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Saturday, March 31, 2007


The Moncla Memories
All in One Films

In the early evening of November 23, 1953 a USAF F-89 jet was scrambled from Kinross AFB in Sault St. Marie, Michigan to intercept an unknown target over Lake Superior. As it approached the 'bogey' its radio transmissions, according to one radar operator who watched the incident, became increasingly jumbled by static. The two blips merged on the radar scope over Canadian waters. The single blip moved off to the North West and then disappeared. Lt. Felix Eugene Moncla, the pilot, his radar operator, Lt. Robert L. Wilson, and their F-89 fighter were never seen again.

The official USAF accident report stated their plane had crashed intercepting an RCAF C-47 transport flying 30 miles off course. The RCAF and the pilot of the C-47 claimed they were right on course and had never seen the jet.

Gord Heath recalls many strange events occurring throughout his life. Heath, a computer systems engineer presently living in Vancouver, was born in Fort William in the Spring of 1954, about nine months after the Kinross incident.

After a UFO sighting in 1999 he became interested in the UFO phenomenon and he began reading up on its history. When he came across the Kinross Incident bells went off. It resonated with many of the strange occurrances stretching back to his early childhood as if it was connecting all the dots. It prompted Gord to do a flurry of research. He mounted his own web site and began to devote his vacation time to visiting the places where Gene Moncla had lived. And the memories began to come...not just vague images, but detailed recollections of the life of Gene Moncla and, even stranger, the detailed recollection that Gene Moncla was his genetic father.

Heath makes no truth claim about his memories. He is fully aware of the confabulating abilities of the mind.

Nevertheless, what he 'recalls' tells a fascinating story about reincarnation, UFOs, and how we give meaning to our lives. And through genetic testing one crucial aspect of the story, his relationship to Moncla, is verifiable. Should the test be negative, the story still tells us much about the enigma of memories and the human mind... and its extraordinary creative, and maybe even transpersonal, abilities.

Listen to 'Strange Days... Indeed' - The PodCast See: http://www.virtuallystrange.net/ufo/sdi/program/
Karin from the UK sent this in. Thank you very much for this exciting report Karin!

This reminds me of the Frederick Valentich, 20, on October 21, 1978, story where he was flying his Cessna 182 small airplane over Bass Strait in Australia. He reported seeing an unknown object and a few moments later that it was coming towards him. The last that was heard of him was a screeching sound and nothing more. His airplane and himself were gone forever. - Aileen

Friday, March 30, 2007


Dulce, New Mexico Revisited - Mysteries Still Remain!
By Norio Hayakawa 3-28-7

DULCE, NEW MEXICO - On Sunday, March 25, I finally arrived at Dulce, New Mexico once again, after more than 17 years. It was a long drive from Los Angeles but it was definitely a worthwhile trip. The last time that I was at this "mysterious" little town was in March of 1990.

I will never forget that 1990 visit when I first brought a Japanese TV crew, incredible as it may sound, to document an alleged existence of an "underground U.S./alien joint bio-lab" which was rumored to exist deep under the Archuleta Mesa, adjacent to Dulce. While interviewing many Jicarilla Apache locals on the street at that visit, we were inexplicably detained by the then Police Chief, Hoyt Velarde and kept at his office for almost an hour and a half, during which time he had meticulously taken down our personal info, i.e., our ID's, driver's licence numbers and, in my case, even my Soc. Sec. number, if I recall correctly. It was a shock to us then. We had asked him if we were doing anything illegal by interviewing the people, the question to which he never responded. I clearly remember that just before he released us, he told us in a rather warning tone: "Don't you ever ask any more questions regarding such a base. I have nothing to do with it and I do not want to talk about it!" An enigmatic answer, indeed. That was in March of 1990.

Now here I am once again, in Dulce. It brought me back lots of memories of 1990. However, this time, as soon as I drove in to Dulce, I immediately noticed that it had completely changed since 1990.

It seems to have grown quite a lot, not so much in terms of population, but in terms of its physical appearance. There are now so many new buildings, large and small and many modern local community facilites - a brand new Middle School, a brand new High School, a new Students' Athletic Complex, brand new Police and Maintenance Center, a modern Emergency Medical Service facility, and on the south side, a brand new Student's Residential Complex, and, of course, a newly refurbished Best Western Hotel, all in the small community of less than 3500 residents.

Yes, it has been many years, so it would seem natural for some growth to take place. However, the question I began to think was where did all the funds for all these sudden developments come from? And, especially, for such a tiny town?
When I interviewed the locals in 1990, I clearly remember that almost every one of them had testified to us that in the late 70's and the early 80's, they had frequently observed strange lights in the sky, especially flying over and around, and even appearing to disappear into the sides of the Mesa. They even testified to us that they also frequently observed military helicopters over Dulce, along with reports of cattle mutilations in the ranches nearby. Those were the things we heard back then when we were in Dulce in 1990.

To my great surprise, sightings still seem to continue in and around Dulce, even now!!

Even recent sightings of what many describe as "Bigfoot" along the Navajo River is also a fairly new topic of conversation in Dulce now.

I was so fortunate this time to personally get to know a friendly family who lives in the northwest area of the town. I had gotten to know the husband while I was attending the UFO syposium in Aztec the weekend before. During my three days of stay in Dulce this time, I have obtained many new, fascinating sighting reports from many locals again, particularly from the family that I just mentioned and their relatives.

On my second day of stay in Dulce, this family invited me to their residence for a great meal. They had also invited their relatives who were willing to describe to me in detail many strange experiences they have had and even are having now.

It was assuring to know that the family that I befriended were immediate relatives of high officials of the Jicarilla Apache tribe. The husband was a son of the former head of the Police Department (way before Hoyt Velarde). His wife is an immediate family of the head of the Jicarilla Apache tribal council. His sister-in-law has been a Dulce Police dispatcher. For this reason, I will refrain from naming any individuals to protect their privacy.

My friend's wife told me of a fairly recent incident whereby a huge, silent delta-shaped dark object emitting extremely bright lights slowly passed over a group of 50 to 75 (all their relatives) on a mesa where they were celebrating a traditional Jicarilla Apache feast called the "coming out" feast, a "puberty" celebration for young boys and girls (similar to the Spanish quincenera celebration). The huge object appeared after sundown, an hour or so after their traditional meals had ended and after the shamans had completed their chantings and dances. They were simply stunned to see the huge triangular 'craft' hovering only about 100 feet above the campground. The entire area lit up like daylight. What was more amazing was that after a few minutes of hovering over the area, it suddenly took off with a tremendous gust of wind. Pots and pans were flying all over. Some of the people were almost thrown off their vehicles. Fortunately, no one was injured. Panic spread. The generators failed to re-start and all battery-operated appliances malfunctioned, including the car radios.

Another recent incident they recounted was a daytime sighting of a silver, saucer-shaped object at around 11 a.m., which hovered for 30 minutes right next to Hwy 537, not too far from the junction of U.S. 64, north of La Jara Lake.

One relative also recounted a recent, unforgettable sighting of a huge, flying "triangle" near Hwy 537, near J-30 (Jicrailla Road, #30), with some type of a "cloaking device" that almost appeared to have a transparent body. The object was described to have been close to half-a-mile in length!!

The biggest and most impressive sighting, however, took place in May of 2004 when several families were celebrating together the feast on a Jicarilla Apache campground, located at an area near J-33 and J-40, right near the Continental Divide. Incredibly, it involved hundreds (not just one or two objects) of brilliant objects in the night sky. It literally filled up the entire sky, according to the testimony of the former Dulce police dispatcher. There were close to 100 witnesses to this incredible incident. Some even said that there were probably close to several hundred objects in the night sky. They moved en masse slowly from one end of the sky to the other. It was literally an "armada" of UFOs (which exactly reminded me of the famous, well-documented 1950 mass sightings of UFOs over Farmington, near the Four Corners ara of New Mexico).
What was particularly fascinating about this sighting was that everyone also saw a small fleet of military helicopters which seemed to follow the objects. Again, car radios went dead all through the sighting.

An interesting point is that many of the appearances of UFOs seem to coincide with various feasts taking place in the Jicarilla Apache reservation. Were 'they' attracted to the Jicarilla feasts?

Last but not the least of the impressive Dulce sightings involved a Jicarilla Apache Forerst Service ranger who witnessed a 'craft' of some kind enter the east side of the Archuleta Mesa through several large rocks that appeared to open (almost like a door) and in went the craft into the side of the mesa. He excitedly reported this sighting live on his microphone while he was communicating on his radio with the Forest Service station across the south side of Dulce. The ranger was stationed at the top of the Archuleta Mesa in the look-out building next to the radio communications tower. This took place a few years after a big fire destroyed many of the trees on and around the mesa. (What is still strange about the aftermath of the fire, which they say happened about 10 years ago, is the fact that all attempts for the re-forestation have so far failed on and around the Archuleta Mesa. The trees just don't seem to grow for some strange reason or other.)

What is my conclusion to all these recent sightings in Dulce? These were all first-hand eyewitnesses to the events. Without doubt, I cannot help but believe that they all saw what they described to have seen. There is no other logical explanation.

Lastly, while in Dulce, the son of the former head of the Dulce Police Department took me to the site of Project Gasbuggy. Project Gasbuggy was a rather 'strange' 1967 government project which involved a large underground nuclear explosion (29 kilotons of TNT) deep inside the high plateau area 25 miles south of Dulce, allegedly to release natural gas from deep under the ground. It was a joint project with El Paso Natural Gas Company. What is not frequently mentioned in association with this curious project was that the huge nuclear explosion had created, deep, huge underground extensive caverns all over the area along with extensive natural "tunnels".

