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Monday, May 21, 2007


First of all today, the gentleman who sent me the following letter is asking for input about what has happened to himself. If anyone knows similar cases would you please send them to me at StanfieldGirl54@aol.com. I will put them together into a future blog, plus send them to him.

I am looking for help. My extraterrestrial experience, in brief words, is: One night, when I was sleeping, a "machine" settled on the right side of my head and almost hypnotized me to insert a device through my right ear. I called this artifact the "mini-machine in my brain."

Since then, I have suffered uncountable bad experiences because the "mini-machine in my brain" controls all my body from my brain. Definitely, it is not about an illness of the mind or of the nervous system, but about a phenomenon that I can not explain since I do not remember seeing a UFO.

Probably, now, instead of coming inside UFOs, the extraterrestrials send mini-robots to accomplish their missions. Why have I been captured? What should I do to get back my freedom? Are there any other cases like mine?

If you need more information about it I can provide it.

Please help me.

Cordially, Luis


By Jay Grelen
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,
Little Rock, Arkansas

Joe Lewels is this close to telling us that in a previous life, he trained Jesus Christ for His mission.

Mr. Lewels, a hypnotherapist, has hypnotized the audience of UFOlogists with his speech. He had led his 500 listeners (at $45 a pop) to the desert at the edge of the Dead Sea.

He first went to this place during regression therapy, during which he learned that once upon a time in eternity, he had been at the site where a sect of Jews kept the Dead Sea Scrolls and where they brought young Jewish boys for training.

Though he never said this outright, Mr. Lewels led us to think that he was a member of this band of Jews, known as the Essenes.

And he came within a breath of saying that the taught the young Messiah.

Mr. Lewels was one of nine speakers from the UFO celebrity circuit who spoke at the 19th Annual Ozark UFO Conference.

This is the largest turnout ever, says Beverly Wilkinson, whose metaphysics club sponsored the first unofficial gathering 20 years ago.

The True Believers here, suspecting all sorts of government dirty tricks to suppress talk of UFOs, posted this notice at their front door: "All government agents MUST register at front desk AND MUST wear name tags at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS."

They know that some people make fun of them, but that comes with the mission, says Jim Sparks, who claims that "reptilians" from space have abducted him many times since 1988.

Turns out that these ETs are intergalactic tree huggers who have commissioned him to sound the alarm that humans are ruining the planet.

Every time they abduct him, he says, the reptilians extract cells from him to use in the creation of hybrid creatures. He has met a female creature, he says, younger than 12, who is half him and half extraterrestrial.

"As a result of his encounters," the International UFO Congress says of Mr. Sparks, "he gained psychic and telepathic abilities.... He has clear memories of alien technology that include time travel and the distortion of time, invisibility -- and (about) what we must do if we want to join the galactic neighborhood."

Terry Hansen was one of the experts on government propaganda and suppression of news. He titled his Friday afternoon talk: 'UFOs and the Death of American Journalism."

One of the biggest enemies of the truth about UFOs, he says is the National Enquirer, which is famous for printing lots of stories about alien abductions and UFOs.

The stories generally are factual, he says, but because the Enquirer prints so many other obviously ridiculous stories, the paper has made UFOs a laughingstock as well.

And that's not an accident, he says, noting that the late owner, Gene Pope Jr., worked for the CIA before starting his career as a newspaper owner.

The major news outlets, under orders from the government, suppressed the UFO news, according to Mr. Hansen, and Mr. Pope did his part, under orders by printing all of it.

Since Mr. Lewels left us hanging about whether he knew Jesus, I waited in his book-signing line Saturday to ask.

He just smiled mysteriously and said: "You'll have to read the book."


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