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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Today will be my last blog for some time, or maybe for all time. I am moving to Cortez, Colorado on Thursday. I don't know how long it will take to get back on line. I have enjoyed sending you all these stories. I hope you got something out of them. I have many more to share when, and if I do, get back on line. I think my life will take a new turn when I am in Colorado as I want to start a "Grand Old Opry" in that area. It won't be called exactly that but close to it. Life moves on - that is called progress! (I think???) - Aileen

THE 2012 PROPHESIES - A COMMENT There is an event, from when I was nine years old, that I have never forgotten. A boy was weeping in the school playground as other boys teased him, sprinkling water on him and making spooky noises. I was told that his family belonged to a religious sect who believed the world was about to end in a great flood. Armageddon. Apocalypse. The sprinkled water thrown by the boys was supposed to be the first drops of the prophesied tidal waves. This was a sad situation.

When I first became involved in new age and holistic spirituality, I myself became totally certain that humanity was living through a time of cosmic importance and dramatic transformation. But I was stopped in my tracks by some history I had to read as part of my mature student's degree, which taught me that decade by decade throughout history there has always been a group of people claiming that their moment in time was cosmically significant and heralding profound transformation, including the end of life on Earth. These are called millennial movements.

A millennial movement is building up steam at the moment is based on the Mayan calendar, which suggests that the December Solstice 2012 will be a cosmically significant event. What will happen in 2012 was never made clear by the Mayans, but it is nevertheless being described by some authors and others as apocalyptic. There are at least 20 books published now on the subject. A 2012 prophetic business is building up.

Now - I absolutely support any movement that gets us to live more harmoniously with our environment. I also support all global meditations and prayers for healing and peace. But I am very uncomfortable with any ideas that stimulate anxiety, hysteria and frozen-in-the-headlights syndrome. What good does that do? Some of you may remember the hysteria that surrounded the millennium bug when people thought that the lack of four digits in Microsoft's internal calendar software would bring about global disaster. I know several new age luminaries who took to the mountains on 31 December 1999, their cabins and cottages stocked up for the famine and chaos.

So why is it that people buy into these prophesies? One strong energetic possibility is that our planet carries the imprint and memory of previous disasters. Just like a house or a room can absorb the moods and vibrations of the people who lived there, which visitors and future owners can feel, so Earth and our collective psyche are also carrying memories. Just pause for a moment and imagine the powerful vibrational imprint of the second world war and holocaust. They are very recent history. So too are the killing fields of Cambodia and the genocides in Europe and Africa. Going further back in history, there have been terrible floods, famines and plagues. There have been great climate changes, such as the ice ages. Civilizations have come and gone. All these are huge events, alive in the energy field of our history. We feel them - and sometimes we channel them.

The energy of these historical happenings float, in my opinion, like magnetic clouds in the collective psyche of our species and planet. Sometimes, when we are in a particular mood or have a particular attitude, we act like lightening rods and channel the tragic energy of these past events. It is no wonder that some people get caught up, trance-like, almost as if a spell has been cast, in a collective movement of anxiety, paranoia and conspiracy. The cataclysmic disasters are indeed a reality. They are still alive in the energy field and in our unconscious. But they happened before. They are history and not the future. One of our responsibilities, I suggest, is not to channel, recycle or feed these ancient traumas, but to understand, heal and transform them. Let's be clear. The Mayans did not interpret the Solstice 2012 event. They only stated that it was significant. What is happening now, at worst, is that some authors, would-be prophets and conspiracy theorists are hanging all kinds of other information on to the 2012 date, peddling their own fears and philosophies, tuning into the disasters of the past and inaccurately asserting that they are the future. We need to steer away from the hissy fit delusions of those who claim that the end of the world is nigh and who create more problems than solutions. Of course, I may be wrong - but I'm prepared to take bets that looking back from 2020, 2012 will be just another one of those movements whose prophesies were not fulfilled.

I want to put my energy into a more hopeful interpretation of December Solstice 2012. The actual astronomy of the Mayan calendar is interesting. As I understand it, it points out that a rare and close alignment will take place between Earth, our sun and the core of the Milky Way, our parent galaxy.

Have you ever contemplated the symbolism of the name, the Milky Way? Our galaxy is the nurturing milk of the Cosmic Mother. The idea that the December Solstice 2012 will bring us close to that source is one of healing and hope. What better help could there be for us than to feel the love and nurture of the divine parent? Readers, of course, are free to make up their own minds, but I am raising my flag here. I don't really know if 2012 is a significant date or not. If it is, then I choose to interpret it as a sign of hope and I reject any claim that it heralds some kind of Armageddon. We have enough real problems - ecological and social - to solve without getting caught up in that illusion.

If you want to comment on this piece of writing, you are welcomed to participate in a conversation on my Forum - www.williambloom.com/forum/ www.williambloom.com

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Many of you that subscribe to other "groups" will have received this article. Since we live in the Pacific Northwest and the Maury Island case was part of our history in UFOlogy, this article is significant to us. Therefore, this is for those of you who have not read it. - Aileen

Wreckage from secret 1947 mission found

10:49 PM PDT on Thursday, April 19, 2007
By JACK PENNING, KGW Aviation Reporter

It was a mysterious, secret government mission. It ended in a fiery plane crash, and a crash site that was all but unknown. Almost 60-years after that plane went down, a curious explorer has found the wreckage, and is now trying to uncover its secrets.

Jim Greean says he has been looking for the wreckage from the 1947 crash near his property near Kelso, Washington for 10 years.

Hundreds have searched the undisturbed corner of the Cascade foothills, about 25-miles to the east of Kelso, Washington. But for the last six decades, they found nothing. Newspapers from August 1, 1947 describe the crash of the Air Force B-25 bomber, as its left engine caught fire, and severed the plane's left wing. But as the deep forests of the Northwest had grown, they had hidden the crash site.

The real story, it turns out, wasn't on the front pages of those newspapers from 1947. It was buried deeper, where reporters said the plane's crew members were "flying disk" investigators, searching for UFOs, and carrying a payload of "top secret material." One newspaper reported that "material" included pieces of flying saucers, being taken to California for examination by the Air Force.

The lure of alien evidence has drawn hundreds of explorers to the area, with its steep slopes, deep canyons, overgrown ferns, and moss-covered trees. Jim Greean had been searching for the last ten years, concentrating on the higher hills surrounding the area. Jim didn't even think of the possibility the plane might have crashed into a ravine.

Last Sunday, Jim was hiking along Goble Creek, following its narrow channel as it rushes towards the mighty Columbia River. It was along that Creek, a glint of sunshine caught his eye.

"I looked down and there was a piece of silver looking metal. I had a shovel and I touched it and it was metal, so I slid down the bank and it was the first piece of that plane I found," Jim said. "I started going back up the Creek and it was full of metal. It was like finding gold! I finally found it!"

Jim pulled dozens of pieces of debris from the mud and muck alongside the Creek. Many of the pieces were mangled, some ripped in two by the sheer force of the impact, and some charred, "This almost looks like it's black from being burned." Many more pieces of the plane, Jim left behind. "There were pieces sticking out and I just couldn't pull them out. I'm going to have to go out and dig them out."

Some of the pieces of the wreckage will go on display at Seattle's Museum of Mysteries. Still, Jim didn't find any signs of alien life, or any pieces of flying saucers. He doesn't necessarily buy all the hype, "Spacecraft parts? I don't know about that." But Jim says he's anxious to discover the plane's secrets, now that he's finally found the long lost crash site.

Friday, April 20, 2007



In Sura 42,Verse 29 (42:29) of the Quran,we are told, "Among His (God's) signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the living creatures that He has scattered through them :and He has power to gather them together when He wills."

(8) Before proceeding further,a point or two must be noted.The word "sama", translated "heavens", is also the Arabic for "sky". One may object that the verse refers to creatures in the sky (which would be birds), not in the heavens. However, birds are mentioned seperately from creatures of the heavens in 24:41, "Seest thou not that it is God Whose praise all beings in the heavens and on earth do celebrate, and the birds (of the air) with wings outspread?..."

(9) In a note to 42;29, Muhammad Asad states,"In the Quran, the expression "the heavens and earth" invariably denotes the universe in its entireity."

(10) The Quran mentions that inanimate objects also worship God: "Do they not look at God's creation, (even) among (inanimate) things- how their (very) shadows turn round, from right to left, prostrating themselves to God..."(16:48).

(11) Therefore, may not the creatures spoken of in 42:29 in the heavens, be inanimate creatures of God. No. The next verse,16:49 goes, "And to God doth obeisance all that is in the heavens and earth, whether moving (living) creatures or the angels...".

(12) The word translated "living creatures" here is the same as that in 42:29- "Dabbatun". Comments Asad,"The word dabbah denotes any sentient, corporeal being capable of spontaneous movement and is contrasted here with the non-corporeal, spiritual beings designated as "angels".

(13) In other words, 42:29 is referring to precisely the type of lifeforms that science is searching for, not some metaphysical entities. Yusuf Ali says,"Dabbatun: beasts, living, crawling creatures of all kind."

(14) This is the same word used in 2:164,"...in the beasts of all kinds that He scatters through the earth...are signs for a people that are wise,"

(15) and in 24:45, "And God has created every animal from water: of them are some that creep on their bellies; some that walk on two legs; and some that walk on four. God creates what he wills..."

(16) Commenting on 42:29, Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani says,"From the verse it appears that like on the earth, there are some kinds of animals- living creatures- in the heavens also."

(17) On the same verse, Yusuf Ali comments, "Life is not confined to our one little Planet. It is a very old speculation to imagine some life like human life on the planet Mars...it is reasonable to suppose that Life in some form or other is scattered through some of the millions of heavenly bodies scattered through space."