What this has to do with the ongoing sightings of not only "UFOs" but also alleged sightings of "entities" (including fairly recent sightings of alleged 'Bigfoot' along the Navajo River near Dulce) is up to the reader. We may not necessarily be talking about purely physical phenomena but somehow intertwined with it could be a yet unknown type of "interdimensional" occurrances.

But, of course, we cannot rule out any prosaic answers. One theory is that the town of Dulce is benefitting financially by allegedly covering up the dumping of nuclear waste materials (from Los Alamos and elsewhere) into the underground cavities under Dulce and its neighboring areas and have created the entire Dulce "underground base" story as a cover story!

Whatever the case may be, it is simply fascinating!! And it is still ongoing in the "mysterious" town of Dulce, New Mexico!!
Norio Hayakawa

Thursday, March 29, 2007


UFOs flew over Phoenix in '97, Symington says
By Tom Beal
Arizona Daily Star - Tucson, Arizona
March 23, 2007
(Sent in by Gerald Bringle)

Former Gov. Fife Symington says now that those strange lights that appeared over Phoenix a decade ago were from another world and that he had a close encounter with an alien craft on March 13, 1997. "I'm a pilot and I know just about every machine that flies. It was bigger than anything that I've ever seen. It remains a great mystery.

Other people saw it, responsible people," Symington said Thursday. "I don't know why people would ridicule it." Symington, who was in his second term as governor of Arizona during the Phoenix Lights incident, recently told a UFO investigator making a documentary that he had kept quiet about his personal close encounter because he didn't want to panic the populace.

He repeated his story Thursday on CNN, saying the craft he saw was "enormous. It just felt other-worldly. In your gut, you could just tell it was other-worldly." The governor didn't let on at the time, instead poking fun at the whole thing.

He hosted a press conference a few months after the mass sightings to announce that his Department of Public Safety had arrested the culprit responsible - a very tall bug-eyed creature brought before the media in handcuffs. He then unmasked the creature to reveal his chief of staff, Jay Heiler, who at 6-foot-4 made an imposing, somewhat comical space alien.

Symington said the producer of the film "Out of the Blue," James Fox, originally sought him out to talk about why he had spoofed the sightings but then asked if he had seen the lights. "I said, 'Yeah, I got a good look.'"

Heiler said Thursday he isn't surprised Symington believes in UFOs. He said his boss was a "Trekkie" who enjoyed discussing space travel. Heiler said Symington was convinced that earthlings would be traveling to distant solar systems at speeds exceeding the speed of light "in our lifetimes." Heiler said he remained "the earthbound skeptic" in those talks. Symington never mentioned his personal observation of the Phoenix Lights but was always interested in getting to the bottom of it, Heiler said. "The DPS was at kind of a loss as to how to investigate an alien visit."

Symington's June 1997 press conference coincided with his appearance in federal court on a variety of fraud charges. "It was a troublesome period to say the least," Symington said. He said he didn't need the additional problems that would have come with the admission he had seen a UFO. He told only his wife, he said. Symington was convicted of bank and wire fraud and had to vacate his office that September. His conviction was later overturned and he was pardoned by President Bill Clinton before federal prosecutors made a decision on refiling.

Tucson astronomer and retired Air Force pilot *James McGaha said he investigated two separate sightings over Phoenix that March night and traced them both to A-10 aircraft flying in formation at high altitude. McGaha said he talked to an amateur astronomer who observed the A-10s and to the National Guard unit that flew them. "It was clearly aircraft in formation, flying at two different times and then dropping flares and it's clear to any rational person that's what it was," McGaha said Thursday. McGaha said Symington "is not a trained observer and what he feels in his gut doesn't make any difference."

Symington said he's always believed that life existed elsewhere. "The universe is a big place and we're conceited to think we're alone."
*McGaha has taken Phillip Klas's place as the proverbial skeptic to all UFO sightings. When I was in Tucson at the International UFO Conference he came there with his camera sporting a fish-eye lense. He went around taking pictures of the attendees and the next day there were the pictures in the Tucson paper. He made fun of everyone. My daughter and I had a table there where we sold our magazine. When we saw what he was doing we made ourselves busy sorting our inventory under the table. Thank goodness we didn't have our picture in the paper but a lot of persons did.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The 1965 Brooksville, Florida Case
John Reeves: First Man on the Moon
by Billy J. Rachels,
Director UFO Bureau
From Alternate Perceptions Magazine
Brent Raynes, Editor

Before there was Gulf Breeze there was Brooksville, Florida, known as the UFO Capitol of the world during the 1960s and 1970s. In 1968 I got into radio broadcasting and ended up working the Neal Armstrong landing in 1969, airing the Mutual Network coverage of it on WCNH AM/FM in Quincy, FL. Shortly after that, I heard about a man in Brooksville saying he was the first man to set foot on the moon. In 1970 and 1971 I would go to see him and the landing site, his moon dust and plaster casts of footprints.

Our story begins when a former steelworker from the cold North decided to retire to sunny Central Florida. Born John Frank Reeves -- in 1961 he bought a small house on highway 50 located 10 miles wet of Brooksville and not too far from the Gulf of Mexico. Mr. Reeves, who is one of the most overlooked contactees of all time, is a simple and honest man with a limited education. His favorite form of exercise is taking long walks behind his house in the sandy, hilly countryside. It was on one of these leisure walks that he had his first encounter with beings from outer space. The date was March 2, 1965, and between 1965 and 1971 he would have a number of encounters with the Space People (as he would call them).

On that day back in 1965, it was mid-afternoon, about a half mile from his home. Just as he topped a sand dune he saw an amazing sight. Approximately 100 yards away was a disc-shaped object sitting on the ground with four stilt-like legs. Mr. Reeves described the object as a disc with a dome on top, a dull, silvery-gray color. He estimated the diameter at 40 feet, 8 to 9 feet at its thickest point, and the distance from the edge of the disc to the ground was approximately 3 1/2 feet. John Reeves later would build a full size wood model of the saucer in his back yard. It really grabbed your attention as you drove down the highway.

Now, back to the encounter. John had never seen anything like this before, and he moved with caution. As he approached the strange craft he noticed a figure about 25 feet from the saucer. He said it appeared to have a tight, luminous skin covering the entire body. Later, he thought it may have been a robot. The being turned suddenly around and started moving toward John, pulling from its side a small square object, similar to a camera. The being held the device at chin-level, then pushed a button that caused an extremely bright flash. Mr. Reeves attempted to run away, but tripped over a bush and lost his glasses. Lying on the ground, he watched the being as it picked up the glasses and gave them to him. (!) By this time, John was quite upset. As the being made its way back to the ship, it dropped two pieces of paper onto the ground, then entered the object via a slat-like stairway on the underside. Mr. Reeves then described something that he will never, ever forget. The Saucer began rotating counterclockwise, slowly at first, then faster as it rose gradually and finally left the area at a high rate of speed.

Sometime later, he took the thin papers with what appeared to be writing on it to the local radio station. They interviewed him, and then called the Air Force. The Air Force confiscated the papers, and several weeks returned to him a different type of paper with no writing on it of any kind.

The local sheriff and newspaper editor said they found Mr. Reeves to be a normal, sincere and honest man. After some more sightings were made in the area -- one being very low-level -- the Air Force brought in some high-ranking officers and some special equipment, then closed off the entire area to everyone, including the sheriff and members of his staff. The Air Force later declared the sighting a hoax.

Mr. Reeves would have more sightings and contacts with the Space People. His most outstanding took place on August 6, 1968, almost a full year before Neal Armstrong landed on the Moon. Responding to an unexplainable urge to go to the same part of the woods where he had encountered the saucer, he saw the same type of ship, and met with the Space People for several hours. He asked them all types of questions. He said they spoke English, as well as other languages. They told him their ships were made of a super strong substance, much stronger than steel but lightweight like aluminum. He went on to describe the beings as beautiful, slim, tall, with smooth skin and features similar to Orientals, but only slightly. They wore tight-fitting, one piece jumpsuits, and appeared to be in their 30s, though they claimed to be much older. The Space People asked him if he would like to take a trip to the Moon. John quickly said yes, as he felt he could trust them.

The entire trip (there and back) took a little over six hours. They landed on the dark side of the Moon, where he found their base enclosed in a large, transparent dome, under which he was able to walk comfortably in his short-sleeved shirt. Let me point out that in the last couple of years, Richard Hoagland claims to have found similar structures in NASA Moon photos.

Needless to say, being the first Earthman on the Moon, Mr. Reeves' eyes almost popped out of his head. Realizing he would need proof of his trip, he reached down and scooped up some dark gray lunar dust into a medicine bottle, and picked up an approximately softball-size crystal. Later, when he talked to scientists about his trip, he told them that the Earth was more egg-shaped than round, and that you could see light clouds on the Moon. He did not show them the dust or rock because he feared they would take his samples and never return them.

One year later, as Neal Armstrong stepped onto the surface of the Moon, he said, "The surface of the Moon ranges from chalky gray to much darker. The ground is covered in a gray dust ranging from very finely granulated to larger glasslike beads very much like earth coal." He also said you could see light clouds off in the distance, coming together, but quickly breaking up. On their trip back, they noted that the Earth was more egg-shaped than round.

I saw the dust. It was much finer than coal dust. I also looked in a book on all types of rocks and could not find anything that matched the crystal that John had let me hold, though he would not give me a sample. He kept the dust and the crystal under heavy lock and key. He would show them to almost no one, and I had to beg to see them. He also showed me a duplicate of a flag he had from their world, saying he had the real one in a safe deposit box (I never found out if that was true). The Space People told John that their home planet was called Moniheya. It was 32,000 miles around, with 30 countries, total population 15 billion.

