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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Date: Monday, February 23 @ 11:56:45 MST
Topic: Abduction Reports Posted: February 23, 2004

When I was 8 years old I woke up in the middle of the night. There were two little beings standing beside my bed. I sat up knowing I was awake, I called out my brother's name, he was not quite three at the time, but he was the right size, and the only logical explanation I could frame at that instant. I was pretty desperate to find out that they were him. By the third time I called his name I was pretty certain that they weren't going to turn out to be my brother, and then I realized I was terrified.

The moon light coming through the window was shining right on them as for a moment we just looked at each other. My next thought was that they were cherubs or angels because it looked like they had haloes.

We have one heck of a stone catholic church in Penetang, and the cherubs were everywhere in the artwork. I had noticed that no one ever mentioned them, which of course made me curious, because no one ever had an explanation for them, when I asked. In the artwork they appear to be doing all the work, which didn't jibe with the TV, or the science books I was reading, or any of the machines at the marina, or anything we were taught in school. Penetang is the only school board in Ontario, or maybe even Canada where the public schools were Catholic.

Then I realized no, those are helmets. Fish bowls, and silver suits. I knew what that meant. It was time to freak right out.

Then the closest of the two put its' hand up to my face, and it felt like it threw sand into my eyes. My eye lids slammed shut. When I opened them, the first thing I saw was a bluish light travel from the window, across the ceiling, and down the wall the head of my bed was against, which was opposite the window.
Normally when a car went by the light would travel around the walls of the room as the road was parallel to my window.

I noticed that the moon light was coming in the opposite side of the window from where it had been shining down on my visitors. It was now shining on me - about a 4 hour travel.

My first thought was to head straight for my parents room.

My father the boat builder had built the bedroom doors in the house to such a nice fit that they closed snugly with out door handles.If you wanted to open them when they were closed tight you had to get a clothes hanger out of the walk-in closet and slide it under the door and pull it open. They couldn't be closed like that from outside the room. They could only be closed all the way shut to where you couldn't get your fingers on the edge to open them by pushing the door gently shut, so they didn't bounce back a bit. The doors were always left open an inch or two when we went to bed.

I didn't think they went out the door, so that meant they might be in the closet.
I decided I'd better just stay there in bed, because since I now knew that spacemen were real, I wasn't going to go to all of that trouble to open the door just to find out that space monsters were real too.

The next morning I recall telling my mother. She said I must have been dreaming.

Then I forgot.

The constant nose bleeds were because I picked my nose, and if I didn't stop maybe I'd have to wear gloves to bed or something.

When I was ten I was reading a Hans Christian Anderson book of folk tales, and when I got to the tale of the Sandman, the whole event returned like a ton of bricks.

The isolation I felt starting at that instant was not as bad as the isolation I was starting to feel because my family was breaking up. I won't bore you with the details except to say that for refusing to stab a good man in the back, in a manner that's as low as it gets, I've had to put up with zionist style attack tactics from a lot of people who think appearing right is more important than being right, greed justifies all. No attack in regards to visitors could cause the pain that that has caused me.

Again, I apologize for all the wordage, You are so right, getting this off my chest helps because it raises the hope that I will get closer to the truth, and also be able to help others, who may then be able to contribute to the truth, and then they will be able to help others.

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