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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I posted the interview with Bob Lazar on the Billy Goodman show to set the scene so to speak. As you could tell Billy was very excited about bringing the information out in the open about what was taking place out at Nellis. In fact he wanted to help out the Mercury workers to expose what was happening in the "tunnels".

At the time a very pretty young lady named Stayce Borland had become an Associate Director in our organization, the UFO Contact Center International. She had become friends with Billy Goodman to the point he asked her to become his secretary. He advertised her first meeting (UFOCCI) on his program several times a night.

For some reason every time she was going to go to the station to help him out something happened. One time her car would not start at all. As far as I know she never did help him out. Billy had even asked her to be a guest on his show.

Stayce's boyfriend worked out at S-4 and had drawn a picture for Stayce that showed the "garage" doors in the mountain where the UFOs would come in and out. She sent that drawing to me and we put it on the front of the "Missing Link" magazine that I published for experiencers. When he found that out he beat her up. She had bruises on her face but would never say where they came from. Here is one quote from Stayce about him:

"My boyfriend says he is still leaving after the first of the month. I'm kinda glad. He sure makes me uncomfortable now. With all this new stuff going on in my life. I love him very much, but it bothers me that I can't discuss the discussible stuff with him. I understand it, but I don't like it!"

Another interesting comment from Stayce:
I've had an infection in my belly button again! It lasted for six days. I know what it's probably meaning, but I can't remember anything. That's what bugs me most. It's just a gut feeling. I had a flashback 3 or 4 days after I got my last one and it was the face of a "grey guy" looking down at me. That's it! I remember having an infection in my belly button when I was very young.

I'm curious about something. Could my right ovary exploding have anything to do with all this? That was just the most severe of the female problems. The doctor told me he found my condition very odd, after surgery. Also, after that surgery every time I'd wake up there would be 5 or 6 doctors around me. I always thought that was odd! Maybe not, but it seemed so.

One of the guys I work with, said he was stationed at Holliman Air Force Base in 1964. He said he, and a bunch of other guys, saw a saucer land from the windows of their barracks. He said they ran downstairs, jumped in cars and trucks and drove to where it landed. They saw a flat bed truck driving away, with a saucer on the back, covered with a tarp. He said the truck went into the King area, and they couldn't. It's restricted. He said I couldn't believe it. He says, I'm probably not supposed to even talk about it but stuff seems to be coming out. Who knows if it belonged to our Air Force or someone elses??

Another day:

I went over to my brother's house tonight. He had some interesting stuff to tell me. He and his girlfriend live in a trailer park close to Nellis AF Base. I asked both of them, seperately, about what they've seen. For the last few nights, since Sunday evening, they have seen something every evening. They see a very bright light. They have 3 dogs that are inside all day, so they take them out often at night. The light they keep seeing is always in the same area moving very slowly. Then it just winks out. I saw one of the lights myself Monday night, right after work. I was watching it on my way home. It just disappeared too.

Another curious anomaly:

Since my boyfriend and I went out to the Vortex, I've had severe mood swings, strange pains, and I've been very jumpy and looking over my shoulder and such. I've had pains in my right lung like someone is stabbing me. I've been getting answers to thought questions. As quick as I thought the question, I get a thought answer. Very unusual. It's like my inner self is giving me the answers.

An ominous statement:

I don't think Kevin (boyfriend) has made up his mind yet, as to what he is going to do. I wonder if he's had contacts. I guess it's possible. I'll probably never know either.

John Grace called Stayce on the phone after Billy announced the meeting in Las Vegas. He talked for hours to her. She says, "I have kept in contact with John Grace. (Valdimar Valerian) It's unbelievable, the stuff he knows. Now I have my foot in the door and things are moving very fast. I have had 5 contactees call me on the phone in the last 3 days. (At this point she had never seen John Grace, only talked to him on the phone.)

Bob Lazar, the scientist, was talking about riding in a bus with the windows blacked out, and it brought back something an airline stewardess told me last summer. She said, "I'm trying to relocate in another part of the country right now. Once a week, I'm assigned to a flight that I hate! We only have Armed Forces Officers on this flight. Before we take off, we are instructed to pull the window covers over the windows. After we take off, we circle widely about 15 minutes, fly straight about 15 minutes, circle again about 15 minutes and then land. After we land, the flight crew is ushered into a lounge. A half hour later we repeat the process back to Vegas. The people are all different on the return trip. We are told, "Don't tell anyone about these flights!" I just can't stand the tension on this flight" I think these trips are to Groom Lake.

I wanted to tell you about something else very odd. The apartment complex where I work (4 plexes) (450 of them). I think this might have something to do with the tunnels. Two or three days ago the manager asked the maintenace men if any of them were doing any work in one of the buildings. Everybody said no. She said all four apartments in that building had called her, and said an explosion knocked all the pictures off their walls and broke them. No one else, from any other building, felt anything.

Another letter:

Thank you for the information about Blue diamond. I was totally amazed! I have a little piece for you. My boyfriend told me, there are windows in the side of the mountains out there. Behind the windows are men with telescopes and binoculars, 24 hours, watching the sky.

Remember in my last letter I was talking about the building where I work? Where the pictures fell off the wall? A woman called in 3 nights ago, to the Happening, and said at 11:27 p.m., the night before, she felt something, an explosion. She called the airport and they told her nothing was going on out there. I'm thinking the tunnels are right under our feet.

This one is important:

By the way! I've had a tail for almost a month now. I think I make them angry because when I tag them, I make sure they know it, because I wave at them. Two of them have as much as frowned at me. This week, they have dropped back some, but they are still there. What's really odd is, I'm not frightened by them! I feel like they are there because of my boyfriend. I don't know why, but I do.

My boyfriend also says they (the aliens) aren't "grey" they are clear. Wendelle Stevens also referred to this when they beamed aboard the space shuttles.

When I told you that my boyfriend and I are breaking up, you said I had moved on to another life, you were right. I know he is doing it to protect himself. I can't blame him for that. I feel like he would like to tell me a lot of things, but he's scared of what might happen if he does. He does keep saying that we are someone elses ant farm. Or course that's coming out more and more all the time.

Another letter:

Today, John Grace called and we talked for 30 minutes. He asked me many questions about myself. I answered them as accurately, and honestly, as I knew how. I told him I am not positive, that I am a contactee. He says from what I have told him, he is positive I'm a contactee.

What blew his boat out of the water was, when I told him I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago. He asked me three times, if I was sure it was a complete hysterectomy. He couldn't understand why they are bothering with me if I don't have any of those parts left. He thought that very odd, or at least, that's the impression I got.

Anyway, he wants to speak at any meetings I wish him to and says he will help me in any he can.

Tomorrow what all of this leads up to. Some of you know already but you don't know the details.


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