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Monday, May 28, 2007

Continuing the Bob Lazar interview with Billy Goodman.

BL: Bob Lazar
BG: Billy Goodman
C: Caller

C: Bob, are you aware of the new evidence that right in the center of our galaxy, is a black hole?
BL: Yeh. It's now thought that in the center of every galaxy, is a black hole.
C: How sure are they, that we have one in ours?
BL: I really don't know.
C: You said you stepped inside the door of the saucer, did you actually step on the saucer? (Yes) Did it make any sound? (No) What color was the interior?
BL: It was the same color as the outside. A dull aluminum finish, is the best way to describe it.
C: If they built a space ship that traveled at the speed of light, and they turned on the head lights, what would happen?
BL: They wouldn't be very effective. Nothing ever moves faster than the speed of light.
CL Bob, how do they create the gravity field?
BL: (Went off in left field somewhere -- didn't answer the question.)
C: Bob, I'm a member of the Abory ? Engineers, Local 12. I work in the Los Angeles area. I've heard there's some work up there with Reynold's Electric. Are they part of what's happening at the base?
BL: No. Reynold's is not out there, at S-4 and neither is any other subcontractor. Reynold's and AG&G are at the nuclear test sight. And I'm not familiar with that area. They can't get the security clearance for S-4. The closest they can get is Area 51. They might be around there.
C: Bob, did you happen to hear John Lear last night? (I sure did!) He speaks very highly of you. Sorry about what the P.I. was doing to you.
BL: I really don't want to sit and work with everyone while they try to find my background the government has amost completely covered up. I have done what I wanted to do. It doesn't matter to me if people believe me or not. I did this for my own benefit, as selfish as that is.
C: Bob, did you just not go back to work up there, or did they just not call you back, or what?
BL: They called one day and told me to come back to work and I said no. This was after I was debriefed, and yelled at for a long time, and had been caught out there with some friends. They said "are you officially refusing?" I said, "Yeh." and that was the end of it. I left on a sour note. I was never officially fired. My clearance was never officially taken, it just stopped. At that time, there was a lot of tension. A lot of worry. The last place I wanted to get trapped was in a place no one could get to me so I officially refused to go back.
BG: What happened then?
BL: There was just no communication after that.
BG: What did you do, at that point?
BLl That's when we began to worry what was going to happen. I tried to protect myself in several ways. One of them was going on the air and getting some of the information out because that would be what they would want to try and prevent. Once that was out unless they did something for revenge, which I don't think would happen, there would be no reason to hassle me any more.
BG: How about telling us some of the the things that happened to you? I think people should know. You actually were shot at?
BL: Oh, I don't want to go into that.
BG: Oh, what caused you to say you wanted to go on the air with this?
BL: Well, things like that. Rough things in my life. I felt very uncomfortable.
BG: Your best protection is the media right now. We can keep you alive.
BL: By the way, there was a caller earlier who wanted to know if I knew what M-42 was. It's a galaxy. I don't know what he wanted me to say.
BG: Speaking of galaxies, do you think there is life on other planets?
BL Oh yea, of course.
BG: What type of life, do you think is out there?
BL: I imagine there is a wide variety of life. I mean we're talking about the universe!
BG: Do you think we're getting visits from them?
BL: Apparently so. These things got here somehow.
BG: People have said they are manevolent, or benevolent. What do you think they are?
BL: I don't believe they are completely benevolent, just because of the events that have occurred. (deaths and such)
C: Bob, you said you went public to protect yourself. How serious is it? What length will the government go to to conceal this?
BL: Oh man, you must be kidding. Every length possible. I can't even describe it. Any length at all. I don't even know what to say to answer that.
C: What's on your horizon now, as far as the government is concerned? Don't they want to talk to you?
BL: That would be a strange thing for them to do right now. Any action on their part, would guarantee what I am saying is true. So, now I think it's going to be a "hands off" policy for me. which is fine with me. That's all I wanted.
C: Well I hope this does what you want it to.
BL: So far it has. It's only been a week. Someone said, if they are following me now, it's only to make sure nothing happens to me.
C: I've heard you speak of Blue Diamond before. What's going on there?
BL: I love this subject. That's where the vortex is? There is no vortex! Blue Diamond is where there's a supposed entry way for flying saucers. They don't enter through that. There's a slight difference in gravity there, but these are all over the place. If you want to see a vortex I suggest you flush your toilet and watch that.
BG: Is it because you know of a past record of the government, this is how they react to situations? If someone goes public, they don't do anything to cause problems? Is that what happens?
BL: No! I'm just hoping that.
G: Someone in studio I think his name is Huff... Billy, I think there's a minor misunderstanding here. I think people have gotten the impression that he was in the program, actively, and for some reason he decided to expose it to get out. He just went out there on a periodic basis. More or less on call. After he got caught out there showing John Lear and myself the saucer tests, they debriefed him and continued to monitor his phone. What they wanted to stop was, and why he thought they would hurt him was, they threatened him. They called him on the phone and threatened him because they were monitoring his plans for the exposure of this. That's what they wanted to stop. We've gotten word through the grapevine that they are amazed because they've never had anyone that they have used drugs and hypnosis on and drill in their head, not to tell, come forward with this stuff. They can't believe he actually went on television with this stuff.
BG: I think some other people have come forward, by the way. We've had some calls, for example, the one where that gentleman was talking about that Mercury Worker down below. He was telling that story. I think he's come forward.
BL: I'm talking about some people from S-4 coming forward. As a matter of fact, I don't know if anyone knows that on Saturday they are going to air that two hour special on the CBS affiliate, Channel 8 and that should have all the material that was in the daily news hows.
BG: Are there going to be any new twists to it?
BL: Yeh, there will be much more information on this show.
BG: Are you going to be there as a guest?
BL: No, It's already been put on tape.
C: Do you now understand how the propulsion system works? And is it a gravitational device, and if so, would you explain it?
BL Yes, I understand completely how it works, and as far as explaining it, no, I'd rather not.
C: Not even in a general sense?
BL: No, not even in a general sense. Like I said before, the entire concept, I have no problem bringing forward. The inner workings, and details, I still feel, should remain classified.
BG: Well, that's interesting
C: Well, what's the general concept then?
BL: The concept is the gravitational propulsion and using gravity as a lens, and the power source being an anti-matter reactor. You have to understand the... a lot of the reasons these systems are being kept quiet is everything is being looked at from a "weapons" point of view.
C: That leads to my second question. Why, if we have the technology, why are we spending millions of dollars, on the space shuttles, B-1 bombers, Stealth fighters, and that sort of thing?
BL: Your looking at 2 different factions of the government. One not knowing, what the other group is up to. Certainly, if there was some kind of connection, the story would be completely different.
BG: That tells you something, doesn't it?
C: I find it hard to believe that one arm of the government, doesn't know what the other is up to. But there's so much lack of information between branches.
BL: Well, this is not a bonafied branch of the government. Your dealing with a few people, a group that was given exclusive power, some time ago and has run amuck! They don't report to anyone. They have their own little location. Their own budget. They tap into several other things and there's no system of checks and balances. Congress has no knowledge of what's going on.

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