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Thursday, June 21, 2007


One of the most interesting cases we have dealt with is ongoing. This case too, is over a ten year duration. Probably this case taught us the most. I will call this witness "Mary."

Mary had several abductions but the most significant was one she had when was pregnant 11 years ago.

Mary was in her eighth month of pregnancy. Early one morning around 3:30 a.m. Mary heard the dog whimpering and crying. She got out of bed to see what was happening. When she went downstairs she saw her normally ferocious dog cowering in the corner of the kitchen. She pulled the curtain back and looked outside to see what was happening. High above the backyard she saw a row of windows in the sky. Golden light was coming out of the windows.

Mary consciously remembers at that point going back upstairs and going to bed. The subconscious memories are quite different. Under hypnosis she remembered that she went outside and was picked up by a beam of light that "stung" her nose. She remembers that she went though a tunnel and at the end were two beings looking down the tunnel at her.

For several years I kept the nightgown she was wearing that night as she did not want to look at it. Finally she asked for it. There was a cut in the front of the nightgown in the form of a "V." I do not know if there is a relationship to Shelly and Tammy's case with so many "Vs" or not.

The case was so traumatic for the witness that when we reached a certain point she would always "pop" out of hypnosis so she wouldn't have to remember. Through many sessions we discovered that the baby she was carrying was removed. The aliens held it for her to see. What was the most upsetting to her is that she agreed to something they did (which never came out under hypnosis) to the baby. After that they put the baby back inside her for a normal delivery with the suggestion that when she felt a "sensation" on July 25 she was to go to the hospital for delivery. Consciously she did not remember any of this.

Later she would tell the doctor when the baby would be born. He argued that it was not possible, it would be another month. She said that it would be July 25. On the morning of the 25th of July she got up early and told her husband to take her to the hospital. He asked her if her water had broke; if she had any pains. She said no, only a feeling that she had to go. The baby was born 4 minutes after arriving at the hospital.

The baby today is the most intelligent, kind and beautiful girl I have ever met. I am sure there is something very special in store for her.

Before we go too far into the unusual events surrounding the little girl's life I would like to tell you that Mary was abducted another time after taking her husband to work in downtown Seattle. She was on the way home. The last memory she had was of passing the Rainier Brewery which was right beside the I-5 Feeway about a mile south of the main downtown section of Seattle. The next memory was of exiting the freeway at Federal Way which is 30 miles to the south. She could not imagine where she was, or how she got there.

The clothes she was wearing that day she would never wear again. Mary did not know why she had such an aversion to them, only that she could not touch them.

The little girl constantly had unusual phenomena surrounding her during her early childhood years. One time when she was three years old she ran away from home taking a little friend with her. They found her about three miles from home along a busy arterial. She was walking steadily holding onto her little friend's hand. When her father stopped and asked her where she was going she said to find "her people." That was only one instance of many such unusual events.

Another time she told her mother that when she was taken to class on the ship last night "Johnny was a bad boy." He wouldn't behave or listen to what he was being taught!

The little girl's favorite television and magazine pictures were of UFOs.

One night her mother went into her room and saw lights on her pajamas the size of 50 cent pieces. She has seen the lights on many occasions.

Another night Mary heard a man's voice. She went into the child's room and it was coming out of her!

Many unusual visitations have taken place. Mary could not sleep one night so she got up, and just at that time a woman came out of the child's room She was dressed in a long flowing white dress. Her hair was in a bun on her head. She seemed to float above the floor and she totally ignored Mary. Mary chased her down the stairs as she descended down two flights to the recreation room. She simply vanished.

Although the above types of phenomena have come to be common place, they are still not understood.

One day when the little girl was approximately 6 years old she and her mother were riding in the car. They passed a Catholic church. She said, "Mama, I want to go there." The mother was astounded. Before she was contacted she was a very faithful Catholic. She taught the young people's class and attended mass regularly. The church had been her life. After the contact she felt she had been fooled all those years; that the "Gods" in the Bible were the same ones that had picked her up, only in the Biblical days the people did not understand and therefore turned them into Gods to be worshipped. She did not go back to the church.

Very soon thereafter the girl entered Catholic school. Today she is very active in the church and is, in fact, an altar girl. Mary takes her to the church but she still does not believe everything they tell her.


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