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Sunday, July 31, 2005


By Lozanna Elwood

The following is a brief description of what transpired on the night of September 19, 1987. There was a general gathering of all participants who had written to Whitley Streiber, author of "Communion," within the 11... prefix of their zip codes. All persons shall remain anonymous.

We arrived early, and not knowing anyone or what to expect, we had a touch of trepidation. The first people we met were two professors who taught at Nassau College. One researched enigmatic phenomena, as well as geology and astronomy. The other was a geophysicist. Within a few minutes there was assembled about 15 people from all walks of life. We had two businessmen from Manhattan, a Production Manager in the Publishing field, two people from the military, as well as housewives and students. A good cross section of the population, I'd say.
The professor of enigmatic phenomenon told us about the time in 1982, when he had taken his class of about 20 students, up to the roof of the university for a session with their telescopes. What happened next nobody expected. One student mentioned that there was a star in the sky that was acting rather peculiar. The Professor focused his telescope on the "star." He saw a circle of flashing lights in rapid succession. He described it similar to the symbol of Mercedes-Benz, with each segment of the circle flashing independently of the other. One segment flashed white, the other red, and the third one green. They watched this for a period of half an hour when the object moved slowly 20 degrees to the South, then slowly moved back again. It was at this point when he asked another well respected astronomer to take a look at it. That's when this 20 year veteran said to the Professor, "I don't know what that is! You've really got something here!"

At this point in the evening, the second object, identical to the first, came zooming into view, quite close, with the same sequence of flashing lights. All in all they watched the objects for a period of one hour before they flew straight up and out of sight in a few seconds. When later questioned about the incident, the 20 year veteran had "no comment."

A woman from Long Island, we'll call Mona, told us about the time her and her sister were playing in a garden on an abandoned estate, when a chartreuse glow came slowly over head and landed in the garden they were playing in. It was 1952 and she was 12 years old, her little sister was still young enough to have a bedtime. It was light out when they went to play in the garden. When they saw this object land they clung together in mortal fear. That's when they were hit with a brilliant green light, for what seemed like an eternity. When the light went out, the object lifted up at a terrific rate of speed. They were so scared that they ran all the way home. Mona remembers her mother scolding her for keeping her little sister out so late -- past her bedtime! Interesting, since they had entered the garden when it was still light, and returned after dark. Mona doesn't remember being gone that long. A possibility of missing time certainly exists here.

Another lady, also from Long Island, told us about the time when her and her family were vacationing when she was six. They were staying at a bungalow on Long Island. Their porch faced a small island approximately two miles long. Between their bungalow and this island was a stretch of water about a mile wide. One evening, she was out on the porch facing this island, when a silvery light silently passed overhead and landed on that island. She got very excited and ran to tell her folks. Of course, her parents didn't believe her, and made light of the sighting. The next day, she had a burning desire to go to that island. Her folks tried to start the small outboard motorboat. After several unsuccessful tried they gave up and told her to forget it. She decided that she would swim out there. She got as far as the swimming float. She saw a brilliant green glow coming from under the float. Thinking this could be fun, she dives under the float. She remembers the sensation of fish swimming around her legs. When she came out from under the dock, her mother, very worried asks her where she's been all day? Innocently, she replies, "Under the dock." Her mother couldn't believe that she could be under the dock ALL DAY. The next evening, the whole family is out on the porch taking the air and enjoying the summer evening. All of a sudden, a bright light lifts up from the little island and flies over all of their heads.

Her recollection of this story brought to my mind the time in 1962 when my mother and father and older sister and I went out into the northeastern Oregon desert to watch the sunset. My father had just purchased a new convertible, and we took the opportunity to put the top down and go for an evening skywatch. We pulled off the road at a vantage point that looked over a valley to some small hills. The sun was just going down and the sky was a beautiful shade of gold. We then saw moving slowly from right to left, a fireball with a long wavy tail. It was the size of a quarter at arms length, and a brilliant orange in color. I hadn't thought of that in all these years.

We all listened with fascination as a woman we'll call Eve, told about her experience. She lived alone in a small apartment in Hackensack, New Jersey. Her neighborhood is a fairly quiet one. She remembers going downstairs in a half dream state and opening the door. This is something NOBODY does in the metropolitan area, especially in the dead of night. She then went upstairs and was followed by several small shadowy shapes. She laid down on the bed and they surrounded her. She had the sensation of being examined. When she woke up, she had the nagging feeling that something extraordinary had happened. She also felt exhausted, and was left with an unexplainable fear of being alone and of the dark, two things that had never bothered her before. Eve had an earlier experience in Texas when she was younger. Her and her brother were driving home late one night from Amarillo to Houston, when a rectangular craft with luminous lights swished overhead at an incredible rate of speed. It was only about 10 feet above their car. Eve had no memory of pulling off the road when they saw this. Upon questioning her brother about the incident, he remarked, "Sure I remember! Don't you remember me yelling at you for pulling off the road and getting the car all muddy?" Now my question, if she doesn't remember pulling off the road, what else doesn't she remember?
The last and most sensational story we heard was from a woman we'll call Ester. She had an encounter with a small white being in her bedroom that poked her in the stomach, waking her up out of a sound sleep. When she "woke up," she found herself looking at her inert body on the bed next to her husband. The next thing she remembers is being on her back outside in a parking lot with trees all around. She doesn't remember seeing the being next to her, but she had the feeling and sensation of pulsating, and thought the sound of a helicopter was very near. This didn't last very long. The next thing she remembers is being back in her bedroom. She was being held in a position that was rather uncomfortable. She had her arms across her chest, and her wrist bone was digging into her rib cage. She had the knowledge that she was being measured for something. When she came to, she was in pain from being held in this position. Ester was called by a name she has long quit using. They called her by her childhood name.
I think the evidence speaks for itself. This is a very widespread and enigmatic occurrence that is happening to our species. When will the world be privileged enough to know the real answer behind these "studies?" What is the common thread between those selected?

I honestly think that our species is too barbaric to understand the truth. If a UFO landed and tried to tell us enmass what their secret is someone would probably try to shoot at them. No wonder they are reluctant to see us in space.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Two Visitors From a World of Somewhere Else

by Sarah EstepFATE Magazine - April 2005

My experience with other dimensions goes back to the early age of three or four. Obviously, at that age, I knew nothing about different realities, but frequently I would have unusual waking experiences, in that everything would look strange when I opened my eyes.

All the furniture, the room, the hall were more real. There was added depth to each. I enjoyed this; it gave me a tingly kind of feeling, and after a minute or two, things would revert to normal. Since I thought everyone experienced this sort of thing, I never mentioned it. Forty years later in a book about psychic phenomena, I read a brief reference to it. The author called it "binocular vision," and said it was as if the person were looking through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. This is an apt description. I know in the field of ophthalmology there is the same term, but that has nothing to do with my experiences.

Two Strange Men

One night when I was about five, these experiences became terrifying. Opening my eyes, I saw to my right two men standing in front of my bedroom dresser, their backs to me. My mother always kept my bedroom door open to the hall, with a light burning, so I could see them clearly. The men looked normal except for the way they were dressed. Both of them had on knee breeches, long-sleeved shirts, and vests, and one had a polka-dotted bandana tied around his head. They seemed unaware of me but they were fascinated with the objects on my dresser, picking up one thing after another and examining it closely. I screamed.

My parents both came running in as I sobbingly told them there were two men in my room. They assured me it was my imagination; I'd had a bad dream. In the bright light, I had to admit the men were not there. Giving me a kiss and pat, they returned to bed.

Almost immediately, the two men returned. Now they seemed aware of me and came and stood silently beside my bed, looking down at me. I pretended to be asleep but looked at them through barely opened eyes. After a moment, they went back to the dresser, murmuring softly to each other. A small box of pennies was shaken and once more I screamed.

My parents returned, and still crying, I told them the men had come back. I begged them to look in my closet and under my bed, which they did. There was no one there. Continuing to sob, I said I knew they were here somewhere, so my mother said she would sleep with me. As soon as she fell asleep, the men returned. Again, they stood beside me, looking down at my mother and me. Although terrified, I pretended to be asleep.

Why didn't I awaken my mother to see these two strangers standing a foot away? I knew she'd not be able to see them.

In a few minutes, the men left and went downstairs. I could her them walking around. One of them began playing loud crashing chords on the piano. The other picked up a favorite toy. It was a bird on a stick, and as you whirled it around in the air, it made a whistling sound.
Why didn't I awaken my mother to hear these noises? I knew she would not be able to hear them.

Morning came and my parents and I began to dress for the day. While doing this, I heard the chimes on the front door. Going to my bedroom window, I saw the two men talk down the front steps, turn to the left on the sidewalk, and continue walking until they were out of sight.

The Men Come Calling

My mother and father, hearing the chimes, went to the top of the stairs. Mary, a girl in her 20s, was living with us at the time while going to secretarial school. She slept in another part of the house and was unaware of what had happened during the night. One of Mary's chores was to get breakfast for us each morning. Mother called down the stairs and asked who was at the door. Mary, who appeared in shock, replied, "When the chimes sounded, I opened the door and there were two of the strangest looking men I've ever seen, so I slammed the door on them."
Both parents looked at me as if perhaps seeing me for the first time. Nothing further was ever said, but I know now that this was something so far out of their normal reality they didn't want to examine it further.

Unlike the previous experiences with binocular vision, which lasted just a minute or two, this remained for most of the day. Although no "extra" people were seen, everything in my house had that added dimension to it. By late afternoon it began fading away, and after a night of untroubled sleep, I awoke the next morning to my normal world. Never again did I have such an experience, and my binocular vision happened less frequently and ended completely within a year.

