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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


By Brent Raynes
Alternate Perceptions Magazine

Editor’s Note: The message below was contained in an email received by me on December 3, 2006. The writer had quite a strange story to share. Here it is:

I have never revealed my knowledge of so-called “alien abduction” to anyone other than my parents, sisters and children. It is a story that from listening to others, I have never heard duplicated.

From the time I entered college until only recently I had not seen or talked to any member of my immediate family, parents, sisters, nieces or cousins.
My recall of any actual abduction was never made conscious to me until one night last year while sitting around the dinner table with my aging parents, niece and older sister arguing “religion.” I made the statement that I did not believe in extra-terrestrial life, UFOs or the like. Everyone around the table froze in instant silence and all looked at me in puzzlement. I stared back wondering “Hey, what did I say wrong?” Finally my sister, who was sitting next to me, broke the silence and said, “Are you serious? Don’t you remember what happened to you?” I said, “What are you talking about?” My sister then said, “You have seen two UFOs and I was with you both times. Once when you were only five years old and the second time when you were at my house when you were 17.” I laughed at her and looked at the others around the table hoping to get a confirmation that my sister was lying (something she never does). I vehemently argued that she was making it up and that I had no recollection of such events. She went on to explain that when I was 5 years old she found me looking out my bedroom window at a large craft hovering outside my bedroom window. When I was 17, she told me that I was outside of her house one evening and came running in to her house saying that I had “seen a UFO.” To this day, I cannot recall either of those occurrences.

One month or so BEFORE this conversation at my parents dinner table, I experienced what was apparently a “dream” unlike any dream I can recall experiencing in my lifetime. The dream began that I was sitting in a spaceship looking out a front window as we were approaching a “planet.” I was not the pilot. There were three other “humans” with me who I do not recall knowing. There were no other beings that I could see. I was not my present age but more likely a teenager because the clothes that I was wearing were positively clothes that I owned and wore as a teenager. The others were also about my age and also dressed in the same time period.

The planet we were approaching was not earth. This planet was distinctively green and black in color from the distance the spaceship was approaching. The next thing I remember, the three of us were walking down what was apparently a road. There were no vehicles, beings, houses, trees, sounds, wind or “direct sunlight.” Still the road was black and the surrounding topography was green. I do not know if the green topography was vegetation or not. The environment was very humid and the temperature was absolutely perfect. We walked down this road until we came to a multi-story building complex. There were at least 4 multi-story buildings and what looked like a large airport hanger. We approached the first multi-story building. The building was made of a shinny black material. The windows, doors, frames, etc. were all black. We opened the front door and walked in. There appeared to be “activity” via what looked like some type of flashing lights, computer screens (?), but again we did not see any other beings. We walked up a stairway to a mezzanine of sorts which kind of resembled a “Mall.” Still everything was made of this common shiney black material. Off in a corner near the railing was a small table, three chairs and a computer screen. We naturally migrated toward the table. The three of us sat down and looked at the computer.

All during our walk from the “country” to the building and time in the building we were asking ourselves: “What do they want with us or what do they want us to do?” We were not genuinely afraid. The computer screen was displaying pages of symbols without spaces between them. I looked at it but even having no idea what it said, something “inside of me” told me “this is Medical Record information” and explained which symbols represented the identity of the record holder. After receiving this mental message, I turned to the others and said, “This is Medical Record information and they are just watching us to see how we react to all of this. They are not going to hurt us.”

After that the three of us got up and walked around the “Mall” for awhile, then down stairs and into an adjoining warehouse where we witness robotic devices moving large containers from one location to another. Still we did not encounter any living being. We walked through the warehouse and out some large open doors which looked out into the “country.” That is my last point of remembrance before “wakening up.”

One month or so AFTER the conversation at my parents dinner table I was driving up Interstate 5 from Los Angeles to San Francisco. In my left ear I began hearing a sound which can only be described as computer data being transmitted over a communication line. I had many times in my life heard this sound but never had any idea what it was. On this occasion, the sound was so loud and lasted for such a long time that I became concerned that what I was hearing was something malfunctioning in the car. I pulled off of the Freeway, parked and stopped the engine. The sound in my ear was still there. It continued for almost another 30 minutes and finally stopped.

After the sound stopped I began driving the lonely stretch of Interstate 5 again and almost immediately a “vision like a computer screen” appeared on my passenger side dashboard. On the screen appeared a young woman (who I was familiar with but did not know). She began to speak to me. For the next two hours she told me “everything about everything.” I was able to ask her questions also. I do not have enough room to include the detailed contents of our conversation but for the most part she explained to me the “nature” of my sister’s revelation to me and my “dream.” Most importantly, she was communicating to me from the so called “alien genome” that was inside of me and had been since I was 17 years old. The information she was communicating had been “downloaded” via the sound I had heard in my left ear.

Some of the other information she revealed to me was:
1) The nature of so-called “alien” life throughout the universe.
2) Earthly Humanity position in Universe life form hierarchy.
3) The shape of the Universe.
4) The nature of the “creator.”
5) The make-up and likeness of the species from which my genome came from.
6) Distance measuring in the Universe.
7) Forms of “mathematics” and “communication.”

Her answers were mostly simple because many topics of conversation she was not able to communicate fully or at all because there were no “human” language explanations or definitions that could be convertible for me to understand.

There is much more to tell but for the most part, I still do not know whether I really believe all of this or not. I have a PhD in Pharmacology, attended Pharmacy School, Medical School and Law School. I am not religious but have the ability to perform spiritual healings and communicate with the dead, among other things. I generally avoid such activities unless I get cornered into it. I was not a very “smart” person until after the age of 18. At age 16 my recorded IQ in high school was 86. My IQ recorded after that and recently has ranged 127-132, but most of the time I feel like a complete idiot. Also my hearing mysteriously developed a very rare frequency loss after I was 17, which has never been explainable or resolved.

Abduction? Yes, I guess you can call it that. If the genome is still inside me as they told me it was then, yes I am still an abductee, a prisoner so to speak. But knowing what they told me about who they are and who we are, I really do not have any choice but to accept my role with them as a “transmission unit” to let them monitor human existence. I do not feel that they have any “compassion” (as we know it), for me on an individual basis since our life form is so far below theirs. It is like humans trying to sympathize with the activities of daily living of a flea. I hate what I am and would, without contemplation, choose death over life since life as a regular human is probably no better.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Daily Sun
Conway, NH
Nov. 24, 2006

My friend Peter Samuelson, 65, of Fryeburg, has been prospecting in these mountains for more than 40 years. Back in the late 1960s, when I was being introduced to the area by working summers up at the AMC, he was already prospecting far and wide in the mountains, carrying heavy packs of supplies in, and heavy packs of stones out.

His many stories about the mountains -- a few of which I have taken part in -- have been part of my own mythology of the White Mountains. Recently, with my interest in helping to save the Ossipee Range from the burden of a private racetrack on its fragile slopes, he approached me to remind me of his Sasquatch story in the Ossipees, and lightheartedly suggested I write a third column on the Ossipee Range, which might include his story.

At first I found the idea amusing and certainly possible. But, then I realized he had honestly told me the story of what he and his friend Holly saw that day in the mountains -- there is no reason to think otherwise -- and an interpretation of the events should be left up to the reader. Even Samuelson himself isn't sure at all what actually happened.

A story about the myth versus reality of the Sasquatch certainly emphasized the wildness of the Ossipee Range, a place that should be preserved for future generations instead of irresponsibly exploited in the name of a temporary addiction to oil.

It was midsummer, 1979. Samuelson, his dog named Kat, and his girlfriend Holly Swaffield, then of Wolfeboro, were out prospecting in the Ossipee Range.

"We drove in the Gilman Valley Road, parked at the gate and continued up the old road past the Tamworth/Ossipee town line," he said. "Then we cut into the woods on the right and headed west up Bald Mountain."

The legendary Bald Mountain is taller than Mount Whittier and is located just south of it. From its open leges, you can look diretly below to Connor Pond, located in the center of the range.

"We bushwhacked in two miles, up to the ledges on Bald," Samuelson said. "The area contains a lot of Conway granite and we were looking for contact zones, edges where two types of rock meet. Along these zones, it is possible to dig for pockets of beryl's or topaz crystals."

As the trees opened up before them, and Connor Pond became visible far below to their left, they saw a strange sight about 100 yards ahead on the ledges.

"It was a small structure, yet made of big stones, stacked on each other," he said. "The roof was flat and made of thatched hemlock bows. There was an opening, like a rustic doorway. We saw a giant manlike creature inside, about seven feet high, and back to us. It was totally covered with tangled gray hair about three inches long."

In the same instant that this all became visible to them, Kat began growling intensely and the creature started to make loud noises indicating it was upset.

"I can't describe the noise," said Samuelson. "Anyway, Holly freaked and we all felt threatened. We hightailed it out of there immediately, in the direction we had come. Only later, part way down the mountain, did we pause and ask ourselves, "What did we see?"

They had both carried cameras, but in the urgency to leave never thought to take a picture.

Over the next few days, they told various acquaintances of their experience. Asked how these people reacted, Samuelson said with a smile, "You know how."

A few months later, Holly excitedly called him and said she had been to the Wolfeboro Library and found a fascinating story. During a midwinter thaw in the 1890s, a person in a cabin on the shore of Connor Pond, located in the center of the Ossipee Range, saw an alarming thing. A dog had wandered out on the thawing pond. It fell through the ice and was floundering vainly for a long time to get out. Suddenly a large hair human-like creature came out of the woods from the direction of Bald Mountain, reached out long arms and rescued the dog, then immediately disappeared back in the woods from the direction it first appeared.