In September 1972, the sandy deserted hills where John loved to walk and meet with the Space People were no more. Developers began removing trees and flattening hills to make way for a mobile home park. And, yes, someone does have that original landing site in their front yard.

Mr. John Reeves is now deceased, but his claim to be the First Earthman on the Moon will live forever in the hearts of researchers like myself.

EDITOR'S NOTE: (Brent Raynes) Back between 1969 and 1975, I made several sojourns to Brooksville. I met with locals, like Ramona Hibner and Eula Lewis, and heard all kinds of fascinating tales of UFOs, aliens, and Bigfoots. And, of course, I met John Reeves at his home. It was a circus. People came by while I was there, and Mr. Reeves told his story to them as he told it to me. He didn't seem to tire of telling his story over and over. He took people around his property to see a curious monument he had constructed to the Space People. Nearby was the Saucer replica that Mr. Reeves had constructed, as mentioned in the above article.

Mr. Reeves was a very nice and open man. He really did seem to believe his own stories. Ramona felt that he had been "programmed" though with certain memories by an alien intelligence, and that his memories and experiences could not be trusted as objective evidence of what actually transpired during his "encounters." And, of course, over the years details might become embellished and distorted with the frequent retelling.

Nevertheless, Brooksville indeed used to be the UFO Capitol of the Saucer World, and John Reeves was its resident Contactee celebrity!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


News of the World
London, England
Special Report by Keith Beabey and Pippa Sibley

Strange red and white lights hovered overhead as three women drove home from their weekly night out. Mysteriously, their car came to a halt outside the Shamrock Cafe on the A5 in Shropshire, though the driver had her foot hard down on the accelerator.

Then the lights suddenly vanished and the trio rushed excitedly to a nearby police station, where they reported a close encounter with a UFO.

But that was when they noticed something even stranger had happened. The drive to the police station should have taken five minutes. Instead, it took twenty-five. Only now, with the help of hypnosis under the strictest supervision, has an explanation been found for those missing twenty minutes. And it is amazing.

Each of the women has independently told the same story -- that they did indeed have a close encounter, far closer than they first imagined. For each says she was taken aboard a spacecraft, examined by alien beings and then released.

None of the three had been drinking on that fateful Thursday night. They had all stuck to Coca-Cola. But, although hypnotized separately, they each describe the spaceship and its inhabitants the same way.

They say the ship was steel, circular and brightly lit. They speak of 4 ft tall aliens dressed in green, and imitated the spacemen's distinctive gruff voices.

And they have each made similar drawings of what the ship looked like. The News of the World has videotape recordings of the women reliving their astonishing lost moments. And a panel of expert witnesses, including doctors, a lawyer and a police chief, have also been present during the hypnosis sessions, which are still going on. All the experts are convinced that the women's claims are genuine. The police chief, Det. Chief Inspector Norman Collinson of Manchester's fraud squad, says: "I am perfectly satisfied that this is not a hoax."

And one of the medical men, Dr. Albert Kellar, says that under hypnosis one of the women's pulse rate and blood pressure shot up. "These conditions cannot be simulated." he says. "Whatever happened to her was real."

The three women all live on the outskirts of Telford in Shropshire. They are pretty blonde divorcee Rosemary Hawkins, 27, a mother of three, and her housewife friends Valerie Walters, 26 and Viv Hayward, 27.

Most Thursdays they would go off in Viv's Avenger saloon to Tiffany's disco in Shrewsbury, for a "girls night out" with their menfolk's blessing.

And it was while they were returning from there in the early hours of the morning near the tiny hamlet of Atcham, that they first saw hovering lights.

Rosemary tells what they remember before hypnosis. She says: "I opened the car window to get a better look. "The lights hovered -- four white and two red -- about 200 feet. "The lights became blinding. There was no noise. By then I looked at my watch." It was 2 a.m. and the trio should have been five minutes from home. Rosemary says: "It became obvious we were looking at a flying saucer - a UFO. It followed us along the road.

"We were very frightened. Viv tried putting her foot down but it was as if the brakes were on." Instead of roaring along the deserted road home, the car was almost at a standstill when it reached the Shamrock Cafe in the shadow of The Wrekin hill.

"Then the lights dimmed and the craft disappeared" says Rosemary, "We were so excited we drove straight to Telford police station."

They arrived at ten minutes to three and their sighting was logged. But the trio couldn't account for that missing 20 minutes.

Then they were contacted by UFO expert, Mr. Harold Harris, a lawyer, and agreed to be hypnotized.

Three Manchester medical men undertook the hypnosis - Dr. Joseph Jaffe, Dr. Leslie Davies and Dr. Albert Kellar.

Each of the women was interviewed separately in the presence of witnesses, with most of the questions being put by Mr. Harris, the lawyer.

This is Rosemary's version of events under hypnosis: "Bright lights. White tinged with yellow and red. So strange it's there. No sound. "We are so frightened. The lights are attached to a spacecraft of some kind.

"I am floating and I'm not in the car any more with Viv or Val, I feel big and bloated. It is a semicircular room. I'm on a bed in the room, like a long table on a stand. There's something coming. I can hear them. Something is in the room. It's metal. It doesn't walk -- it sort of rolls on wheels.

"It's about four feet tall, round on the top with a round body and round legs.

"It's looking at me. There's more coming. It's the same noise. There are four. They are around me. "They haven't got a face. Their heads move up and down. That's how I know they are talking about me. "They don't seem to be nasty. They just want to have a look. I feel so relaxed and they feel friendly, I like them.

She adds: "I am floating again. I can see the car. Everything has gone black. I'm in the car now. Val and Viv are there with me. Viv's got her foot down hard on the accelerator. We are trying to get away from it."

Rosemary's friend, former nurse Mrs. Viv Heyward, says under hypnosis that she had been driving the car but it was suddenly taken from her control.

"I feel I'm floating," she says. "I'm being drawn up. The car is being taken up." Sobbing, she adds: "I can't see the road any more. I see a white cloud. I'm on my own. I can see the door of the UFO open. It is round. I'm looking through the car window. The car roof is going in first. It's like two big doors opening. It's made of steel."

Inside the craft she describes windows, the lights, and a bank of computers with TV screens. She says: "I can feel these aliens holding me down. They seem as though they have taken me out of the car. I'm in a chair. They're holding me down. They feel very strong. They are trying to find out things from me. They want to know how we're made. It feels as if they are taking something from my body. My legs. There is a lot of pain in my legs. They are putting their hands inside my legs and pulling my bones. They are telling me not to be frightened." In a gruff voice she imitates how the aliens spoke to her.

"Somebody in charge is talking to me. I feel that they are hurting me. They seem to release their grips but I can't move. They have scanned me. My top half and then the rest of my body.

"They carry me to my car. The car is back on the road."

Asked to describe the creatures, she says: "They are four feet tall. They have no hair. They are ugly. They have a strange looking nose: thin arms. I can't see their legs. They are dressed in green cloaks. They look like men."

Valerie Walters, the third girl on the mystery trip, says: "I can see the lights. It's hovering and gliding towards us. There's a bright light in my head and I feel big and clumsy. I'm walking down the road looking for Rosemary."

Then she cries out and says: "Somebody has touched me on my shoulder. Somebody is carrying me. I can feel them but I can't see them. I hear voices. They seem to be telling me: 'don't be afraid.'"

Back at home, Rosemary says: "That night will live with me for the rest of my life. And the hypnotic sessions are not over. I have to tell more with the doctor's guidance. It seems the aliens were waiting for us three because we are so different in our personalities and outlooks.

"I know people may laugh. But we know what happened and we're telling the truth."

Her friend Val says: "I know from what happened to me that beings from another planet have been here and I'm proud they chose me to visit."

The aliens that Valerie met were like those seen by her friend Viv - but Valerie also saw a female alien. Val says: "I told the doctor and the experts I'd seen a man and a womanlike creature dressed in long, green robes. The woman was fascinated by my shoes. She took them off me and tried walking in them. She had bare feet. The creatures kept feeling my clothes and my hair. I wasn't afraid of them, but was frightened of what was happening."

Article written in 1983.

Monday, March 26, 2007



On the afternoon of November 28, 2006, according to the Fire and Police Chief "several credible witnesses" stated that they saw "something shiny and bright crash into a wooded area directly behind the Pratt & Whitney plant just off US 80 (Macon Rd)" Scores of police, fire and at least one FAA official raced to the scene. (This account can be seen on the WTVM Channel 9 Columbus, Georgia website) The "search" was joined by "personnel" from Fort Benning, Georgia, the Georgia State Patrol and several "unidentified" personnel."According to the officials, "...after searching for over 5 hours (including the use of helicopters) NOTHING was found". In addition, the fire chief made a statement to a local news crew (on film) that..."sometimes people see what they think is something and it really is nothing...."

Several large tractor trailers were seen going into the area which had been contained by police. According to the local press, the witnesses (which are suppose to have been "interviewed" by the local Police on Wednesday the next day) all stated that something "crashed" and it appeared to be a shiny object traveling at high speed. Interestingly, the police, fire and FAA official stated on the next day that "neither the local Columbus Metropolitan Airport or Fort Benning Lawson Army Airfield radar had shown NO sign of ANY craft or object on radar at the supposed time of impact.

BUT I spoke to the head weather reporter for a local TV station who told me that his station has their OWN RADAR and they showed "something" striking the area at the approximate time given. I and another professional educator (both hold PhD's) were traveling next to the Columbus Metro Airport at 1 PM the next day when we both saw a completely unmarked, white 727 aircraft.

