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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Howard Menger, a celebrated contactee in the 1950s was told that certain of his contacts were visitors from various planets coming to locate remnants of their own people still living on Earth - descendants of an ancient race which did not originate here. Menger was told "A lot of our people are amongst you, mingling with your kind, observing and helping where they can. They are in all walks of life -- working in factories, offices, banks. Some of them hold responsible positions in communities, in government. Some of them may be cleaning women or even garbage collectors."

For Larry Foreman of Los Angeles, his first contact with the humanoids began in March 1959 with an overpowering sense that he was being watched. He had a sudden, inexplicable urge to go into the desert and do a little prospecting. Later, at his campsite, as he fixed dinner, Foreman was approached by a man described as about five feet, nine inches tall, 160 pounds, and light complexioned.

"He was garbed in some kind of a suit like I had never seen before," Foreman said. "But people in the desert dress funny anyway."

What followed was a long association with "Bill" and his friends at selected meeting places in the deserts of the Southwestern US over a nine-year period in which Foreman was subtly guided into new lines of thought by his recent acquaintance who eventually explained he was not from this planet. In his book, Passport to Eternity, Foreman describes these meetings in a simplistic, believable manner, a book richly spiced with humor, descriptions of his friends' exotic foods, as well as his own initial doubts about "Bill."

"Was he a hermit with a bunch of tall tales or a mad scientist .... had I just stumbled onto something in the desert that I was not supposed to... a practical joker working on something for the armed forces?"

There is more evidence of alien infiltration every year.

In October 1975, Walt Kemmerer of Mt. Vernon, Washington wrote the editor of the Skagit Valley Herald:

"The following phenomena were reported to me by my son, Edward, and his friend, John Hefferman (both 16 years old), after they came excitedly into the house from a short walk on the Lake McMurray Road past Hermway Heights. The time was between 8:30 and 9 p.m. on October 23. They had observed a vehicle that passed them on the road four different times under these strange conditions.

1. It reversed directions wth incredible speed, once in their full view;

2. As it passed them four times it followed a pattern -- heading directly toward them, then swerving to the far side of the road (as if following an automated course).

3. The vehicle had an odd-sounding motor:

4. It approached them from the east twice without having passed them going west, and having no apparent time or route to approach twice from the same direction.

5. They saw no driver. They saw no license plates, no turn signals were visible. The small lights in ront had great penetration, the taillights were small rectangular and low.

6. On the fourth pass, the vehicle had three oddly shaped tail lights whereas before, it had only two.

7. The general description of the vehicle was two-tone green, dul, inconspicuous, not new, with no chrome and similar to a Chevy Nova.

In Louisiana, in 1976, a woman noticed an immense cloud hovering low over Belle Chasse road near her home. As she drove underneath it, she saw the center section of a gigantic, three-story high UFO with rows of round, differently colored lights on each level. Wisps of fog obscured the details of the craft at either end.

Arriving home, a strange small red car drove by her house and down a lane which dead ends into a drainage canal. The occupants were two men, sitting stiffly in the front seat and wearing low-crowned bowler hats. They did not converse but looked directly ahead. The witness got the impression they were aliens or possibly robots.

On a lake shore beach in the South, a businessman was approached by a normal-appearing man who claimed he was "not from here." When the businessman was touched by the alien, his skin burned for a moment and then a white scar appeared. The man suffered a four-hour time lapse.

In Arizona, a man with orange yellow eyes lacking pupils, and white almost transparent skin, entered a leather shop. No hair was visible under the hat he wore. The owner of the shop was completely and totally under the mental control of the alien. The humanoid touched the man's cheek with a long fingernail, and these words were telepathically communicated. "The mark will tell."


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