That old story added a little continuity to their own experience, no matter how unbelievable. Still, it took Samuelson a year to get his courage and curiosity up enough to return alone to the site of their mysterious and alarming encounter on Bald Mountain. Holly wouldn't go with him. As he walked out onto the leges, he was struck again, this time because there was absolutely no sign of the structure they had seen the year before. He picked over the area thoroughly, looking for the slightest dent in the ledges where the big stones might have rested, stones that would normally take two or three people to move.

There was nothing.


And now from Shogg:

It happened while I was going to high school, here in North Carolina (before I moved, so it was my junior year). One night my girlfriend and I were out enjoying a summer evening in the forest around where we lived. We had gone swimming in the pond where we had parked, had a campfire supper and were just messing around, enjoying the evening as it got dark. Well not too long after sundown all of a sudden we heard a shriek. We both looked at each other and asked each other "what the hell was that!" and then it went off again! Then a few seconds later we heard something obviously very large moving in the brush about 20 or 30 feet away! We got up, not even picking up our blanket and got in the car, locked the doors, and sat dead still and listened. For awhile we heard nothing but there was that weird feeling of being watched.

Aileen at this point I need to point out something that over the years I have found significant: Although we were both shaking, I, the guy was quite hyped and was planning on shooting it with my rifle I kept in my car. But Julie, although, shaking and hyped as well was just not what I would call scared looking back on it.
The reason I say this is because finally, after a few minutes, this big thing suddenly came out of the woods and very deliberately went for our car! Then a number things happened very quickly all at once.

I saw the dim outline of this thing in the dying campfire light. I immediately reached down for my rifle on the floorboard. The thing jumped on my car and rocked it.

Julie let out a gasp when the thing hit the car but then shouted " what are you doing?!" and grasped the barrel when she saw me attempt to pull up my rifle. Now of coarse we were inside the car but I was truly concerned that this thing was gonna break the glass to get to us so I was getting ready for that. But when Julie grabbed the barrel, I yelled at her to let go but she didnt. At that point the thing rocked my car again and I instantly let go of my rifle, started up the car and sped away.

We were freaked out and glad to be away from there. As we drove away I found myself saying "Damn bears! We're lucky to have made it to the car!" Without missing a beat Julie simply stated " that was no bear" and I said " What? Well if it wasn't a bear, then what do you think it was??'' She simply said "I just know it wasn't a bear."

Strange, we simply went home and told no one about the incident. It wasn't until days later I finally asked Julie why she grabbed the rifle. She told me it wasn't a bear and since if we didnt know what it was we shouldnt shoot it. I responded with "so we shouldnt defend ourselves??" Julie responded with "I think it was afraid we were going to hurt it first, which is why it was trying to scare us. We should have gone back and tried to communicate with it."

For years I thought she was crazy and now I have to say she was probably right!!

Monday, February 26, 2007


TV show planned on hunt for Texas Bigfoot
By Bill Hanna
Star-Telegram Staff Writer

It was probably only a matter of time before someone came up with a Bigfoot reality-TV show.

And that time has apparently come.

Next month in the woods outside Paris, (Texas) a pilot will be filmed for the proposed series Capturing Bigfoot.

"You've got a hot spot out there in your back yard, a hot spot like no other," Bigfoot explorer Tom Biscardi, 58, said by telephone from Northern California.
Biscardi, who retired from the insurance industry to pursue Bigfoot full time, has made the creature his life's work. On his Web site he sells Bigfoot DVDs, Bigfoot mugs, Bigfoot T-shirts and pewter Bigfoot belt buckles. He also hosts a weekly Internet radio show about all things Sasquatch.

He believes a Bigfoot family is living in old World War II Army bunkers buried on an abandoned portion of Camp Maxey north of Paris, near the Oklahoma border.

"I think it's a family pod," Biscardi said. "What we found is baby footprints next to a mother. This is the first time that has ever happened."

Not only is Biscardi participating in the TV pilot, but he is also inviting enthusiasts to go along.

For $375, anyone interested in finding "America's King Kong" can join him on a 24-hour expedition as part of the team trying to capture the elusive beast.

The news that a Bigfoot family is roaming the woods north of town was a surprise to Lamar County Judge Chuck Superville.

Nonetheless, the judge predicted that most residents in the predominantly rural county of 49,644 would welcome the attention, noting that Paris was abuzz recently over an episode of the CW Network's One Tree Hill being filmed in the area.

"It puts us on the map, which is good," Superville said. "I think Northeast Texas is a good place to live. It's a garden paradise."

Biscardi describes the 16,000-acre area around Camp Maxey -- part of which is still used as a Texas National Guard training center -- in more dramatic terms.
"You've got to look at this place," Biscardi said. "It's prehistoric. It looks like something straight out of Jurassic Park."

The producers will try to sell the show to cable television outlets. If it isn't picked up, the expedition could be turned into a DVD, said Robert Barrows, a spokesman for the project.

But Biscardi is already drawing the ire of other Bigfoot enthusiasts.
Craig Woolheater, chairman of the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, which has annual conferences in Jefferson, does not condone Biscardi's methods, which he says "are produced for the sake of media coverage or for commercial purposes."

"This expedition is not a scientific expedition in my opinion; from what I understand it is being filmed for a reality-TV show entitled Capturing Bigfoot," Woolheater wrote in an e-mail. "As such, the TBRC is in no way, shape or form, affiliated with the very controversial Tom Biscardi."

Biscardi says he is often the only person willing to go out to people who have been traumatized by Bigfoot encounters. And he has never denied that he lives off his Bigfoot earnings.

But if by some chance Biscardi is successful, what will he do with Bigfoot?
"We've got two compounds at undisclosed locations where we'll conduct studies for 90 days, then release it back where we found it, I promise," Biscardi said.

ONLINE: www.searchingforbigfoot.com

Bill Hanna, 817-390-7698

Sunday, February 25, 2007


By Jim Kallas

Near the end of the summer of 1973, I went down to visit my brother who lives in Eugene, Oregon (from Seattle). Not being one who likes to travel on busy holiday weekends, I decided to go down on the weekend after Labor Day when the kids would be back in school and most vacationers had taken their last excursion for the year.

I also recall the year of 1973 as being one of the most heavily noted for the numerous UFO sightings in this area and throughout the world. Until now I had never seen anything that I would honestly call a UFO, although on several occasions I had seen strange lights I could not identify.

As was my custom, on the return trip from Eugene, I invariably stopped off in Longview, Washington to visit a cousin and an aunt. I usually stayed for several hours, but was always rather anxious to return home as I had to be at work the following morning.

It was just getting dusk as I left Longview and crossed the river to the adjoining town of Kelso. From here I would take the access ramp to the I-5 freeway on which I would travel home to Lynnwood, Washington in a little over two hours.

Although having traveled this route on numerous occasions, I somehow missed the freeway on ramp. I couldn't turn around as I was caught in a rather heavy stream of traffic. I did manage to glimpse a road sign saying "Castle Rock," so I decided I would get on old Highway 99 to Castle Rock and access the freeway from there. I was rather familiar with old Highway 99 as I had traveled it quite frequently before the I-5 Freeway was built.

Soon all the other vehicles had left the road both ahead and behind and I was traveling on some older section of highway. None of the area was familiar to me even though I knew all the area along old Highway 99. I had the car radio on and tuned to radio station KJR in Seattle. This I always used as a homing device. As the music got louder, I knew I was getting closer to Seattle.

Somehow I missed old Highway 99. Either the directional signs were not placed or I had crossed it along the way. The old highway ran through Kelso, but somehow I had either been running parallel with it or at a slight northeasterly angle. The radio station was getting louder so I knew that I was still heading northward.

Eventually even the farms were becoming rather rare and I was entering a rather remote wilderness area. I had absolutely no idea where I was except that I was still headed in a northerly direction. I still expected to reach Castle Rock or at least another remote settlement where I could find directions. I knew I should have reached Castle Rock long before now.

The area was quite heavily wooded and the road was beginning to wind quite a bit. Suddenly I began going down a rather steep hill and eventually I would be in a valley where I expected to see farms again. When I had reached the bottom of the steep hill, I noticed a pair of lights beginning to descend down the hill and assumed it was another automobile.

Even then I noticed the lights as being rather odd that they appeared to be descending at a much steeper angle than I recall the hill as being. Also the lights appeared to be unusually bright and they appeared to have more orange to the beams than was noticeable in most automobile headlights. In addition the lights were descending the hill quite rapidly.

At the time I thought this to be some teenager testing out a souped up engine on the remote highway. It looked as if he were doing at least one hundred twenty miles per hour. If he wanted to go by, I would let him as the last thing I wanted was to be involved in an accident in a rather remote area where I was even unsure of my exact location.

As the vehicle reached the bottom of the decline, it began to slow down and travel at a more reasonable speed. I was traveling between forty and forty-five miles per hour because the road was rather twisty and hilly. If the hot rodder wished to pass, he was most welcome to do so.

I could only catch an occasional glimpse of the other vehicle's headlights in my inside rearview mirror as I was more concerned about keeping my own vehicle on the winding road. There seemed to be something rather odd and strange about those headlights behind me. They appeared to be at the proper spacing for vehicle headlights and the vehicle appeared to be traveling at the proper following distance for the speed we were traveling.

Whenever the roadway became straight for any length of time, I would catch a glimpse of the headlights in the inside rearview mirror. It was during one of these times that I finally noticed what was so strange about them. They appeared to be fluorescent green in color.

This I thought as being rather unusual at the time, but then I thought that being in the rather remote area where I was, teenagers could do almost anything to their automobiles and get away with it than could teenagers living in a town or city.

The next time I was able to catch a glimpse of the headlights in the rearview mirror, I noticed something more peculiar about them. They were still fluorescent green in color, but now they appeared to have a huge black spot in the center. This was the first time I began having doubts that this might not be an automobile following me down the road. At the time I wasn't really certain exactly what it could have been.

