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Sunday, June 17, 2007



The formative years of the UFOCCI were exciting. Through letters to the media, the Directors were invited to make personal appearances on radio and television. "Omni Magazine," "The Globe" newspaper, "Weekly World News," and many newspapers printed articles about our Center. Because of an article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer that was picked up by the wire services and sent around the world, we were called by a radio station every day for approximately three months. We were even on a station in Guam by telephone! If they could only have seen the Director at that moment -- he had been working on the engine of a car! He would never appear in person in that condition.

Through all this exposure many, many persons that had a UFO experience wrote to us and local contactees started coming to the meetings. We had various kinds of events, such as "sky watches." I remember one in particular, where a group of us went to a "great" viewing spot known by a member in Puyallup, Washington. By the time we arrived at his house he had forgotten we were coming, so we set off on our own. What a funny sight to see.... all the cars in a line not knowing where they were going, turning around suddenly in the middle of the road in search of a better place. We ended up in the bushes with cows!

The contactee who knew the "great" spot for viewing was another story in itself. This person had lived in California where he and three others had witnessed three very tall beings (at least 300 feet) appear like out of a whirlwind. One being seemed to be scooping something up from the ground. Another was mixing something with his hands.

During this time period a contactee, who was very psychic came for hypnosis. After Dan regressed her she was sitting on the couch. All of a sudden she had a vision of a man that would be coming to our group. She said he would be coming for two reasons; one for himself and one for another reason which looked to her like it was connected with the government.

She gave a description of this man. She said he would wear yellow glasses, have a mustache, and wear predominantly brown clothes. She could see a badge on his chest (which he didn't usually wear). It was so plain she could almost read the name. She saw him standing with his hand on a broken part of a UFO, talking to blue uniformed Air Force officers standing in front of him, and behind him his own blue uniform was hanging. She cautioned us to be very careful. One month later he came. If he hadn't been wearing yellow glasses we would not have recognized him.

Many names have been used for persons showing up mysteriously at UFO meetings; debunkers, disrupters, spies, provocateurs, etc. It was during this time period that we observed unknown persons standing in the neighbor's yard watching everything that went on in the meetings. Outside on the street we saw a small white Honda parked. It also was observing. This happened twice. On the second occasion we approached the car, and it took off burning rubber which prevented us from seeing who was inside. I believe these events were directly related to the sudden appearance of the person in the yellow glasses. While he was there no one could talk as he continually disrupted. Eventually the members groaned to see him coming. After he left the meetings, we never again experienced anyone in suspiciopuis circumstances attending.

Through the years we have tried to find out all we could on this mysterious character. We are still acquiring data and in the future we hope to find out just who he really was.

When we began the UFOCCI we needed something to catch the media's attention. We decided to send out letters on a contact case and see what would happen. One of the contactees agreed to let her story be known. It was not long before we got a response. KOMO Radio wanted Kristine, the contactee who agreed to let her story be known, and the Dirctor of the UFOCCI, to come and be on "Larry Nelson's Morning Show."

Kristine's case was very interesting, particularly because her father was also contacted by the same aliens. At the time of her abduction Kristine was not aware of this.

Kristine was a Licensed Practical Nurse at the Valley General Hospital in Renton, Washington. One evening while she was on the way home from work she observed very unusual turquoise and purple lights off to the left of her car. A car passed her and sped away. She had the feeling they were observing the lights also.

Upon reaching the parking lot of her apartment complex she stepped out of the car and noticed that her car lights were on. She opened the door, reached in and shut them off. At that point the craft came directly over her head. She thought that all she did was run into the partment and tell her husband that she had seen unusual lights. The next morning she called us. We went out to interview her. She was very excited, which is a common occurrence in contact cases. At this point we asked her if she would agree to hypnosis. She readily agreed.

During the hypnosis session she recalled being picked up at the point where she reached into the car to turn the lights off.

On board the ship she saw three beings with very large whitish gray heads and big black wrap around eyes. Two wore red uniforms and one wore blue, each with an insignia of an isosceles triangle within a circle. She was taken into a room where she simply stepped out of her dress and climbed up on a table like she knew exactly what was expected. The Beings performed an examination on Kristine's body. She felt no fear at all, only the feeling of the parent to a child -- that type of love. One of the Beings said she was progressing as expected! At that time Kristine could not understand this statement. Neither could we.

Under hypnosis Kristine drew pictures of the craft's interior, complete with a console and panel with brightly colored lighted pushbuttons.

Kristine's father had a stroke which affected his speech. He could not speak but when Kristine told him about what had happened he got very excited and started banging on his wheel chair. Uncontrollable tears were running down his face. Through yes and no answers she learned that her father had also been contacted early in life.

She remembered when she was young they lived in northeastern Washington near the Canadian border. Together they saw amy UFOs fly very close. Under hypnosis she remembered that one of the craft she saw when she was young was the same as the one that picked her up.

Kristine's mother and father wre never able to have children. They adopted a son and after many years Kristine was born. She was always a special child. Her IQ was very high. In addition she was very artistic and had many talents, which included sewing and artistry in presenting food she had prepared.

Through research in the 1980's done by Budd Hopkins, author of the books, "Missing Time" and the "Intruders," it is possible that Kristine was one of those children "planted" by the aliens. Many articles of genetic manipulation have been written. Budd Hopkin's book, "The Intruders" deals exclusively with this subject. Wendelle Stevens has also written a book on the subject.

Dan agreed to be on KOMO Radio's Larry Nelson show. Kristine was dubbed "Miss Anonymous." We received many calls from contactees because of this show.

A newspaper reporter from the Federal Way Herald by the name of Doug Margison called and wanted to interview Kristine. They met in a restaurant because she did not want him to know who she really was. As it was, he surmised she worked at Valley General Hospital and stated that in his article. She was very upset because people she worked with knew that it must be her, even though Doug changed her name.

Through this article we again found many contactees.


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