(18) From such remarks,the reader will realize that Muslim scholars are well aware of the fact that 42:29 clearly mentions the existence of aliens.
Thank you "Learning" for the above.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


I know that things are about to change drastically since I still listen to reverse speech about 3-4 hours a day. Planet X is incoming but it is being blocked from our view. This is a very positive thing and is not "filled with reptilians" like so many are saying. The reptilians are already here and the Planet X is actually going to shred their nets as it passes between us and the sun. They are holding us in this prison world and it is going to take this giant force to get rid of them.

I have listened to at least 1000 people in reverse now, including evp and reptilians. The reps lie constantly but their lies are revealed in reverse. The people all tell the same story of the capture of Earth and the upcoming freeing of Earth. No one ever contradicts this information no matter what they believe consciously. In reverse, which is coming from the Universal mind that was shut down, we speak to each other about the truth of things. It doesn't matter if it is Pres. Bush or Joe 6-pack. Everyone knows that we are in lock down right now, that people are being killed and many consumed by the reps, but that we have armies of light waiting for just the right moment to help capture the fleeing reptiles and Planet X is the key.

If this planet were not incoming, the net would hold and our lives would continue to decline quickly. I heard their plans for us in the future a few years ago: micro chipped, concentration camps, food and slaves while they finally showed themselves and walked the Earth openly.

The One, the Creator, who loves us dearly is very very pissed off that this part of himself has been so cruel and vicious. He is planning a hell world for them inside of a net just like the one they gave us. He is going to wake them up by making them go through all of the pain and suffering that they have inflicted for the forseeable future.

The Earth will go through some tough times as the prison wall comes tumbling down. There will be chaos and many will leave. The Planet as it passes will bring rain and lots of it to cleanse.

Pleaidians and other allies will be here in great numbers to help us. They will show themselves openly as the veils between the physical and astral break down. There will be armies of light who will also assist. These are the people who were killed by the reps, but are of course, not really dead, simply powerful light beings now. I've heard them called the Shining Army.

We will in the aftermath, have no money since that is their evil. We will live in communities, grow food, build our houses, live close to the Earth and have our full minds operating again. We will have real values, love, caring, tending the Earth. We will have friendships with our true allies, the Pleiadians and others, and will be able to interact with all of our loved ones who passed. There will be opportunities for interstellar travel, and finally true evolution. I have heard this from so many in reverse and I know this is the truth since we cannot manipulate our reverse speech. It is beyond our control, so it always corrects lies and tells the truth.

At the end of May is when things will begin. I have files saying this. It is the beginning of the times we have been hearing about for so long.

I did hear something interesting in reverse though about our souls. I had heard that the reps were trying to steal souls. They apparently think they have no souls and so need to steal from others. I asked myself about this and reversed. What I heard was actually very satisfying for me. I told myself that this is an obsolete idea. That there is only the One and only the One Great Soul. We are all manifestations of the One and all of us have spirit and life force, but no one has an individual soul. We all exist within the One and will live without ceasing. We are all beloved of Him.

This solves the problem of who has a soul and who is soulless. Do animals have souls? How about flowers, trees, grass? There is no issue for me any more. We are all just part of the great creation and the One Creator. There is nothing to steal and nothing to feel superior about. We are all loved, although I know He is livid at these reptilians. They will go on (at least I think so) but will learn very hard and painful lessons so they can eventually evolve. If it were up to me (but it isn't lol) I would just dissolve them back into the eithers! I tell them that every day since they listen and talk on every recording. But it isn't up to me, I just want the Earth to heal and all life here and I KNOW this is happening soon.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The following is from UFOs PARANORMAL, The Truth is here... The blog of Christian Mace, the Riviera, France. Used with permission. Article has been translated into English from French.

By Christian MACÉ

Page 70 of the book “The Interrupted Journey” by John G. Fuller 1, published in France in May 1982, concerning the case of Betty and Barney Hill; this couple was taken on board a UFO the night of 19 of September 20, 1961.

Comment of Betty Hill: “This nitrate history, for example. At that time, I had all kinds of plants in the house. In fact, I had them even in the living room, a lawyer(?) who reached the ceiling. They walked everywhere, observing my plants, asking me which kind of manure I used and other surprising questions.”

The investigators Hohman and Jackson, UFO researchers updated the “missing hours” of Betty and Barney Hill!

In a letter addressed to Hill, Robert E. Hohman stated: “We have a great knowledge of the majority of the confidential reports/ratios (military) covering the subject and up to 1947”, page 68 of the same book.

The investigators Homan and Jackson asked inter alia, in Hill, if fertilizer with nitrates had been transported in their car recently or derived from nitrates, page 69 of the book.

Page 69, quotation: “The reason for which they raised this question, specified, it is that one had noticed that several people abducted by UFOs lived in rural areas where they had been exposed to nitrates or manures containing nitrates. At this point in time, abruptly, Betty said that "I had deposited a bag of manure in the trunk of the car and that I had not taken the trouble of removing it before leaving. ”

Page 71, says, the period of double amnesia was located between the first series of “BEEP-BEEP” and the second, which appeared to come from the trunk of the car!

Perfect similarities with the case of the small Jessica (15 years), which had been able to see from her residence of The-Vault-the-Queen, in the Seine and Marne, an enormous “flying saucer” on July 16, 1994 at 23h45.

It is a “BEEP-BEEP”, as that emitted by a watch, which had drawn the attention of Jessica! Moreover, his/her mother uses a liquid manure (containing nitrates) to sprinkle her plants! In addition, The-Vault-the-Queen is in the heart of a rural zone (in the Seine and Marne), in the agricultural section, where there is a grain silo in the sector. Who says cultures, known as also use of manure! …

Other similarities concerning the noise of “BEEP-BEEP” heard by Jessica throughout her observation (approximately 2 minutes), the “BEEP-BEEP” heard by Mr. Severin, 21 years, some time before, before its observation brought closer to February 14, 1974, in Small-island, Île of the Meeting, if my memory is not lacking to me. The official report of gendarmerie on this case, is published completely in a work of Jean-Claude Bourret.

See also the “BEEP-BEEP” heard and recorded by the young person Laurent, on September 7, 1987, in rural zone, with North-on-Erdre, with 40 kilometers of Nantes… See the investigation of the GEPAN 2 into this case, evoked in the book of Robert Roussel “UFO, Hidden Truths of the Official Investigation” (Editions Albin Michel - 1994), pages 198 to 206.

In our areas, these heard “BEEP-BEEPS” is the fact of teenagers, it is a report; Mr. Severin is 21 years old, Laurent is a child, Jessica is 15 years old! Of surcroit, these three cases relate to rural zones!

On February 14, 1974 with 13h30, the time of his meeting brought closer with the UFO and his occupants, Mr. Severin skirted a corn field: On September 7, 1987 with North-on-Erdre, the parents of the Laurent young person are farmers! The observation of July 16, 1994 of The-Vault-the-Queen, is in full heart of a rural zone! …

According to the infos given by any dictionary:
Nitrate = Salt of the nitric acid (syn. Nitrate). Is useful for manures.
Acid nitric = Made up oxygenated derived from nitrogen. Syn. Acid nitric.
Nitrogenize = one of the principal elements which the animals and the plants need to be nourished. The animals find this nitrogen in their vegetable or animal food.

Concerning the “animal mutilations”, the book of Michel Granger entitled “Great Carnage” (Carrère Editions - October 1986), is particularly rich with information. See in particular the chapter entitled “Prospection of ores or another thing”, pages 345 to 347. Page 345: ” And it is known that the chemical elements contained in the pastures accumulate in fabrics of the animals which absorb these plants… “. Further,”… the concept of fabric of accumulating mammal of certain chemical elements exists. “

This nitrogen associated with certain component elements of the ground can have interested the persons in charge for the “animal mutilations”, in the USA, in the meadows of the middle-west…

Page 347 of the same book: “David Perkins supports this thesis while advancing that Colorado and New Mexico have a base rich in uranium…”
The mutilateurs carried out taking away of bodies on a great scale on the bovines especially, whose substance must interest them in a very high level. For biological experiments if it is known that the elements composing the grounds can “be fixed” in fabrics of the animals, then the idea of the relation “UFO and nitrates” emitted in 1961 by the investigators Hohman and Jackson, and their keen interest for the plants of Mrs. Hill and like manure which it used (p.70 book of Fuller) is completely judicious and… premonitory!

Accordingly, to see the booklet “Operation Trojan horse, the Earth with the hands of the Small-Gray”, Editor Louise Courteau, in particular page 43: ” On February 2, 1984, an article transmitted by agency U.P.I. (United Press International), announced the discovery of professor James Womack of University A&M of Texas. “This geneticist had succeeded in isolating to the supernumerary chromosome from the 21st pair, corresponding to trisomy 21 person in charge for the syndrome for Down or mongolism, characterized by the mental arrieration. By doing this, it would have noted the “perfect similarity of this chromosome at the same time in the man and ox”. This resemblance made him say that “we are compatible with the cattle, much more in characteristics than we had known initially!”

Further, even page 43: “Certain glands of cattle provide us with hormonal secretions, or protomorphogenes, which are as effective in the treatment of cancer as the hormones secreted by glands of the human foetuses…”
Which could it be the kinds of substances the mutilateurs need for their biological experiments?

See page 346 of the book “Great Carnage”, for a track to be followed: ” One can read in the review Science Progress, under the pen of P.J. Peterson that the “concept of fabric of accumulating mammal of certain chemical elements exists. for example, iodine in the thyroid one, arsenic in the hair and nails, tin in the intestine, titanium and aluminium in the lungs, zirconium in blood, and selenium in the retina of the eye!! ”

The bodies taken by the mutilateurs are generally the sexual organs, the eyes, ears, tongue and tail. Very often the animal is stripped of bands of skin, and is emptied of its blood!. Compare these bodies and the chemical elements stated above!!!