The reflected lights in the rearview mirror reminded me of the small cathode ray tuning eyes that used to be popular on radios in the late 1930s and early 1940s. They had a similar appearance except for the band width indicator which was missing. Now I was becoming a bit concerned as to exactly what it was that was behind me.

I was never really scared at any time, but simply curious. I could not for the life of me determine what it was behind me. Unfortunately I could not look back through the rear window because the twisting and turning of the road would not allow me to take my eyes off the road at any time for very long.

I did check the rearview mirror to see it if had been tilted for night driving, but it was still in normal position. At first I had suspicions that the night shading on the mirror had caused a color change, but it had not been moved.

At the next opportunity when I had a chance to glance up at the rearview mirror, I was rather surprised to note two smaller fluorescent violet lights directly below the fluorescent green lights. At first I simply assumed this to be the reflection of the tail lights of another car going in the opposite direction. Then I recalled there had been no car going in the other direction. In fact I had not seen another vehicle on the road since long before descending the steep hill.

Now I was really getting quite curious as to what it was that appeared to be following me so closely. It most certainly was no motorized vehicle I was familiar with and it could not be either an airplane or a helicopter because there was no noise. Just exactly what it was, I could not even guess.

The next moment I am totally unsure of. It appeared that I could make out the hexagonal lens configuration of the fluorescent violet lights. This was totally impossible as the lights were somewhat smaller than the fluorescent green lights. It was as if the violet lights had suddenly and momentarily been projected up to the outside surface of my automobile rear window.

In this event these lights would have been mounted on flexible conduit so they could be projected or retracted as needed. When I next caught a glimpse of the lights, I could in no way capture the detail I had seen before. This bothered me as I very well recall what the lens configuration had looked like and in very great detail.

The nearest I got to getting a direct look at the lights when I was able to partially turn and see what my Siberian Husky was doing in the back seat. He was lying down fast asleep like he always did on such long trips. It was not bothering him in the least.

At this time my curiosity got the best of me and I finally decided to stop the car and get out to look and get a view of what it was following me down the road. The very instant that thought came into my mind, the lights suddenly veered off over he trees. It was as if whatever it was had been reading my mind.

I glanced at my wristwatch and noted that the total elapsed time I had viewed these lights was about four and one-half minutes. I hadn't even been thinking about UFOs, but the thought suddenly came to mind.

Nothing unusual had happened during the entire observation. My automobile engine never quit or even misfired. The headlights never went dim, and the radio was playing louder as I had gotten several miles closer toward Seattle.

I had three cameras alongside of me in the front seat: a thirty-five millimeter Minolta, a sixteen millimeter movie camera and a Polaroid. I always had my cameras along when I traveled. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to use them.

Also I carried my thirty-eight special as I was rather prone to picking up hitchhikers. Although my Siberian Husky was a good deterrent, I sometimes took side trips into wilderness areas where a sidearm might prove to be useful.

The following morning when I went to work, I questioned many of my fellow employees about various types of lights. One was, or had been, a trucker and I asked him about recognition lights on semis and other trucks. Another had been a railroad worker and I questioned him at length about lights used on the railroad. I, myself, had been a jet pilot having not many years before gotten off of active duty.

Later I had crossed railroad tracks, but these were quite far down in the valley. When I finally saw a sign indicating the way to Seattle, I finally determined I was in the vicinity of Vader and Ryderwood; two small logging communities in the middle of the wilderness. Also I was not far from the I-5 freeway.

During the Thanksgiving holidays, I went down to visit my brother again and retraced my route during daylight hours. I found the steep hill I had come down and saw where I had traveled when the lights were behind me. There were no farms or houses anywhere in this area and no sources of lights of any type.

To this day I have absolutely no idea as to what it was or what it might have been following me down the road that night. All I know for certain is what it was not. I have never come up with a satisfactory explanation as to what it could have been.

One thing became certain that I became a believer in UFOs. Up until then I had been a fence sitter. I had always had a rather open mind about UFOs. I didn't really believe in them and yet, I wasn't a disbeliever either. People were seeing something and some accounts I knew to be false, but I have yet to this day never heard of an incident even remotely similar to my experience.

I was rather disappointed in not having the experiences that others had apparently encountered. My automobile suffered no electromechanical malfunctions. I wasn't beamed aboard a flying saucer and given a physical examination. I didn't see an unusual vehicle of any type, only the strange lights that I saw reflected in the rearview mirror.

Maybe someday someone will tell about a similar incident. Also maybe I will get a rational explanation. Until then I will still be watching for even remotely similar encounters. I still would like to know what it was that I saw.

Jim Kallas

Saturday, February 24, 2007


This happened in the fall of 1983 after I had graduated from High School. (You do the math-I'm in my early 40s) The particular place in New Mexico where this incident took place was Los Alamos. Are you familiar with the town? My father worked there at the National Laboratory as a researcher and I finished my senior year there.

I have to say as an aside, from the first day we arrived in Los Alamos, there was a very subtle very, weird vibe up there that I detected that occasionally someone else would admit they felt also. To this day I have no idea if I was onto something or it was just a figment of my imagination.

At any rate, one evening in October of that year, my buddy Matthew and I were hanging out at the local teen hang-out, a pizzeria named "Big Cheese Pizza." It was in the shopping center on the hill behind the Hilltop House Hotel, owned by the Waterman family and has since gone out of business. Dan Hammer was the manager, not sure where he ended up.

Anyway so around 10 pm Dan good naturedly kicked us out and me and Matthew walked a couple miles up town to his quad where him and his dad lived. Their quad was at the base of the Barranca Mesa on ...... I can't remember the name of the street! Was a common girls name. Oh well. Anyway so we were kinda just wandering the streets like we would do hoping some girls we knew who cruised a lot would notice us and give us a ride.

Then around midnight we were on the edge of town by his house and thats when it happened. Right in some brush about 50 feet from us we heard the most god awful screech!

We both looked wide eyed at each other and simultaneously asked " what the hell was that??"

Aileen to this day I can't describe that sound, but at the risk of sounding like a nutcase it sounded demonic. We were instantly both scared. And we took off running! And as we ran I turned to see this unreal sight: right out of the brush came this thing. It had a a big bushy head on a long lanky frame. I couldnt make out any detail because it was so dark but what I saw in the outline of what the streetlights were showing was more than enough! And it was running after us!

We sprinted like maniacs to the nearest sanctuary: a playground. We scampered up the tower of a slide (you know the type: you climb the ladder inside a tube to the top where you then slide down) and cowered up on top. This thing attempted to climb up after us but couldnt fit!

It growled and howled and clawed. I thought any second some people in the surrounding houses would call the cops. Then this thing suddenly galloped off and no one came out to check on us!!

Me and Matthew spent the rest of the night up on top of that slide and didn't leave till sun up!

To this day I wonder if somehow me and Matthew had imagined the whole incident but I don't see how. Neither one of us was a drug user and although we liked to get buzzed on beer regularly that night we hadn't had a drop to drink.

As an addendum: Years later while I was visiting my dad up there I shared this tale with two older gentlemen in a gas station in Sante Fe. One was Native American and the other was Mexican American with deep roots there in the area. They got into a heated argument over what me and my buddy experienced. The Native America thought it was a Skinwalker, the Hispanic gentleman thought it was a Chupacabra.
Pretty wild huh?

Friday, February 23, 2007



Robert D. Miles
Used with permission
“My UFO Experience”

An extraordinary event occurred in my life a little over thirty years ago. At the time, I lived aboard a sailboat, a forty-seven-foot trimaran. This modern three-hulled vessel had been built by my partner and me in Portland, Oregon, and sailed down the Oregon-California coast in the spring of 1968. After several months in San Diego, California, we sailed on to Hawaii, a voyage of over twenty-four hundred miles. This sailboat was our home for over two years.

Early one morning just a couple of minutes after five a.m., I looked out the open skylight from my bunk at the beautiful early morning sky. The sailboat was tied to a dock in the Alawi Yacht Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. I had gotten up a littler earlier, dressed, made coffee, and then returned to stretch out on my bunk. My mind was filled with the events of the coming day. My partner and I had just sold the boat, and the new owner would take possession within a few hours.

Suddenly, I experienced a dazzling array of shimmering light followed by an intense tingling of energy, which filled the entire stateroom and engulfed me. My entire body began to vibrate as a beautiful woman materialized in the walkway right next to my bed. My first reaction was, of course, to believe that I was dreaming or perhaps hallucinating. She spoke to me and took my hand. In a matter of moments, I came to understand that she was real and much more alive than I. The energy aura that she emanated made my entire being vibrate at a level that could only be described as ecstasy. I asked, "Why have you come to visit me?" She replied, "Myself and others like me are friends, and we want you to come to a very important briefing." Moments after agreeing to go with her, an unparalleled series of events occurred.

First, I was teleported to New York City. I then boarded a saucer-like spacecraft and was transported to an extraterrestrial location for the briefing. The extraterrestrials orchestrated the briefing to give me and about fifty other guests a glimpse of Earth's history. They also showed us a dramatic and vivid view of humankind's potential destiny. After the briefing, I was asked to undertake a mission. I agreed to publish a story about my experience and to place an ad in a major newspaper, saying simply, If you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work, come sail with us.

Upon returning to the sailboat, I realized that only thirty-three minutes had passed. However, from my personal perspective, it seemed like many unhurried hours had been spent with these incredible beings. To this day I remain convinced that the series of events were real and not a dream or delusion.
Of course, there is more to my experience than I have written in this brief account. Much of it is contained within the SafeSpace book which I published in 2003. Some of that story is fact, and some of it is fiction. If you attended this briefing or a similar one, or if you would simply like to help make a Safespace possible, I would like to hear from you. I can be contacted on the web at www.safespaceproject.com.

