant controls my security measures that prevent me from hurting my self.* It imitates, with my body, movements and emotions of other people.* It created a thought-inverter in my brain so that, very often, everything I want is inverted to the inverse will (e.g. "I want to do this" --> "I do not want to do this".)* The "mini-machine in my brain" or implant has some interests as I have measured upon its activity in my brain. More precisely, through the tinnitus it created while accommodating itself in my brain. These interests are: Humanity evolution, world order and health, anthropology, natural history, as well as other sciences that study earth nature and the universe. Its role is mainly that of a supervisor or researcher.* The "mini-machine in my brain" or implant has a very advanced camouflage strategy since it has inserted in my cerebral capacity of recognizing and understanding the external world. Every action of the implant is hidden behind one action of my body. The world cannot perceive directly the actions of the implant.* Since 2003 I have not had another anomalous experience with mini-robots (or mini-UFOs) just the suffering caused by the "mini-machine in my brain."

V. An attempt to control the implant.

In an attempt to get to know more of this phenomenon and even control it, I am making myself, studies of the behavior my brain and of the "mini-machine in my brain" and created a graph of the mental activity. It, definitely, is not normal, NOT ORGANIC. It is a MACHINE'S ACTIVITY.

Upon this fact, I am trying to teach the implant what and what not should be done in my life. Two things can help me a lot: Teach the implant about the environment where I live in, and teach the implant how to manage my self, my body. I have done very little about it. It takes months to teach the implant one single issue. There is a fact, and that is that there is a "I understand" or "I already proved it" from the implant. But it takes a lot (hundreds even thousads) of repetitions to get to that point.

I am being treated as psychiatric but in fact this is not helping much. Drugs are very little useful. The psychological effect of the doctors help is what is helping me somewhat. Not imaging yet (just an EEG, which is not normal.) I am sure, a lot more sure, that this approach of the E.T. Experience is a lot more precise than a psychiatric treatment. The only disadvantage is that I have to keep it very confidential (private.) I even have to keep it away from the people whom I live with (my family.)

VI. Conclusions.

Of what I am sure, is that the effects I am feeling in my brain / body, are not ORGANIC, IT IS DEFINITELY A HIGH TECHOLOGY MACHINE. Again, the level of technology used, is some kind of very controlled plasma (or energy) that changes biochemical reactions of my neurons, controlling all of my body as a result. It seems to be acting directly on my pituitary gland. I am desperate to accelerate the pace of learning of the implant. Almost daily, it makes me psychological torture, I am under a lot of pressure. My self integrity is very damaged.

VII. My main questions.

* Why have I been captured? Why I have been selected?* How can I control more the implant?* What I need to do to get back my freedom?* Are there any other cases like mine's?

I can give more details on anything stated here. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Luis Villegas.

Now you all may wonder about what is happening to Luis but there is another case that is just as invasive and is slowly killing the recipient. In fact it may be too late now for him. In the past I have posted his story but since that time it has become even worse for him. I haven't heard from him in 4 weeks so he may not be with us any more. Look up Pepper Rogers on this blog.



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