In addition, concerning the relation to “UFOs and minerals” it is advisable to speak about the salt which has such an important role to play. It is the Canadian Henri Bordeleau, which in his work entitled “I discovered the mystery of the flying saucers”, editions “Never recorded”, published in January 1970, which could have updated this relation! Besides it evokes on this occasion the green objects, and… the triangles in connection with salt!

And yes, famous triangles! Page 223, Henri Bordeleau affirms: ” Indeed, everywhere with concentrations of saucers were observed where there is salt: the head of the Amazon river, the Sargasso Sea, the states of Michigan and Ohio, the south of the province of Ontario, the deposits of rock salt of Lorraine in France and the valley of Salz, close to Rennes-the-Castle in Aude. The presence of salt in the ground of certain areas always coincides with the landings repeated and prolonged in these areas…! “

Indeed, at certain times, and in certain areas, one can establish a reoccurence in the appearances of UFOs related to the collection of salt, according to needs for the moment!

See for example, the article of the newspaper “the Republican” of the Essonne of Thursday September 16, 1976 entitled “the new challenge of the UFO”, which evokes the occurrence of the UFO during the SUMMER 1976, in… IS France!
Incredible confirmation discovered by Henri Bordeleau, concerning salt.

Indeed, in the book “Corsica Bases UFO” by Jean-Pierre Chambraud (Editions Of the Rock - completed to print on May 29, 1979), contacted the Corsica Mozzigonacci Michel-Angel, of the village of Loréto, affirms: ” They use a product drawn from the marine salt!! “, page 123.

Contacted the Michel-Angel would have started to attend demonstrations of UFO, dice August 1976! (see p.42 same book).

Another similarity also with… salt!

Thus, in a current state of our information, two areas of France, during this same period of SUMMER 1976, appeared UFOs, in geographical sectors concerned with salt: deposits of rock salt in Lorraine, and marine salt in the area of Corsica of the South, close to the Gulf of Propriano!!!
Uranium and salt, two matters which in short, interests the UFO!!!…
Always in connection with the discovery of the Canadian Henri Bordeleau concerning the relation “UFO and salt”, according to his work “I discovered the mystery of the flying saucers”. A whole chapter, chapter n° V, pages 199 to 217, relate to famous “the Flying Triangles”!

See also the page n° 300: “It is probable that the newspapers, at the end of the three months which will follow the arrivals of the “green objects”, will report that people observed in the sky the very slow passage generally of “triangles” or of “luminous rhombuses”. ” End of quotation. Perfect similarities on the wave of the “triangles”, in Belgium, end of the year 1989! In particular the slowness of displacement of these famous “triangles”!!!

Concerning a case of “triangle”, to see pages 204 to 206 of the same book. It is about an observation carried out by a military pilot on January 28 (or little before the 28) 1953, at 9 p.m. 35, board its F-86 plane, in the sector of Albany, above the state of Georgia (the USA). Hunting with this UFO had been followed to the radar, in addition! See particularly the page n° 205: ”… the light changed form and was molded in a perfect triangle. Then the thing was divided into two triangles one above the other. “End of quotation.

Compared to the following case, which has occurred during the vague Belgian of November 29, 1989, the evening. At 6 p.m. 40, in the north of Liege, Mr. Jean-Marie Leburton observes a triangular object… Mr. Leburton, who approaches the phenomenon then, suddenly sees “two other machines identical to the first, which are detached some and leave, slightly tilted, one on the left, the other on the right”. End of quotation. Drawn from the review “Lights In the Night” n° 300, page 32.

Perfect similarities between these two cases, that of the state of Georgia, the USA, in January 1953 and that of the witness Mr. Leburton, in the north of Liege on November 29, 1989… In these two cases, one attends a separation of the triangles!!!

The observation of the militaite, of January 1953, state of Georgia, had been reported at the origin, in the book of E.J. Ruppelt, “The Case of the Flying Saucers”, Doubleday editions/Inc., 1956, page 245…

Ruppelt had been responsible for the “Project Blue Book”, at one moment, at that time… In 1953, the “furtive planes” did not exist!!! but y-a it of salt on these Belgian sites? To check!

On pages 237 and 238, Henri Bordeleau states: “The American state of New Mexico, one will remember, was the witness of very many passages of “UFOs” during the years 1948, 1951 and 1954. The dispatches almost always emanated from Albuquerque, a city located in full center of the great saltworks of the American west. More to the south, one finds Las Cruces. The Salado river empties into the Rio Grande which sprinkle it and one can see, not far, the river Salt Creek and the peak of Salinas, close to the large désséchés Salt Lake. In the east, the other large ones let us bolsons of Salt Flat do not extend very far from the caves from Carlsbad. ”

About this state of New Mexico, David Perkins also advances that it has a “earth rich in uranium”, to see page 347 of the book “Great Carnage”. This state, in addition, connait important nuclear activities, and it is known that the UFO affectionnent all that touches with the nuclear power, and thus with uranium!!! The loop is buckled!!!

Always in connection with the particular aspect of the relation “UFO and salt”, discovered of the Canadian Henri Bordeleau, confirmed by the revelation of contacted Corsica Michel Angel…

Consultation of the booklet “salt”, n°339, with the editions “Which do know I?” bring additional elements of information.

Thus one learns on page 122: “Lastly, salt is also used as manure, in particular in the culture of sugar beets. Salt can still be used for the salting of fodder…”
What joined the surprising question put to Betty Hill by the Hohman investigators and Jackson which asked for what a kind of manure she used!
It is learned in addition that there is salt ignigene in Belgium, in Jemeppe (area of Namur), page 106, and it is known that there is beet culture in this country. What would explain the presence of the famous "triangles” flying over the country?

In Lorraine, area with salt, a “triangle” quasi-identical to those of the vague Belgian was observed on December 8, 1977, with 17h15, in Brettnach, the Moselle. Separately there were minor differences where in Brettnach the three headlights were yellow, all was already! See “ufologia n°16, p.7, 1°trim.79”.
The booklet “salt” teaches us, p.25, that salt is raw material basic of the chemical large-scale industry, but especially that it is essential to the life, to see p.23 & 24, chapter “salt and the human organism”.

P.23: “The major part of the sodium, not fixed in the bones, is found in the various liquids which circulate in the human body… It intervenes in the regulation of the pressure and volume blood. With balance, the blood serum contains 8g. /l. of salt… ”.

P.24: “Lastly, the ion sodium, principal physiological factor of salt, allows the transmission of the nerve impulse (pulse created by the changes of polarization on the surface of the nerves, induced by the exchanges between ions sodium and potassium through this membrane). So salt thus plays a capital part at the same time on the level of the brain (transmission of the orders and reception of information through the neurons) and on the level of the heart…”

We point out that the mutilated animals have been emptied of their blood. However, in Mars 1967, the year that began the mutilations, a van of the Red Cross transporting blood, failed to be removed by an UFO, in the USA, Western Virginia, sector of Huntington! See in connection with this case, the study of Jean Sider on the animal mutilations, appeared in a special number of “ufologia n°17, 1°trim.79, p.22”.

The salt contained in blood interest-you it them “mutilateurs”, for their survival, or of the biological experiments?

In France, the areas with salt are numerous, and often coincide with occurences of UFO: Mediterranean coasts, for example, where in summer 94, there was a wave of UFO in Herault. However, in the department close to the Aude, there are three saline (Gruissan, the Palm and Holy Lucie)! See p.109, “salt”.

Also let us not forget the small river of Salz, near to Rennes-the-Castle and mysterious Pic of Bugarach. At this place, beside Sougraigne, a UFO landed a few years ago.

There is also, for example, saline in Oporto-Vecchio, Corsica of the South, to see p.110. It is located only at 40 km, on the same alignment, as the area of Sartène, where remains contacted the Corsica Michel-Angel!

Salt, area of Manosque (p.67). However, Manosque is very close to… Valensole! Landing of an UFO in 1965, and often of the appearances of UFO in this sector! In his work, Henri Bordeleau quoted the mouth of the Amazon river, like area with salt. However, Jacques Vallée had inquired on the spot in this sector, in connection with famous “the chupas”, UFO with beams, which had wounded many people. See one of its last works: ” Confrontations “, Editions Robert Laffont, published in 1991.

The French review “Lights in the night”, in its number n° 198 of October 1980, publishes on pages 28-30, publishes an article entitled: “Two Humanoïdes with Las Salinas (Argentinian)”. Several witnesses, médusés, attend the intrusion of two Humanoïdes in the store! They materialized and of… the witnesses dematerialized accepted messages by telepathy… It is specified, in particular: INDUSTRY: SALT, within 50 meters of the store! River: Mow Salinas, within 200 meters of the incident.

Quotation: “Phenomena annex during the time preceding the incident: in the zone, before the observation, of the strange lights two weeks were perceived before, with the SITE OF the SALINE ESTABLISHMENT - according to witnesses'.”. On this business, there was an article of the daily newspaper “the Reason” of the 12-9-1978, Buenos-Surfaces…

And now, a last word; it is known that the state of New Mexico is a salted place. Many appearances of UFO in this area. In July 1947, there was the famous crash landing of Roswell. However, you hold well, there is a pilot factory of desalination with… Roswell!!!

See p.140 & 141, the book “water in the world”, Larousse editions, Technical collection of today, published in August 1970.