Robert D. Miles
October 2006

New documentary film ‘Fastwalkers’ on UFOs, ETs premieres in Phoenix
Steve Hammons has worked as a journalist, editor, counselor, juvenile probation peace officer, public safety urgent response specialist, teacher, instructor and U.S. Government researcher. He graduated from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, with studies in communications (journalism focus) and health education (psychology focus). Hammons’ two novels tell the story of a U.S. intelligence and joint-service military research team investigating emerging special topics. MISSION INTO LIGHT and the sequel LIGHT'S HAND introduce readers to the ten women and men of the "Joint Reconnaissance Study Group," their adventures exploring the unknown and their missions to help create a better world. Hammons recently completed a movie screenplay combining both novels. Visit the books' home page via the link below:

For those of you who have not seen the film "Fast Walkers" Steve Hammons attended a showing last evening and this is his write up about it. Thanks Steve!

author's web site
Steve Hammons
February 22, 2007


PHOENIX, ARIZONA – On February 21, 2007, Phoenix was again the location of an extraordinary event associated with UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors.
This time, it was the Phoenix premier of the new documentary film FASTWALKERS.

The film proved to be a fascinating, thorough and comprehensive overview of many major aspects of the UFO and alleged extraterrestrial visitation phenomena.

At the Phoenix premiere, FASTWALKERS was shown to an audience of invited guests and the general public.

Producer Robert Miles and director Anthony T. Miles were present and spoke to the audience as they introduced the movie.

Some of the experts, researchers and witnesses interviewed in FASTWALKERS were also present including UFO/ET disclosure advocate Steve Bassett, Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean (U.S. Army, ret.) and aerospace engineer Alan G. Toleman.

A question and answer session after the film with them provided additional insight for the audience.


The movie was filmed, edited and mastered in high-definition and the photos and film footage in FASTWALKERS provide convincing evidence that something very interesting seems to be occurring.

This film is at once a mysterious adventure, a straightforward educational tool, an insightful “open source intelligence” asset and an enjoyable movie experience.

The term “Fastwalker” is a code word that was created by the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) in reference to unusual and extremely high-speed objects caught on camera and radar that are “unknowns.”

From NORAD’s underground Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, site approximately 500 Fastwalkers are reportedly tracked yearly.

In FASTWALKERS, leading experts in the field of research on UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation tell about the information and insight they have gained from years of investigation into these unusual circumstances.

Dozens of researchers and witnesses were interviewed for the film.

As the audience watched the movie premiere, they heard the many accounts from military personnel, airline pilots, investigators and others about fascinating incidents and evidence involving UFOs and ET encounters.

This movie provides a broad and deep overview, along with intriguing specifics. Particular sightings from all over the world are documented.

Events from human history are also examined in the context of extraterrestrial visitation.

Did ancient human cultures have UFO-related experiences? And has human development been influenced by ETs? What are the spiritual aspects involved?


What does the general public have “need to know” about the UFO/ET situation? This is one of the main questions addressed in the film.
Are the visitors from other planets, other dimensions or both? Are they friendly, hostile, indifferent? Do they want to save us from nuclear war, destruction of planet Earth and keep the human species going? These important questions are also explored from many angles in the movie.
And how many kinds of these visitors are “insiders” aware of? The surprising figure of possibly 50 or more kinds of ET races visiting Earth now and in the past is put forward.

The film looks at reports of “Grays,” “Tall Whites,” “Reptilians,” and those that are so like Earth humans that we could sit next to them and not realize they are from another planet or dimension.

Advocates for disclosure of information about this situation present their case in the film. They explain their ideas for ending the secrecy that has surrounded the UFO phenomena since at least the 1940s.

And those who promote "Exopolitics," cultural and psychological diplomacy with ET visitors, also persuade us that it may be time to face this reality with a practical approach that will take us forward.

Through the testimony of many highly credible eyewitnesses, viewers of this film may find that their lingering doubts about UFOs and ET visitation may be fading away. So, where do we go from here?


Many of the people in the film encourage us to face the fact of these circumstances with clarity and courage. Some strongly insist that the secrecy may be destructive to us at this time because new energy sources and other advances can help the human race at this crucial point in our history.

While some reasons for the secrecy, such as after the alleged Roswell crashes in 1947, may have had legitimate national security purposes, other aspects of the cover-up may be less noble, according to some of the researchers in the film.
Fear of public panic or disruption of human society may have been valid at one time, but now, maybe we can handle the truth and make this situation work in our favor, some investigators claim.

Another reason for secrecy that was explored in the film involves the familiar and reasonable explanation that the U.S. and other nations may have been attempting to acquire advanced technology from extraterrestrial visitors. Keeping the lid on these classified “black” activities protected important national security projects.

But who makes these decisions? This question is asked in the film and many possible answers are put forth. Certainly some of those in the militaries of the U.S. and other nations have access to parts of this information and these operations. Intelligence agencies obviously are also involved.

U.S. presidents and other government officials may or may not have had opportunities to learn about details of this situation or to modify related policies and operations.

Most likely, as many researchers claim, the gradual and safe process of disclosure is moving forward on many fronts and people around the world are being slowly brought into the loop about these mysterious circumstances.
FASTWALKERS is itself part of a solution to secrecy and confusion about UFOs and ETs.

The film helps greatly in providing solid information and insight. It also prepares us for the continuing emerging information that is steadily surfacing at this time.

Through projects like FASTWALKERS and the many dedicated people and efforts that are ongoing, maybe the human race will keeping going forward to a future full of exploration, discovery and progress.

FASTWALKERS is available on DVD. For more information, visit http://fastwalkers.com.

Yesterday a friend from Canada told me about the demise of Graham Conway. I was so sad to hear that because Graham was a friend of mine. Graham was the one who named my magazine I published for 14 years, "The Missing Link". He also attended our convention we had every year here in Seattle, the Jorpah. A great researcher has left us and the world of UFOlogy will be sadder because of it.


Thursday, February 22, 2007


By Debbie Collins
Aldershot News, Hants, England

Pensioner Alfred Burtoo's close encounter with little green men while he was angling on the canal bank at Aldershot is no fisherman's tale.

That is the opinion of UFO experts who are convinced that his amazing story is "absolutely true."

Not only did the beings from outer space speak to 77-year old Mr. Burtoo, of Pegasus Avenue, Aldershot, but he claims they also took him aboard their flying saucer.

After a thorough investigation of the alleged happening, Mr. Omar Fowler, of the Surrey Investigation Group on Aerial Phenomena, said "I have been investigating UFO sightings for years, and this is the most sensational thing that has ever happened."

Mr. Burtoo, accompanied by his dog Tiny, was fishing in the Basingstoke Canal, near the Government Road bridge, when he says, the flying saucer landed.

"I saw a bright light coming towards me over North Town and it hovered just over the railway line.

"It then settled down on the bank. I went to have a look and two forms came towards me dressed in pale green suits. They were about 4 ft tall and had dark visors covering their faces.

One of them beckoned me, and I followed them to the steps. I wasn't afraid - I was more curious than anything."

Mr. Burtoo went on: "The object was made of a kind of burnished aluminum an I climbed some steps and went inside.

"I walked across the room and one of them spoke to me in a kind of sing-song voice, with an accent something between Russian and Chinese.

"He asked me to stand under the amber light. I could not see it at first because there was a kind of black tube blocking my view. Then I saw it and went and did as I was told.

"After a few moments they asked me to turn round, which I did. They asked me how old I was and I said 78 next birthday. Then they said I could go because I was too old and infirm for their purpose."

Mr. Burtoo says he then left the spaceship, and was halfway along the towpath when it took off. It went over the military cemetery and then off towards Tongham.

Mr. Burtoo's "close encounter" happened at about 1:15 a.m. on August 12. He told his wife and son and a neighbor about it the next day but did not report it officially because he did not think people would believe him.

"It was not until last week when an American Air Force officer revealed he had seen UFOs in Norfolk I decided to speak out. I am now inclined to think that lots of people have seen these things but don't report them because they do not want to be made fools of. "I did not believe in flying saucers until this happened to me."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


From the pages of the Missing Link magazine.

Fern Chick, San Antonio, Texas - March 20, 1983

What began as a San Antonio woman's game with lights in the New Mexico sky has become an odyssey through hypnosis -- time turned back for a close encounter of the third kind. Christina Bryant, 35, had been haunted for seven years by several missing hours in her life -- a curious time lapse in May 1976, during a drive from Phoenix, Arizona to Lubbock, Texas with her 4-year-old daughter and a friend. There was nothing difficult about remembering the prelude.

It was down from Alamogordo, Bryant said, around 10:30 p.m. when the trio noticed lights in the star-filled sky. To amuse her daughter, Bryant invented a game, commanding the lights to turn blue and then red, which they did, for duration's of about 45 seconds.

We would stop, and it would go off. We would go, and it would stay steady with us. We knew we were playing with something.

They also somehow had left the main highway, finding themselves on a two lane back road in the boonies. Rabbits and deer appeared along the roadside and stared.

Around a bend they saw a police car with funny lights and a one-car wreck, the vehicle tilted at a steep angle, its battery oddly hanging from the wrong side of the hood. The policeman carried a flashlight and a clipboard but seemed to be in parade uniform, with braids and medals, totally out of sync for a back country road. When the officer reached for her hand, resting on the frame of the open window, Bryant remembered the sudden chill of his touch.

It was so cold it scared me.

There was no sign of an accident victim. They asked the officer about the wreck. He asked if they had passed anyone.

About 45 minutes down the road they turned into a highway junction truck stop. The clock read 3 a.m., an impossible time lapse.