As the plane taxied by us no more than 100 feet away my companion's vehicle, lost all power, all gauges went dead, power steering, engine, everything and we glided to a stop. We both exited the vehicle thinking something mechanically major had gone wrong with his vehicle. At that moment the plane began to slowly pass us as it was taxing from the main runway. I picked up my cell phone to call a mechanic and found my cell phone to be dead. My companion's cell phone was also dead. We both watched the plane as it went by us. Both of us are veterans and have traveled MANY times on 727's. Almost at the same moment, we both spoke because we noticed that the plane had no markings of any kind...no tail numbers, nothing. The plane had a strange finish and almost looked (excuse the obvious pun) whitewashed. When the plane got about 100 feet from us, my companions car restarted with no apparent reason, or damage of any kind. In addition, both my and my companion's cell phone came back on.

We are both academic professors and are empiricists. We have NEVER been involved in ANY such thing before. I immediately attempted to call the airport to inquire about the plane. I was connected (I don't know why to this number) the fire/police crash station. I started to ask the man who answered about the plane. He rudely cut me off and stated, "that is a private plane, thank you" and hung up. Approximately 30 minutes later I called CSG Aviation and a young woman answered and I inquired about the plane. She told me "that was a government plane" I asked how she knew that and she said that "It had picked up SOMETHING which it loaded into its rear section and it also refueled, a man in a coat and tie came from the plane and PAID for the fuel with a credit card which had US Treasury and an account number on it." She said that's how she knew it was a "government plane".

An additional call to the Airport admin office confused me further. At that time I was now told that, " I was mistaken, that NO PLANE, much less a 727, had landed or taken off during the time period I gave". When my wife got home, I told her of my encounter and SHE INFORMED ME about the "crash" the day before. I had not been feeling well and had not read the paper or seen the news.

I am trying to get the "witnesses statements" from the police. I FIRMLY believe that SOMETHING WAS FOUND AND RECOVERED and that it was taken from Columbus the next day in the STRANGE and unexplained "ghost plane" my friend and I saw. We have a huge military base here with its own airport. Logic states that if this was something military, they would of taken it to Fort Benning. I was also told that during the same period that "debris" was reported striking areas around Montgomery, Alabama which is 100 miles from here. ((NUFORC Note: We have spoken via telephone with the source of this report, and he impressed us with his sincerity)

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Scholarly historical UFO accounts suggest Human-looking Extraterrestrials living among us

Compiled by Dr. Michael Salla et al

A University of Mexico tenured medical professor who met with an extraterrestrial, posing as an ordinary civilian, helps corroborate claims of Human Extraterrestrials living among us. This professor was also a senior member of the Mexican Atomic Energy Commission. The Professor used the pseudonym of ‘Prof Hernandez’ and worked with a Mexican journalist, Zitha Rodriguez to release details of his contact in the early 1970's.

It all began in 1972, with a voice in his head, leading him to scientific breakthroughs in his own medical research in immunology which brought him special recognition by his peers. Professor Hernandez knew the ideas were not his own, because he had no background in developing them. They came to his mind full blown, as though someone who knew perfectly well what he was talking about had explained them to him in detail.

Later in that year he was approached by the author of that voice in his head, and it turned out to be a beautiful extraterrestrial woman who said he could call her Elyense, which he changed to LYA for short. She met him several times on the University Campus before she went any further.

LYA wore a dark pantsuit of some very fine material that the professor could not quite identify. She had dark eyes and wore dark hair shoulder length. She walked our streets and breathed our ambient air with no difficulty. She even drank fruit juice with him at a sidewalk lunch table as they talked. She was obviously far better educated than Hernandez, and he was considered one of his country's foremost scientists.

When the professor questioned LYA's extreme intelligence and the source of her superior knowledge, she took him into her confidence and told him that she was not from this planet -- that she came from another world in a group of stars we called Andromeda. He thought she meant the Andromeda Galaxy at first.

On a subsequent meeting she guided him to a secluded desert area outside of Mexico City and took him aboard her disc-shaped spacecraft. There, she showed him many scientific wonders, and at one point took him to a viewing screen where she worked some controls and brought up an image of a star-field in the screen. She showed him some guide stars in Cassiopeia and in Andromeda Constellation, and then showed him where her home sun was in relation to those other stars.

LYA told Mr. Hernandez that there were many space-races far more advanced than men of Earth who were also coming here for exploration, observation, and study of our humanity about to enter a point where we would either join others in space travel and exploration, or we would eliminate ourselves in a suicidal employment of our primitive technology. We had become a society of some interest to many.

LYA picked the professor up and took him on trips on her spacecraft on four occasions. One of them was a small five meter diameter explorer. Another was a 60 metre intermediate ship that carried a number of the smaller ones. And one time he was taken to a much larger mother-ship that was a mobile support base for several of the intermediate class. She said that they had many teams working in our solar system and here, and they had many Earth contactees. She told the professor of another contactee being used by a different contact team from her society who lived in Chicago. His name was Thomas Haskins, and he was a black man who lived in the South Side. Prof. Hernandez ultimately met Haskins and they compared notes.

LYA also told the professor of other space-traveling races carrying out operations on this planet, including, remarkably, some contacts by "Pliones" with a one -armed man who lives in Switzerland. This was mentioned to the professor in 1976, before anything on the Pleiades contacts in Switzerland had been released outside of a very small local group of people around that man.

Hernandez story was investigated by Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens who corresponded with Zitha Rodriquez. Stevens found many similarities with other contactee cases even though Hernandez could not have known of these. He decided to translate Rodriquez book of Hernandez experiences and eventually concluded that Hernandez was credible.

As in the Adamski and Menger cases, Hernandez reveals that his extraterrestrial contact could easily blend into the Mexican population. In contrast to the Adamski and Menger cases, Lya was alone and did not appear to have a buddy.

While she did not own a car, she knew how to navigate Mexico City’s road system to ensure that Hernandez could reach the destination of her flying vehicle. Her ability to meet with Hernandez in city locations and knowledge of how to travel to rural areas, again suggests familiarity with the location and customs of the native population.

It is not only contactees that have discussed extraterrestrials living among us, there are also the testimonies of highly credible whistleblowers who make similar claims.

In 1984, with his contacts still going on, Professor Hernandez could no longer be reached by Zitha Rodriguez, or others researchers who had made contact with him as a contactee, and nothing of him has been discovered of him since, though both private and police detectives have continually searched.

A full 224 page report on these contacts has been published as UFO Contact from Andromeda, by Rodriguez-Stevens.

Whistleblower Testimonies of Extraterrestrials Living Among Us

Contactee claims that extraterrestrials were living among us received a significant boost by the whistleblower testimony of Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean. Dean worked at NATO’s Supreme Headquarters from 1963-1967, and during this time was stationed in the Operations Center with a Cosmic Top Secret clearance. He claims to have viewed a secret NATO study that was commissioned to analyze the threat posed by UFOs to NATO operations in Eastern Europe. The classified report was titled: “An Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military threat to Allied Forces in Europe.” It focused on the dangers of UFOs being mistakenly identified as an incoming ballistic missile attack from the Soviet Union.

Command Sergeant Dean claimed that the NATO study identified four different extraterrestrial civilizations visiting the Earth. He said that what really worried the NATO top brass was that some of the visitors looked so much like us that they were virtually indistinguishable. Mr. Dean says that NATO generals were paranoid over the possibility that some of the extraterrestrial visitors could be walking in the corridors of power.

In an interview he said: There was a human group that looked so much like us that that really drove the admirals and the generals crazy because they determined that these people, and they had seen them repeatedly, they had had contact with them. These people looked so much like us they could sit next to you on a plane or in a restaurant and you'd never know the difference. And being military and being primarily paranoid, that bothered the generals and the admirals a little bit. That the fact that these intelligent entities could be involved with us, walking up and down the corridors of SHAPE, walking down the corridors [of power].

Mr. Dean’s testimony is a vital key in unlocking the truth of extraterrestrials living among the human population. His testimony conclusively demonstrates that official military and government agencies are aware of this possibility, and in fact would undoubtedly have been developing strategies for such a contingency. While NATO viewed extraterrestrials living among us in the context of a classified Study assessing UFOs as a potential security threat, based on contactee testimonies, it appears that the extraterrestrial visitors are blending in to learn about the human population. In addition to learning about human values and civilization with varying objectives and agendas, it appears that the visitors were conducting a low key education effort to promote awareness of their presence to a limited number of individual ‘contactees’.

"Extraterrestrial Exposure Law"

In 1969, NASA passed a federal regulation dealing with “Extra-terrestrial Exposure”. The Extraterrestrial Exposure law offers a legal precedent for the detention and indefinite imprisonment of any individual who comes into contact with extraterrestrials.

The most relevant passages concern the power of NASA administrator or his/her designee to: Determine that a particular person, property, animal, or other form of life or matter, whatever is extra-terrestrially exposed and quarantine such person, property, animal, or other form of life or matter whatever. The quarantine may be based only on a determination, with or without the benefit of a hearing, that there is probable cause to believe that such person, property, animal or other form of life or matter whatever is extra-terrestrially exposed. -- Title 14 National Aeronautics and Space Section 1211.102 A3

Most disturbing about this federal regulation was that such detention could not be appealed and due legal process, could be denied to citizens on the basis of “probable cause” that they have been extraterrestrially exposed. Given that the general public and elected representatives are not aware of an extraterrestrial presence, this NASA regulation gives a green light to practices and decisions concerning extraterrestrial exposure that are not subject to congressional oversight or media scrutiny. While the Extraterrestrial Exposure law was “officially removed” and placed on reserve status in 1991, it nevertheless creates a precedent that the legal counsel of any government agency or military department could cite for possible enforcement against individuals who have extraterrestrial contact. NASA’s regulation, and similar laws or regulations in other countries, provide a powerful means of silencing individuals who come into contact with extraterrestrials who have merged into the general population. Essentially, anyone encountering such extraterrestrials could be subjected to indefinite detention without any legal protection. This would not only deter individuals from disclosing such interactions with extraterrestrials, but would also help deter extraterrestrials from disclosing their origins to ordinary citizens.
Dr. Michael Salla has given permission to print any article he has authored. Thank you Michael!