March 2001, investigation in progress into the track of SALT.
In connection with SALINE, in the Seine and Marne, close to Montereau.
Infos of the friend Pascal Lahaie, Ufologue: there are Gallic burials and tumulus. A part (less) is on the commune of Courcelles. There are also objects out of bronze. First, Salines was called Villeneuve the Retort. February 26, 1982, there was a landing UFO above the principal burial the Saline ones! Inquire of a correspondent of “LDLN” at the time, established into Provins. Pascal found his trace. We continue the investigation…

And then, concerning the “kind of manure” that Betty Hill, question put by the perspicacious Hohman investigators and Jackson used, to also see the book “They were not alone on the moon” by George Léonard (Belfond edict. - 1978), page 200: ” Although the occupants of the Moon suffice themselves for themselves for most of their needs, it is nevertheless probable that they are, up to a certain point, parasites of the ground. The Moon is, on its surface, completely desert. Although it is conceivable that the underground shelters can adapt certain forms of culture or even of breeding, they need raw materials essential such as water or manures which they take on our premises “. End of quotation.

There too, manures are found.

See p.140 & 141, the book “water in the world”, Larousse editions, Technical collection of today, published in August 1970.

Christian MACE

The SALT OF the LIFE - Element - sodium is most current of the alkaline elements; this soft metal is employed little in foundry, but it is used to manufacture tetraethyl lead which improves the octane number of the fuels. It is used as coolant in certain nuclear engines; and, with the vapor state, for the manufacture of lightings. The sodium, which tends to lose its outer-shell electron, is present in nature in the form of salts. The sodium chloride is concentrated in the rock salt layers and sea water at a rate of 32g/l. It plays a key part in the chemical industry. The carbonate is extracted from certain salted lakes. It is used in the industry of glass and steel. The sulphates and the nitrates also exist in a natural state. Other salts prepare by chemical way. Sodium is very oxydable; the hydroxide - caustic soda - is a mineral base of first choice. One can also obtain hydrides or sulphides. Ionic sodium is essential in the metabolism of live beings. Concentrated outside the cells, it conditions the retention of water by fabrics. Blood contains 7,3 g/l of them. Sodium intervenes mainly in the phenomena of nervous and muscular excitation.

Symbol: NA - Atomic number: 11 - Atomic mass: 22,99 - Point melting: 97,5°C. - Not of boiling: 880°C.

At 3600 m of altitude, the salar of Uyuni is largest and the most Salt desert of the world. This salted ice-barrier, long of north in the south and 130 km 170 km is in west, is the greatest salt reserve of planet. For the anecdote, the only charts on a scale usable belong to NASA, which refuses to diffuse them. Strange… According to it, it would be the only place from where one can read a newspaper posed on the ground, by photo-satellite. “science & natural n°66 - April 1989”.

1 - John G. Fuller: The Interrupted Journey, editions Of the Rock - 1982.
2 - The GEPAN is remplaçé today by the SEPRA.
3 - That “sticks” well with the case of Mad Cow Disease, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy with the human ones. Perhaps that is what the extraterrestrials have studied already?
I hope you understand the translation. Some words were unknown to me so I left them - Aileen

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


From "S"
Copy to Aileen

In the MUFON UFO Journal, you requested information on the preying mantis type (of alien).

In this copy I have sent you, you can see it does not seem as simple as just the Mantis. I have received a lot of material. A long story I would prefer not to go into at this time.

I suspect you may suspect?? I can only say no one could be more amazed than I at this rush of material from this source. I am sixty and would never have expected to become a channeler. I have always had the suspicion that anyone could channel because there was nothing of truth in it. I am not good at eating crow but I did have a bite or two!

I have had the MP11 test at Manzanita psychotherapists and have no mental illness. I mention that for obvious reasons.

I can only offer this material and I expect to have it protected. I dislike being quoted out of context. I do feel that this should be reported, examined and valued as of worth or devalued.

The thing that amazes me is the effort expended to open a door for this information for two years and have doors pop open all over the place "asking" for the material in this last month.

I have tried to be as honest as I can. I have also tried to stay objective. I have written just what has come to me (somehow) even as I know it is pretty dramatic. My memories are not.

I remember being in a cave or on a planet of strong contrasting light and shadow. I was standing on a rock. There was a Gray with me. There were two Mantis present. The reason for me being elevated was so the Mantra could get a better view of me without the discomfort of bending to my level. They are -- were -- huge. Heads like cars. I cannot remember being afraid, but who knows.

The second memory is of myself watching the two approach me. They were moving between two cottonwood trees. There did not seem to be much difference in height. Then I was lifted once on the "arm" of the male, about the same feeling as an elevator lift.

I do not remember a gray at that time. I do remember dust. What was causing the dust I do not remember? The feeling is much like swimming with whales must be. I remember a feeling of tremendous power.

There are times when I want to chuck this whole thing. Compelled has real meaning for me now.

As for you? Be careful what you ask for. You might get it! There is a lot of information here. I need to organize it all. Right now its rolled up in a box. I do expect there will be more information on the Mantra/Terrian relationship in the near future. I do not believe this specie is the same that has been reported. This contact is new.

I am also sending a copy of one crop circle map. Something snapped when I saw them on the Barbara Walters 20/20. No one seems able to play the recorded information in them. I was told man was not ready for it!?

I feel there may be a lot to come. I'll jot it down as I remember.

Have fun,


Another letter to one of our members:

In your letter you wrote how many people are tired. Our emotions and feelings take their toll. The purity we might have is corrupted by the slop we translate and transmit through.

No two minds, translate exactly the same. This makes some information seem more dire and other less important than it should be. A product of the monkey mind we all have to deal with in this incarnation.

This last mile will be the longest. There is not one thing that is threatening the earth that is not mendable. There is still hope.

Thank you for placing the Mantra information before the public. The Mantra energy is building fast and thus the Quasars. I, Quasar, am an optimist. We see the worst but we also see the best.

A Quasar has the following list of traits that would be helpful to the understanding of a Quasar's personality.

1. A quasar will fail to bond. (a stranger in their earth home) yet saved by the certainty of "somewhere in a galaxy far, far away!"

Siblings tend to shun and isolate a Quasar. They may be excluded from maternal love. They are branded a "liar" early in life; because they have clear memories of other times and lives that is unacceptable to terrians.

2. A Quasar believes nothing without personal investigation. They have a highly developed sense of truth, honesty and justice. They hate greed, ambition and the real danger of power vested in the unenlightened. Quasars are the total cynic.

3. A Quasar speaks of the past as though it was the present. Remembers multiple incarnations, uses phrases and words from past ages. His/her memories of history are real. Possesses a photographic memory.

4. A Quasar has a "Far Side" kind of humor. His humor seems a little grim. The listener often fails to see the point.

5. A Quasar fails in diplomacy. They tend to use a larger hammer. They swing from tolerant to intolerant but that is just about it. He/she can have great impatience with the obtuse. Has little respect for "formal education" and degrees. He/she may be a high school drop out. Has little business expertise. Has difficulty managing the local world's value of exchange.

6. A Quasar has a fluxional energy field. The energy can go from very high to zero voltage. It can have a confusing effect on someone nearby.

7. A Quasar answers to The Brotherhood of Melchezadek and the co-creator alone. This makes them seem to be uncooperative, uninterested and stubborn. They show an endless curiosity and collect everything. Their mind out races the tongue.

8. A Quasar has a deep sense of his true home, the Universe. They will not be "trapped," but are willing to contribute 100% if there is a real need for service. A Quasar is never easy "in body."

9. Quasar's rarely attends a funeral. They may be considered unfeeling, disrespectful and cruel. Quasar's really know the spiritual and its many manifestations. They know any life is eternal. A Quasar has an aversion for bodily functions. He hates the care flesh body requires.

10. These words will draw strong response from a quasar. Melchezadek, universal, multi-galactic -- the force - Sha za Na - Fail safe - the Mantis and eternal.

There is much information of a personal kind on the Mantis which explains a great deal about them. I have information to share on Quasars and the duties they are bound to. I have been having retraining on Universal Law such as the value of necessity and karmic responsibility of in-worlders and out-worlders. I have information that rogue-greys have been unlawfully responsible for the rapid evolution of the Draco.

I think I mentioned a quarter of a mile circle of energy around the house. A week or so ago a white plane began to circle our house and area around the house. C__ could not understand the action. I had an idea but said nothing. C__ awoke three nights ago to a "spotlight on his face." He saw two transparent beings standing beside his bed.

The night of the fourteenth I awoke to the dogs who were growling softly. There was a sound like wings, then a mechanical ticking. Sounded just like a taxi meter. There was a sequence of four of these occurrences??

I remember I was very alert. I looked outside my bedroom window, which is where the disturbance came from, but saw nothing.

Also there is a symbol that keeps popping up behind my eyes. I asked for a word to explain it and received KEY.

I hope you will feel free to use this information. I have felt such pressure to distribute and make this material available. You have allowed the Mantis this. In and for them, you have my thanks.

I hope someday to express this to you in person.


Monday, April 16, 2007


Column: The Stainless Steel Wizard
Posted on Wednesday, 28 March, 2007 5:41

Ken Korczak: Here is an intriguing story told to me by a man from the small town of Esther, Iowa. He says his story is true. Today I share his story with you, and I will let you form your own opinions about what really happened. I have used a fictional name at the request of the man who told me this story.

The rugged gravel road that winds like a serpent through the thick forests of Minnesota's Northwest Angle seems especially lonely when you travel it by night in a rattling old pick-up truck. That’s what Duke Rialto was doing one humid summer night in August of 1991. He was headed for a cabin at the Northwest Angle Resort in the tiny town of Angle Inlet, where he was supposed to join his buddies whom had arrived ahead of him for a week of fishing on Minnesota’s great Lake of the Woods, which extends into Canada.

It was after midnight and Duke was dead tired. He had started out early in the morning from Esther, Iowa, and had driven all day to reach the wilds of the northern peak of Minnesota — commonly called “The Angle” by locals. But now, after hundreds of miles, Duke’s ‘65 GMC pick-up decided it had enough. A sudden loud clunking noise erupted underneath, and the old pick-up lost momentum fast. I don’t care who you are, it’s a scary feeling to have your truck go dead at night in the middle of the mysterious wilderness of The Northwest Angle.