In Lubbock, Bryant related details to her mother, who produced a tabloid story with an article about a record number of UFO sightings, Bryant said, in the same area where she had been.

Bryant said that despite the constant puzzle of mission time, it was January 1983 before I finally decided I wanted to do something about it.

Bryant never had heard of the Mutual UFO Network of San Antonio, but after a 90-minute period in which she made half a dozen telephone calls she had four leads -- and Bob Morgan's phone number.

Morgan, chief investigator for MUFONSA, took the usual precautions before setting up the sessions he would conduct with hypnotherapist Jackson Morris.

Bryant first took a psychological test called The California Report.

She passed it with flying colors, Morgan said, She's not telling any story.

There are "scary as hell" differences in what Bryant naturally recalls of the back-road incident and what she recounts under hypnosis.

When he touched my hand is when something was done, Bryant says now of her encounter with the policeman.

He opened the door and helped me out. He was holding my hand for the whole time. He was nice, kind and very gentle, of average height, about 5'11, 170 to 180 pounds, blond with blue eyes, nice features.

The police car, shaped like a coolie hat, was his ship.

I'm 5'2, but I had to duck under to go under the lights. After climbing a ladder into the spacecraft, Bryant was motioned to a chair in front of a large window. Numbers appeared across the top of a screen, an apparent directional finder with converging lines, and the policeman became her playful pilot, pushing buttons that propelled them to flight against a rush of stars. "It was great," Bryant said, "I was fascinated. I knew he was not going to hurt me. He told me his name - Oran or Oron. If he told me where he was from, I don't remember. With the ship on automatic pilot he led me to a door, penetrating it with a motion of his hand. That's when it got scary, she said, when I stepped through that door.

A man and two women stood in front of a cabinet near a very surgical table. Her daughter, snugly asleep, was nearby on another table. One of the women had placed a protective hand on the child.

Random recollections were of white coats, a round faced man of average height who had no facial hair; girls with heavy lashes and pretty eyes, skintight caps covered their heads. All white. Pasty complexions.

This was to be an examination with a "huge syringe" and a long silver cylinder, a stethoscope-like device.

It was like my feet had no resistance. He floated me. No great pressure. And an out-of-body experience. "I was watching them lay me down on that table." Skin was scraped from her arm, and she saw them staring curiously at her stomach. "I know why. I have a large, ugly scar from surgery. I imagine if they had done it, it wouldn't be that big and ugly."

A needle was stuck in her back. Fluid was taken from an eye, then replaced.

Under hypnosis, Bryant is asked to pay closer attention to the people in the examining room. "When I realized they weren't the people I saw," she said, "I panicked all over again."

This time the caps became skulls, with tight white flesh. The women became young boys with very small faces, like a half-open book, the nose and mouth the blinding, large eyes shaped like almonds. Their mouths, she saw, were merely holes, not functional at all.

Employed by a major airline, she imagines the response; "Oh, so you've got a kook working for you."

I don't want to be called a crackpot, Bryant said. I'm a level headed fairly intelligent woman. I don't want anyone saying, "Oh, there she goes, the crackpot. I'd like to tell the whole world, but I can't.

She's very sincere," investigator Morgan says, "and you can tell she was awful scared."

Morgan, in fact, was also the investigator in 1975 when a Leon Valley woman and her nephew reported seeing some men in a field.

The boy, who was 7 at the time, drew some pictures of the "men."

Strangely enough, Morgan said, the features were almost the same as those that later would be drawn by Christine Bryant.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007




This story was first related years ago by three Indians on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and New Mexico. Since additional proof of the migration of the White Indians has come forth we feel it is appropriate at this time to publish it. It is of interest to recall that Charles H. Lindbergh is said to have flown over a beautiful city in lower Mexico around 1928 or 1930, while surveying an air route from Washington to Panama, and to have later returned in his own plane but strange to say, could not find it again.

The Great Indian Conventions which have been held in Michocan, Mexico, have resulted in the complete amalgamation of all the Indian tribes and nations of the Western Hemisphere, a united people under the Great White Chief. So impressive was this Great White Chief, Eachta Eacha Na, (Mighty and Wise One) that he was unanimously elected as chief of all chiefs and their law giver and teacher. Under his leadership they have determined to be and remain a united people, by casting aside all enmity, hatred, malice, and bickering and by recognizing the blood brotherhood of their people under One God and one leadership. The following story of the Indian movement we pass on to you for all it is worth, knowing that many will find it of great interest at this time.

The Chigarau Indians are a nation of very light skinned Indians living in the southern part of Old Mexico. Their beautiful walled city lies in an almost inaccessible section of the high mountainous regions deep in the south of Mexico almost as far as Guatemala. It lies at an elevation of about 1200 feet, within this secluded valley, where it has remained untouched and unspoiled by the evils of civilization. It was built long before the time of Christ. Their habitations cover an area about nine and one half miles long by about eleven miles wide, or about a hundred square miles.

At the northern end of the valley steep rock cliffs two or three hundred feet high form an effective barrier, while on the east, west and south sides is a wall built of stone that varies from five to twenty feet in height. This completes their protective encirclement. Guarded gates are the only means of entrance and exit. The laws of the land of the Chigaraus decree that only those who speak the Indian languages and in whose veins flow Indian blood shall enter their dominion, and the white man has thus far been effectively barred as well as warlike Indian tribes. All the buildings, homes and temples are very light or white in color; inside as well as outside and present a very attractive appearance, forming a city which approaches perfection in its layout and architectural design.

The people are tall and stately, being from five feet-eight to six feet-three inches in height. Their skin is very light; their hair is brown to very black. The color of their eyes varying from hazel to a deep blue or black. Their clothes are all woven by hand and differ from all other tribes considerably. Instead of wearing the customary shirt and trousers, they wear long white robes that reach almost to the ground and which they fastened down the front with three sets of strings, a girdle wrapped about the waist, and the long sleeves are sometimes tied at the elbow with a string. A cowl-like hood is worn over the head and white tanned moccasins over the feet, and certain symbolic marks are placed upon the robes over the breast, naval, and on the hood over the forehead. People regard these symbols as sacred. Men, women and children dress alike in these hand woven woolen robes and all of them live a life of simplicity that is very near perfection in its order and arrangement. One does not say "this is mine or that is yours," but all possess everything together and use it according to their need. The farmer, for instance, puts whatever he raises into the great storehouse. The wool weavers, pottery makers and leather workers do likewise with their products, and then all is made available for the common use of all the people as needed. They have no money and need none for themselves. All commerce with other Indian tribes is carried on by barter or exchange. There are no rich, nor poor, and every one shares the abundance of all. Once I was presented with a beautiful pair of moccasins and I offered a handful of pesos in return for them only to be rebuked by the Great White Chief with soft spoken words, "My son, our hills are full of that metal. We find it useful only for tools and ornaments!" They are a very clean people and have no vices nor bad habits, such as the use of tobacco and liquors. They live principally upon a vegetarian diet of fruits, melons, and raw vegetables, and are all very healthy and beautiful, walking erect with excellent posture that gives an impression of most effortless motion or gliding movement. They are a very devout people and follow the belief, "I am my brother's keeper." Should any sickness or sorrow fall upon any one of them, everyone is ready to do everything possible for the unfortunate one. No ill feelings or motives for such conditions do not exist among them; they are all very happy and they know nothing of greed, hatred, malice or scorn, and because their substance, welfare and happiness are shared, theirs is the perfect life. Their mode of living has been with them for many generations just as firm traditions and beliefs have been handed down from generation to generation that they should live this way.

Many years ago, according to their belief, as many as there are stars in the sky, a great event happened to their ancestors living in this valley. The legend tells of a great storm with fearful earthquakes and thick darkness for several days; then after the darkness was lifted, a Great White God descended from heaven. He was draped in a beautiful white robe. This Being stayed with the people for a short time and taught them how they should put away their evil ways and live by the laws that he had taught them. Before he departed he promised them that if they would live faithfully by these laws and abide by them and his other teachings, someday he would return and live among them again. During rainstorms or heavy wind and hailstorms that are attended by darkness which remind them of the Legendary Times when their Great White God came to them, the Chigarau people prostrate themselves in prayer upon the earth and firmly believe in the return of this Great White God. Each sincerely voices his feelings as how he would welcome his return among them again and to keep their faith alive.

The Indians have a set of records written on books of buckskin, which they have handed down from generation to generation. The records are regarded by them as highly sacred, for they contain the history of their people for many generations prior to the coming of the Great White God. They are the only Indians as far as I know possessing a set of records originating in BC times. They are written in a language no longer spoken by them except for the Mighty and Wise One who learned it from His Father as a responsibility handed down from the beginning of their family.

They have also followed an unusual custom of birth control which has resulted in their population remaining limited to its present size of about three thousand (1955) This condition, custom, or law requires that a woman may bear a child only once every seven years. Hence the birth and death rates have remained about the same so that they have not spread beyond the limits of their walled city and their own culture and customs.

The Chigarau Indians are ruled by a Great White Chief called Eachta Eacha Na, meaning Mighty and Wise One. This title has been held by the chieftain's father before him for many generations. Eachta Eacha Na is now a man of about 90 years of age. However, in his bearing and vigor and appearance, he seems to be like a man of 45. He seems to float along rather than plod along as men of that age do. He has a commanding figure, and one immediately senses deep spiritual qualities in him that make him a man of might midst thousands, yea, millions. Not of his own mind does he speak, but it is what the Great White Spirit whispers through him and one instinctively wants to obey his words.