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From UFO casebook..
Implant revealed

Below-Becky says, "The Gray is monitoring and gathering the information from my implant that was put in me at an earlier date, he is doing this with that half egg shape instrument he is using." A big thanks to Becky for sharing this information with us here at the UFO Casebook.

B J's Interview with Becky Andreasson Becky Andreasson is the daughter of famous abductee, Betty Andreasson Luca, and an abductee herself. She has now launched her own web site, where she shares her life long experiences with beings not of this world. She has been kind enough to answer some questions from B J about the strange, paranormal encounters which have touched the lives of her and her family. Five books, to date, have been authored about these ongoing events, plus many newspaper articles, magazines, and web articles.

Becky says that what has influenced her more than anything else is the mystical language taught to her by the "Elders."Her experiences began as a young child, when she was taken from her crib by one of the Elders. When she was returned, she was left outside of her house. Her mother was informed by the next door neighbor that Becky was playing outside. There was no way she could have left the house by herself. Her mother was frightened by this puzzling occurrence...but the full implication of these happenings would only be revealed many years later. See the UFO Casebook case file on the Betty Andreasson Abduction

B J: Becky, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers. I am sure this will give them a better understanding of the enigmatic experiences of alien abductees.

Becky: You're very welcome B J

B J: On your web site, you talk about the time you were taken from your crib as a child. Was this your family's first paranormal experience?

Becky: No this was not my family's first paranormal experience. I was a new born infant in my bassinet, next to my parents bed. Around 3:00 AM my mother was awakened by a mans gentle voice calling her name. She looked at me and glanced around the room, her name being called again, she could see no one. Try as she may, my father would not wake up, so through fear, she quickly covered her head with the blanket! This was my beginning, linked to my mothers line of on going paranormal experiences.

B J: Do you recall any details about the alien craft you were taken to? What did the aliens look like?

Becky: There were several occasions when I was in alien crafts and yes I do recall. First there was soft lighting with no casting of shadow in all the crafts I've been in. I heard what sounded like glass wind chimes in the crafts. There were training stations, large screens, unusual toys, tall, glass-like cylinders, floating disks, rooms of mirrors, seats, tables, types of windows in some of the rooms, a large open canister that contained the same light that held me up in my bedroom, from that growling creature crouched in the corner of my room. There was also some of the symbolic symbols written above a door in one of the rooms. These are a few details of crafts I've been in.

My experiences are with a few different types of aliens; The Elders/Human looking, tall, white hair, blue eyes, very light white skin and dressed in white garments.

The Beings/Human looking, a bit shorter then the Elders, light blond hair, green eyes, white skin and dressed in white garments; these Beings, in my opinion, look like they could pass as human!

Ishta/Human looking, seemed tall to me, reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, white skin, dressed in a dark green garment and wore a mystical ring on her finger!

E sa/ Human looking, very tall, whitish-gray hair,olive-green skin, dressed all in white and when he spoke, it was in a singing form in the language of the symbols I was taught and I understood him! E sa wore a jeweled medallion necklace.

The Grays/short-around 3 to 4 1/2 feet tall, large, dark almond shape eyes, slit for mouth, indented-nose and ears, large head, no hair, grey skin.

Creature in the corner of my bedroom; dark murky brownish color, red eyes, growling! kind of looks like a chupacabra creature.

There are other beings I have encountered and paranormal experiences that I have had. These will be revealed on my web site in the near future!

B J: Do you recall having any interaction with the other two children who were playing with the weightless toys? Did they notice you when you came in?

Becky: Yes. We all played with the toys together and when Nadine and I were sitting in the seat, I whispered to her, "Don't be afraid," as she was squeezing my hand. Her and I also played at the big screen.

B J: How many other encounters did you have before the famous 1967 abduction of your mother?

Becky: Several, some are recorded in the Andreasson Legacy.

B J: Do you remember the suspended animation while it was happening, or was it only afterward that you were aware of it?

Becky: No, I don't remember being in suspended animation, I do remember being active and seeing other family members in the suspended state.

B J: You call the aliens "peculiar" looking. Can you describe them for us?

Becky: At age 11, they looked like clay men in suits with big heads and large eyes, to me.

B J: Did they communicate with you or other members of your family? If so, how?

Becky: In the 1967 encounter, they communicated telepathically with Mom and I, also Jessup played light games in the air with me.

B J: You call the aliens, "The Watchers." What is the origin of this term, as relating to the aliens?

Becky: "The Watchers," this term relating to the aliens for me means that these Watchers are doing just that, watching over Mankind.

B J: Can you say that these beings were the same as those who took you as a child?

Becky: From birth to age 12, I was taken by the Elders, Beings and Ishta. After 12 years old, there were Elders, Beings, Ishta, and GRAYS. Also something people do not know about my experience in 1967, this was the VERY FIRST TIME I EVER SAW A GRAY! Mom was taken and the family all stayed in suspended animation, and I was playing light games in the air with Jessup!

B J: Were you told to call one of the Watchers, Jessup? Did he introduce himself to you with that name, or did you just know that?

Becky: No, I was not told to call him Jessup. No, he didn't introduce himself, I just knew that he is Jessup.

B J: The "blue book" that you mentioned as the beginning of your knowledge of symbolic writing, what happened to it?

Becky: I don't know what happened to it.

B J: When you were taken from your Virginia home, you mention being trained at different stations. What are the stations, and where were they located?

Becky: There were three stations in a funny shaped room all open. 1st station was a screen with the symbols, the 2nd was a station that furthered my activation and interaction of the symbolic training, and the 3rd was measuring and sealing the symbolic training within me.

B J: You mention the skin peeling from your hand after the training. Did you ever seek medical help for this?

Becky: No, I couldn't afford the medical bill at the time. It was like a sun burn peel, and it did not hurt at all; there was no pain. I didn't worry about it. It was all peeled off and healed within two weeks time.

B J: You claim to have a certain "connection" with symbolic writing. Are you psychic, and do you have any other special abilities?

Becky: Yes, I'm connected to the Symbolic Writing, by a form of drawing and a special channeling from a lifetime connection with the Elders and the blessed learning of this wonderful ancient symbolic language. These writings I do for people connect them to the Elders, each writing is all about Only that Person and Their Life. Yes, I am psychic and some of my other special abilities are I'm artistic, I write poetry, which has been published, and I sometimes I am able to discern dreams. I do have a few other special abilities, but for now I'll keep those hush, hush!

B J: You come from a large family. Have any of your brothers or sisters had experiences like yours, beside your mother and stepfather?

Becky: Yes, but I would prefer not to comment on my family as to respect their privacy.

B J: How is your relationship with other members of your family? Are you a close family?

Becky: Wonderful, we are a close knit family.

B J: There is some great art work on your site, drawn by your mother. Are these from experiences of yours that you related to her?

Becky: Thank You B J. Yes, they are drawn by my mom and they are of my experiences I have related to her.

B J: Are the experiences still ongoing for your mother and stepfather?

Becky: Yes, but again I feel they should speak of this, not I.

B J: Do you socialize with other alien abductees, or belong to any kind of support group?

Becky: Besides my family, no, I do not belong to any support groups.

B J: Were you or any members of your family subjected to regressive hypnosis?

Becky: Yes, I was and some family members were, but portions of our experiences were consciously remembered as well.

B J: You mention several different types of alien beings on your site. One of them was more like a creature that was in your bedroom. How would you describe this being?

Becky: I was surprised to later see a close resemblance to the chupacabra and thankfully I was protected in the beam of light!

B J: Tell us what you think about Ufology today. Are we making any progress in solving or understanding the mysteries behind UFOs and alien abduction?

Becky: I do not have much information on the whole of Ufology, of what I do know, great strides have been made by video cams and brave people coming forward seems more so today then yesteryears. Also though we are still fighting against disinformation, cover-ups, intimidation, and fear, which I hope some day we will be free of! All in all, I feel we are making positive progress, LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING, YES!

B J: Thank you so much for the time you have spent with me. Do you have any additional comments you would like to relate to our readers?

Becky: Yes, thank you, B J. There will be more added to my web site in the near future on my past and on going experiences. Showers of Blessings to All!

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Herald-Journal, Logan UT
By Kelly Hafen
staff writer

The first documented siting of the Bear Lake Monster was in July of 1868 by a number of pioneer settlers.

Their recorded witness was not only the beginning of a number of personal accounts of the Bear Lake Monster as well as other such aquatic species in Northern Utah, says Monsterologist Will Bagley, but also the beginning of a sort of identity for people who live in the area.

"It is those stories that make us a people and make us who we are," he said. "The telling of that human experience is absolutely a wonderful adventure."

In a talk titled "The Bear Lake Monster and Utah's Other Infamous Aquatic Animals," Bagley spoke Thursday to his audience about what he says is evidence that supports the existence of this reptilian beast located in the Caribbean of the Rocky Mountains. The speech was funded by the Utah Humanities Council and given to a full room at the Logan Justice Center.