Duke had driven this road before, and had often seen large bears, moose and other variety of ferocious beast prowling the edge of the forest. Now he was faced with walking along this wild road in the inky blackness of night with God-only-knows-what manner of furry brute waiting in the dark to jump out at any warm meal walking by.

Duke pounded the steering wheel and cursed his old GMC, but all the foul language in the world can’t fix a blown U-joint. He thought about waiting for someone else to come by, but anyone who has driven the Angle Road knows that the chances of another car coming by late at night is next to none.

Cursing his luck, Duke reached into his cubby for a flashlight and a .22 caliber pistol, which probably hadn’t been fired in five years. The thought of shooting at something in total darkness made him even more nervous. Then, suddenly, Duke’s luck seemed to change. As soon as he switched off his headlights, he noticed a faint yellow glow coming from deep in the woods on the east side of the road. “A cabin!” he thought.

He got out of his pick-up and walked toward the light. When he reached the edge of the forest, he could see that the light was a considerable way into the woods, but difficult to tell how far. It was also hard to tell what the light was. It might have been a cabin window, or maybe a campfire.

Reluctantly, Duke stepped into the woods keeping his eyes on the yellow glow. He told me:“To be honest, I was so scared I was shaking…I mean, there I was out in the black woods with a dim flashlight in one hand and an old pistol in the other. I kept thinking I’d run into a bear. But the worst, I think, is what your own imagination projects out into the dark unknown.”

The woods were wet with dew. The pungent smell of rotting leaves and old wood hung in the air, as did patches of mist drifting up from the forest floor. Branches tore at Duke’s clothing and slapped his face as he moved along. He stumbled often, and cursed every time. All the while, he was filled with fearful uncertainty. He had no idea what the light was — his heart pounded and his mind raced with wild ideas — maybe it was a UFO! Maybe some murderous lunatic hiding out in a shack!

But as he got closer, Duke began to sense that what he was approaching was stranger than anything he imagined. About 20 yards away, Duke made out the shape of three men standing around some kind of large light. In Duke’s words: “It definitely wasn’t a campfire,” Duke said. “I’m sure of that. It didn’t flicker like a campfire. It was a steady glow. It was like a large globe on the ground. And those men were just standing around it, stiff-like — they just didn’t seem right. You usually sit around a campfire, but these guys were stiff and just strange, somehow. Their body language was off kilter, not natural.”

Despite his fear, Duke called out to the men. Hearing the shout, the three shadowy figures jerked, turned and stood rigidly. Then, according to Duke, something bizarre happened:“The light they were standing around transformed instantly into a campfire … I mean, I didn’t see it directly, but one minute it was a steady, glowing light and the next it was a flickering, cracking, smoking campfire!”

Not sure what to think, and without options, Duke approached the men, squeezing his pistol hard in his sweaty palm, hiding it behind his back. When he got closer the weirdness got weirder.“They were ordinary looking men, I suppose, but the way they were dressed was very odd,” Duke said. “I mean, one of the guys was wearing a cape! How often do you see anyone in northern Minnesota wearing a cape out in the woods!” The man with the cape also sported a thick purple shirt with no buttons, and matching purple pants. He was wearing tall leather boots. His face and hair seemed normal. His cape was clasped at the shoulder with a magnificent gold ornament which glinted in the firelight.

The second man was wearing pants that were “like knickers” Duke said, and were “bunched up like riding pants.” The man in the riding pants had a shiny bald head, and he wore a loose black sweater tucked into his knickers, which were tight around the waist. He was wearing what Duke called “thin street shoes.”

The third man wore a long gray cloak that covered most of his body, but he could also see that he wore purple pants and high leather boots. He had long brown hair and a heavy mustache.They had no vehicle that he could see, and no camping equipment, no tents, not even anything to make a fire with, like an axe — nothing.

At first, the three men stared at Duke as if he were some kind of circus freak, but then they seemed to quickly recover and tried to act normal.“They TRIED to act normal.” Duke said, “But it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that these guys weren’t from around here. Either that, or they were playing some kind of weird game … I just don’t know.”

Duke stepped up to the fire and said hello, and started to explain that his pick-up had broken down on the road.The man with the bald head stepped up to him, smiled broadly and said in stiff English: “You have lathed your feet and joined us here to be happy! All three!”

“I just didn’t know what to think about what he said,” Duke said. “It was a weird statement. I thought maybe these guys were Russians, or some kind of foreigners or something that were trying to enter the United States illegally through Canada and the woods of The Angle, or something. I don’t know. It just didn’t make much sense.”

Then the guy with the cape moved forward and pushed the bald guy aside. He asked: “The Aeon? Is it of, Sir?”

Duke said: “I’m not sure what you mean. What do you mean by Aeon?”The three strangers all gave each other inside looks, as if they were all part of some kind of conspiracy. Then the caped man said: “You more to say. We hear more to say!”

At this point, Duke was more certain he was talking to some kind of foreign smugglers, although he could not fathom their accents. They didn’t sound Russian or like any other foreign accents he was familiar with. They sounded like people speaking a strange form of true English.

Duke said: “I talked to them some more, but it was extremely awkward. I mean, they were nice, and everything, but nothing they said made any sense. They were speaking English, but it was all mixed up, like they were putting together words from a dictionary without really knowing what each word meant in proper context.”

There was nothing to do but take his leave. Duke said good bye to the three strangers and the man in the cape said: “For positive yes!”So Duke made his way back through the woods and found the road again. He spent the next two hours tramping along in the dark, walking he figures at least 10 or 12 miles, finally gaining Angle Inlet without getting eaten by a bear.“

After I showed up I told my buddies about the strange guys in the woods and they teased the hell out of me, saying I was drunk or high or loony or something. I eventually just stopped talking about it — I don’t like to even bring the subject up anymore because nobody really takes me seriously. But it’s one of those things you just don’t forget about. It’s like an experience that was on the edge of being paranormal, yet there could be a logical explanation for it.”

One last thing: After a week of fishing, Duke repaired his pick-up and he returned to Esther, Iowa. One of the words the bald man had said was “Aeon,” and it kept running through his mind. He looked it up one day in the dictionary and discovered that aeon was another form of the word “eon,” which means: “an indefinitely long period of time; an age.”

Duke said: “Why would he be asking me what eon it was? Were they time travelers? Lost time travelers? They were certainly dressed like nobody I had seen before. Sometimes I think they were from another time. Maybe they were wizards. But then I think: Nah, they must have been smugglers, maybe from some obscure place like Transylvania or something. I just don’t know, but I’ll always wonder about it.”

Ken invites you to visit his blog: http://www.ironghost.wordpress.com
Article Copyright© Ken Korczak

Sunday, April 15, 2007


A report out of West Palm Beach, Florida concerning the encounter of a scoutmaster with a saucer on the night of August 19, 1952. (This was a well known case and one to be considered once again in 2007.)

The principal in the case, D.S. "Sonny" Desvergers, claimed that on the way home from a scout meeting he and three of his scouts had seen bright glowing lights in a palmetto thicket off the road. Thinking a plane had gone down, Desvergers told the three boys with him that he was going to investigate, and that if he wasn't back in twenty minutes, they should go for help. Twenty minutes passed, he didn't return, and the boys went and called the sheriff. When Sheriff Mott Partin arrived, he was just in time to see Desvergers stumble out of the undergrowth, apparently in near shock. Partin later said that if Desvergers had been acting it was the best he'd ever seen.

Desvergers began blurting out his experience. He had gone through the thicket, armed with a flashlight and machete. When he came to a clearing he felt strange, and noted that all of a sudden the stars were no longer visible overhead. Then he realized he was standing under something which was hovering just a few feet off the ground. He stepped backward, swung his machete, and at that instant a misty red glowing ball erupted from the belly of the thing and floated toward him. He lost consciousness, and when he came to, the "thing" was gone, and he headed for the road. When he got there the sheriff was looking for him.

That, basically, is Desverger's story, but it is not only his; it is the story told by the three young boys who accompanied him. They saw the six glowing lights strung out in a row above the palmetto before Desvergers went into the woods. There have been many attempts to discredit Desvergers, both by official authorities and by UFO buffs who found this one too strange to believe. But two things have kept this story from being relegated to the ordinary object, hallucination, or hoax bin, and they are: the three scouts described something extraordinary and their story could not be broken. Also, the grass in the clearing where Desvergers claimed the object had hovered was green above the ground, but the roots were charred. The latter information was gained when Air Force investigators took samples of the grass and soil in the area. It was found that the only way that such an effect could be duplicated was by sending an electrical charge through the soil, burning the roots. In that way the grass blades above ground remained normal in appearance.

NOTE: One of the first UFO investigations I went on had a similar anomaly. There were 5 rings of grass where the top of the grass was bent over and "burned"? Under the blades of grass it was green. The top of the blade was a tan color. At the time I did not consider those circles could have been hazardous to my health and I walked through them. Fortunately, nothing ever transpired because of it.

This was a fantastic case. It is recorded somewhere on my blog.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Possible crash involving a disk-shaped object is reported in Brazil

Brazilian UFO Magazine’s consultant witnesses the transportation of a strange disk-shaped object in the Brazilian state of Bahia

On Saturday, November 25th, Brazilian UFO Magazine’s editor A. J. Gevaerd received a call from Bahia with an intriguing story. The caller was Francisco Baqueiro, a psychologist and therapist, magazine’s consultant in abductions, who said to have photographed with his cell phone a strange and perfectly disk-shaped flying object being carried by a non-identified truck in a road in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

The picture was taken on Tuesday, November 21st, at 07:16 AM. Baqueiro said he heard of the transportation one day before when an informer from an intelligence service called him telling an unknown artifact crashed and was recovered in an area in Bahia known as Recôncavo Baiano, south of the capital Salvador. The informer also told the object was to be carried from that place to the city of Feira de Santana, nearly 110km from Salvador, through the BR-324, a two-lane road with heavy traffic linking Salvador to that municipality.