At the Great Amalgamation of the Indians in May 1938, Eachta Eacha Na, Chief of the White Chigarau Indians, called his runners to the Great Council House and told them to deliver a special message to the Indian tribes nearby and to have them in turn deliver it and relay it as far as the bird flies to the North and to the South until all Indian tribes receive it. His runners then took his message to the chiefs of the nearby tribes and told them that at the beginning of 1939 they, the chiefs, were to send representatives to a great Indian conference to be held at Lake Michocan. Each in turn was to send runners to the tribes beyond them until the message had reached all the tribes in the hemisphere. The response to this message was tremendous and the conference was held in April 1939. Government officials of Old Mexico estimated that more than 130,000 Indians representing every tribe on the continent had gathered at Lake Michoacan to attend this mighty conference at the request of the Great White Chief.

After one week of meeting together during which good will was firmly established among them, the Great White Chief invited them to return again in 1940 during the same season. Accordingly, in 1940, a similar large number of Indian delegates from all the tribes on the continent responded and this time by unanimous vote, they determined to merge into one great nation, with Eachta Eacha Na as chief of all chiefs and the chief of all the Indian people throughout the continent. This was done with results that now every Indian everywhere holds Eachta Eacha Na, the Mighty and Wise one, in great esteem, and all of them look to him for guidance. Once each year then, he has called them to this great annual conference where he has presided and taught them of his ways and laws for more righteous living. The Indian delegates take his teachings back to the tribes where they endeavor to live up to them and teach them to their brothers.


It is planned that all Indians involved in the migration will gather first at their great meeting place at Lake Michoacan. They will leave in two large groups about five days apart. The first group numbering as many as the "stars in the heavens," will journey many days to the North until they come to the west-east flowing river (Rio Grande) which they will cross, and they will journey many days toward the rising sun until they come to another river, a mighty river, that flows from north to south (Mississippi). They are to go up this river until they come to some special stones (at these rocks they will wait for their directions) which will indicate to them where they are to build the temple, and they will then settle down and then the shipping of their supplies and materials to this location will begin. When the second group arrives at the Rio Grande on the Pan American Hiway near Laredo, Texas they are to go to the West, not many days until they find a range of mountains where only the morning sun shall shine. They shall follow certain marks, and signs, and symbols and the two shall amalgamate together. They shall travel many, many days toward the rising sun where they shall find their brethern and they shall assist them in building the great temple and the beautiful city with a wall. Later as time goes on, other bodies of Indians will arrive at the spot and addition after addition will be erected in the city; homes and public places will be built of stone, polished wood and furnishings will be transported by barges and ships from the quarries before mentioned.

At the Great Indian Conference at Lake Michoacan, the Great White Chief repeated again, "What the water has taken from the land, and the land has taken from the water; what man has taken from man; each by the command of the Great Spirit shall come back to its own." By this he meant that all things shall revert and be restored to their original status as God first designed it, in a great restitution of all things. He repeated this statement on several occasions and at the last conference he spoke of the years that go fast by saying, "Another milestone is past. There is so much to do but so little time in which to do it."

East of Superior, Arizona broad steps were found in the desert like they had been made for a huge building. Very near there two people were hiking on a trail. All of a sudden the one behind was missing! The front man turned around and in the trail was a hole that the man had fallen through. In the hole were large urns, some were sealed with a clay like substance, others were open. The hikers rushed to tell what they had found. When they came back the urns were gone. I heard later that the University of Arizona had those urns. Could it be possible that the steps and the urns belong to the Indians that went north and built the temple?

Also near Superior a woman that lived near there found an opening in the mountain and inside she found a table, symbols on the walls of the universe and other interesting artifacts.

If anyone knows any more about the above please e-mail me and we will add it to this story.

Thank you


Monday, February 19, 2007


By Debbie Sarbiewski
The New Times
Seattle, Washington

When I first started to remember it was always the same. I would be asleep and would wake up feeling terrified, not being able to move anything but my head. I would turn toward the door very slowly, my eyes wide with fright, dread pressing against my body.

I have been afraid before, but no fear is as great as not being able to move or not being able to stop what was going to happen, even though I didn't know what was going to happen.

The second thing I started to remember was being returned. I could feel myself being put back into bed. I never saw by whom, but there I was -- being returned to bed.

Once I was tumbled into bed right next to my sleeping husband. I rolled over towards him and started to laugh. A voice in my head said, "How do you feel? Debbie, we cannot leave you until you tell us how you feel." Facing my husband and still laughing, I said to him, "They want to know how I feel!"

I do not know what was so funny or why I couldn't answer their question. My husband just mumbled something in his sleep. The next thing I knew, it was morning.

I tried to tell my daughter and husband what was happening to me; they would listen, but say nothing. I later learned that they would discuss this and wonder if I was going off the deep end. We had the book Communion in the house for a couple of years but I never read it. There was a strong feeling in me to suppress what was happening. Finally, I had to understand what was going on. I read it.

Every hair on my body stood up; is this what was happening to me? Well, if there was one book on this subject maybe there were more, so I searched bookstore after bookstore. I didn't know anything about New Age stores so I had to make due with the mainstream. I read everything I could get my hands on, including some channeled books that talked about love. Not the "oh-I-just-love-that-purse" kind of love, but universal coming-straight-to-your soul type of love.

Something inside me clicked. I could feel this love while I read the books. It was like a memory remembered. Something incredible was happening to me and I felt an overwhelming desire to find out what it was.

One morning when I woke up, I knew that I had been visited the night before. I was so shaken that I wasn't sure I could drive. I felt like I had been taken apart and when I was put back together they missed -- like the two halves weren't quite lined up. What had happened to me? The urge to crawl up in the fetal position and stay there on the bathroom rug was so great. Instead, I went to work. I went home, I went on like nothing had happened, and I was falling apart.

This incident stayed with me for a very long time. I was so confused. The love that is felt throughout the universe -- that I had read about and felt to be true -- was so strong within me. Why, then, was I so scared? Why was it that I couldn't remember what had happened to me?

I was so determined to remember that I went to see a hypnotist. When I tried to recall the visitation all that came back was the anxiety. It was no help, and only made me more determined to find some answers. I was sure that at some time I had to give permission for this to occur. But what was it, and why was I so driven to find out.

Since you don't just go up to your family and friends and say, "Hey, talked to any aliens lately?" I continued my search, watching shows on cable access; reading. My whole life seemed to be changing, at least on the inside. I felt like an enclosed tornado.

About six months later it happened again. I was awakened. I laid there frozen, fear and dread again weighing me down. I stared at the door. Then it appeared: a small being of light.

The fear grew. This time I heard a small voice telling me, "Get over the fear, get over the fear." Somehow I let the fear go. Then the voice told me, "Now feel the love." I opened myself and allowed the feeling of love to touch me. It was so powerful. I laid there looking at this being, feeling love from it, and sending love to it.

Then, as if following some rule, I turned my head away and closed my eyes. The fear was gone.

Some people never get over the fear. Some people never feel fear. I would tell anyone that feeling the love these beings have for us is definitely preferable to feeling fear.

My search to find out about them continued; to find out why I was taken from time to time, poked at, prodded, and explored. My journey led me to a local channeler. I booked a private session with her. I wanted to know the nature of the universe and how everything fit together so that I could better understand what was happening to me. Since I had yet to develop the ability to receive answers, I went to what I considered the source. What a treat it was, getting answers!

I was informed that you must take anything offered to you by a channeled entity -- or, for that matter, anyone -- and filter it. Sort of try it on, if it doesn't feel right or sound right, simply pass it on. If it resonates as truth, or something remembered, perhaps it is.

I learned, among other things, that the visitors I had were called Zeta Reticuli. I also learned that there were other space beings here on Earth helping us to grow and to awaken to who we are and what we are; spirit beings wearing bodies to have the earthen experience.

Yes, I had agreed to allow the Zetas access to my physical body. They were here once, on their journey, so they understand what is going on with us. They are very delicate beings -- we might injure them -- so they keep us in a hypnotic trance when we are with them. Their energy chakras start with our throat chakra; they have no lower energy fields.

Since our bodies resonate at a lower frequency than theirs, when we encounter them their higher or finer energy output is so foreign to us we feel fear. They have nothing but love for us. They understand the genetic code of our bodies -- our DNA -- because they helped design it way-back-when.

The Zetas were once struggling, like we are now, to awaken to higher purposes and goals. They also had wars, famine, and disease, and when they poisoned their planet, they survived by living below ground. Knowing that food would run out, they started to manipulate their DNA structures to achieve a body that could gather nourishment from the gases in the rocks of their underground dwellings.

To ensure that war and hate would not return, they eliminated emotions from their DNA. An emotion is a thought that you attach a feeling to and put into motion through the physical body. They have the highest regard for us because we are working to refine our emotions, to allow and deal with our emotions. With all their advanced technology, a tear on their planet is more prized than gold is on ours.

Since that meeting, I have continued to find books about experiences with the Zetas and other space beings -- some based in fear, others in love. In the book, Bashar, we are told of a wonderful race of beings and that the beginnings of this race started with a beautiful idea; take one part human (at a time in their emotional development when the DNA structures are changing to allow a higher vibrational existence), and one part Zeta Reticuli, mix, and allow to grow and advance.

There was a mini-series on television about the abductions of humans by the Zetas. It ended with a visit to a spacecraft and the abductee being shown a child that was part human and part Zeta.

Before I took a seminar, a conversation triggered a memory of my being returned after a visit. Going into this memory, I, too, was shown a child, a small child. I remembered making faces at it and having the child mimic me back and laugh. I picked up the child and felt so excited. "You did it!" I said.

Is it possible that before we came here, some of us gave permission to the Zetas to have access to our physical bodies? That in doing so we gained the option to work through fear? That we gained the experience of being exposed to a higher energy Being to help us wake up to the fact that there is more to this life than what first appears?

