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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


During this time we decided to do our own hypnosis, instead of relying on professional hypnotists. The following case was the deciding factor that brought about that decision. Every week we transported Shelly to Everett to a Clincal Hypnotherapist for regression. This was a great expense on our part, plus the very last, and most important session, was so traumatic for Shelly that the hypnotist would not let us attend the session and he never did tell us what happened. After the time and money we spent on this case, it was a devastating blow not to know the final story. We knew we could not tolerate any more circumstances like that. Dan had done hypnosis in the past. It seemed to come naturally to him. After this case he again began to practice hypnosis so that we never lost any more data.

Shelly and Tammy are sisters. They argued as sisters do growing up, but nevertheless they loved and cared about each other.

Shelly and Tammy had been camping with their parents in their cabin in the Mt. Baker area of northwestern Washington. When it was time to return to Seattle the parents and their brother rode in the parent's car. The girls drove their car. Tammy was driving because she was the oldest sister and Shelly was not yet 16.

As they drove by a gravel pit, not far from their cabin, they noticed what they called the "Moon." They both thought the Moon looked very strange. Suddenly they saw streamers of light beam straight through the car. It seemed they were traveling through ribbons of blue and red light. Suddenly it became ice cold so Tammy turned on the heater. Nothing but cold air came out.

They noticed that whatever they would think, the other one would pick up on, and answer. Tammy decided to test this by telling Shelly mentally to light different brands of cigarettes. She had several different packs over the window visor. Shelly would reach up and take down the one that Tammy thought of.

The girls had been listening to the radio. All of a sudden whatever song they thought of would come on the radio. They also heard strange flute like music coming out of the radio. Later Tammy would hear this strange music again.

By this time the "Moon" had started to move towards them. They noticed it had green, red, and one amber light on it. As they watched they became very frightened. Next they saw a beam of yellow light coming down from what then looked like a UFO. The beam hit the front of the hood on the car. Tammy was trying to steer the car but it seemed the car had a mind of its own.

About this time they noticed that their little French Poodle was missing from the back seat. They could not imagine what happened to their pet. All of a sudden he reappeared in the back seat of the car.

Shelly started screaming that two eyes were looking at her through the passenger side of the car window. When Tammy looked over she could see them on the window. They were green almond shaped eyes. Tammy told Shelly not to look at them.

It was at this point that Shelly said she could see an alien entity dressed in a uniform and a helmet outside the car window. He had something like a strap from waist to shoulder. Under hypnosis (later) Shelly drew a picture of him. She said the entity (she thought), put a dummy of her in the car so no one would know she was missing. He took her up the beam of light into the bottom of the ship.

We have found through other contact cases that the astral, or energy body, is just as real as our third dimensional body, and is actually the one taken when the contactee sees himself/herself left behind in the car.

As they entered the craft through a lens type opening in the bottom of the hull the door slid together underneath them. The alien then went over to a square on the floor with a "V" imprinted upon it and stood on it.

When Shelly observed him through the window of the car he appeared to be green but within the ship he had become white with blue wraparound eyes.

While he was standing on the square Shelly wandered down a short corridor. She came to a room where she saw a city encased in glass. She could see little rooms within a building with no doorways. The top was off this building. In a room she saw herself and her sister and the dog. In the middle of the courtyard of the building was what looked like a cemetery. It looked like graves with markers above each one. She became very frightened as she thought they were going to put her in this enclosed dwelling.

Standing behind the glass case were several more aliens. She noticed she could understand everything they were thinking through mental telepathy. About this time the alien that brought her aboard came after her and told her she was not allowed in this room. He then took her into a control room. In the control room she observed a huge lighted raised area in the middle of the room with another 'V' on it. More "V"s were on the control panel, plus other hieroglyphs she could not see clearly because she was too far away.

More aliens were in this control room going about their jobs. One was sitting in a chair reading what looked like a newspaper. Under hypnosis the suggestion was given to draw around everything she saw which would be visualized on a piece of blank paper. This worked tremendously well. She drew in minute detail the control room.

While she was in the control room she observed her sister looking through a side door into the room. Tammy did not seem to recognize Shelly. Shelly was quickly taken to another room which was like a medical dispensary. In this room she was put on an examining table. She found herself in a silver jumpsuit but she never did remember how she came to be in it.

There were three aliens in this room. One stood at the head of the table she was lying on. She said she could hear him in her head and she felt he did not like her. She was very worried about what he had in store for her. Another alien was writing on a lighted slate of some type seated at a table. She felt this one might be a nurse.

The alien standing over her was described as having a box-like-nose, white marshmallow colored skin, wrap around blue eyes, and white hair cut in a shaggy Dutch Boy Bob. He wore a white satin suit. The shirt and pants appeared to be sewn together. On the front of the shirt was the "V" motif covering the chest portion.

The alien doing the exmaination seemed to be more kind than the one at the head of the table. He took samples of her hair, fingernails, and scrapings from her skin. He put the samples in little bags while the "nurse" wrote notes (probably concerning the samples).

