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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Through these cases we started to see patterns emerging. This resulted in a list of symptoms contactees constantly exhibited. We used the accumulated anomalies on a Preliminary Investigation form in the beginning days of the UFOCCI. Some of those anomalies that point to an adbuction having taken place were:

o An affinity for Native Americans - or Indian heritage
o A Jewish heritage
o An affinity for turquoise
o A buzz or modulated tone in the ear
o Lumps, lesions, scars, rashes, puncture that cannot be explained
o Bed shaking without a visible reason
o Balls of light in the bedroom at night
o Pain in the shoulder, lower back and knee (acupuncture points for the small intestine. Many contactees feel a physical change is taking place within their bodies. An assumption was made that it would register in the small intestine.)
o A sudden rise in ESP
o Psychokinetic abilities
o An unusual urge that came on suddenly
o Feel you have an implant somewhere in the body: The main areas are at the base of the skull, on the back, on the thigh, in the nasal cavity, etc.
o Scoops out of the skin for no explainable reason
o Low blood pressure
o Crying for no reason you can recall
o The feeling you don't belong on earth and that your parents have adopted you
o Rare blood type
o Missing time
o Close approach by a UFO

Another case we dealt with during the formative years was one involving two men from Iran. This case was very traumatic for the principle witness because this was during the time of the hostage crises. He was afraid to talk to anyone because of our (the US) lack of compassion for him and he was sure no one would believe him anyway just because he was from Iran. I have followed this case for 10 years. In recalling what happened the principle witness's recall has never wavered about that fateful night when he and his friend were picked up on I-5 near the 45th Avenue exit in the University district of Seattle and dropped up north in Edmonds, Washington.

For several weeks before this incident happened the principle witness had noticed a man in the University District that was very strange to look at. It seemed he kept running into him wherever he went. On the night in question he was a significant factor in the abduction.

The two men had just entered I-5 by the Mercer Street on-ramp. As they drove along they started moving over to exit on the 45th Street exit. As they got close to the exit they noticed an old white Chevrolet sedan was right beside them. Every time they started to move over the car was there preventing them. They looked over to see who was in the car, and lo and behold, that man again! They tried every way they could to get around the Chevolet but to no avail. When they were even with the exit the car was diretly in front of them. Number one witness said it was like a magnet was attached to their car and they could not move either way. At this point a light came on up above the freeway and that was the last they consciously remembered.

The next conscious memory was they were stuck in the gravel beside a road. They did not recognize where they were and could not imagine how they got there.

At that point there were several police cars surrounding them. They were really frightened because they noticed that their slacks were wet. They thought they had spilled a drink and they would be in big trouble with the police. Later they were to learn that they did not spill a drink but had urinated out of shear terror. That wasn't their conscious thought at that moment, however.

One curious thing is that the police cars were there right at the very moment they were consciously aware. They said the policemen were so polite to them. (Another unusual apsect!) They thought they were the Edmonds police. Later they discovered that the Edmonds Police Department cars were not like the ones they saw that night.

They were on a street in Edmonds, Washington at approximately the 235th block. They also discovered that they were missing about 45 minutes of time. Because of this factor alone they called us.

When they were picked up the principle witness (I say principle because the other person was never bothered or interested in what happened that night) was taken from his car, which was picked up also, and taken on a tour of the ship.

He was led around the ship by a female. She took him into a room where he saw heads on a shelf. On the floor were sarcophagus's with bodies in them. He was so terrified, he thought they were going to put him in one. He believes now that he did see a likeness of himself in one of the canisters.

In one room he saw many types of alien beings. They looked like they were standing behind some type of partition with only their heads showing. Under hypnosis he drew what he saw. One of them was identical to a Being that was seen by two other witnesses in the midwest. One of those witnesses was a minister. He called this room the gallery because it was as if he was on exhibit!

He was led into a room that had beds in it. Beds just like we have. Here much more happened than he wanted to discuss. He did say the woman he saw there was beautiful! He felt he had been "used" for sometype of genetic experiment.

Under hypnosis he had a difficult time telling us what he saw and what happened. Mostly because he was so terrified. At no time did he see his companion that had been in the car with him.

Since that time he has had continual phenomena. He's been given messages about saving food, seeds, and other survival gear. He was even told the area to go to. He feels it is in northern British Columbia east of 100 Mile House, B.C.

The scientific organizations that have taken the information from the contactees in the past and thought that was all there was to their cases were completely wrong. As I said previously, I have followed his case for many years and the activity has not stopped to this day. We have found that being a contactee is a life long contract. An allegation has been made that the contactees agreed to a job before we came to this lifetime and the contact is merely waking us up to that obligation. If you do not do what you agreed to then the phenomena continues to exist until you awaken to your purpose and complete your contract. I believe that is why the above contactee has continual poltergeist-type phenomena happening today. He is too busy with making a living to complete his assignment.


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