"The history of the Bear Lake Monsters deserves serious consideration," Bagley said, explaining that the Bear Lake Monster(s) travels in pods, which indicates there may be more than one freshwater serpent.

As Utah's self-proclaimed leading monsterologist, a historical consultant and an author of several books, Bagley defended that this creature, which has been described as a sort of serpent no shorter than 195 feet that can travel up to 60 mph, is supported by anthropological evidence from Shonsone tales relating to the Bear Lake Monster.

But he said the most compelling evidence was established by early leaders of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the many supportive articles printed in the Deseret Morning News.

Bagley sites several prominent religious members, including Brigham Young, George Q. Cannon, John Taylor, Lorenzo Snow and Joseph F. Smith, as strong believers in the Bear Lake Monster. All but Brigham Young, claimed they had seen the serpent, he said.

"The Deseret News refused to back down on reporting about the Bear Lake Monster," he said. "And although he never saw, Brigham Young not only believed in the Bear Lake Monster, he invested in the Bear Lake Monster."

In devising a trap for the Monster, early settlers made use of 300 yards of steel cable, a buoy and a rope used as a leader for a hook baited with a sheep. Bagley said Brigham Young himself donated the rope to trap the Caribbean serpent.

"This is among the most compelling pieces of evidences about the Bear Lake Monster," Bagley said.

Bagley said the trap was successful because sheep often disappeared. But the Bear Lake Monster was never caught.

"Clearly we're dealing not with a resilient animal that can deal with a number of environmental challenges. But one that is very smart and can figure out how to get sheep off of a hook," he said.

Besides the Bear Lake Monster and among the belief of lake monsters worldwide, Bagley entertains the idea of several "Other Infamous Aquatic Outlaws" throughout Utah. He includes in the list of inhabited waters Panguitch, Sevier, Utah and the Great Salt Lakes.

He said there have been more recent and more believable reports on the existence of a Utah Lake monster.

Among reports of sitings of a Utah Lake monster from duck hunters, fishermen and children, there has been physical evidence in the form of a recovered skull exhibiting a single horn. "Which indicates that we have a unicorn-style lake monster in Utah Lake," Bagley quipped.

Stories of a Salt Lake monster lacked credibility, Bagley said. This monster is described as more reptilian, resembling a crocodile. But crocodiles would have a hard time living in water as salty as the Great Salt Lake, Bagley said.

"All the reports come of the Salt Lake Monster from scurrilous gentiles who were all drunk out of their heads when they actually spotted the Salt Lake Monster," he said. "We have been unable to link the Salt Lake Monster in with the family of lake monsters that I believe survive to this day in Utah."

But even Bagley admitted he once had his doubts about the Bear Lake Monster. He questioned its existence until he heard a personal story about an encounter with the creature from Bear Lake resident Brian Hirschi, who owns the pontoon-boat replica of the Bear Lake Monster.

Hirchi told Bagley that it was his "civic duty that finally compelled Brian to come forward to warn people to be on the lookout for the Bear Lake Monster because it is still alive and lurking." Bagley said.
The above monsters are not the only ones reported. Wallowa Lake in eastern Oregon is known to have a similar "monster" in it. Back when only Indians lived in the area they reported seeing this undulating creature. Then there is the Ogopogo in Okanagan Lake at Kelowna, BC. Pictures have been taken of that one. I believe these are hold overs from the dinosaur age. And what about "Nessie?" That one is well known. - Aileen

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(Annotated) The Great Indian Conventions which have been held in Michocan, Mexico, have resulted in the complete amalgamation of all the Indian tribes and nations of the Western Hemisphere, a united people under the Great White Chief. So impressive was this Great White Chief, Eachta Eacha Na, (Mighty and Wise One) that he was unanimously elected as chief of all chiefs and their law giver and teacher. Under his leadership they have determined to be and remain a united people, by casting aside all enmity, hatred, malice, and bickering and by recognizing the blood brotherhood of their people under One God and one leadership. The following story of the Indian movement we pass on to you for all it is worth, knowing that many will find it of great interest at this time.

The Chigarau Indians are a nation of very light skinned Indians living in the southern part of Old Mexico. Their beautiful walled city lies in an almost inaccessible section of the high mountainous regions deep in the south of Mexico almost as far as Guatemala. It lies at an elevation of about 1200 feet, within this secluded valley, where it has remained untouched and unspoiled by the evils of civilization. It was built long before the time of Christ. Their habitations cover an area about nine and one half miles long by about eleven miles wide, or about a hundred square miles......

UPDATE TO "THE GREAT WHITE CHIEF" - sent in by "Doc" in Utah.

The 33rd Each Ta Eacha Na is named same as his father, Joseph, AKA Warm South Wind, his passport name is Jose or Joseph Rivera. In 1972 he was a student at a now defunct Indian college in California when he came to Utah to attend a white/inidian conference in West Jordan, Utah, called the Indian Unity Caravan. There are tapes of that conference where Warm South Wind, "Mad Bear" Anderson and Thomas Banyacya spoke:http://db3-sql.staff.library.utah.edu/lucene/AV/A0800/A0874.xml/ContainerList
Use FIND ON THIS PAGE found under EDIT at the top of your page and use the words: Warm South Wind in the search engine to find the 3 tapes he is on.

My friend (I won't name her) was in her early 30s when she went with Zula Brinkerhoff (now deceased) to this meeting in 1972. (Google her name, she wrote many books on indians and was a white adopted as a Daughter of David Monongye, Keeper of the Hopi Prophecy, a traditionalist Hopi) She told me just 2 weeks ago that she met Warm South Wind and talked to him personally at that meeting in 1972. She said that he wore white indian clothing with a single feather in his head band and had a big smile and a magnetic personality.

Then, 6 weeks ago, I was going through a stack of papers on my desk and found a group of papers with a strange clip on them. I went through them and found the name Joseph Steven Mauger. He claims to have felt the desire to go meet this white Indian prophet. He flew to Guatemala to the nearest airport and was hoping to find someone that could take him to the God Star City and meet this chief/prophet. He was met there by a young Indian from the city who told him that they knew he was coming and that he was not welcome to come. It is by invitation only. They got his name and address and 2 months later, he was invited. He flew back and was escorted 5 days through the mountains to the city where he stayed the traditional 14 days where he was instructed and then told not to share what he had learned with anyone. In 1997 Joseph Mauger claims that the Indian prophet came to Salt Lake City, Utah with his counselors and his 12 apostles. I think that this is the same Warm South Wind / Joseph Rivera.

These papers I mysteriously had on my desk mentioned that he has spoken on the Dr. Jack Stockwell radio show out of Salt Lake City in 1995. With help from friends, we located him last Sunday and are having him speak this saturday to a small group that have beliefs in this indian prophet/chief and his future work.

There are a few rare books on Eachta Eacha Na. There is: THE GREAT WHITE CHIEF and THE COMING INDIAN PROPHET (2 books in one) by Norman Pierce / Utah (now deceased). THE GREAT WHITE CHIEF AND THE VALLEY OF THE BLUE MOON by Mother Mary (cover name). A third book easy to be had has been compiled together by a friend of mine Larry Garmus / Utah. The book is called: THE COMING INDIAN PROPHET ($20 includes postage / I stock this book at my office) and a 4th book: THE ONE LIKE UNTO MOSES, THE BRANCH PROPHET by Rhea Kunz and available from my friend Lynn Bishop / Utah (801-465-2157)


In the early 1950's there was an organization of Indians from Canada, the United States, Mexico and South America known as the "League of Nations Pro-American Indians." The purpose of the organization was to further the cause of the Lamanites, Indians who, with blood of the White, had been designated by Joseph Smith as Chosen of God.

At that time, a meeting was held in Independence by the chiefs of the organization to "adopt the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" (mormons) as the State Church of the Indian Nations.

At the meeting a matter was brought up that was of extreme importance for it pertained to the most carefully guarded of the "secrets." The matter was the city of White Indians located in Guatemala. The city is called "Star God City," in commemoration of the visit of the white-bearded god who had visited the ancestors of the American Indians of Guatemala. It was from his symbol, the Morning Star, that the name "Star God City" was derived. Star God City is located near El Gelbo, Guatemala, and is on the shore of a lake. Around the city is a limestone wall. In each of the four sides is a gate. Besides the dwellings, within the walls are four temples.

The language of the White Indians is of the old Mayan people or, as Latter-Day Saints believe, the original tongue of the Lamanites and Nephites. Anyone visiting the city would need two interpreters, one versed in Spanish, the other in Mayan.

According to reports, the people of Star God City, are looking forward with great longing to the "Second coming of the Star God", of Jesus Christ and the building of the Holy City in which the Star God will dwell.

At the 1951 conference in Independence it was reported that White Indians of Star God City have records of their people dating back to ancient times. Their belief is that the story of Esther (Biblical Book of Esther) corroborates the records. In fact, their belief is that the Book of Esther verifies the "truthfulness of the Book of Mormon."

Discussed at the meeting were the records kept by the Guatemala White Indians. Containing history of the deepest past, not only of Indians of Central America but most of the tribes of North America as well, all is inscribed on metal plates.
The above is the belief of the author and not necessarily the belief of the creator of this blog.

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From God Like Productions forum.
It is amazing what you can find on GLP and good that you can coordinate in this fashion. The following are from persons hearing the hum and the thud and the vibrations under their homes.

Are you hearing and feeling any rumbling coming from underneath the ground in your area?