The more we open to love and acceptance that there is a grand plan going on here -- not just with the Zetas but within ourselves -- the more we must realize that the universe is getting smaller and the role we play in it is expanding.

I thank the Zetas for dragging me yelling and kicking into a much bigger world, for awakening in me a desire to know more, to feel more. What I do with that desire is up to me. We all have the ability to choose love over fear, to allow higher vibrations into our lives.

This story covers ten years of my life. This would not have happened unless I was ready. For those of you who still feel fear about their contacts with space beings, I invite you, right now, to choose to release the fear and remember the love. The choice does exist.

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Chicago Tribune
June 3, 1993

by Ted Shen

This culture is skeptical of tales of unidentified flying objects, yet quite fascinated by them.

"The believability of the claims is less important than what we (as a society) make of them," says Allen Ross, a local filmmaker whose latest video documentary, co-directed with Sharon Sandusky, takes a candid look at a cast of such "storytellers" and UFOlogists.

A self-styled ethnographer, Ross has built a cult reputation with experimental works that demystify the seemingly strange. His latest effort is no exception.

"I got interested in the UFO phenomenon," he explains, "because the experiences are basically unfilmmable, so we have to rely on and interpret the contactees' recollections the way anthropologists learn about an unfamiliar culture's customs through native informants."

A few years ago Ross got together with Sandusky, a fellow graduate of the School of Art Institute, and decided to document the personal accounts of selected "experiencers" and "data collectors." Sandusky ferreted out the most credible witnesses and researchers. Then in 1991, the pair, with video gear in hand, located the ones they wanted to interview at two UFO conferences, in Laramie, Wyoming, and the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Rosemont.

The result is "Ordinary Conversations About Extraordinary Matters," an artful compilation of stream-of-consciousness monologues that shed light on the community of UFO believers and researchers.

"According to a recent Roper poll, at least 3.75 million people in this country believe that they've experienced abductions," Sandusky points out. "And many more claim to have seen UFOs. Statistics show that these 'percipients' (those who claim encounters with UFOs) cut across all socioeconomic strata, with as many men as women."

Yet, Ross adds, few are willing to talk in front of a camera. "We had a great deal of trouble convincing men to talk on the record, so we ended up with mostly women interviewees," he says. "Men seem to be afraid of ridicule and losing their jobs. Interestingly, the researchers we interviewed -- Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and John Carpenter -- are all men. They are scientific types, but they've gone out on a limb, in terms of their academic credentials, investigation phenomena sensationalized and cheapened by the mainstream media."

The documentary's narrative unfolds slowly as Skye Ambrose, a young woman who claims to have been abducted by aliens as a child, goes through a hypnotic regression. "There is a belief that most abductees suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, like rape victims and war survivors," Sandusky says. "They are ordinary, credible people who happen to be troubled by a singular event in their lives. Hypnosis helps them to overcome the pathology."

Ambrose's remembrance of being shepherded into a metallic "spaceship" by amorphous-looking beings who communicate through telepathy is echoed by other interviewees. "These are victims of the missing time syndrome," Ross says. "Should we trust their stories more because they were told under hypnosis? Also remarkable are cases of double amnesia. Two or more people, usually father and son, who think they might have been abducted together, can recall similar events, corroborate each other, during hypnotic regression."

A Wyoming couple, C.J. and Ione Allison, claim to have stayed in touch with their alien friends for a long time. "The Allisons are contactees, not abductees; they and their family have had pleasant experiences," Sandusky says.

Ross and Sandusky, whose next collaboration will be on exorcism, agree with researchers that UFO accounts are open to religious interpretation. "The experience forces contactees to look inward, to grasp for spiritual significance," Ross says. "Despite their strangeness and curiosity, the aliens ultimately have a benign message. They warn us not to pollute the planet, they want to help us evolve. I realize that most skeptics -- especially hard-core science types -- demand solid evidence, like a piece of a saucer, or a dead alien.

"But who am I to judge? Life is full of strange improbabilities."
Ted Shen is a Chicago freelance writer.

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An out-of-body experience changed the life of a former prostitute and drug addict.

Merry Lynn Noble is now a counselor for drug dependent adults -- strongly backed by an extraterrestrial she contacted in a life-changing vision.

Merry left an abusive farm home in Montana and fled to Denver, Colorado, when she was 18. She fell into a life of prostitution, drugs, and alcohol abuse.

In an interview with the Rocky Mountain News, she said she became disgusted with her life and began to think seriously of suicide. Then 33, she went to sleep one night, hoping she wouldn't wake up.

Said Merry: "After I dozed off, I was taken out of my body to my parents' farm in Montana. My parents were taken out of their bodies, too. We drove around chasing rabbits, then stopped and talked."

Merry told her father that she didn't think life was worth the pain. Her father tried to talk her into going back to the farm, but she refused.

Then they were startled by a blinding white light right over the car.

Said Merry: "It was a UFO about 50 feet above the car. I fainted, and in a sense I felt like I died and my soul was taken out through my head."

A male voice then told her that she could have a choice between going on or returning to her body. He said all he wanted to hear was Merry giving herself to a higher power.

Merry continued talking to the alien, who identified himself as Zander. He told Merry he would always be close to her and give her help. He said she was undergoing a near-death experience which only happens when a soul cannot take life anymore. Zander said Merry had been given a soul cleansing.

Merry was returned to her body. She woke up a completely different person and for the last years has devoted herself to helping others.

I met Merry Lynn Noble when I attended the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference in Laramie. She is now a Ph.D. in psychology. She was a beautiful vivacious lady. - Aileen

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The Time Line from MUFON

All you need to make your own Time Line are multiple sheets of paper and a writing instrument. The use of colored markers will further help you to see any patterns.

Start with a mind map; its doodle-like clusters and branches will help you divide up your Experiences right away into categories. Cluster similar events together on the page.

Some possible categories are: UFOs Sleep parasomnias (OBEs, ASPs, lucid dreams, etc.) Bedroom visitations Trips on ships ‘Knowings’ Ghosts of relatives; Jesus, etc. Invisible contacts and Coincidences as well as the other types of events suggested later.

Fill in your time line using these clusters.

For the Time Line itself, draw a straight line beginning with birth (or before, if your parents had conflicts or there were unusual circumstances which you were affected by, or if you already know some of your past lives) on the left and ending on the farthest right with your projections of how you intend your future to be.

Subdivide it into decades. Dates don’t need to be exact but the recorded event needs to be in its proper relation to other events.

Events above the line occurred during the day and those below the line occurred at night.

This line will extend across several pages; a page per decade. Use only one side of the paper so that all the pages may be laid down side-by-side.

Create and write a title for each event placing these on the line, vertically, and write the full explanation elsewhere on either side of the page, if possible. You can get into more detail in a Journal, which if you haven’t started one yet you should start right away. Don’t risk having the memory alter through time and reviewing just because you didn’t feel like taking the time to write it all down. Or, speak it into an Audio Journal.

The entirety of the event needs to be first recorded as it is, without interpretation or any ‘figuring out’ It must be The Experience As Remembered. As soon as you start rationalizing to make more sense out of an Experience you will loose accuracy in recall. Analyze it after it’s recorded.

Types of Events To Be Noted

Health HistoryLook for health events having to do with the reproductive system as well as for illnesses, healings and unusual scars.

Recall that what we habitually think about may have important effects on our bodies so that worrying, anxiety, and stress may be factors in your recent health history.

Also note that a thyroid problem may affect your auditory system. Experiencers often ascribe beeps and odd noises in their ears to alien intervention but we must first rule out normal reasons.

Psychic or Paranormal HistoryYou may not know what to call the individual events, or even know that they aren’t ‘normal’, and so this list may help.

“…the meaning of an individual’s UFO sightings must now be reconsidered. A person may have not consciously remembered sightings during his lifetime and still have had many abduction experiences. Or, a witness may have UFO sightings on a regular basis, and rather than being considered evidence of unreliability, it is probably a sure indicator of abduction experiences.”Dr. David M. Jacobs, “What Do Sightings Mean?”, IUR January/February 1992, p.17

Sleep PatternsNote periods during which you found it difficult to sleep, when you had nightmares, memorable dreams, dreams which didn’t seem like dreams, astral projections, paralysis experienced before, during, or upon awakening, witnessing odd things while in bed, being sexually attacked by someone invisible, sleep walking and sleep talking periods, levitations, and all other odd experiences in bed.

Important Dreams

Spiritual HistoryThis might include contact with the dead, visions, and sudden changes or developments in spiritual philosophy.

Appearance of Physical ScarsYou should mark the appearance of scars, scoops, bruises and ephemeral body markings for which you have no explanation or for which you suspect the explanation.

Sexual and Relationship HistoryEve Lorgen, in Love Bite, theorizes that the relationships a CEEer has are manipulated.

Intellectual HistoryWhen did you form your interests?

Electrosensitivity EventsDid you experience electrical shock at any time? Have you had SLIder events? [See list “Types of Psychic Abilities and Paranormal Events.]

Altered State History and Drug /Alcohol Use

Meditation, Hypnosis, Therapy

Flashback HistoryThese usually last only a few seconds and frequently involve missing time periods; they can emerge suddenly and with great intensity.

Examining the Revelatory or Realization Event

The Revelatory Event is what made you put together all of your partial memories and Experiences and come up with alien intervention in your life. Usually, this is also when you may have begun to feel anxious.

Some memories are floating, unconnectedly, in your past, as tips of the iceberg. These are the anomalies you’ve recalled which have made you suspicious of CE-IV. You may remember an odd experience without any meaning, such as being on the ground, next to your bicycle, with a large flashing thing hovering above you. They mark the beginning and the end of an abduction. These are called Marker Events. Often either light or sound or an odd event marks the start of the Experience and the ending is often some sort of jolt or another odd experience.

