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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Many of the contact cases we dealt with were told by their alien contact to move to Arizona or Colorado. We felt the urge to go on a long trip to find a place for them where they could be self sufficient and feel safe.

Another couple in the group had a motor home. They volunteered to go with us. We were traveling all over the southwest. When we reached Flagstaff, Arizona we suddenly remembered Pat McGuire's ranch in Wyoming. We had met Pat McGuire when we attended the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in Laramie, Wyoming in 1981.

Pat's ranch had been confiscated for taxes. He farmed over 5,000 acres of wheat land. Some of this land had cattle on it.

We decided to call Pat and ask about the possibility of purchasing the property. He was asking one and a half million dollars for it. The other couple thought they could find sponsors willing to put the money up. So we drove to Laramie by way of the Navajo Indian Reservation.

When we reached Antonito, Colorado we saw signs of an approaching turquoise factory. All jewelry was made in-house by the Navajo Indians. Of course, I had to stop there. That is where I bought my turquoise squash blossom necklace.

That evening we stayed at the KOA in Alamosa, Colorado. Alamosa is in the fertile San Luis Valley. I didn't know then that the San Luis Valley would become very important to me in the future. Alamosa is known in UFOlogy for the Harry King Ranch. It was on Harry King's ranch that "Snippy" the horse was mutilated. This was the first mutilation to be made public. We decided to visit Harry's ranch. Harry was then about 80 years old.

As you travel out toward the Great Sand Dunes National Monument you will see Mt. Blanca on the east side of the highway. Many unusual events have taken place on that mountain. If you keep watching you will see a little sign on a fence on the west side of the highway that says King Ranch. As you drive down a little desert road you will see Australian Jack Rabbits hopping all over. Harry imported those jack rabbits a long time ago. They are huge. Twice as big as a Washington Jack Rabbit. They have long black legs and black tails.

I understand another animal that was imported to the San Luis Valley for sport is the Jaguar. In fact it is becoming quite prolific.

When you arrive at the gate to the King Ranch you see signs saying "Stay Out," "this means you," etc. We started honking the horn. Harry finally came out and walked up to the gate. We explained who we were so he asked us to come in. Seems we have a mutual friend from the Seattle area.

The next several hours were some of the most interesting I have spent before or since. Harry told us that Snippy was not his horse but had been pastured there, it belonged to his sister. In the evening they had fed Snippy and he was just fine. In the morning when they went to the corral Snippy was dead.

For those who are not familiar with this case, you could not imagine the sight that awaited Harry and his sister. Snippy's head was completely stripped from the neck up. The brain cavity was empty, as was the spinal fluid. The college at Alamosa took Snippy's body away. The bones are still there.

After the story became known, UFO investigators came from everywhere to interview Harry. One that lived in New Mexico, and later moved to Seattle, came to visit Harry. Only this one came purportedly in a small UFO (this came stright out of Harry's mouth!) with little landing wheels on the bottom. I never did make the connection between the man I knew in Seattle, and this person, unless Harry had the name of the person mixed up. He said that this person landed in the yard and told him he was going to give him a ride one of these days. Harry said that these little craft were seen quite often on Mt. Blanca and over the highway in front of the ranch. He had watched what looked like headlights from cars go up and down Mt. Blanca at night, as well as black helicopters coming out of the valleys. While we were there we saw four of the black helicopters coming from behind the mountains. We wondered what they could have been doing in such a desolate place.

An investigation has been done on the Mt. Blanca phenomenon. Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle wrote a paper on unusual events that took place in the vicinity. I carried it in the Missing Link in 1982 and 1983 under the name, "Rocky Mountain Ranch."* Dr. Sprinkle was in attendance when some of the things took place. This phenomena included everything from aliens to UFOs to Sasquatch.

More than his interest in the Snippy story, Harry wanted to tell us what was even more spectacular to him. The story is about Adolph Hitler!

Four days before the war ended in Germany Harry said that he ran smack dab right into Adolph Hitler coming out of the bank in Alamosa. Not too many persons knew that Hitler owned a big horse ranch in the Denver area before the war. They also didn't know that Hitler's cousin was the banker in Alamosa. Harry had come into town to go to the bank. All the college kids were out on the street yelling, "Hitler, Hitler." He went around the corner to approach the bank door and ran straight into him. He swore it happened. He said it looked exactly like him. Harry said there was a lot of theorizing that Hitler had parachuted into the valley to pick up his money and go to South America. Since then I have paid attention to the stories about Hitler being seen in South America since the war. I still wonder.....

When we left Alamosa we headed north to Laramie through Steamboat Springs, then up and over the beautiful Rabbit Ear Pass.

When we arrived in Laramie we arranged a meeting with the UFO group there, explaining what we had in mind. From that point on we chose to travel by ourselves as the other couple had a different plan in mind.

To our dismay, we found they wanted to start a city for "Senior Citizens," plus contactees. They would be in charge of the city. The plan was to build houses for the citizens with a grandfather clause that stated upon their death the houses would revert back to this couple. The citizens would give their pensions every month to cover their living expenses. Sort of a megalopolis.

While in Laramie we looked in the local "Boomerang" newspaper for possible employment. At the time we were camped at the KOA Campground on the edge of town. To our surprise the KOA was advertising for a husband and wife manager team for their campground in Arlington, Wyoming. We called for an interview. The owner said to come right over. That didn't take long - his office was right there on the grounds of the KOA where we were staying. He asked if we would like to go up to Arlington first and look the place over before making any decision. That afternoon we drove up there. Boy was it desolate! Out on I-80 in the middle of nowhere. An old stage stop was there in long past days. There were still a few buildings and cabins that had been purchaed by prviate owners.

The campground was made up of a store, service station, KOA recreation hall, showers and an apartment on the top floor. The owner had a large trailer out on the campground. He promised us a place to live when we came. (If we agreed to accept the job.) I thought this place held possibilities for the contactees in the futrue.

The closest post office was at an oil town named McFadden. McFadden was made up of little houses, a school and a post office. There were no stores anywhere near except the store at the KOA. We noticed that every house had snowmobiles at the back door! Later we learned why.

We decided to accept.
* You can read the "Rocky Mountain Ranch" story on this blog by putting it into search at the top of the page.


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