My wife and I, my older brother, and my mom and stepdad have all noticed that there is a sound and a feel of rumbling coming from underground that occurs a few times a day. (My younger brother lives in the city of Raleigh and has not noticed it) This started about a year ago and is more frequent recently. It almost feels as if heavy machinery like a dumptruck were moving back and forth about 30 feet underground. It is not very frequent at each of our locations, varying between 1-3 times a day.You can hear it and feel it. It sounds and feels like a fully-loaded dumptruck going by on a street close by your location. Except with this, it feels and sounds like it is coming from beneath you. Also, when you go outside, you can actually hear and feel it less- and there is clearly nothing outside above ground causing it- go back inside and you can hear and feel it a little better. It just has a feeling and sound so that you know that it is coming from underground.The sound and feeling feels like it is getting closer and closer to you, and then it dies and ceases fairly quickly, usually all lasting about 10-20 seconds.[We live in Eastern North Carolina just East of Raleigh and we dont have earthquakes often. We only have felt ones maybe once or twice in 10 years, and they are usually very light. The last felt one we had was 2 years ago and was centered near Richmond, Va.]Have any of you noticed this rumbling from underground also? It is very unusual and has us a little intrigued.
NO WAY! I am in Goldsboro about 5 miles west of Seymour Johnson AFB and we have felt it here also! We had a hard time at first noticing and discerning it due to the lound fighter jets and other aircraft that flying around here. But yeah, we have definately noticed this. No Aircraft outside or dumptrucks or whatever when this happens. Whatever it is we have been feeling is coming from below ground, kind of like a localized earthquake. just like you described, it feels like something is coming straight at you like its getting ready to hit you, and then it goes way. This is just too damn odd! Ive got to show this thread to my buds.
Wow, that's too weird I felt it this morning here in Michigan around 7:30ish.
Yeah, yes, ja, in Deutschland/Germany the same/das Gleiche!
We hear it here too Indiana.
Been feeling/hearing these same rumblings up here in New Hampshire, too - several times a day - much stronger and more frequent this past week, including tonight.Also hearing more military flights overhead last 5 nights.
I listened and no it's not like that at all. It's like a cat diesle is right outside at idle and sometimes the siding of the house will pick up a harmonic vibration to go along with it. I've reported this here more than a few times. Glad some other people hear it too.When you learn of subterrians and such it dosn't take a rocket scientist to figure out whats up.
Once I lived on the side of a hill. I was playing chess with my son. As we were staring at the board we heard this rumble that got louder and louder and we both thought it was a truck coming up the street. Only when it got to our location the whole earth rolled. Or it could be an underground base...
Tunneling equipment and secret base building would be my guess.I'll relate a story here. My former brother inlaw worked for a company that manufactured steel security doors.The company was helping to build a prison within the gates of Grissom AFB in Peru Indiana.I told him to ask around about the rail station there thats three levels down below ground.Well he did and he was told never to come on the base property again. He didn't get fired so I was relieved about that but he related to me that they were not happy about his question to who ever it was he asked and they threw him out of there for the rest of the project.
Start keeping an eye on these 2 sites[link to weather.unisys.com] [link to vortex.plymouth.edu] and follow the little circles.

On March 12 something that should have been a storm formed of the Lake Erie area, 4 hours later a 3.6 earthquake in Ohio.Weird radar shot up to the same area from W. VA a few months before and an earthquake in NW Pa.We may be being played with again without the public being informed of weapons tests.
A special website called the Taos Hum Homepage, now reports that “nearly every state in the U.S. has at least one hum hearer report, including Alaska and Hawaii.” It says the largest number of reports are coming from the southwest, the Pacific northwest and southeastern states. Also “the hum has caused such problems in the U.K. and Sweden that hum-hearer support groups have formed there.”Towns in Italy and Mexico also are reporting humming.

Brooklyn, New York, where a humming noise has been bothering residents in the Bay Ridge area for the past year, chiropractor Dr. Concetta Butera says she has spent thousands trying to muffle the noise from her office and her sixth-floor apartment where she has lived for 18 years. She has installed soundproof windows, invested in a sound machine and even hired an acoustical consultant. The source of the sound has not been found.A nearby resident, Rita Majurinen, says the hum is “such a low tone that I can feel it in my body.” She said the noise keeps her awake at night.In Dorset, England, the sound has been dubbed the “Swanage hum.” It is described as a low noise that is felt as a vibration. During the last three years that it has been going on, people complain that it not only keeps them awake, it causes things to vibrate loose. One man said the hinge pins were driven from his door.The Largs hum, in the Scotland town of Largs, has been buggering residents there since the 1980s. People there say it causes headaches, chest pain, nausea and even nose bleeds.

A scientist investigating reports of a strange humming noise across Auckland says special equipment sensitive enough to pick up the sound will have to be used to solve the mystery.Massey University scientist Tom Moir - along with Fakhrul Alam - has been investigating reports from up to 30 people for the past month.
Yes, quite a bit the last couple of weeks. (Central Iowa)
S. Utah. odd and very resonant rumblings here . I have felt the last few days. sound more like distant explosions...probably blasting...but feeling like rumbling terrorists and illumaniti digging under my house.
Wow.I thought we were the only ones!We're in Greensboro, NC and get the same thing, but along with the rumbling sounds, there are also loud underground 'thuds' every once-in-a-while.It almost seems as if there are large trucks hauling something very large and very heavy, then when they get to their destination (which happens to be very close to our home) they drop it.
why not find the locality .. using a stethoscope .. and start to dig down ....! If your saying its like ten feet below your feet - then that shouldnt be too hard to dig down to .. and you may find yourself ... opening a hole in a military tunnel ... ! That would be fun to investigate - they aint gonna see you coming through the roof their tunnel and having a look round ..! Man you could maybe even get some listenning devices down there etc etc .. _______________________
Central Wisconsin here. I don't hear this, but our Peking ducks do. For the past several days, been going nuts, frantic, trying to escape and hide, that kind of behavior. I'd check the live seismographs and most often a slight global shudder had just occurred. The Chinese use their Peking ducks as quake predictors. Sounds like the US is under more stress than usual! New Madrid about to go?
When you get to mapping all these sites, you'd better stick the central southern area of UK on it too. We had a deep rumble last night - not the first time either, but definitely the heaviest - which had me running out into the garden to see what was passing by. I live way out in the sticks and there is only a track and country road near the house, but nothing was passing by. There are Porton Down and Boscombe Down government establishments, plus the military ranges on Salisbury Plain, which are all fairly near, but no activity from them.... not on the surface, anyway. We also have Army and Royal Air Force Apaches, Lynx and Chinooks, and Navy Merlins which use our house as an unofficial marker on the low level route to the training area, but nothing flying by at the time.So, what is this world wide phenomenon? Is the earth moving for you? Or are "the tunnels" being brought into use all of a sudden? There's something going on, that's for sure.Good 'ere, init?
I have some friends near Suffolk Va(near Langley,Ft Monroe, several military sections) that has been hearing these underground rumblings off and on for years.
Just about a month ago I heard some rumblings just underneath our apartment. It shook the whole damn place. Now, I live in the SE quadrant of USA where there are no EQ, at least none that I know about. Tell me, what the hell is going on? Damn Reptilians.
Been rumbling again in the last hour here in Michigan.
several times in the past year around 2 am i've heard a humming noise also sounding alittle like an ideling tractor trailor. i live next to a busy street so i thought thats what it was. all the times i went out back to look at the street and there's nothing there. they last only a couple of minutes then go away. i've returned to my bedroom puzzled...i live in south texas.


My Rothschild source said that the underground rail system is three levels. Top one is least secure (for regular transport of materiel & nonessential personnel - meaning us cattle, when the time comes) and the deepest is most secure. Requires "black card" clearance to use the secure levels. At the time (early 90's) there was at least one main East/West line from one end of the country to the other with many North/South spurs to major cities. I would imagine the way the boring systems have been running over the last few decades they've established at least one other main East/West route with links between them by now. The trains are said to be 400 mph+ maglev systems, and the 'rumbling' is the pressure waves from the trains moving through the tunnels. The tunnel boring machines were developed in the 50's using huge screws with carbide tipped blades, with upgrades as better technology became available from the nuclear & laser industries and such.

The tunnel systems are probably worldwide by now, as TPTB are spread out all over.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


(Or were they angels?)

At the outset of World War One, the British Expeditionary Force was pinned down near the French/Belgian border town of Mons, whereupon something quite inexplicable is reported to have taken place. Kevin McClure reinvestigates contradictory rumors of divine intervention.

Debunking is a pretty merciless process. It is seldom that, once debunked, an account of a supposedly paranormal event will ever again achieve credibility.

In the vast majority of cases, this is no loss. I have helped dispatch a number of claims of the extraordinary, and I'm happy to have done so. Much of what is claimed and reported has no substance at all, and we can well do without it.

Occasionally though, something of value and significance risks being trampled in the rush to purge what seems unacceptable. This can occur where a rational explanation easily deals with a number of the elements of a complex investigation, but not necessarily with all the elements. The reports arising from alleged events during the retreat of the British Expeditionary Force from Mons in 1914 constitute just such a complex and confusing case. Resoundingly debunked since the summer of 1915 onwards, it is time to reconsider these reports. I think that an injustice has been done, though the details of that injustice remain difficult to define.

The Mons legends have always fascinated me. They bring together several of my own areas of interest: the Great War, religious visions, divine intervention, folklore, the writer Arthur Machen and the role the paranormal plays in the lives of people -- and nations -- under great stress. I've been gathering material on the subject for more than 10 years, but have only recently had the opportunity to bring it all together.