These are good Entry Points for hypnotic recall.

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UFOs, ETs and YOU

Another UFO/Jet Fighter Encounter
by Tom Dongo

As much researching of UFO activity as I do, it is a surprise when once in a while an amazing story of which I had been totally unaware comes to my attention.

This particular encounter happened on the night of September 8, 1970, on the North Sea between the Shetland Islands and Norway. At 8:17 on that night in September, the radar station at Saxa Vord, a British radar station, picked up an object flying at 630 mph at an altitude of 37,000 feet. They thought it was a Soviet plane testing NATO's perimeter defenses. But the object then made a 180 degree turn, accelerated to a speed of 17,400 mph and disappeared off the radar screens. Two British Lightning jet fighters had been scrambled but were unsuccessful in intercepting the object. In the next several hours, the UFO appeared and disappeared, playing a game of cat and mouse with British jet fighters. US F-4 Phantoms were then scrambled from Keflavik Air Force Base in Iceland. The F-4s had very sophisticated onboard radar and were able to track the UFO without any help from the radar station.

The UFO disappeared for a time, but at 9:30 that night, it was again on radar screens. This time it was flying at 18,000 feet at a speed of 1,300 mph -- the upper speed limit of the jet fighters. The UFO caused such alarm that NATO and the North American air defense networks went into full alert. President Richad Nixon ordered nuclear-armed Strategic Air Command B-52 bombers airborne at once. They thought the UFO was some sort of unknown Soviet aircraft.

It was at this stage of the encounter that things got very interesting. There happened to be, at the time, a crack American Air Force pilot, Captain William Schaffner, at the Royal Air Force base at Binbrook. It was discovered that Capt. Schaffner was "flight available." An order came from the highest level for Capt. Schaffner to join the British pilots on the hunt for the UFO. When Capt. Schaffner was located, he was still in a flight suit as he had just returned from training sorties with British pilots.

Schaffner raced onto the airfield and leaped into a Lightning Jet fighter that was in the process of being checked over and having its fuel tanks topped off. He waved away the ground crew. Schaffner started the fighter's engines while the tanks were still being fueled. The ground crew ran like hell to get out of the way. The Lightning fighter, number XS894, was armed with 30-mm. cannons and Red-Top air-to-air missiles. Schaffner pulled out onto the runway and blasted off into the night sky. The airborne fighters were going to try to corner the UFO. The UFO was now at an altitude of 6,100 feet and flying at 530 mph. Schaffner was the first to come into contact with the UFO. Here is an official transcript of the conversation between Schaffner and the radar station at Staxton Wold in Scarborough, England;

Schaffner: (Sch) I have visual contact, repeat, visual contact. Over.
Staxton: (Stx) Can you identify aircraft type?
Sch: Negative, nothing recognizable, no clear outlines. There is bluish light. Hell, that's bright... very bright.
Stx: Are your instruments functioning 94? Check compass. Over.
Sch: Affirmative. GCI, I'm alongside of it now. Maybe 600 feet off my... it's a conical shape. Jeeze, that's bright, it hurts my eyes to look at it for more than a few seconds.
Stx: How close are you now?
Sch: About 400 feet. He's still in my three o'clock. Hey wait, there's something else. It's like a large soccer ball. It's like it's made of glass.
Stx: Is it part of the object or independent? Over.
Sch: It... no, it's separate from the main... the conical shape... it's at the back end, the sharp end of the shape. It's like bobbing up and down and going from side to side slowly. It may be the power source. There's no sign of ballistics.
Stx: Is there any sign of occupancy? Over.
Sch: Negative, nothing.
Stx: Can you assess the rate?
Sch: Contact in descent, gentle. Am going with it...50, no about 70... it's leveled out again.
Stx: Is the ball object still with it?
Sch: Affirmative. It's not actually connected. Maybe a magnetic attraction to the conical shape. There's a haze of light. Yellow, it's within that haze. Wait a second, it's turning. Coming straight for me..shit! Am taking evasive action..a few... I can hardl
Stx: Come in 94. Foxtrot 94 are your receiving? Over. Come in.

Then the radar station operators watched in amazement as the two radar blips, the UFO and Schaffner's jet, became one blip on the screen. The then-single blip descended and stood stationary at 600 feet over the North Sea. The single blip, after a time, accelerated its speed suddenly to 600 mph and climbed rapidly to 9,000 feet. The one blip then separated and became two blips. One of the objects accelerated to a speed of 20,400 mph and vanished. The remaining blip, Schaffner's plane was observed to be flying erratically in a southerly direction. At this point, Staxton Wold reestablished contact with Schaffner.

A Shackleton aircraft which had been on patrol was ordered to hold station near Capt. Schaffner's position.

Sch: GCI... are you receiving?
Stx: Affirmative 94, loud and clear. What is your condition?
Sch: Not too good. I can't think what has happened... I feel kind of dizzy... I can see shooting stars.
Stx: Can you see your instruments? Over.
Sch: Affirmative, but, er... the compass is U/S.
Stx: Foxtrot 94. Turn 043 degrees. Over.
Sch: Er... all directional instruments are out. Repeat U/S. Over.
Stx: Roger 94, execute right turn, estimate quarter turn. Over.
Sch: Turning now.
Stx: Come further, 94. That's good. Is your altimeter functioning? Over.
Sch: Affirmative, GCI.
Stx: Descend to 3,500 feet. Over.
Sch: Roger, GCI.
Stx: What's your fuel state, 94? Over.
Sch: About 30 percent, GCI.
Stx: That's what we calculated. Can you tell us what happened, 94? Over.
Sch: I don't know, it came in close. I shut my eyes. I figure I must have blacked out for a few seconds.
Stx: Okay, 94. Stand by.

At this time the Shackleton arrived over Flamborough and began circling before XS894 was vectored into the area by Staxton controllers.
Sch: Can you bring me in?
Stx: Er, hold station, 94. Over Foxtrot 94, can you ditch the aircraft? Over.
Sch: She's handling fine. I can bring her in. Over
Stx: Negative, 94. I repeat, can you ditch the aircraft? Over.
Sch: Yea, I guess.
Stx: Stand by, 94. Over. Oscar 77. Over.
Shackleton 77: Affirmative, GCI. Over.
Stx: 94 is ditching. Can you maintain a wide circuit?
Shackleton 77: Affirmative, GCI. Over.
Stx: Thanks, 77. Standby. 94, execute ditching procedure at your discretion. Over.
Sch: Descending now, GCI. Over.

A period of six to seven minutes elapsed without contact, then suddenly:
Shackleton 77: He's down, GCI. Hell of a splash...he's down in one piece though. Over.
Stx: You see the pilot yet? Over.
Shackleton 77: Negative, we're going round again. Pulling a tight one. Over.

Two minutes elapsed.

Shackleton 77: The canopy's up, she's floating okay...can't see the pilot. We see a chopper out here, GCI. No sign of the pilot, where the hell is he?
Stx: You're sure he's not in the water? Check your Sabre receptions. Over.
(Note: Sabre was the search and rescue beacon carried by all RAF aircrews.)

Shackleton 77: No Sabre yet. No flares either. Hang on, we're going round again.

A further two minutes elapsed.

Shackleton 77: GCI. Over.
Stx: Receiving you, 77. Over.
Shackleton 77: This is odd, GCI. She's sinking fast, but the canopy's closed again.
Stx: Can you confirm the pilot clear of the aircraft?
Shackleton 77: He's not in it. We can confirm that. He must be in the water somewhere.
Stx: Any distress signals or flares? Over.
Shackleton 77: Negative, GCI. We're going round again. Over.

A short time later the Shackleton was back in contact with Staxton Wold.

Shackleton 77: She's sunk, GCI. There's a slight wake where she was. Still no sign of the pilot. I say again GCI, we need a chopper fast. Over.
Stx: A Whirlwind's on its way from Leconfield. Are you positive you saw no sign of the pilot? Over.
Shackleton 77: Nothing, GCI. The first pass we assumed he was unstrapping. He must have got out as we went around for the second pass, but why shut the canopy? Over.
Stx: That's what we were thinking. Maintain patrol 77, he must be out there somewhere.
Shackleton 77: Roger, GCI.

Boats and aircraft searched the area through the night and into the next day. They didn't find Captain Schaffner. There were never any distress flares or any signals from the rescue beacon installed in the pilot's flight suit. Three weeks later they located the wreckage of the fighter on the seabed. The ejector seat was still in the aircraft. They surmised that the pilot's body must still be in the aircraft. On October 7, divers from HMS Kiddleston inspected the wreckage and said that Schaffner's body was still in the cockpit. When the Lightning was brought to the surface, there was no trace of Schaffner.
And from Chucklebuck comes the following:

Summary: In 1978, another report of a pilot-UFO encounter became a classic UFO mystery. Twenty-year-old Australian Frederick Valentich was buzzed by a UFO, and a search by boats and aircraft could find no trace of the pilot, or his plane. Valentich was on a 125 mile training flight in his single engine Cessna 182 along the coast of Bass Strait when he related to air traffic controllers in Melbourne that he was being buzzed by a UFO with 4 bright lights about 1000 feet above him.

"It's Coming for Me... ": The pilot's final communication to the tower contained this enigmatic, haunting phrase:

"It's approaching from due east towards me. It seems to be playing some sort of game... Flying at a speed I can't estimate. It's not an aircraft. It's... It is flying past. It is a long shape. I cannot identify more than that. It's coming for me right now."

Pilot's Last Words: About a minute later this message followed:

"It seems to be stationary. I'm also orbiting and the thing is orbiting on top of me also. It has a green light and a sort of metallic light on the outside."

Valentich then radioed that his engine was running roughly. His very last words were: "It is not an aircraft."

If not an aircraft, then what could it have been?

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