Where Did They Come From?

I believe the men I saw came from another dimension, a parallel world. Because of the way they were dressed and the fascination they had for the objects on my dresser, I think their time was different from ours -- almost as if it was 200 years behind our own. Somehow they slipped into my reality and were able to interact with it to a certain extent. After much reflection, I feel that I had a foot in another dimension during all of my binocular vision experiences. The night the two men came, perhaps I stepped a bit further out.

Strangely, my son Bob, now in his 40s, had a very similar experience when he was five. We have a strong psychic link between us, and although the instances don't happen frequently, when they do, they are a wonderment. One evening Bob woke up screaming. Charlie and I ran to his room. Bob was sitting up in bed crying as hard as only a five-year-old can. "There are animals all over my bed and all over the floor," he said as he pointed here and there.
Charlie told him he was just having a bad dream. "No, No, Dad, I see them. Look, there is an animal! He's climbing up on my bed."

Bob was terrified. Looking at his eyes, I could tell he did see, so very clearly, what I had seen 30 years earlier, except in my case, it had been two men. He was trying to push them off his bed. I told Charlie I felt Bob believed he was seeing what he claimed. He had no objection when I suggested we take Bob to bed with us for the rest of the night. After a final sob, Bob clamed down and slept until morning.

Do I believe the animals were actually in his room as the men were in mine? It could be. I believe Bob went a step too far, as I had done so very long ago, and entered their dimension for a few minutes.

As a result of this and other early experiences, I have always felt that all life, all consciousness, whatever world it exists in, is one. We cannot separate ourselves from each other, even from other worlds. We are all a part of whatever is.
Sarah Estep is the author of Voices of Eternity and Roads to Eternity. She has researched electronic voice phenomena for many years.

Friday, July 29, 2005


The following letter was sent to me by Tom Nesser of Rochester, NY He had read Gary Kinder's "Light Years" and felt the urge to write to Wendelle Stevens who did the investigation on the Eduard Meier contact case. After writing to Wendelle, Wendelle requested Tom send his questions and answers to the Missing Link that we published at that time.

Dear Mr. Stevens:

I don't know if any of your encounters with contactees touch on any of the following, but if they have, your answers to the following questions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Q: From all your experiences with contactees, do you have a theory as to why they are here?

Yes, my friend, I have my own theory which is based on answers derived in a number of dialogues with different ET entities. First of all, it is no simple "they." It is an almost infinite number of different theys, from as many different places, on as many different varieties of business and interests. But they all seem to be responding to the same attraction, like bees to a freshly opened flower. It is now my understanding that when a planet reaches certain stages in its evolutionary development, such as when it is ready for the incubation of life, and when that life reaches certain stages of development and needs the next impetus, a kind of "call" goes out from the planet and solar system, which then makes it attractive to those who have matured enough and are capable of responding to this call. Those so capable, and sensing this need, respond automatically, out of interests of their own, and they each undertake projects or missions of their own choosing in response to the general nature of the call. It seems that one or another ET civilization is and has been involved with Earth in one way or another ever since life came into being here.

Q. What do you think the governments know? Who knows in our government? Why no "official" mention?

Certainly the governments know, all governments know very well. If one man like myself, or Lucius Farish, or Tom Adams, can collect all we have in our files and have interviewed all the people we have on these matters, and have walked over the sites, and tested the evidence available to our satisfaction, and found real and substantial truths that endure, then think what a big government like the United States, with tens of thousands of investigators and hundreds of thousands more information collectors could have, and does have in its files. I would guess that their amount of information would exceed that of any of us single researchers by more than a thousandfold. It is utterly ridiculous to even think that they could have missed what we find all the time, and frequently we find that the government investigators have been there before us.
In this respect watch for our UFO CRASH AT AZTEC by myself and William Steinman, where you will see what I mean by the vast amount of information this government has been withholding from us for nearly 40 years, and they have quite successfully covered it all up for generations.

I think the reasons for withholding such information by our government will be self evident there, and it does in fact have to do with the use we are making of the information our government has derived from the evidence they hold.

Q. Will they stop us from blowing ourselves to pieces, as it seems inevitable? Do they predict when we will destroy ourselves?

I do not think they will stop us from blowing ourselves and our planet to bits if that is what we choose to do. They say we create our own universe and our destiny every day of our lives, and that they are aware of nobody coming from anywhere to save us from ourselves. Their position is that, if we are an aberrant species, a danger to others, that it is within the law of creation for us to eliminate ourselves. A few souls will be evacuated and will survive to remember our failure. They do not predict when or even if.

If we were to be attacked before we could defend ourselves, some of them would intercede and protect us until we can do that ourselves.

Q. Do they say anything about time travel --back or forward?

In some cases, there are indications of time travel both backward and forward. Whenever we move in space we move in time, and we can apparently do both at variable rates. One ET group has said that time and space are opposite aspects of the same polarity. I don't think we know enough about either to take a position yet, but it is an interesting subject to meditate upon. UFO contactees have been shown both past time and future time events aboard some of the abducting spacecraft.

Q. What do they say about religious beliefs? Were the prophets and Christ, himself, space travelers? Is the "Evil One" based on evil space travelers who came here? What about eternal life, etc.?

In over 100 UFO contact cases I have personally investigated, I have never found another planetary society which enjoys religious beliefs anything like ours, with the single exception of the ET beings from planet UMMO. They are the only other ones who have a personified deity. All the rest have an impersonal "Creation," Great Source, Universal Consciousness, etc., within which they exist and have their being. They simply live the universal laws of creation itself. Many of those coming here have clearly said that ancestors of theirs coming here have been revered as gods and were so treated by Earth humanity, and some of them show up in various of the great religions of this world.

There are all grades of ET beings, and they fall into every shade of our own likes and dislikes. We call the ones we like benevolent beings (the good ones). We call the ones we don't like or understand, malevolent beings (the evil ones). I am not so sure there is any real difference between them except in terms of our own likes and dislikes.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


From HBCCUFO Center

Perth, Western Australia - Marks

1970 (ten years old) and 1997 (37 years old)

When I was, say ten years old, I woke up with a red substance over my hands. I checked my body and nothing (and I checked everywhere). There was no smell and the stuff was dry. I went to the bathroom and washed the stuff off -- very easily, it dissolved away quickly. No pictures!

Next occurrence was age 37. Woke up with the same stuff on my left hand. Next to me, my partner at the time, woke up with a red hand too, except her coloration was under the skin. I didn't recall anything happening during the night, but partner had a dream where she was pulling out pins from her hand.

Again my stuff washed away easily. Partners faded during the day. No pictures (oye ve!) or samples. Never came across anything like this before. And the color was like orangy red, almost like earth pigment.

Scoop mark: Age about ten, etc., (hard to pinpoint): woke up and there is a big problem on my shin bone -- a 'hole' full of pus. Mother took me to the doctor the same day -- he said that wound was from a 'TRAUMA' (i.e., big bang, etc.) -- but I recalled no trauma, accident, etc. The scar healed -- still have it.

After both younger accounts I forgot about them until much later. With the first red mark experience the memory that I carried around in my head was of somebody at my primary school asking if anyone else had ever woken up with blood on their hands. Years later I had this thought and suddenly hit me -- it was MY bloody hand and how the hell could I have gotten so confused.

There is other stuff too -- a case history if you like, but no UFOs until 1994 when my life changed dramatically and UFOs were everywhere (most with witnesses). This lasted until the last major sighting in 2001 when I actually got scared and screamed to them to bugger off and leave me alone -- they did, no more sightings.

There have been some pretty spectacular ones, but never metallic or clear -- I mean obviously by movement and soon these were extremely fast and not anything 'we' possess.
So... just a quick run down.
Anza Borrego Desert East of San Diego

Date: 1973

I'll tell you what happened in 1973 as briefly as I can, and then tell you why it came back to my mind so sharply, 20 years later.

In January 1973, my first wife and I took a camping trip to a remote area of the Anza Borrego desert east of San Diego. We were at a spot called Dos Cabezas, which is a box canyon with a spring that attracts wildlife and migratory birds. It is actually not far off the freeway, but separated from it by a range of steep, rocky hills, and only accessible by miles of dirt tracks that come in from the other direction. There are steep hills and cliffs all around, and it's very wild (or was 31 years ago, anyway).

Our first evening there, a huge windstorm came up. It seemed as if it would blow the tent away, and we could barely hear ourselves talk. We finally got to sleep. The next thing I knew, it was sometime after midnight. The wind had completely died down, and it was dead silent. My wife was shaking me awake, and the tent was lit by a brilliant, bluish light that came from directly overhead. I climbed out of my sleeping bag, unzipped the tent fly and poked my head out. At that very moment, the light went out. I looked up into a perfectly clear night sky -- there was nothing there! And we never heard a sound. I know it was not a helicopter, and there is no way any vehicle could have made it to the top of one of the surrounding hills -- they are way too steep and rocky. Besides the light came from overhead, and it was at least as bright as daylight. From the time I came awake until I unzipped the tent and looked out, possibly thirty seconds passed. I think it was probably less.

One thing I noticed at the time was that the light was not yellowish like a standard car headlight, but bluish. Nowadays they have halogen lights like that, but not back then. I know it wasn't a helicopter, because there was no sound. I've told quite a few people this story, and always ended by saying, I don't know what it was. And I cannot come up with any explanation that makes sense. So maybe it was aliens.