Despite the fact that Baqueiro was severely ill with kidney disease, he decided to check what happened.

That Tuesday 21st, shortly after 06:30 AM, the consultant and his wife spotted the truck carrying the object and followed after them. The vehicle stopped at Posto Phoenix, a gas station along that road, 60km far from Salvador and near the entrance to municipalities of Maracangalha and São Félix. Baqueiro pursued the truck for 15 minutes and reported that it was escorted by four Federal Police cars - two ahead and two behind - which delayed the traffic in the road.“I tried to enter the gas station in order to better check what was going on, but was prevented by the federal agents”, states the therapist. He also says the truck was very slow in the way and the object on it was so large that the vehicle had to go on at the center of the road. Even though, parts of that fuselage exceeded the truck and touched the trees at the side of the road. “That was certainly too heavy to make a truck go so slow”.

Despite the strangeness of that scene, the object was uncovered and totally exposed. “Even with so many cars coming on the opposite way (going to Salvador) and the other ones behind the truck, very few people seemed to care about that scene”, Baqueiro says.

After the Federal Police prevented him from entering, he stopped for a few moments near Posto Phoenix and, pretending to be talking on the phone, he took a single shot of the object. “I didn’t try others because I didn’t want to catch their attention”.

Baqueiro sent the picture to the Brazilian UFO Magazine via cell phone, where it was uploaded into a computer and enlarged. Editor Gevaerd and co-editors Marco Petit, Rafael Cury and Claudeir Covo, along with the magazine consultants Fernando Ramalho, Wallacy Albino and Wendell Stein have preliminarily examined the photo.

All were surprised by the image. One of magazine’s co-editors and one of its consultants were skeptical and related that image to a similar one found on the Internet some months before. But a careful comparison showed that the object photographed in Bahia is a totally different thing (below). As for the previous picture, nothing came out and there is no information concerning verification of its authenticity.

Francisco Baqueiro - a consultant for the Brazilian UFO magazine for three years - is specialized in alien abductions and continues his search for more information on the fact. Following his editor’s advice, he returned to that gas station two more times, but employees seemed to be afraid of talking about the issue. Now Baqueiro tries to find out exactly where the supposed crash might have happened and where the object was taken to. “All I know is the crash was in a sugar cane plantation, but the object was nearly intact”.

The region is home to oil refineries, but Baqueiro denies the possibility of confusing a lid for water or fuel tanks with a possible UFO. After having worked for Petrobras, the main oil company in Brazil, he is sure to know such parts very well and they never reach the size of the object seen on the truck. He also rejects the possibility of the object being an attraction from a theme park, since he also knows much of the engineering of one of the largest parks in Bahia.

Right after the controversy reached the Internet, several UFO researchers suggested that the disk-shaped object could be a cover for some liquid container that couldn’t be transported assembled, and had to be taken in parts. That, according to a few investigators, would explain why the object was being transported in broad day light with no camouflage or at least some cover on top of it. Nuclear engineer Luiz Carlos C. Pires sent an e-mail positively identifying the disk-shaped object as a cover for a factionary distillation machine, but the discussion is still open. Any information is given to overseas colleagues as to obtain further info that could explain the case.

Report by: A. J. Gevaerd --- Translation: Eduardo Rado

Friday, April 13, 2007


The New York Times
Travel Section

A moment before the sonic boom hit his trailer, Joerg Arnu’s UHF radio scanner crackled to life. “Cylon 1, got you on radar,” said a voice just barely perceptible through the static.

And then — badamm-booom! — the whole trailer shook in a shockwave, and Mr. Arnu jumped, a big plexiglass window reverberating as a jet streaked overhead and through the sky.

“That was probably an F-16,” Mr. Arnu said, peering out the window and squinting into the sun. A telephoto lens sat on a countertop nearby.
“They’re testing a new weapon lately, and a laser system to shoot down missiles,” he said.

From his trailer in the town of Rachel, Nev., Mr. Arnu is less than 10 miles from an unmarked military boundary, beyond which the top-secret Air Force base known as Area 51 sits on a dry salt flat guarded by big arid mountains and bleak desert on all sides.

To the east, tracking past Rachel in two asphalt lanes, Nevada State Route 375 bisects a wide basin, coursing northbound before disappearing into a haze of nothingness beyond.

This is Alien Country, where more U.F.O.’s are sighted each year than at any other place on the planet, at least according to Larry Friedman of the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

A sign outside Rachel declares Nevada State Route 375 to be the Extraterrestrial Highway, the name given to the road in 1996. Renaming the road, the tourism commission had hoped at the time, would draw travelers to the austere and remote reaches of south-central Nevada, where old atomic bomb test sites, secret Defense Department airstrips and huge, sequestered tracts of military land create a marketable mystique.

Oh, and don’t forget the flying saucers.

“People now come all the way from Japan to see what this place is about,” Mr. Friedman said.

Indeed, on a recent Wednesday afternoon, after a two-hour drive up from Las Vegas through the utter emptiness of Lincoln County, the first tourist I met on the Extraterrestrial Highway was from Yamaguchi Prefecture in southwest Japan.

“We came for an alien souvenir,” said Shihgo Miyamoto, 29, who was holding his wife, Yoko, both shivering in the high-desert wind. I took their picture under an official Nevada Department of Transportation Extraterrestrial Highway sign, a sprawl of trailer homes in the background.

“So cold, so empty,” said Mr. Miyamoto, looking to the desert beyond his rental car.

SOUTH-CENTRAL Nevada is, by and large, a vast wasteland, scrubby and unpopulated, dotted with dry lakes, streaked with tan rocky peaks, ravines and wide alluvial plains. Government land is ubiquitous. Cattle guards rumble under tires on the barren highways, which cut through sand and open range. To drive the Extraterrestrial Highway — a route that snakes northwest for 98 empty miles, intersecting no other major roads — is to drive one of the most desolate stretches of pavement in the country. Gasoline is unavailable for its entire length. R.V.’s cannot hook up in Rachel, the only town on the road.
According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, an average of about 200 cars drive some portion of the Extraterrestrial Highway every day, making it one of the state’s least traveled routes.

On my midday drive up the highway in February, I saw only six other vehicles.
Coming north from the town of Alamo, where I stayed overnight in a cabin, the Extraterrestrial Highway began as an innocuous flat road through scrubby highlands. A mile or so in, a large silver Quonset hut announced itself as the New Alien Research Center, but its driveway was gated, so I drove on by.
The road bobbed through a Martian landscape, red valleys raked with lines, flat expanses of gravel and dead shrubs, all ringed by hulking mountains of stratified stone.

A hawk hung high in the air. Joshua trees reached for the sun, their bristled bunches aglow, seemingly illuminated from within.

But soon I forgot about the nature and started looking for U.F.O.’s. A sign warned of low-flying aircraft. Contrails streaked the blue yonder ahead.

In Rachel, 40 minutes into the drive, I stopped at the Little A’Le’Inn (pronounced Little Alien), a bar and restaurant, which sells extraterrestrial-themed mixed drinks alongside self-published books like “The Area 51 & S-4 Handbook.” Its walls were covered with sun-faded photographs featuring aliens, glowing orbs and obelisks zooming through clouds.

The bartender was polishing a glass, standing near a man slumped over a drink, when I approached to inquire about area attractions. “You should talk to Pam,” the bartender said, pointing to a woman standing near the door.
And so I was introduced to Pam Kinsey, the first of several residents I met eager to talk about Rachel, and Area 51, and government sensors hidden in sand, and glowing dots hovering on high.

But Ms. Kinsey, 42, who has lived in the area for almost two decades, is not herself an ardent alien believer.

“We have a military base next door that can explain a lot of the lasers and other weird things,” she said.

Ms. Kinsey said that only a couple of Rachel’s 75 or so residents talk about seeing saucers and little green men. The tourists — whom she confirmed come from all over the world — are often the only extraterrestrial seekers found in Rachel.

“There are conventions held in town, and the alien people like to come here and congregate,” she said.

(On Memorial Day weekend, May 25 to 27, the Little A’Le’Inn will play host to its sixth annual U.F.O. Friendship Campout, which includes seminars, book signings and nightly sky watches led by a “certified U.F.O. Investigator.”)

DeWayne Davis, a 72-year-old retired Air Force engineer who came to the Little A’Le’Inn for dinner, said he has seen saucers in the area, including a glowing craft that hovered at high altitude before tracing a rectangular pattern in the night sky.

“It was at 55,000 feet or higher,” he said. “And it emitted an orange sodium-vapor color, not the xenon glow you’d usually see.”

Mr. Davis, who said he worked at a military installation in Roswell, N.M., during the mid-’50s, moved to central Nevada in 1997 for the clean air, the solitude and the scenery. He now lives in a trailer a couple of blocks off the Extraterrestrial Highway. The frequent sonic booms of test planes breaking the sound barrier overhead are music to his ears, he said.

Outside the Little A’Le’Inn, I walked a few dusty blocks to take in the sights around town, including an ad hoc air-traffic control tower draped in camouflage netting.

Jets streaked overhead, silent at high altitude, blazing west toward a setting sun.

Before leaving the area, I drove out of town a mile to find Mr. Arnu, a 45-year-old software developer from Las Vegas who keeps a trailer parked on some land he purchased in 2003 as a retreat from the city. Mr. Arnu, a native of Germany who runs www.dreamlandresort.com, a popular Web site on Area 51, said that he files a Freedom of Information Act petition each year to procure dates and times of major military testing periods. “That’s when all the action happens,” he said.

