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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs have both written about unusual job interviews in their books. This is one that was mentioned in Budd's book. It happened to my friend in Canada. I asked him pertinent questions and the first part of this article is his reply. I want to sincerely thank him for sharing this most unusual interview.

- i don't remember where the first interview happened. It must have been either Winnipeg or Toronto.- i don't remember how i was approached for the interview. All i remember is standing looking at the two people in the first interview and being picked up in a limo for the second interview.- i don't remember being told why i was going to Philadelphia. The only thing i can think of is that at that young age, i probably didn't really care since it was an adventure and an opportunity for who-knows-what. i must have been awed by the fact that i was going to the States for a job interview! i don't even remember the plane trip there or back.- After i remembered the interview, i asked my mom and she told me that she remembered that i had gone for an interview but doesn't remember the details. As far as i recall (and i recall very little), she didn't question it.The whole episode is bizarre and doesn't make sense to me. If it was ET related then it seems like it would have had to have been screen memories, and if it wasn't ET related then the whole thing is really bizarre anyway.

i really don't know how to interpret the events. One thing though: the man and woman i first met seemed to be too "perfect", as i said, like models. i'm kind of wondering if the first interview was in fact an ET event since i don't recall how i got that interview to begin with and the whole thing seemed so other-worldly. But this doesn't explain the second interview. i really am confused by the whole thing.

i've been thinking off and on about doing regression for that incident as well as at least one other. i've been too involved with things lately to take the time to do that but i have the intention to go and do it in the (hopefully) near future.

Regarding your thoughts that it it has something to do with the inventor mind, i really don't know. i know that i've always had a very good imagination since i was very young and i used to make my own toys to play with when i was a little kid, mainly because my parents were poor. i used various items and pretended they were other exciting things. Also interesting is the fact that my very first "intended" invention came out around 1974 Christmas when i designed and built my first small battery-powered LED jewelry and tried to have it patented. This does fit within the time frame when i believe the interviews happened. i never realized that before. Thank you for asking the question.i really don't know much, do i?


The first part of the job interview that i recall was being in a small office similar to the "hi tech" offices so common in Silicon Valley, the kind with only a main room whose floor area was mainly taken up with low cubicles. On the sides of the room were the cubicle-type desks and shelves that are, again, so typical of these office types. All i can recall is standing in the entrance / doorway to this office / room and seeing only two people (a man and a woman) across the room. They were standing together almost shoulder-to-shoulder and both seemed to be in their 20's. Their looks were striking because they looked like models. ie: the woman was very beautiful and blonde and the man was very handsome (but i don't recall the color of his hair since i was mesmerized by the woman). They were both of slim build, not stocky and they were i would estimate to be less than 6 feet tall but not short (kind of "average" in height). They were both dressed in very dark or black business attire, like suits with the woman wearing a knee-length skirt. They were both facing me and they both had really happy faces with big, bright smiles as they were looking at me. Their reaction wasn't so much "business" as it seemed to be like they'd just met a long-lost dear friend. The chairs that i saw around the room still had the plastic bags / wrappings over them and the desks were devoid of any normal office things like paper or pencils and the like. The desks were bare. i don't recall ever hearing any phones ringing while i was there. There were no other people visible to me during this period of meeting them and i never heard anyone else talking. It was very quiet in there and i felt that we were alone in the office.

i think the woman did most of the talking and i don't remember the conversation details except for the facts that i was going to go to a job interview at another location and the woman also mentioned something about my being in Mensa although i don't think i was in Mensa at the time. In this respect, the time frame doesn't seem to add up. In trying to determine when this event happened, i honestly do not remember the year or month but the season was probably summer or spring because i don't remember it being cold or there being any snow. My best guess is that this happened in the early 70's because at that time i didn't yet have my Engineering degree but i did unsuccessfully go through a couple of years of engineering classes by that time and my wife (whom i met in the latter half of the 70s) doesn't recall any of this at all, and she has a very good memory. So i estimate that this happened sometime between 1972 and 1976. And since i didn't join Mensa until almost 1979 or 1980 (for a very brief time), i'm puzzled as to how the woman would have known about something that wouldn't happen for several more years.

This first part of the interview is also strange for the reasons that i don't recall how i got the interview to begin with, my travel to the interview or leaving it. It is like a single scene where we stood in our respective spots (none of us ever sat down or moved from our standing positions for the duration which i don't think was very long). Originally, i had *assumed* that i had gone to this interview on my own and come back on my own but i don't remember any of this. However, since it's been so many years, those memories may be lost, so it may not be as mysterious as all that. The other thing is that i don't remember which city i was living in at the time. It had to be either Winnipeg or Toronto.