Twenty years went by, and I didn't think about that night very much. Then one day someone handed me a paperback copy of Whitley Streiber's book, Communion. There is an illustration on the cover of a typical "gray" alien. The first thing that happened when I saw that was, I blurted out: "They got the mouth wrong." I have no idea why I said that. I was totally shocked that those words just tumbled out without any thought, but the memory of that night in the desert came back instantly and vividly.

There's one other detail that makes this story interesting. Years after the fact, I spoke with my ex by phone, and I reminded her of that night. She became extremely agitated -- angry, even -- and she shouted at me, "That never happened! Never! And don't mention it ever again!" She slammed down the phone, and that turned out to be the last time we ever spoke. I have no idea where she is now.

Well, that's the story. I don't know what we saw. Sometimes I think it would be interesting to be hypnotized and see if there's anything buried in my memory of that night. Then I think - Naaah! Who knows? This is a true story though, and I hope you find it interesting.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Thank you for the links to your blog. I've been reading the material there consistently, and it's all very fascinating. Thanks for taking the time to actually find and put the stories on your blog,
Since you've been doing this for a long time, and you have probably seen it all. There's one incident that happened to me about 20 to 25 years ago that I'd like to relate, and I'd appreciate any feedback from you on it, especially regarding other people that have had similar experiences.

Back in the early 1970s, probably before 1976, I was asked to go to a small business mall for a job interview. You know the kind of mall which has a couple or few one-story office buildings, with parking lots and such, usually the type that high-tech companies rent? I think I was in Winnipeg at the time, but it might have been Toronto too, since I was living in Toronto during 1974 to 1975. In any case, I was invited to one of these offices in a mall that was in a pretty quiet area. Not much going on there at the time i visited and not any people around. I don't remember how the interview was initiated, but I remember walking in the front door of this office, and standing in the front entrance, I could see a small to moderate size office space in front of me. Inside there were the standard office cubicles, but the odd thing was that all the office chairs looked brand new and still had the transparent plastic wraps on them. Also, there was absolutely no one else there except for me and two twenty-somethings, a young man and a young woman. They both were wearing very dark business suits (the lady was wearing the kind of woman's business suit with a skirt down to about her knees or a bit above the knees). The lady was blonde and very good looking and the guy had black hair (I think) and was also a "male model" type. As I stood at the entrance, they both looked at me and both had really big ear-to-ear smiles on their faces, something like "boy, are we happy to see you!".

The woman mentioned something about my involvement in Mensa to me (I don't recall exactly what she said about it) but what is odd about it is that at that time I hadn't yet joined Mensa (I quit shortly after I joined, yet another story), and I wouldn't until about 1980.

The outcome of this "interview" (I don't remember anything beyond the initial greeting and big smiles and a very brief conversation), was that they sent me for a more in depth job interview to New Jersey of all places! I must explain that at the time, I didn't have my engineering degree yet and all I had was my high school education. Also, I am a Canadian citizen and I didn't have any legal right to work in the US. So, anyway, I ended up getting on a plane and flying to Philadelphia International Airport where I was picked up by a guy in a black stretch limo. I was the only guy picked up. I had never ridden in a limo before then, so this was an extraordinary event for me.

To set the time frame, this happened in the morning. After about an hour or so (not quite sure of the exact length of the trip, but about an hour seems right, not much longer), we end up driving into another non-descript small business mall in a fairly off-the-beaten-path location. I remember being interviewed there by this one engineer. I sat next to him at his desk and he asked me a series of engineering-related questions which I was not adequately able to answer. I was really embarrassed for not being able to do better than I did.

At the end of about 20 minutes, maybe a half hour tops, he tells me that he's finished the interview. Two other guys come to get me, and I remember we were walking towards the building entrance (this building was a fair size). In walking back to the entrance, one guy was behind me and one on either side of me. I remember seeing these F-14 Tomcat posters on the walls of the interviewer's cubicle. As we were walking in the building, we reached an open area that had no cubicles and there were no other people around at all, which at the time didn't even register. However, at one point we came upon what I can only describe as a "small room" in the middle of the building, too small to actually be an office. There were no windows to this room, and the door was rather unique: it was one of the big rounded rectangular steel doors you'd see on a battleship, no kidding. Above the door was a big red light which was on (glowing) and next to the door was a rather large, armed Marine standing guard. I was taken by surprise at this and as we were walking by, I remember remarking "cool" or something to that effect, to the guys next to me. The next thing I remember is that I am walking out the front door to the same limo, but now it is night outside.

On our way back to the airport in Philadelphia, the limo gets pulled over by a state trooper for speeding. We pulled over onto a large gravel area beside the freeway and just as the trooper is coming over to talk to the limo driver, another unmarked car pulls up in the area we are stopped, and another uniformed guy, another trooper I think, gets out, walks over to the first trooper and asks if he needs any help.

The thing about the second trooper was that I saw he was wearing a white pearl-handled revolver. It was the first time I'd ever seen one. Another detail I remember is that the second "trooper" not only had a pearl-handled revolver, but he was wearing those knee-high boots, like riding boots and the pants thighs "bloomed" out. You know the kind of outfit I mean? The uniform colour I remember was tan or beige primarily. After a brief conversation, the first trooper comes back and lets us go, no ticket.

But I promptly forgot all about this whole thing for 20 or 25 years! The memories suddenly came flooding back to me about 3 years ago, and I don't know what triggered it. You know, nothing about the whole "job interview" has made any sense to me. First of all, why select a non-degreed person from Canada, who has no work visa, pay for a flight to Philadelphia, send a limo, and take him to New Jersey for a 20 minute interview? How did the initial interviewers in Canada know about my joining Mensa when it wouldn't happen for another few years? And how could I forget something as exciting as that happening to a young man (me, at the time)? I would have thought that this might have been a dream, except that my mom remembers it and I clearly remember the name of the company (Base 10). That company is no longer around.

After I did remember the incident and the company name, I went online and searched for it. After a lot of searching, I found information about the company saying that in the early 1970's, Base 10 was a military contractor and was based in New Jersey! Then, about three or four months after my web searches, I tried looking again for the company on the internet but didn't find anymore references to it. Maybe I didn't use the same search criteria as I used before, I don't know.

Have you heard of anything like this before? If so, I'd like to hear about it. I know something out of the ordinary happened that day, but I can't fathom why a NJ company would fly a guy like me out there, at the expense of airline tickets and limo, for a 20 minute interview, knowing I did not have either the academic qualifications for the job nor the legal status to work there in the first place.

Anyway, hope that you might be able to shed some light on this, or someone you know might.

If anyone has heard of Base 10 Company or has any idea about what happened to this person while he was back in NJ, please come forward and maybe we can figure it out!

Thank you for the report!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The following article was translated from Russian into English by Dr. Valery Uvarov and Lozanna Elwood. It was given to us by "The UFO International Network" of St. Petersburg, Russia


Nobody knows what UFO pilots did before their strange vehicles crashed. We know only that there were many cases of crashes on our planet. The dead are silent. However, step by step, it has become known what UFO pilots do if they didn't crash. Thanks to the efforts of investigators working on this problem, we tried to systemize the information about close encounters with extraterrestrials on a peaceful basis. Some of the reports clarify what they are doing in our environment and what they did before they left the Earth.

There is one very interesting case that happened with a woman that was not scared to jeopardize her own name. Her name is Suraiya Guynulina, Microbiologist. She was 35 years old and she was working in the Institute of Biophysics in Pushino, USSR. This close encounter happened on the 2nd of October, 1977. Here is her story.

"I was never interested in fiction. I had no idea about extraterrestrials. I thought that UFOs were rubbish and was never interested in them at all.

On that day, 2nd of October, there was nothing special. A few weeks before this, I had a bad dream. Usually an insomniac, I walk across the flat. During the summer, I usually go out to the balcony and stand watching. Our balcony faced the west, on the ninth floor.

That night, I was unable to sleep. I stood up and put on my warm robe, crossed the flat, and went out onto the balcony. I had the feeling that I was alone, that my daughter and husband were not there, and my whole flat looked very strange to me. I had the feeling that there was an entrance into the next flat and that my brother, coming to visit me, was sleeping there.

Actually, of course, it was not true.

I looked down to the Oka River, thinking that I should return inside. Suddenly, over the river, appeared a disk and a ball that looked like Saturn. The color was the color of molten metal. The object stopped 900 - 1300 feet from the building. It was difficult to determine the height, but it was not high. It was spectacular. At first, it seemed to me, that the ball discharged objects that looked like 'sticks'. They moved very gently to the buildings. There were fifteen or twenty of them. Then these 'sticks' began to separate from one another, each moving to one building at a time, until they had gone to all of the different buildings there. One group moved to the red building that stands beside my building. Another went to the B block and another to the A block. Three of them moved to my building. When they came near, I saw that they were not 'sticks', but people standing upright. The height of each 'stick' was fluctuating. They were dressed in uniforms of the Soviet army. Their faces were young, unexpressive and stark. One of them passed me, moving to the next balcony.

I, being afraid that he would frighten my neighbors, and it would cause a scandal, motioned for him to come to my balcony. He immediately turned to me and noiselessly stood right beside me. He was about 19 years old. His height was not the same size as when he was a 'stick' (approximately 9 feet), but was approximately 5'2", in a soldiers uniform.

I am silent. He says, smiling, in Russian: "Do you understand who I am?" "Yes, but why are you in a soldier's uniform?" "I would like to speak with you, is it possible?"

I invited him into my flat, but I stayed on the balcony. In the room near the balcony there were a few chairs, and a bed on the other side of the room. I had a strange feeling that my husband was not in the bed. We sat together and I said, "Do you understand Russian clearly?"

"I am tuning in on you. I speak the language of the person I am talking with."