My visit to the area coincided with Red Flag, the name Mr. Arnu gave a period in mid-February when military exercises out of nearby Nellis Air Force Base send a proliferation of jets into the air.

“Earlier today, I saw British Tornados, American F-22s and an Australian F-111,” said Mr. Arnu, who hikes the hills around town to photograph supersonic planes. He lives for the simulated dogfights that take place in the air above the Extraterrestrial Highway.

Like most local people I met, Mr. Arnu thinks the Nevada Commission on Tourism’s fixation with aliens is a bit silly.

“I’m a plane-spotter,” he said. “I have no real belief in the alien stuff.”

Driving alone later that night, the Extraterrestrial Highway a dark winding lane in my headlights, I wasn’t sure what to think. On a mountain pass 20 minutes from town, I parked my car and shut off the engine, an inky abyss closing in from all sides.

Stars packed the deep velour above, hundreds of thousands of humming and twinkling little jewels. A blinking red dot dipped behind a mountain in the distance.

I waited, searching the sky.

But nothing moved, nothing came, and I started to get cold. My red dot was just a jet, probably descending to a landing in Las Vegas 100 miles to the south.
The desert wind howled in a valley below. It was black and cold. On the Extraterrestrial Highway, I was all alone.
Note: He is talking about the "inky blackness" of the desert. Several years ago my daughter and I had been to Rachel where we talked to Bill Hamilton and his wife, plus Tim Beckley from New York City. When we left we started northwest in the "inky blackness". She was driving and looking at the stars for anything unusual. This is free range area for cattle! Well all of a sudden "an inky black" cow was right in the middle of the highway! She almost hit it because she was so busy looking upwards! Scared us both. After that she kept her eyes on the road and I was still shaking!

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Party On... Ted!
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[My Excellent UFOAZ Adventure]

"Mr. Loman, I'd be more than happy to let you use my UFO art for your TV program, but I assure you, I have absolutely no desire to sit in front of a television camera myself!" Was I getting through to this guy? The chap sitting across from me in my apartment living room was an affable, engaging and insistent character, all right. Wearing a black patch over his left eye like some kind of Hollywood movie pirate, his proposal was almost ludicrous. Yet here was a man left virtually blind by a recent metallurgical accident, determined to produce, of all things, a television show! I had to admire his grit, but his offer to include me as co-host was absolutely ludicrous. Do-it-yourself television?

Yes, indeed--Public Access Television! The Tucson city fathers in a rare fit of political acumen had set aside tax dollars to provide a production facility, where any ambitious 'Ted' off the street could come in and be trained to direct and shoot his very own television show. And that's exactly what Mr. Ted Loman planned to do--with my assistance. He had this grand idea to do a show all about UFOs. I could see, despite my protests, he was not going to take no for an answer. He threw his best schmooze into gear. (I later learned he was once a used-car salesman.) His practiced charm and persistence were wearing me down. "Look," he insisted, "we'll only do eight shows or so, and we won't even do them live. All you have to do is help me tape the ten-minute introductions. If you make mistakes or goof-ups we can just re-tape it." Finally, to humor this guy, I reluctantly agreed. This was the summer of 1991.

Little did I realize, but I was embarking with Ted upon a project that would involve us for the next six years with what would become an award-winning program to be aired on Public Access Television channels in American cities from coast to coast. Such was the inception of 'UFOAZ Talks' -the longest running 'live' UFO talk show in the country!

Well, yes. I did have some background expertise in UFO research-but only as an artist. I had about ten years experience doing UFO illustrations, thanks to my affiliation with Mr. Wendelle Stevens, a retired Lt. Col. from the U.S. Air force, who'd been researching the UFO phenomenon since World War II. Mr. Stevens also lived in Tucson and together we had been collaborating on investigation projects since 1980. Over the years, my illustrations had earned me something of a reputation, and thus, it was my UFO art that brought me to Mr. Loman's attention. But understand, I was an artist-content to pursue my craft in the blissful solitude of my studio. My paintings conveyed my message. I had not the slightest ambition or inclination to face the unblinking stare of a camera, under glaring hot spotlights in a TV studio! Just the thought of such a fate was terrifying! No indeed! You won't catch me doing any such foolishness! But irrepressible Ted had other plans. (To quote Shakespeare, "There's a divinity that shapes our ends, roughhew them how we will.) Ted figured my ten years of UFO research made me the perfect choice to help him co-host his crazy TV project. And so, believe it or not, much to my horror, I found myself in Studio-A at Tucson Community Cable Corporation, facing that relentless camera just struggling to make coherent sentences. Okay, Ted are you happy now? Let's just get this agony over with!

Well, as destiny would have it, a little incident transpired that tweaked my Irish and totally reversed my reluctance to pursue a television project with Ted. It happened that summer when the First World UFO Congress was held right here in Tucson. Researcher Wendelle Stevens had promoted an extravaganza unprecedented in its scope, assembling researchers from all over the world-the Soviet Union, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil as well as the United States to share their findings in a vast, public forum, on potentially the most important issue in human history. If only one of the numerous cases under review at that conference were proven literal fact-it would prove the news story of the Millennium! Right?

And so to kick off the weeklong UFO event, a press conference was held first thing-open to all the local Tucson media, newspaper, TV and radio. The hotel hall was filled reporters from all the local affiliates of ABC, NBC and CBS-and to a man-the press sat in stony, icy silence. They had no questions for any of the visiting investigators-not even the Soviet Cosmonaut. Ted and I were there too, and totally astounded by this glaring display of callous indifference by the 'professional' media. Either the reporters on hand were embarrassingly ignorant about the UFO topic, or they had already made up their minds as to what was fit and newsworthy for the public. Obviously UFOs were not on that agenda. On the evening news and in the papers all that was shown of the conference were pictures of vendors hawking crystals, t-shirts, coffee mugs and other 'alien' collectibles. The whole event was dismissed as comic, 'woo-woo' nonsense. I was grossly offended-not only as a UFO investigator-but as a private citizen as well. Was this how we got our news? Was this how the press really worked? I thought the roll of a responsible press was to report the facts of a story and let the public make up its own mind. Surely the case studies revealed at this conference were 'newsworthy' to say the least! Well, once again, I'd been relieved of one of my cherished, idealistic notions-media trust!

Ah, but how many times in your life do you get the chance to tell the story the big networks-CBS, NBC and ABC-refuse to tell! Well, Ted and I had just such an opportunity plopped in our laps, and so we ran with it! Ted was given access to all the videotaped lectures of the entire conference and to fearlessly air them on Public Access TV became the inspired mission of UFOAZ. Public Access Television-the last bastion of free speech in America--has no commercials. You don't have Bristol-Meyers, General Motors, Exxon or Bank of America telling you what to say and how to say it-all the news that's print to fit!

Bringing the First World UFO Conference information to the public was our premiere crusade, to share the lectures via our television show and let the viewing audience make up its own mind-filling the responsible role the national media should have been performing all along! Now, exactly how much credibility Ted and I leant to the subject at hand in our bumbling introductions I leave to the judgment of posterity, especially with myself decked out in a Star Tours t-shirt, and Ted with his cheeks full of chewing tobacco--I fear we may have done our dedicated lecturers more harm than good. We were no threat to Tom Brokaw just yet! Thank God for videotape-yes, we made lots of goof-ups, and yes, we shot lots of re-takes, but somehow we managed to shoot some fairly useable introductions.

Thankfully I survived the ordeal-and once our task was completed--happy to think I was finally off the hook-but then to my dismay I discovered this little taste of 'show-biz' had only made Ted hungry for more! A Friday evening slot became available for an hour 'live' show-Ted couldn't resist. "Oh, no! I protested. "I've done my bit for God and country-you said we wouldn't do LIVE TV! I've done the taped introductions just like you asked, but NO WAY am I gonna do live television!" Of course, determined to keep me on board, Ted ignored my protests and just laid on the schmooze even thicker. Well, I must have agreed. Its said that under moments of extreme terror the mind slips into temporary amnesia, because I simply can't recall actually consenting to continue my co-host role, but despite my stage-fright, I actually found myself playing Ted's faithful side-kick every Friday night doing a live TV show about UFOs.

It wasn't long though, before Ted and I both realized we had blundered into a 'destiny' experience. From that point our show, UFOAZ Talks, seemed to take on a life of its own. The weekly production was ALL Ted's. He was the ring-master-the 'Ed Sullivan' of UFOs. With his limited-vision disability he had free time to devote to all the technical preparations, lighting, set design, audio and control room. He had a full production crew at his command, yet with no salaries to be paid-this was strictly a volunteer labor of love. I had my own full-time job, so my assistance was more limited. But together we would brainstorm show topics, and to help out we enlisted the assistance of another knowledgeable and able co-host-Roger Scherrer-to keep the ball rolling. And roll it did!

We abandoned our grubby t-shirts for sport jackets and ties to give the show at least a pretense of class, and to lend a shred of respectability to the subject at hand. It turned out that Ted was a natural born showman. He had a gift for television production and for tirelessly networking with people around the country who were involved with UFO research. We'd established vital contacts with many of these people starting with Wendelle's World Conference, and it grew from there.

In those days New York publisher Tim Beckley was holding annual UFO conferences in nearby Phoenix, so packing up cameras and microphones, the UFOAZ entourage would trek off to the Arizona capitol and tape as many interviews as we could manage. Conferences like his were perfect for our show's limited budget-they brought the international investigators to us.

At that point in time-summer of 1991-the UFO phenomenon had been getting meager attention in the national media. You were lucky to see one or two UFO documentaries a year, so with UFOAZ we were trying to take up the slack. Little did we realize what a tidal wave of UFO stories we we're about to ride for the next six years . . . A magic sychronicity seemed to kick-in the very day our show premiered-7-11-91.