The second part of the interview occurred some time later but i don't remember how long between the first interview and the second. What i do remember is standing outside the terminal at Philadelphia airport and being greeted by a limo driver (little black hat, suit and tie, the whole bit) who was not too tall and a bit pudgy round the middle, and being driven in a black limo down into New Jersey. i was the only passenger. The trip seemed to take a long time and we finally arrived at an office building again like the high-tech single-story types in an area that i recollect was kind of in the boonies.

i recall having to sit at the desk of this Engineer that proceeded to ask me technical questions as part of the job interview. His cubicle-desk had a shelf with a fluorescent lamp underneath it which made the rest of the room seem a bit dark and he asked a few technical questions including how i might calculate angles most efficiently using a microprocessor. At the time, i had no experience with micros and i foolishly just regurgitated some of the mathematical series i had be introduced to during my failed first years taking Engineering courses. He then proceeded to tell me how it could be done in an elegant and less compute-intensive way (ie: lookup tables which i'd never heard of or thought of) and i ended up feeling the complete idiot during the less than half-hour interview.

During the entire interview time, i remember that the place was really quiet and i didn't see anyone else around.When the short interview was over, two other men came by, i assume to escort me back to the limo and send me on my way home. The guy who interviewed me walked behind me. When i stood up, i noticed a lot of posters of F-14 jets pinned up around the engineer's area. As we walked through the building, it became apparent that except for us, the building seemed to be deserted. We walked into a much larger open area devoid of any furniture or other people except when we came upon another room in the center of the floor area. This room was rather small with walls reaching from floor to ceiling. i don't remember the exact size of the room except to say that in size it was more like those rooms they have in larger parking garages, the rooms that have the elevators for guests to go to the main floors. The interesting thing about this room was that it had a door like those that are used in battleships, the kind that are large, apparently made of metal and gray, with rounded corners with the bottom of the door a few inches above the main room's floor. Above the door itself was a large lamp which was glowing red. Standing right next to the door to its left from my perspective was an armed Marine guard standing at ease and looking straight ahead. As i walked by with this scene to my left, and being only in my early twenties and really impressed by a sight like this (which i'd never seen before, all of this was completely new and exciting to me), i commented something like "cool!".

At that point, my next recollection is getting into the limo and it is now dark outside. When i had gone in it was light outside.The trip home in the limo was eventful as well, because at one point on the freeway our car was stopped by a state trooper who waved us onto a gravel siding near an overpass of some kind. i believe the car was pulled over for speeding. As the policeman came by the driver's side, another unmarked car pulled up onto the gravel as well. As we watched, a man got out of that car. The guy was dressed similarly to police or military and the reason i remember him was because he was wearing those Patton-like pants that balloon out at the thighs but are narrow on the calves of the legs, and he was wearing high boots. Not only that, but as he approached the car, i couldn't help but notice that he was wearing a white pearl-handled revolver in a side holster. i heard him say something like "need any help?" to the other policeman and then they talked privately away from us for a little while. Then the trooper let us go.

After that, i do not remember anything else, for example the trip home. i don't remember how i got into Philadelphia (i assume a regular flight but at that age, i had no experience flying and it would have been part of a wonderful adventure that i should have remembered so why didn't i?). Right after this entire episode, i promptly and completely forgot about the job interviews and i didn't remember until about 2002. The memory just rushed back suddenly and i don't know why it did or why i had forgotten about it in the first place. But i do remember the name of the company: Base 10.

The people that interviewed me knew that i hadn't finished my engineering courses and that i didn't have any degree or diploma. i have many questions about this including why pick a young guy without any formal education and certainly not entitled to work in the US (i am a Canadian citizen), bring him to 2 very odd interviews, one of which was located somewhere in New Jersey? Why send a limo to pick me up? Why go to all the trouble and expense? Why no talk of the job itself or what kind of person they were looking for during the interview? Why was it dark "suddenly" after only a short interview? Why did i forget it *completely* right after the event?

After i remembered this event, i searched for information on Base 10 and after a long search found a reference to a man who was retiring and had worked for a company called Base 10 in New Jersey. The article stated that Base 10 had been a military contractor in the 70s which made sense because of all the posters of F-14s in that interviewer's office. Base 10 ceased to exist years ago it seems. More recently i tried searching for the company again but was not able to find any relevant information on it, including the original article i had read.


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