"But you were not going to visit me."

"No, I was coming to you, but people are usually scared, that's why I was waiting for the normal reaction from you."

"But why don't you visit during the day? People would let you in with pleasure, and converse with you."

"I will answer this question at the end of our conversation, but with you I would like to talk of how you personally imagine the history of development of your society?"

In his hand, appeared a device that looked like a small remote control, but without any knobs. Later, he sometimes pressed on it and we found ourselves in another place. I was not afraid of him, he was very gentle. I treated him leniently, as I would a boy. Then he explained why he appeared in such clothing.

He said, "When we flew over your borders, we saw 20 soldiers, and we took their image."
Later, at the end of the conversation, I suddenly noticed that he had changed his appearance. Before my eyes, was a man of 45 years of age, intelligent and pleasant looking, in spectacles, and with a favorable disposition. I asked, "How did it happen?"

He answered, "I investigated you. I took the appearance which you like."

It was really so, I was very pleased to talk with him. On the congress in the Institute of Biophysics in 1972, I had seen a man with such a face. He pressed the device and said that he needs to know what Man knows about the conception of Man's history. I told him that this was a long story, but he said, "No, it will be fast, this device will help us." I began from primitive times. He pressed the device and suddenly we found ourselves in that period of time. He explained to me, to calm me, that all surroundings were nothing more than my imagination. By this method, all of history we went through for 20 minutes. Then I told him that we, in the Soviet Union, consider ourselves the best society on the planet. He smiled. We have no personal property and began to explain what is a capitalistic system, colonial wars and so on. In connection with the wars, I told him about Ulster. Suddenly, we found ourselves there, but this time, everything was real. I was so afraid that he switched back.

We then found ourselves somewhere in Asia in the jungles, and over there we saw a battle between some groups that sell drugs. We have seen inhumane brutal beatings a few paces in front of us. As soon as he noticed my reaction, he switched back.

Then I asked him, "Why don't you want to communicate with us?"

He answered that they have studied our planet very well and that it is difficult for us to understand their interest.


Then he said that humanity developed in the wrong direction and went into a dead end. Our thinking processes are very laden with BIG inertia, this property is inherent in ALL peoples.
Then in me, my defense of humanity tried to explain to him that people are not so bad, and that we realize our imperfections. He answered shortly and straight -- "NO, YOU DO NOT REALIZE. YOU HAVE A LOT OF DARK ANIMAL ORIGIN. YOU YOURSELF MUST GET OUT OF YOUR EXCREMENT'S."

Then he said that such a place of entanglements they have not yet seen in the Universe. Then he added that if science will want to, can understand and learn a lot in the system of intercosmic communications, but at the present time, since we are so aggressive, it is impossible.

Then I tried to redirect the conversation and asked him about the truthfulness of our theory of the pulsating universe. He answered, "No, this mistake is bound up to your unbelievable way of thinking."

I asked where he came from? "Do your know astronomy?" he asked.

I answered "Only as much as a microbiologist."

He smiled and said, "Later you will come across the facts that microbiologists will deny our existence, just because there are no such type of beings in microbiology. OTHER SCIENTISTS WILL DENY OUR EXISTENCE TOO, but there is a way of knowledge. Education cannot be by the sciences. WHETHER IT EXISTS OR NOT.

As for us, we are from such a 'far away' place that it is impossible to explain by your terms. Later he said that the Earth is a very comfortable point for communication, and it seemed to me that we are, for them, an inessential phenomenon on the planet. I was offended and he felt it.
"We'll be here not long" said he, "We are gathering information."

He was struck by the national divisions we have on our planet. He pointed out that we have a big difference between our peoples. They do not. They have a big difference only between children and adults. He was longing to know more about us, but about themselves, answered only when I asked. He gave very short answers, sometimes deviating, saying that we would not understand. He couldn't understand what Earthly love is. He understood what is family, they have no families. There is Love and children. There are no states. He said that the state system, like a primitive system, is wildness. He didn't consider the act of procreation of a new organism as love. This is a deed. Their understanding of Love is quite different. 'LOVE IS AN EXCHANGE OF INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE. ONLY THOSE WHO REALLY LOVE, SPREAD THE LIGHT OF KNOWLEDGE TO HELP THOSE AROUND THEM SO THAT THEY WILL NOT LIVE IN THE SHADOW OF DARKNESS AND EVIL."

Information is emitting in ecstasy, that man does not know. This is a mystery which they are keeping in each other. Then he said that he is pleased to feel that I love my planet and defend those on it. Then I asked, "What do you look like to each other?"

He answered, "We can take any form that we need."

"What about the children?", I asked.

"They look like the information which they receive."

"Have you death?"

"We just finish one step and transform to the next. Life is endless. Death is a speculation of the bestial mind."

"Have you hatred?"

"I cannot understand what this is. I also cannot understand your Earthly Love. Here I feel that you are speaking about it not like it is. Somebody just taught you to understand it like this. This is also speculation. People are living in illusion. You are a kind and good person, but are still imperfect. Many contradictions.

I asked him, "What do the UFO pilots do here and in other places?"

He said, they do the same. They know about me, I know about them. In this case I was lucky.
"What about our future?" I asked at the end of our conversation.

"You planet will not die." He answered evasively. It was understandable what he meant. I felt that he treated people on this planet this way; it is not important if we die or not.

"You have a TERRIBLE way of cognition, which you dictate to your children."

We went out to the balcony. He didn't shake my hand, he never touched me once. Again he became like a 'stick' and flew up to the craft together with the others. The object evaporated and disappeared.

Due to this case, Suriaya Guynulina talked with many correspondents. She answered a lot of questions. In particular, she said that the ball was well defined, without diffused luminescence. The diameter of it was not more than 10 feet. She added that her Guest pointed out our incredible fear in the face of death. He was astonished to see our fear of death on this planet. For Earth people this fear is a moving power. In reality, this is a process when an individual changes one's worn out coverall. There is only beginning of another time and burning (birthing?) in another dimension. On the question from the correspondents -- where do they fly to - Suriaya answered, "They fly to their home. He said that their task is the installation of a new communication between all civilizations in the Universe. It is difficult to install such a communication with us. Firstly, in the name of comfortableness of Science, Science denies Them and argues their existence under any pretext. Secondly, and this is the main, societies on our planet have a very high level of aggression, that's why they avoid meetings with aggressive creatures."

Monday, July 25, 2005


(From Becky's website)

First I would like to say, my life has been extraordinary. All our lives, my Mom;Betty(Andreasson) Luca, my Step Dad; Bob Luca,and other family members. We have lived with the UFO, & Paranormal Phenomenon /many kinds all through our lives. There are five books published on our UFO Encounters, The Andreasson Affair / The Andreasson Affair-Phase Two / The Watchers / The Watchers II , and The Andreasson Legacy. There are still on going experiences, and answers to questions, formula's, message's that were given, etc... My major part in these life long Angel/Alien visitations, is this Mystical language I have been taught, by the Elders. There was a measure of time I have stayed hidden away and pretty much quiet, but no longer, with pen in hand I step out into the world, to do what I was destined for, bringing this powerful language into your lives!

I arrived first born, of seven Andreasson children on Mothers Day, May 8th, 1955 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA. As the eldest child my fate was sealed to experience two separate worlds of reality, that weave together as one. Throughout my life a continued presence and integration of the awesome UFO phenomenon has carried a respectful degree of spiritual significance for me and my family. Being I was trained by Elders to master the art of symbolic spiritual writings through mind, sense of touch, color and sound, the deep unknown within, has opened and prepared the way of my destiny. I feel blessed from this, honored, and chosen to be taught a sacred Angelic language steeped in divine mystery and mystic intrigue, and know when written the activation of such wondrous symbols possess the ability to promote in faith spiritual communication to be used for the betterment of those who seek to know themselves.

My acclimation to the UFO experience since birth carries no fear, and has become a natural occurrence in reality to me. It is no longer strange, nor foreign, just part of every day awareness affording an opportunity to understand the richer, fuller realm of those on high. On one unusual experience, as a child, I was taken from my crib by an Elder, brought into a craft,where two other young children were being trained with the use of weightless toys. I was examined and allowed to play as well. My return home was alarming to my mother, Betty! Early in the morning a neighborhood woman knocked at the door, to inform my mother,that I was up in the sand box, stark naked! Being too young and small at the time, there was no way I could have possibly gotten outof my crib without assistance. Nor could I have reached two locked doors and secured windows! This was puzzling to my mother until many years later the mystery was solved, when she was made aware of the truth.

Throughout my growing years I've had other odd encounters of the third kind. In 1967, during my mothers well known encounter, I was taken out of suspended animation to see an exchange of books take place between her and very peculiar looking beings. The book exchanged, was my very first bible received from Bible School. A thin blue book was given to Mom. Later that evening I was shown by Jessup, who was one of the Watchers left behind for the sake of the family, how to play light games. One game was with a levitated ball of light

This was my very first encounter with the large headed, dark eyed gray Watchers. It was three days later I told Mom what I had seen, remembered happening, and thought it was all a strange yet scary dream. But to my surprise, I learned it really happened! The bizarre little gray men were REAL!! Mom showed me the blue book that was given to her. I touched what looked like a page of light, and my hand glowed! It was so exciting! I'll never forget that Mother-Daughter moment!!

Touching the awesome book activated an unexpected gift to emerge! I began to doodle peculiar symbols all over everything, even drew them outside in the sand with sticks! I couldn't stop, the urge was too strong! Today I know why, it was practice, practice, practice, and so I did!