Many will be aware of reports that Saint George and the Agincourt bowmen -- or maybe some angels, or possibly both -- came between the British and German forces, halting the German advance long enough for an organized withdrawal and regrouping to take place. Many, too, will have read that the reports were all a myth, arising entirely from the retelling - Chinese Whispers style -- of a short story by Arthur Machen entitled "The Bowmen," first published in the London Evening Standard on 29 September 1914. It's an explanation Machen himself originated in the summer of 1915. It was probably misleading then, and has been ever since.

If anything wonderful happened, then it happened in the last days of August 1914, as superior German forces pushed a tired, but heroic, BEF back through France from the Belgian border. I must stress that no contemporary history of the war mentions any visionary event of any kind, the earliest account from a named military source being published in 1931, though apparently taken from letters written at the time. Certainly, when Machen's exquisite little story of a beleaguered British soldier invoking Saint George, and the saint arriving with a host of bowmen to drive back the Germans, first appeared in print, the public had read nothing of any claim of divine intervention. Few, though, doubted that we had 'God on our Side.'

When 'The Bowmen' was first published, the two leading paranormal journals of the time, Light and the Occult Review, both reported on its content and both inquired of Maclien whether there was any truth in the tale. He replied that there was not, and both reported back to their readership accordingly. By the end of October 1914, it seemed that the matter had been forgotten.

One of the intriguing mysteries of the Mons legends is what happened next. After a full six months without tales of bowmen, or anything else, an account appeared in Light for 24 April 1915 under the title "The Invisible Allies: Strange Story from the Front." This refers back to Machen's story and continues in part:

"A few days ago, we received a visit from a military officer, who asked to see the issue of Light containing the article in question. He explained that, whether Mr. Machen's story was pure invention or not, it was certainly stated in some quarters that a curious phenomenon had been witnessed by several officers and men in connection with the retreat from Mons. It took the form of a strange cloud interposed between the Germans and the British. Other wonders were heard or seen in connection with this cloud which, it seems, had the effect of protecting the British against the overwhelming hordes of the enemy."

"They therefore turned round and faced the enemy, expecting nothing but instant death, when to their wonder they saw, between them and the enemy a whole troop of angels."

Early in May, a fuller version of a similar account turned up in the All Saints, Clifton, Parish Magazine. This both inquired of Maclien whether there was any truth in what was quoted in papers and magazines all over the country, attracting attention from the national press and also from senior churchmen wanting to present patriotic material in their sermons. It seems that the editor of the Parish Magazine had met the daughter of one Canon Marrable, who relayed to him what she had been told by "...two officers, both of whom had themselves seen the angels who saved our left wing from the Germans when they came right upon them during the retreat from Mons.

They expected annihilation, as they were almost helpless, when to their amazement they stood like dazed men, never so much as touched their guns: nor stirred till we had turned round and escaped by some crossroads. One of Miss Marrable's friends, who was not a religious man, told her that he saw a troop of angels between us and the enemy. He has, it was stated in some quarters been a changed man ever since. The other had been witnessed by sever man she met in London.

She asked him if he had heard the wonderful stories of angels. He said he had seen them himself, and under the following circumstances:

"While he and his company were retreating, they heard the German cavalry tearing after them. They saw a place where they thought a stand might be made, with sure hope of safety; but before they could reach it, the German cavalry were upon them. They therefore turned round and faced the enemy, expecting nothing but instant death, when to their wonder they saw, between them and the enemy, a whole troop of angels. The German horses turned round terrified and regularly stampeded. The men tugged at their bridles, while the poor beasts tore away in every direction from our men."

In the meantime, stories featuring bowmen were also appearing, the first in, of all places, the Roman Catholic paper The Universe for 30 April 1915: "The story is told by a Catholic officer in a letter from the front, and is told with a simplicity which shows the narrator's own conviction of its genuiness... "A party of about thirty men was cut off in a trench, when the officer said to his men, 'Look here, we must either stay here and be caught like rats in a trap, or make a sortie against the enemy. We haven't much of a chance but personally I don't want to be caught here.' The men all agreed with him, and with a yell of 'St. George for England' they dashed out into the open. The officer tells how, as they ran on, he became aware of a large company of men with bows and arrows going along with them, and even leading them on against the enemy's trenches, and afterwards when he was talking to a German prisoner, the man asked him who was the officer on a great white horse who led them, for although he was such a conspicuous figure, they had none of them been able to hit him. I must also add that the German dead appeared to have no wounds on them. The officer who told the story (adds the writer of the letter) was a friend of ours. He did not see St. George on the white horse, but he saw the archers with his own eyes."

And so it went on through the summer and autumn on 1915. Many accounts were published, though some were deliberately fraudulent, and at no time was an account by any named individual proved true. Arthur Machen wrote some more delightful stories along the lines of 'The Bowmen,' with a long introduction explaining that all the accounts derived from his own story, and the resulting book sold remarkably well. Other writers backed the reality of some or all of the legends and one, 'The Showmen,' even parodies the whole affair. Phyllis Campbell, apparently a front-line nurse, mixed some of the legends in with the 'atrocity mythos' that prevailed at the time, recounting the acts of the ghastly Hun in gut-wrenching detail, but providing no evidence for either the paranormal or the psychopathic. The Mons Legends achieved wide publicity and great popularity.

This annotated version was taken from the "Fortean Times."

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UFO Over Riga
by Paul Stonehill

Few rumors about this incident had circulated in the USSR. I was aware of some, but until 1996 did not have the complete story.

In August of 1961, a test flight of the most modern Soviet fighter-interceptor jet was to take place. The top brass wanted to film everything, so as to demonstrate the might of Soviet Air Force. A film crew, headed by Victor Dudinsh, was commissioned for that purpose. They set up their equipment in the vicinity of the airplane, next to the take-off and landing strip. Over one hundred military officers had been waiting to see the air show. But nothing happened. The jet was fine the day before, but now the pilot could not start the engine. At the same time a sinister sound pierced through the air, and a strange object appeared in the sky.

It appeared from nowhere, and everyone was able to see it at once. They started running in every direction. Fear gripped everyone, and panic ensued. Dudinsh, a real professional, fought this fear to film the occurrence. He aimed the camera at the object in the sky, pushed the start button, and ran to the shelter. The object did not descend, but rather moved in a strange fashion. It would disappear, and reappear, but slightly further from its original position. This went on for a few minutes, and then something else took place. An entity inside the UFO moved around intensively. The object was illuminated by sun; blue sky in the background, i.e., the visibility was fine. Its shape was that of a triangle, its color violet. A few minutes later and the UFO suddenly dimmed. It remained in the sky, but became somewhat invisible. As its brightness disappeared, so did the fear.

The military crawled out from various holes and shelters, and discussed the event. Not one doubted the ET nature of the object. Dudinsh ran back to his camera, and saw that it was working, but the film was already spent. He wanted to take it back to the studio, but the airfield commander confiscated it. The KGB arrived some time later, and took the film away. Dudinsh, however, convinced the airfield commander to take witness statements from the hundreds of eyewitnesses. Most signed it with trepidation. The pilot was the first to sign; he also mentioned that it was probably the UFO that caused the strange behavior of on-board equipment, and the dead engine of his jet.

Dudinsh and his colleagues did find out some time later that the UFO was filmed. Those who witnessed the object had been warned to forget everything and keep silent. Somehow the information about this UFO leaked to the West, and letters of inquiry followed. So did offers to buy the film. To diffuse the situation, the Soviet media published a report that the object sighted that night was a meteorological probe. For many long years no further information came from the KGB archives. I tried to get more details, but all my contacts could find out nothing.

S. Boyev pursued this case, too. He published his account in the NLO magazine (Issue# 13, 1996). The perestroika was in the air, and Boyev was able to get permission to see the film. He was preparing materials for his documentary about UFOs over the USSR. The KGB, damaged by glastnost and changes sweeping the USSR, relented and released everything. Famous Soviet proponent of UFO phenomenon, a scientist from the Academy of Sciences, V.S. Troitsky, assisted Boyev. Still, even then the authorities did not recommend them to disseminate the information. The first public showing of the film took place in somewhat strange circumstances. The giant hall of the Institute of High Temperatures was filled by hundreds of UFO debunkers. Exactly at midnight the light was turned off, and the crowd breathlessly watched a UFO over the airfield. The film lasted thirty seconds. The next three minutes the audience sat silently, and then discussions literally exploded, and lasted until the morning. Everyone had a UFO story of his own, and everyone there was tired and disgusted by the silence about UFO phenomenon under the Soviet regime. Experts were questioned, and they confirmed: the UFO has nothing to do with weather balloons, probes, or space junk. The object was classified as a cosmic voyager, a phenomenon of extraterrestrial origin, unknown to science. The psychosis-horrible fear- experienced by eyewitnesses was probably caused by powerful and directed infrasonic radiation. Other measurements based on the film and interviews indicated that the object hovered at an altitude of 20 kilometers, and its "base" was more than 200 meters.

The 1961 Riga UFO left a trace in the history of Soviet UFO phenomena, a trace that the KGB could not hide.

To those of you interested in the current UFO research, remember the names of present-day Russian and Ukrainian ufologists who doggedly pursue the study of the phenomenon, in spite of the great difficulties experienced by their countries. I have nothing but respect for people like Aleksandr Rempel, Yuri Smirnov, Nikolay Subbotin, Gherman Kolchin, Mikhail Gershtein, Vadim Chernobrov, Dr. Rubtsov, and others like them. I hope that I and Philip Mantle will be able to tell you about them and their research in our new book (there is more to the Riga 1961 incident, too). And if any of you are truly interested in Russian/CIS ufology, let the information I have provided here be your first step on a road of discovery.
And I would add to the names, Dr. Valery Uvarov, a famous researcher on the subject of pyramids, UFOs, and many other sciences. - Aileen

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