An instrument was shown to her, which she drew under hypnosis. Later this instrument became very significant.

The session that was kept confidential from us concerned what else they did to her at this time. Whatever it was became so traumatic for her to remember that it caused a great deal of stress under hypnosis.

When it was time for her to be returned to the car she said it seemed the table opened up and a beam of light dropped her right into the car! This is the only case where I have heard a description about transporting contactees astral bodies between their vehicle and the ship via the table!

Sometime (we never did found out exactly when) during the episode Tammy was also taken from the car. Where Shelly's experience had been traumatic, Tammy's was not.

Tammy was taken into a room that was shaped like a half moon. In this room were charts, a large screen, and what looked like a telescope. Exiting from this door into a round room she saw what looked like a robot shaped something like a penquin. It moved around the room quickly like it was on wheels. She was able to see the whole room reflected in the ceiling from the vantage point of the table she found herself lying upon. She did not remember how she got onto the table. The ceiling appeared to be of a mirror-finish metallic material, or an actual mirror. The room had several little cubicles which looked like there were computers and computer canisters in them. She saw a "dog's skeleton" in a glass case. At one place she saw a table and an alien that pushed something that telescoped into the wall. When it did this, the flute like sounds they heard in the car were made.

Hanging from rods on the wall were maps. On these maps were "Z's" and circles with "C's" in them. They seemed to be placed at certain spots on each continent. Under hypnosis Tammy drew the maps. One of the maps fit perectly with a section of Africa. Another fit the map of Australia. One was the continental United States. Since then we have tried to understand what these symbols could mean. Of course, anything we assume would only be conjecture.

The following memories are confusing because of a later regression where the girls remembered being put into the car as they drove up the street to their house. Both girls, and the dog, back in the car continue on their journey home. The road they were traveling on was a dry, dusty, mountain road. If anyone has traveled in the mountains you know that you cannot see through the cloud of dust kicked up by passing cars.

Just before the girls caught up with their parent's car, they noticed a brilliant white "motor home" parked by the side of the road. They could see white faced humanoids inside. Up near the ceiling were rows of brightly lit colored buttons they were manipulating. Remembering this from the girl's conscious memories, they could not understand how a motor home could be so clean on such a dusty road in the mountains. Under hypnosis, they realized the "motor home" had no wheels and the beings inside were the aliens they had seen inside the space ship. Consciously, they were terrified even then, and just wanted to get away.

All the way home the girls had the feeling the car was floating. What should have taken almost a tank of gas, took none! The gas gauge read the same as it did when they left the cabin. Shelly continually saw the green eyes on the car window all the way home. She would never ride in that car again from that day on because she always saw the eyes We believe this was implanted in her subconscious memory because no one else could see them.

One day Tammy was washing the dishes at home when a glass broke. The piece that came out of the glass broke in a perfect "V" cutting her finger. The cut on her finger is still there. You guessed it... the scar is a perfect "V" too.

When Shelly was on the ship she had been told not to talk about what happened. The instrument she had described, and drawn for us, was shown to her. The alien said it could make her very sick in her abdomen if she divulged what had happened. Of course, all conscious memory was taken away, and only the subconscious memories were there fighting to surface.

The parents questioned the girls as to where they were all that time. To begin with they were right behind their car. The parent's car had a low tire. Since they had no way to fill it with air they had been going slow just to make it to a service station. Therefore, they had not stopped to wait for the girls.

Under hypnosis the girls remembered being put back into the car when they were going down the street to their home. The white "motor home" had a ladder like device going from it to their car. The car did not use any gas because it was picked up by this craft and held all the way home.

When the father and mother questioned the girls they had no answer. Shelly did not want to say anything. This was because of the suggestion that had been given to her that something detrimental would happen to her if she did. She went downstairs to her bedroom at this point. While lying on her bed the alien appeared with the instrument and threatened her, saying remember what I told you. Right after that was Shelly's first visit to the hospital.

Shelly was very religious, as were her mother and father. She started reading the Bible. She found a passage about the devil and thought that was who had threatened her. She marked several passages in her Bible, which her mother found later. At this point the mother and father called their fundamental Baptist preacher because they were really getting worried. He came over to the house and told Shelly to forget the whole thing, that it was satanic.

Due to this input Shelly started getting sick. She got worse and worse. Finally in desperation the parents called us. We went out to visit them when Shelly was hospitalized from a perforated colon which caused her to bleed internally. Several blood transfusions later the parents decided to let her be hypnotized to find out what was upsetting her.

The result of the hypnosis was, that she remembered everything and was able to deal with it. The idea of the alien being present in her bedroom was a triggering device brought on any time she talked about the experience with the "Moon." He wasn't actually there. After 12 sessions in which she asked not to remember what occurred while under hypnosis, both Tammy and Shelly were told on the same day to remember together everything that happened. That was a significant event. We were in attendance, as well as her mother and father. Shelly then returned to a healthy and normal life. Tammy was married at the time we met her. She was never bothered emotionally as Shelly was.


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