As the years passed and other experiences took place, my writing developed into final stages. It actually went from what we would consider printing, to the form of writing. These encounters continued, and those around me were sometimes effected. Most of the time they were not very happy about it either! They seem to fear the unseen energy surrounding me.

Another experience I had while living in Virginia on a farm, I was taken from my home,for continued sessions in training of their symbols, through work with tones, vibrations, light, etc. The training took place at three different stations, using screens, small crystal instruments, dual raised alien keys with moving symbolic letters. Later they measured my hands to assess how much symbolic knowledge I had managed to absorb. Because of this particular session the upper layer of skin easily peeled away from the palms of my hands! My experiences continue to this day!

Becky Andreasson

Sunday, July 24, 2005


by Chipp Eggerton

As a registered nurse, as well as a friend and neighbor and family member, I have been privileged on occasion to hear first hand accounts of those who have been 'near-death' or what is commonly referred to as having an "NDE/ Near Death Experience". Along with a lifetime interest in UFO contact, I've also been profoundly touched by NDE accounts. As with most of us, some of these compelling encounter stories stay with us, more than others. In My Descent into Death, my friend Howard Storm, tells his incredibly detailed story. As interesting as it all is, my purpose in this article is to summarize what he was told and shown about life on other worlds.
At one point in his otherworldly journey, Howard finds himself literally embraced and cradled by the One He identifies clearly as Jesus the Christ. He is also surrounded at this point by a semi-circle of six to eight luminous Beings whom he later calls Angels. It is following a deeply painful and ultimately profoundly healing life-review, that he is given the opportunity to ask questions of his divine hosts. What I summarize in following is culled from the book, and a series of tapes and interviews I have collected over the years, as well as my personal discussion with him. I am not quoting him per se, so please consider this summary as my understanding and arrangement of what had to be an incredible revelation for him.

At one point, Howard simply asks, "Is there life on other worlds?" The angels' responses are both visual and linguistic. In addition to their telepathic and extraordinarily clear communication, "the universe is FULL of LIFE!", they initiate what he describes as holographic tableau, a procession of intelligent life forms beginning with those that resemble the human form; then with increasing numbers, the forms are less and less humanoid in appearance, as the angels apparently impress their original point: the Universe is full of sentient life, and the form is not necessarily humanoid! Howard gets the point, so his next query becomes, "If there is all this life in the Universe, then why aren't we aware of it here on our own planet?"

Before I continue with their most disturbing and ultimately enlightening answer, I digress here to add a few comments made elsewhere. The angels themselves when first appearing to him as these gorgeous spheres of iridescent radiance, sense his apprehension as he is overwhelmed by their glory. Their first communication to him, is to ask him if they need to 'turn down their glow' as it were, and appear in their human form, or 'any other form that you need to be comfortable with us'! In addition, Howard later asked them if they (the angels) had ever been human, and they assured him that they had been human as well as also from among the variety of life forms that had paraded before him in the holographic procession described above. I will leave the reader to ponder on one's own the wondrous implications of these revelations!

Returning to his question regarding the apparent lack of 'proof or evidence' of other intelligent life in the universe, what he was told and shown I found quite interesting. They told him that the Universe is teaming with life- not only in the physical world but even in other dimensions. The angels told of countless worlds they 'shepherded'. When asked about the lack of 'evidence' in our world of life from other worlds, he was told that we are visited, and by a number of different groups of beings, but that they must be very careful in their contact with us, because of our immaturity, naughtiness and to put it bluntly, sinfulness. Although he did not use the words, the ideas "isolation/quarantine" and "embargo" came to mind. Later in conversation Howard made reference to seeing images of worlds where beings lived in perfect harmony with one another and the creation, having 'grown up' and matured spiritually to the place where innate spiritual gifts could be unfolded where collectively a world's inhabitants steered the weather patterns, enabling them to create a world of Paradise.

There were a number of other interesting ideas shared, and it seems that each astounding possibility gives more food for thought. I will close here with a short quote from Storm's book in response to a question he poses directly to the Presence Who is enfolding him during this divine encounter (page 76):

"I asked Jesus: Has he been to another world besides my world? He said that he had been to every world in every time and space. He said that he had brought the revelation of God to all intelligent beings. Some beings had been as stubborn as we were to accept him, and many more worlds had gladly accepted him. He said he would back to our world in good time when we were ready to accept him."

Elaborating on the response, Howard said that on the worlds were the inhabitants had been following the Christ in their hearts all along, the appearance in their form of the Messenger, then became one of welcome and recognition, as if to say, 'we have known you all along'. It was on these worlds that Howard describes people in the physical living a life experience that for us on Earth, would be Heaven: no war, no poverty, no disease; everyone living up to their own capacity for growth, wisdom and love; no one 'left behind', everyone embraced, loved and loving!
I hope that I have uplifted the hope and imagination of the reader through this brief summary.

Howard makes no apology in identifying the Being who embraces him, who saves him, as Jesus the Christ. That affirmed, I must add that Howard in no way identifies that holy, loving Being with anything other than the One who has come here on behalf of EVERYONE, regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof. In my own experience, my meditation on Howard's journey has been profoundly healing for my own wounds at the hands of religious zealots. The Christ who reaches out to rescue the all-too-human Storm, has likewise crossed every racial, religious and yes, time and space barrier to bring us the Good News that we are not alone; God is with us, and we have brothers and sisters scattered throughout the heavens both visible and invisible!

Saturday, July 23, 2005



Tom Dongo has sent a comment to his article yesterday on UFOs, ETs and YOU.

Its funny how things work. I had not thought of the bag/boomerang incident in ten years -- except a similar incident happened here again about three weeks ago. So I ran the whole thing through my mind again. Strange , huh. And then you ran the story. Twilight Zone.

I realized too that I had left out two important story aspects of the guy that I picked up at midnight at the intersection of 89a and 179. He was dressed completely in black -- and his hair and eyes were black and his skin was very light shaded, almost pale white. And ten minutes earlier I had just dropped the psycho guy off at Circle K............I.M.E.T--CircleK.


On the sunny July morning in 1965 that John Hembling, geologist and exploration manager for a mining company, and a companion geologist stepped from a helicopter atop a mountain ridge in north-central British Columbia they expected it would be another routine day of reconnaissance and survey.

For several weeks they had been studying this mineral-rich terrain about 70 miles north of Hazelton. Working above the timberline they had a sweeping view of the country's rocky peaks, some of which already bore the mark of mining development. Soon they would submit their report on the feasibility of further development.

But on this particular day they were to have the unexpected opportunity of making a study of a much different sort.

"It was about 10 o'clock and we had just set up our equipment after the helicopter left," Hembling told us, "when we saw a silvery object, shining in the sun, appear over a small ridge below us. It had a flattened-outlook and our first reaction was that it was some kind of delta-wing aircraft. We soon realized it was not."

Facing west away from the sun, with the object below them about half a mile away, they had a clear view of what was happening.

"The object was about 50 ft. in diameter," he said. "On top of its dome there was a little knob, and around the base of the dome there were circular markings. They might have been some kind of riveting, or even windows. There were a bit too small to tell.

"Below these, on the face of the disc itself, there were larger rectangular markings which could have been glass or metallic. Our impression was that they were windows. As far as we could see, there were three of them."

As the two men watched in astonishment, the object moved slowly across the ridge until it was above a small glacial lake, barely more than a pond. Hovering there an instant, it then descended to less than 50 ft. above the water. Again it hovered and, to the men's further amazement, lowered a pipe-like instrument from its underside into the water.

"At first we thought it was something like a rope ladder," Hembling said, "but it didn't just drop down. It came out smoothly and steadily as if under mechanical control."

During this procedure the observers were conscious of a humming sound from the object "like a quiet electric motor." With its appendage in the lake, the disc then rotated slowly like a water-borne top until its "windows" faced the two men.

"We had a distinct feeling it knew we were there," Hembling said. After remaining in that position for about eight minutes -- as the men judged it -- the object withdrew its "pipe" as carefully as it had lowered it.

"It climbed slowly, then all of a sudden it was off," Hembling said. "It shot over the ridge, made a sharp turn without skidding and was out of sight in about 20 seconds. We figured it had gone 20 or 25 miles by the time it disappeared."

That would give it a speed of at least 3,600 mph.

So extraordinary was their experience that the two men discussed it for the rest of the day, comparing observations and impressions. They also wondered how the pictures would turn out, for a meaningful part of the whole incident was that Hembling's companion carried a camera and took numerous shots of the sighting. But, for Hembling at least, that part of the incident was to lead to disappointment.

"I never heard from him again," he said of his companion. "He returned to the States before he had a chance to get the pictures developed, and that was the end of it. I wrote him twice asking about the pictures but he didn't reply. I don't know what happened."

Somewhere, as a result, there is a UFO witness who may have some of the most remarkable camera shots of this phenomenon ever recorded. Perhaps, as had happened before, he submitted them for official scrutiny and, after being bound to silence, failed to have them returned.

Taken from Canadian UFO Report, Edited by John Magor.

Friday, July 22, 2005


by Tom Dongo

Spending a great deal of time as I do in UFO/alien research, extraordinarily odd things happen to me and around me. I sometimes wonder if something "out there" plays games with me -- just for the hell of it, of course. Two examples of this are the following incidents. There have been many.

Several years ago I was spending an evening at a friend's house and they had a visitor from out of state. Their visitor was, in my estimation, not particularly well-grounded in reality. The fellow had heard that I was doing UFO research and began to tell me of some of the things he had been experiencing on a fairly regular basis. It became quickly evident that the man was, for the most part, living in a fantasy world that he had created for himself. I always listen to whatever someone has to say about paranormal activity because even people who are not mentally balanced will often have clear perception into areas a "normal" person might not. I have interviewed persons who were paranoid schizophrenic and even (and perhaps particularly) these people will have flashes of brilliance or insight into paranormal worlds that are quite extraordinary. Thus I listen carefully to anyone who has an unusual story.

The fellow went on about his experiences. When I noticed that the hour was late, I said that I needed to go home and he asked if I could drop him off downtown. I agreed, and on the way he continued to elaborate on his fantastic experiences. It was really getting heavy for me, because some of the stuff he was talking about was really crazy. It involved ETs. I took him to his destination and dropped him off. I turned the car around and headed home. At the intersection of Hwy. 89A and Hwy. 179, I was waiting for the light to change (it was almost midnight -- no traffic at all).

Looking to my right, I saw a man standing with his thumb out, gesturing aggressively for a ride. I thought it very odd that I had not seen him before. He was really giving me the "Come on, buddy, how about a ride?" look. Being a charitable sort, I waved him over. He jumped into the car just as the light changed. It was right then that things got extremely bizarre. Nothing takes me by surprise -- but this did.

We hadn't even gotten through the intersection when he picked up exactly the same crazy conversation that the man I had just dropped off had been carrying on. I mean exactly where the other guy had left off. I took a close look at my passenger. He looked to be in his late twenties. He had jet-black, shoulder length hair and black eyes. He hadn't taken his eyes off me since he got into the car. His right arm held a fully stuffed army duffle bag, which he placed on the floor between his knees.

We had gone only about two hundred yards when he suddenly changed the subject. Still looking at me with those piercing eyes, he said, "Look at me!" He said it twice. I looked casually at him, then resumed looking straight ahead. Then he shouted it -- loud, 'LOOK AT ME!" I turned and looked at him again, more than a bit perturbed. He asked "Have you ever seen me before?" to which I replied no. Then he asked, as if he knew the answer, "Do you know who I am?" I warily shook my head in response.

Then he added, still intently staring at me, "My name is John" (not the name he gave me). "Can you remember that?" he commanded. I nodded. Then he went on, "Remember this also: John-I.M.E.T.-Circle K. Repeat that back to me," he demanded. I did -- and made vivid mental notes of everything he said and did. He insisted I repeat them back to him several times. Then he said, "If you remember those three things and repeat them three times you can have anything you want."

About a hundred red lights lit up in my mind at that point. I am not gullible and I am not a greedy fool. I began to wonder nervously who he really was, but I couldn't come to a rational conclusion. I've known of ET contactees who had similar offers and usually ended up paying a very dear price for their greed and foolhardiness.

We continued down Hwy. 89A for a while. He asked if I would drop him off behind the Pizza Hut. I pulled into a spot where the streetlights were bright -- I wanted to keep a sharp eye on him. I was also watching my wristwatch closely in case I had any missing time. There wasn't any. He squeezed out with his large duffle bag -- and with the door still open, he stuck his head back in and said that he had something in his duffle that would be of great interest to me. He asked if I would like to see what it was. "No, no! -- that's okay," I replied, quickly adding that it was late and someone was waiting up for me. He nodded his head and I drove out onto the highway. He was still standing under the light watching me. I have wondered many times who he was. I never saw him again.

In May that year I met a southern California woman who wanted to be taken to Bell Rock. We went there and I was describing some of the odd things that happen in that area. We were standing at its base when she remarked, "Do you see that object coming from behind Bell Rock, near the top?" I strained my vision and saw nothing. Moments later I glanced again and saw what appeared to be a fully inflated 30-gallon garbage bag, carried along, high, by a strong breeze. But what was strange to me was that this bag was moving at a steady northerly speed and as not being changed in size or shape by the shifting wind currents. I replied to her, "Yeah, I see it now." We made some casual remarks about it and continued to observe it.

I took out my binoculars for a better look at the bag. With the binoculars it could be clearly seen. We traded the binoculars back and forth, watching the object. She passed the field glasses back to me and I brought them up to where the bag should have been. I didn't locate the bag immediately, so searched around the sky with the binoculars still at my eyes. What I finally found in the sky was a very curious object. Instead of a green garbage bag blowing in the wind, I saw a boomerang-shaped object surrounded by a ten-foot-thick brown haze about fifty feet wide. The (boomerang-shaped) object was making unusual maneuvers. It would stop, turn on its axis, or flip over and change direction abruptly.

I watched the object for two or three minutes. I didn't mention it to my companion because at the time I rally thought it was a hawk or a buzzard. I looked again, found the bag and watched it disappear in a climbing, northerly course. We didn't say anything more about it until later in the afternoon. I was running the incident back through my mind. Something seemed awfully weird about the whole thing.

I turned to her and said, "You know there was something really strange about that garbage bag we were watching this morning." She stared back at me with a blank expression. After a few moments she replied quizzically, "What garbage bag?" It was my turn to look blankly at her. "The one we watched with the binoculars blowing past Bell Rock." To my surprise, she answered with no hesitation, "I never saw a garbage bag. What I saw was a boomerang-shaped object with a brown haze around it. I thought that was what you saw all along." I quizzed her further; it seems that while I was looking at a green garbage bag, she saw the same object as a flying boomerang. I can't even begin to come up with a sensible explanation for that one!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


By Bob Gribble (Ret.)Director,
UFO Reporting Center

On December 12, 1987, fiery objects streaked over the central US and were observed by thousands of people in a 14 state area. According to North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the display was caused by an orbiting Soviet rocket casing which had reentered Earth's atmosphere. In a corridor extending northwest to southeast from Montana to Florida, the glowing objects were seen by airliner crews at altitudes exceeding 30,000 feet.

Most observers reporting to the National UFO Reporting Center estimated the altitude of the objects to be quite high. During the same time frame of the reported high altitude sightings, however, several witnesses reported close encounter experiences and very low altitude flights of wingless vehicles. If the descriptions given by these witnesses is accurate, then, I think it would be safe to assume that several large UFOs accompanied the burning space debris as it entered our atmosphere.

As the fiery objects passed overheat at approximately 8:50 pm (CST) objects moving at very low altitude were first reported by witnesses located five miles west of Eudora, Kansas. Two "huge" oblong objects -- each surrounded by a haze of light -- passed directly overhead heading southeast into the state of Missouri. Lights or lighted openings extended the full length of the objects and they were visible for about three minutes, moving very slowly. Shortly thereafter a 34-year-old male witness living on the shore of the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, (near the city of Climax Springs), had just loaded his fireplace with wood and walked out the first floor of his house to get more firewood. Ten other members of his family were on the second floor. He was standing in the driveway looking out across the lake when something told him to turn around. As he turned he looked up into the sky just as a cloud of mist came over the tops of the trees. The mist was so thick it engulfed the top limbs of the trees, and when the "cloud" reached a point almost overhead he could see three oblong objects as big as jet airliners about 300 feet off the ground. Suddenly the objects stopped. The man could hear no sound but, as the cloud of mist thinned he could see a row of lighted openings extending along the length of the three objects.

Describing his experience, the witness, who I shall refer to as J.E., said: "They were shrouded inside a mist, and my body wasn't able to move. I was not able to move. My body could not move. I wanted to scream for my girl friend, my sister-in-law, my mother, my brother, and the seven children who were in the house, to come look, too. I tried to scream. The object stood there and hovered about 300 feet from me. I'm talking about three craft the size of a large jet airliner at a minimum. No wings or tails. Cigar-shaped, in formation side by side. When the craft ceased to move the cloud began to thin. As the cloud thinned I could see lights; I could see the shape of the craft.

They appeared to be dark green. They each had a least 30 windows at a minimum. Identical to the rows of windows on an airliner. I saw faces looking out the windows at me, pointing at me with their fingers. They stood there and looked at me and cocked their heads and pointed like I was an exhibition in a zoo.

"The light from inside the craft was so bright, shining out the windows, that I could tell... their heads were human-shaped. I could tell there were eyes in the heads; I could tell that the eyes were large. There were no visual appearances of hair or ears from what I cold see. They definitely had a human-shaped body. When the objects stopped over me, the closest one to me raised up so that the next one could lower down, in stairstep fashion, then the third lowered down, so that the people; creatures; or whatever; could see me plainly. They stared at me like I was a zebra in a zoo, like a lion in a cage, an insect in a jar. They were undoubtedly carrying on a conversation because of the way the heads were pointing and looking at each other. I could tell these "things" were talking about the fact that I was standing down there on the ground.

"The minute, and I mean the very instant those craft started to move away my body started to move and that's when I started screaming. 'God, everybody, come out here right now,' and I'm screaming like a mad man, 'come out and see this right now.' I was so hysterical. Everybody ran out immediately and they all saw them, too. I had no idea how long I was out in the driveway. I estimate 10 or 15 minutes.

As the three objects moved out over the lake and disappeared from view, J.E. and his brother drove to the top of a nearby hill hoping to see the craft again. The brother became frightened and returned to the house. J.E. explains what happened after his brother left: "I'm standing on top of my truck with my binoculars looking for them to come back. People were passing and saying, 'You saw it, too.' I said, 'Yes, I saw it, too.' An elderly couple, who live on the lake with me, saw the craft across Highway 7 near Climax Springs. They pulled their truck off the road and got out, each holding a camera. They told me they were unable to remove the lens cap off of their cameras.

According to J.E. all three of the craft were cigar-shaped. On the back they had pods that resembled jet engine pods on the back of a 727 airliner, except that they had a green glob of light that was mounted to the top of these pods. Out of the back of the pods were lights that were identical to the headlights of a car in a fog. "They were shrouded in a cloud of mist," J.E. said. "They stopped so close to me that I could see no seams, no rivets, no plates. The skin of these vehicles was totally smooth, with a flat texture. The third one was virtually touching the tops of the trees (when it lowered itself). I was so scared... I have never in my life experienced anything like this. My whole attitude just got a whole rearrangement, because I know I'm not nuts. I was stone sober and I don't do drugs. I know what I saw." J.E. is a corporate salesman and is highly respected in his community.

At about 9:03 pm and 70 miles northeast of Climax Springs, two adults, in separate vehicles, were driving west on Highway 50, 10 miles east of Lynn, Missouri. In the distance they observed a pair of "big" white lights moving about 50 to 100 mph at very low altitude. As the lights got closer, the two witnesses could see that they were part of an oblong vehicle of some kind.

Mr. T.H., 34, gave the following description of what he saw: "It was moving slow and was never more than 100 feet off the ground. It crossed Highway 50 and was about 200 feet from the roadway on the South side. Suddenly it stopped, and we watched the thing hover about 100 feet off the ground. Then it lowered itself real easy into the woods. We stopped and watched it for a little while but decided not to walk over and look at it. There was no sound. We decided it was time to get back into the car and go on about our business. A man in a white pickup truck had also stopped and he was still there as we were leaving." T.H. estimated the object to be as long as two large military helicopters put together lengthwise.

Other less spectacular reports of low level flights were received from Missouri that night. Two adult witnesses in St. Louis reported seeing three "missile-shaped" objects with a surface like stainless steel move across the sky. In Chesterfield, a suburb of St. Louis, Mr. T.B. reported that he and several friends watched three oblong objects in the sky for five to six minutes. They looked like "slender Goodyear blimps."

Shortly after the reported landing near Lynn, another close encounter occurred about 200 miles to the North in Iowa. Mr. M.L., 24, who has a farm at Oskaloosa, was out in a field just west of his house riding a three-wheeler at 9:15 pm, when an object with lights came over the top of the trees and stopped right over him. At that point the lights on the object went out. "I was at a dead stop," M.L. said. I shined my wheat light up into the air, about 50 to 60 feet, and the beam from the light hit the surface of the object. It was shiny and reflected off the bottom of it. It was like stainless steel of some kind. It was just a big shiny object, at least 80 to 100 feet long and 40 to 60 feet wide. I didn't hear any motor noise at all. It sat there for a minute then it took off to the southeast of my place. When it took off it didn't have any lights on. Then when it got off quite a ways the lights came on. There were three lights down one side of it and it had bright streaks shooting out the back of it."

M.L. raced back to his house hoping that his wife would be able to see it. When he arrived his young son and his wife were standing outside. They had seen the lights as they went by the house. "The next day some friends were telling me that they had seen in the papers that the object was a Soviet satellite that was supposed to be on fire," M.T. explained. "Whatever this was, it was not on fire. I've never seen anything like it. It scared me."

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Airs on Monday, August 1 at 8:00pm ET - 5:00pm PT

They look to the stars, to Earth, and within the human body. They are the UFO research elite that seeks answers to the mysteries of the UFO phenomenon. Their determination, attitude, and methodologies stand strong against ridicule and disbelief. In the end, UFO hunters exhibit scientific evidence that pushes the boundary of modern-day thinking. At annual conferences, they share findings and are often stunned by the commonality of their cases. Follow UFO hunters as they search for UFOs and investigate crash sites. Their hunts for physical evidence of UFOs and alien life forms sometimes end up as global wild goose chases, but there are other times, when what they find is just too intriguing....and might just prove that it is possible that we are not alone in the universe. TVPG


I was interviewed for this one too. Hopefully, I will not end up on the cutting room floor again. I have written to one of the producers to find out. At any rate, it will be a good one from the other guests I have seen at the studio.

I was interviewed about my investigation of underwater UFOs, especially off the California Coast from Chapter 10 of my book, Alien Magic. First couple of paragraphs in my book... What secrets lurk in ocean depths? Are there alien forms of intelligent life that occupy the vast volumes of water that constitute our oceans, seas, and lakes? The largest of our oceans, the Pacific, covers 64,000,000 square miles and reaches a depth of 36,198 feet, a depth that no ray of sunlight ever reaches. Could these depths hide alien submarine bases?

Underwater UFOs have been sighted on many occasions lifting out of their submerged depths and taking to the air. In an article entitled "UFOs - at 450 Fathoms," UFO Reporter Ed Hyde told of the sighting made by Dr. R. J. Villela, a Brazilian scientist, who saw a UFO smash through an estimated 40 feet of ice at the South Pole and soar into the sky at amazing speed.

It was author and researcher Dr. Ivan T. Sanderson who suggested that aliens could remain undetected by building their bases beneath the world's oceans. Dr. Sanderson found that by actual count, over 50 percent of the UFO sightings had occurred over, coming from, or plunging into or coming out of water. This includes oceans, seas, lakes, and reservoirs. Of the oceanic UFOs (some term them USOs or Unidentified Submersible Objects), one was tracked by the U.S. Navy near Puerto Rico in 1963. Of course many of these objects have been tracked over Puerto Rico since that time. On a training maneuver, a sonar operator detected a sub aqueous object traveling at over 150 knots! The technicians tracked this object for four days and it maneuvered down to the incredible depth of 27,000 feet. Submarines of 1963 could not dive further than a fraction over a mile into the ocean deeps. What kind of submersible could withstand the tremendous ocean pressures? And how could it overcome the tremendous resistance of water moving at such incredible speeds?

Sincerely, Bill Hamilton
AstroScience Research Network

"I don't see the logic of rejecting data just because they seem incredible." Fred Hoyle

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


CASE A-5: RT married, a former Marine, rank PFC, assigned to Canine Corps at Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California, with Alpha Red TS Crypto Clearance. Served 6 years in Vietnam. Resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.

In this first person report RT alleges he was at a UFO retrieval site in 1967. Following RT's disclosures to me in July 1980, supported by data from APRO records of his phone calls to that office, is a weird unfolding drama of harassment and violence, a strange visit and the grim consequences which allegedly befell one of its on-the-spot investigators, RC, also of Las Vegas.
Through RC, my intermediary, and formerly a US Narcotics agent, I reached RT by phone. According to RT's testimony, he was given 45 minutes notice before departure by plane from Camp Pendleton to a retrieval site "somewhere in the desert" on July 3, 1967.

As a trainer in the Canine Corps at his base, he and his dogs, and other marines as a team, were flown in a light cargo transport for 2 1/2 hours to the site, landing on a makeshift strip carved out by a road grader. The windows of the transport were blacked out, he said. At the site, among the cactus and tumbleweeds, were tents, a small Quonset hut and what appeared to be a small pre-fab hangar. Busy were men in military fatigues without insignia. Told nothing about the status of the operation, he was assigned to a post for guard duty, given orders, and told to use only one designated path to the mess tent and latrine.

Curious, said RT, he decided on his fourth day to see what was so hush-hush and took a different route to the mess tent near the hangar. When the guard had his back turned he peeked inside the hangar and to his shock he saw a metallic disc, or saucer, about 30 ft. in diameter. On top was a dome; there were no windows. Around the craft wre men at work and tables on which were technical instruments. He also saw a large walk-in refrigerator unit on skids and several empty body bags. "If there were bodies," he said, "they had already been shipped out or maybe they were in the freezer."

RT's one good glimpse into the hangar was also his undoing. The guard nearby nabbed him and he was escorted to the headquarters tent where he face the office in command, Colonel "O" (name on file), USAF Medical Corps. Reminded of his Security Oath, he was confined to quarters and sent back to Pendleton for punishment.

Thirteen years later, RT decided to tell his story. He admitted to seeing the movie, "Hangar 18," knew it was fiction, but he said, its emotional impact on him conjured up in his mind the hangar in the desert which he knew was not fiction. He first told his story to Wendelle Stevens and RC. Then like the day he went down the wrong path at the retrieval site, he got into a new hornet's nest of trouble.

According to APRO's records, RT called in to their office to report each incident of harassment starting July 24, 1980.

On July 24, 1980, RT claimed he was visited by an Intelligence agent who reminded him of his Security Oath. On July 21, 1980, RT claimed that his apartment was pillaged, maps and all UFO memorabilia taken. Called police. On July 22, 1980, visitor came to apartment with threats. RT excused himself to the bedroom, got a 45 cal. gun, forced the intruder to show ID at gun point, and prformed a "citizen's arrest." He called police, the intruder was "booked;;" also the man waiting in the limousine outside. The police checked the intruders' credentials and released them. On July 28, 1980, RT called to relate that he was visited by a person dressed in black, offering to exchange UFO information. This was the last call made by RT to APRO, according to available records.

During the period of RT's contact with APRO, I was receiving similar information, by phone from my intermediary, RC. Needless to say, I had difficulty in digesting the adventures of his source. Then, on August 11, 1980, it was arranged for me to reach RT to discuss, firsthand, the events of the past month. Hearing it from RT, the story seemed less fanciful, or less contrived. When I asked about the intruder's ID, he said "CIA."

The story told by RT about his visitor, a man dressed in black, might have been penned by Poe. During the stranger's 45 minute unannounced visit, RT's dog, a shepherd, behaved uneasily. Once, said RT, he asked for a glass of water, but when he was approached, he uttered, "Don't touch me." RT also noted that during their conversation about UFOs, the visitor always spoke in the third person, using "we" or "they."

According to RT, the visitor, while describing a UFO incident, suddenly produced from his briefcase a half dozen color photographs. "Each showed a small cadaver or parts, not human, in what appeared to be a hospital operating room," he said. "I would judge they were just about four feet tall if scaled with the tables they were on."

One photo, said RT, was close up of a hand with four fingers, long and slim, with no opposable thumb. "Another," he said, "showed the top of a humanoid head, the flesh cut open and drilled into."

Still another, he related, showed the upper torso of chalky complexion with an incision into its chest, and another, showed a body burned in its suit. "But there was one photo that really convinced me," said RT with emphasis. "It showed three doctors in the process of dissecting a body on top of a slab with a gutter around the edge."

"See any blood?" I asked..... "If there blood is red, there wasn't any," he replied, or words to that affect. "The photos looked real to me," he said, when I asked for his opinion of them.

I called RT the following day, August 12, on a tip from RC who learned that RT and his wife might move form their apartment in the next day or two. He seemed restrained, his words hesitant, but he tried to be courteous.

"Maybe I shouldn't be talking on this subject anymore," he said. He then went on to explain that he was having a "social security number problem" and that it was causing a delay in money to pay the rent.

That was the last word from RT, although he promised to send me his new address. I have since heard from Wendelle Stevens who heard that RT was working for the AEC, had all of his debts paid, and wasn't talking to anybody about UFOs anymore.

But this anecdote doesn't end with RT. Events just as strange allegedly happened to RC, my intermediary who seemed ready and willing and unafraid to move mountains in his probes to get facts for me.

In 1979, RC got my name from a former Cincinnatian, a retired Air Force colonel in Las Vegas, who knew of my research since the mid 1950s. In 1980, RC formed APRON, a local group, and asked for my guidelines and to be its chief consultant. During this period he asked that I call his fiance to convince her that his time was well spent in UFO research. He later told me that my call "really helped" and he was encouraged to keep up his work.

Shortly after the RT disclosures, however, the enthusiasm of RC suddenly dropped to zero. When I called him August 20, 1980, he said grimly, "I've been warned to lay off RT."

Cryptically, without giving me details he said that he was disbanding APRON, getting out of research and planned to move to Texas or Florida and that he would call me from wherever he settled. When I pressed for an explanation he paused, then asked that I call back later. When I did, he said that his fiance's car had been forced off the road in Las Vegas, and that his apartment had been burglarized. "Only things missing," he said, "Were your books, Situation Red, 3-0 Blue and Status Report II, notes I had on the RT case, and you guessed it, a photo of you. Nothing else."

When I called RC on September 9, 1980, he was ready to leave next week for Florida and advised that I not tell anybody. He said he had not received any new threats and he assured me that his fiance was "okay."

On October 10, 1980, RC wrote to me stating that he and his fiance had settled in Pensacola, Florida. In his letter of October 29, 1980, he requested new copies of my books that had been stolen, adding, "I had no problems until I started interviewing RT. I'm OK now." In his letter of December 3, 1980, he acknowledged receipt of the books I sent and said, "My friend CJ, said that he is gong to do some research on the 1953 Kingman (Arizona) incident. Le, he would like to make direct contact with you. He does respect what you're doing." In his typewritten letter, February 19, 1981, RC wrote in part, "I have not heard from my contact yet. However, his wife said that he wanted to talk to me as soon as he got back from Washington... will relate to you all that I get from him."

The next news from RC came as a shock. His fiancee had been killed in a car accident near Singing Sands, Florida. She had been traveling alone, he said, from Pensacola, when a car had apparently forced her off the road, leaving only black paint marks on the side of her car. "It was hit and run," he said.

Months later in 1981, I heard from a mutual research friend of RCs in Las Vegas, that RC had made arrangements to meet three men at an airport concerning UFOs. Since then, silence.

Monday, July 18, 2005


The following article is taken from "Mothership Maui" newsletter.

In this article, we are showing you another side to the story of extraterrestrials. There are more than one type, just as there are more than one type of human. There are "spiritual" E.T.s that are aiding us in the changing of this planet into a star (or moving into the 5th dimension)... they don't land, they don't need to, as they communicate with us through mind.

There are those who are of the dark forces who use fear and manipulation and usually work through humans who are connected to them or their energy.

Then there are those who are researchers, visitors or they planted colonies here long ago. The interactions between E.T.s and humans varies greatly because of these differences. It is also believed that some are here who have made arrangements with our government to use us for whatever purposes, in exchange for their advanced technology. This has not been voted on by the people of course, and so the government would want to conceal and deny any such agreement or even acknowledge their existence. There are many who are probing this possibility, which seems to be a very dangerous task, if there is any truth to these investigations. There are many other cases and many unanswered questions and many unexplained losses of materials and persons.

The following cases are taken exactly as printed from a report written and published by Leonard H. Stringfield in 1982. The title of the work is 'UFO CASH/RETRIEVALS: AMASSING THE EVIDENCE - Status Report III." (Used by permission)

Only initials of some witnesses are used for their protection and or privacy.

CASE A-12: E.L. of Los Angeles, married, has daughter, grandchild, is retired. Served as Carpenter Mate, 1st Class, Hqt. Co. 112th Construction Battalion, WWII.

This case dating back to 1944, allegedly involves a landed or disabled alien craft discovered by a Seabee, E.L., near the beach of Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii. The year of the event is not only difficult to accept, but so is the story, mainly because of the fictionish anachronisms. E.L. related during certain CE III phases of his experience. Lucius Farish, author of "In Other Words" in MUFON UFO Journal, who referred me to the source, agrees that while the story is fantastic, and probably beyond verification, it is nonetheless a case that just may have happened -- or some of it -- and should be recorded.

E.L., during three interviews by phone, related his experience cooperatively when assured of anonymity. He explained that only his offspring and one other researcher, Don Worley, had heard his story firsthand. He admitted that no one would ever believe his story and seemed relieved, at age 66, when I told him I planned to publish part of it for research records.
E.L.'s story begins with a stroll along the Kaneohe beaches on a Sunday morning looking for shells. Suddenly, his eye caught a glint of metal reflecting sunlight near a wooded ridge, not far from a radar installation. Curious, he went to look and was faced with a strange globular object about 50 feet in diameter. "It looked like an igloo," he said, "except on the top was a clear glass dome about a foot high with a gold device, like a weather vane, spinning inside."

Outside were a group of people, said E.L., all dressed in tight-fitting green uniforms. A closer look to his surprise revealed they were short, or "scaled-down" people, about 4 - 1/2 feet tall, of exceedingly slight build, with no buttocks. Their faces, he said, were human-like with heads topped with short, lush black hair, large dark eyes, heavy eyebrows. One featured large, fanged teeth. This one, he was told later, was a female. Each wore a heavy belt with a box-like apparatus attached in front. Two of the group of seven were sitting on this ship's ramp, four at regular intervals around it and one was out front, just 20 feet away from him. "All were staring at me," he said. "The nearest one, probably the leader, acted like he was waiting for me. I still had no fear because I thought they were just small Navy people used in submarine duty."
Then the man nearest to E.L. spoke. It was in heavy accent, he said, but the voice was too deep for his size. While the others remained silent, one of them suddenly reached down to the apparatus on his belt, pressed a button which instantly made E.L. dizzy and nauseous. Then he lunged at E.L. with a sword-like weapon drawn from a scabbard. E.L. resisted, drew his knife and a battle for "life or death" ensued. E.L. managed to overcome his assailant forcing him to the ground. Then to E.L.'s amazement, the others, jumped into the fray, and slew their own comrade. E.L., who was dazed by it all, was told by the leader to return the next morning to talk by a large black rock near the water's edge. Said E.L., "They didn't know it, but I took the box from the dead man's belt."

Meeting at the black rock E.L. was told of the wondrous world from whence the aliens came, 21 light years away. He also explained that this was the beginning of a period of world visits to check on the Earth they colonized eons ago.

But E.L.'s accord with the space people didn't last long. A "Navy swabbie," said E.L., who had witnessed his meeting with the strange men dressed in green, reported his activity to Naval Intelligence.

According to E.L., he was promptly summoned to Intelligence to explain his escapade to a Lt. Lewis. After length interrogation by Naval Intelligence, OSS and the FBI, who were called in, he was forced to surrender the so-called Black Box and to designate the location of the alien craft. By some crafty maneuvers, said E.L., they managed to capture the female entity who was heavily guarded until she was sent to the US mainland. Then E.L. learned, that Naval aircraft shot down the alien ship as it tried to take off and it fell into the ocean. It was towed, he said, using nets, to San Diego. The remaining crew of six probably rotted inside because the Navy couldn't penetrate the craft's metal skin with conventional tools.

According to E.L., the "Black Box" was the subject of great interest to the OSS and Naval Intelligence. While in the office its great power was luridly demonstrated on a pet cat. Pressing one of its three buttons, the cat, facing its invisible wave, fell dead instantly, its bones liquefying into jelly. Even the desk, he said, upon which the box sat, seared through the varnish and into the wood, causing a foul odor.

E.L., of course, signed an oath of secrecy, and was threatened, he said, by one of the plain clothes agents who "looked like President Johnson." If he talked about the incident, he was told he could be charged with murder of the ship's crew member. He had been framed, he said.

COMMENT: E.L.'s complete story, which includes voluminous CE III data, is beyond the scope of this paper. My notes cover several pages. However, before my investigation, Don Worley in 1974, had made extensive efforts by mail to get the facts, but gave up when many of his questions went unanswered. The story is difficult to believe, especially the phase when E.L. does battle in medieval style with an alien. Such an anachronism, on the other hand, may have been staged using hypnotic techniques, for reasons that will remain inexplicable.

Continued tomorrow

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