In Mexico City, one of the world's largest metropolitan centers, much of the populace was outdoors to observe a rare full-solar eclipse, when a shiny bright object was seen hovering over the city. It was no star. Dozens of observers videotaping the eclipse caught this object as well. Taped footage that zoomed in on this sparkling light revealed a perfect little silver disc bobbing silently in the bright Mexican sky. This event was just a harbinger of on-going UFO activity to be witnessed throughout Mexico for the rest of the decade.

Another major UFO related story broke at that time, right in UFOAZ's hometown-Tucson. A job discrimination lawsuit against the Pima County Sheriff's Department made national headlines. Robert O. Dean was a retired Command Sergeant Major with the U.S. Army, who had given an additional fifteen years of service to the Sheriff's Department division of Emergency Management Services. Bob was denied a promotion to director of that division because of his background in UFO investigation. This civil rights violation precipitated a legal confrontation, which Mr. Dean won. At that point Bob made the decision-in violation of his national security oath--to publicly disclose classified information about UFOs to which he had access while on assignment to NATO.

During the mid-sixties, Bob Dean worked as an intelligence analyst for the NATO command headquarters in Paris, where he was shown a Top Secret report titled, 'An Assessment'-which revealed UFOs were serious business and that Earth was indeed being visited regularly by more than one group of extra-terrestrials. Up to that point Bob had been a no-nonsense combat veteran and dutiful career soldier, but reading the startling contents of this report, radically changed his life. From that point he became an avid UFO researcher, and in 1991 he decided the public had a right to know the truth behind the saucer enigma. UFOAZ Talks was pleased to provide Bob a live forum to share that 'truth'. Gracious, informative and articulate, Bob Dean became a welcome regular guest on our show and a dear friend. His support was a major contribution to our growing success.

And onward Ted and Jim's UFO show went--determined to plumb the unfathomed depths of the flying saucer enigma. At last I found a practical use for that semester of Journalism I took way back in high school! At various conventions we'd set up our portable video camera and tape interviews . . . "Go on. Ask 'em some questions." Ted would prod. "I'll run camera." "Are you sure you can see well enough?" I'd ask with dubious reluctance. "Yeah, I can see okay." "Well try to keep us in focus. All right?" "No problem." And off we'd go interrogating some hapless abductee or intrepid researcher for our show--sometimes in focus--sometimes not. But I must admit, the amazing parade of people before our cameras, from all walks of life, from all over the world-each with their own fantastic tale to tell, gave me an extraordinary personal opportunity for an in-depth study of the UFO phenomenon few people experience.

By 1994 co-host Roger Scherrer had moved on to a TV show of his own, and for a time he was replaced briefly by another dedicated young researcher named Rick Keefe. Our show continued award-winning success, but still something was lacking-something indefinable was missing. And then we discovered it! Our show was overloaded with testosterone-it needed a woman's touch! Peggy Kane had been a regular UFOAZ fan and a good family friend, who shared a serious interest in UFOs and related topics. In 1994 we invited this lovely lady and talented artist to join our show as a regular co-host. Her enthusiasm, grace and charm were just the sparkle the show needed. UFOs were not just a 'guy' thing. She added a feminine point of view. Having Peggy on board established a remarkable synergy with the three of us that came to define the vitality of UFOAZ Talks. It was truly great fun!

And over the course of the ensuing three years we found ourselves on investigative adventures leading to the desert wastes of New Mexico and the site of the famed 1947 Roswell UFO crash as well as the heavily guarded gates of the infamous Area-51 test site in Nevada.

Ultimately this adventure took me halfway around the world to stand in the midst of a mysterious crop-circle in England and then to display my UFO art on NBC's Today Show. Ted, in turn, was whisked into the national spotlight on Larry King Live and the Geraldo Rivera talk show! Yes, UFOAZ Talks had come a long way. And over the course of our show, here is just a brief list of some the notables I had the opportunity to interview: Travis Walton, Betty Andreasson, Kevin Randle, Col. Philip Corso, Norio Hayakawa, George Knapp, Jim Marrs, Peter Gersten, Dr. Arthur Horn, Bob Oechsler, Tony Dodd, Bill Hamilton, Jorge' Martin, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Jim Dilettoso, David Froning, Randolph Winters, David Icke and, of course, Bob Dean and Wendelle Stevens. Oh, and who can possibly forget the incredible dog--'Galactic Rover'-but that's another story! My deepest personal thanks goes out to these and all the rest of the wonderful guests, dedicated production staff and loyal fans who helped make UFOAZ Talks the magic success that it was-we could not have done it without them!

UFOs . . . Unidentified Flying Objects, i.e. 'flying saucers'-strange craft in our skies, reported by people from all walks of life over the entire course of human history that cannot be accounted for by conventional 'reality'-their origin and purpose remain a total mystery. After seven years of weekly broadcasts UFOAZ Talks filed its last installment in December of 1997. And just what did Ted, Peggy and Jim conclude after all their years of dedicated research? The origin and purpose of UFOs remain a total mystery . . . UFOAZ Talks was truly an excellent adventure . . .! Party-on!
Used with permission of Ted Loman but we thank Jim Nichols too! Here is his blog site: www.jimnicholsufoart/blog/blog.html

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The most effective argument for the possible reality of occupant cases is the fact that similar cases are reported by individuals who have no apparent contact with one another and are separated by hundreds and thousands of miles. An example of this "coincidence" is the detailed account of an encounter with small "entities" in France in the fall of 1954 and similarly described little bipeds in Venezuela just a few weeks later.

On October 9 that year, during the great French UFO "wave," three youngsters were roller skating in the village of Pournoy-la-Chetive (Moselle). They later claimed that a round shiny machine landed quite close to them and that out of it came a "kind of man," about four feet tall, dressed in a black sack or cassock. The little man's head was hairy and he had big eyes, they said, and he talked to them in a language which they couldn't understand. The children became frightened and ran away, and when they stopped and looked back the machine was ascending into the sky at high speed. This particular report of the "machine," at least, was backed up by another villager who claimed that he, too, had observed the machine as it climbed into the sky.

At the other end of France, on the same night, from the village of Lavoux, which is about twelve miles east of Poitiers, came the strange story of M. Roger Barrault concerning the little creature he had seen while riding his bicycle near the village. He claimed that about 7 p.m. he was confronted by a little man about four and a half feet tall wearing what appeared to be a "diver's suit." The head, he said looked like it was covered with shaggy hair, out of which shined two "dazzling" eyes. It was only in sight for about a minute, ahead of Barrault, but he did discern what appeared to be very bright headlights which were located about halfway up the front of his body, one above the other. It shortly disappeared among the trees of the woods by the road.

Almost two months later, on the morning of November 28, 1954, two produce workers were on their way from Caracas, Venezuela, to Petarre to pick up a load of produce for the next morning's market. As they turned into the street Gustavo Gonzales, who was driving, immediately braked his pickup truck. The road was blocked by a metallic-appearing globe-shaped object which hovered about six feet off the road. Scurrying back and forth from the side of the road to the object were two little dwarfish appearing men, carrying rocks and chunks of dirt. Gonzales dismounted from his truck and headed toward the vehicle, just as one of the little fellows headed toward him. Unafraid because of his obvious advantage of size and weight, Gonzales later said, he intended to capture one of the creatures and take it to the police. His description, although not exactly like that of the "whiskered Martians" of France described by Michel in Flying Saucers and the Straight Line Mystery (Criterion, New York, 1958) was roughly similar, for the Petare "dwarves" were small, about three feet tall, broad-shouldered, and had large dark heads with glowing or bright eyes. Gonzales made a dive for one of them and it was then that he discovered that the little fellow had an extremely hard body covered with stiff, bristly hair, and his strength was prodigious.

Whether or not the creature's next action was a result of Gonzale's somewhat aggressive manner we do not know, but he struck Gonzales with one arm, and the force of the blow knocked Gonzales backward about fifteen feet.

Meanwhile, back in the truck, Jose' Ponce, the other worker, watched with a mixture of fascination and fear, but when Gonzales was knocked to the ground he made his exit and headed for the nearest police station, which happened to be about a block away.

And Gonzales was having a hair-raising time of it. The creature which had knocked him down appeared to leap into the air and came toward him with its eyes glowing. Gonzales pulled a knife used to prune produce, and as the little man came toward him with his clawed hands extended, he made a stab at its shoulder with the knife. He was amazed to find that the knife seemed to glance off as though it had struck metal and the little fellow seemed none the worse for it. At this point another of the little fellows emerged from an opening in the side of the globe and pointed a small tube which beamed a light at Gonzales, temporarily blinding him. Both of the creatures then got into the globe, which took off at high speed and was out of sight within a few seconds. Gonzales, terrified from his experience, headed toward the police station and arrived there just a few minutes after Ponce did. The police officers on hand, who had thought Ponce was out of his mind or drunk when he related his story, gave the tale a second thought when Gonzales arrived on the scene. Both were given sedatives and Gonzales was treated for a long, angry red scratch on his side.

The little hairy fellows seemed to have been culprits in an incident which took place on the night of December 10 when two young boys were badly clawed while returning from a hunting trip in the vicinity of the Trans-Andean Highway between Chico and Cerro de Las Tres Torres, Venezuela. Lorenzo Flores and Jesus Gomez, both teenagers, spotted what they thought was a car parked some distance from the road, and thinking it might have been an accident, went to investigate. As they approached it, they saw it was a shiny metallic object which resembled two huge washbowls placed lip to lip and hovering about three feet off the ground. It appeared to be about nine feet in diameter, they later said, and there was a fiery exhaust issuing from the bottom.

About the time the boys realized the object of their attention was not a car, four "little men" got out of the thing, and they seized Jesus and seemed intent on dragging him into the ship. Lorenzo, frightened but determined to help his friend, grabbed his shotgun by the barrel and swung it as hard as he could at the little fellows. It felt as though it had struck rock, and broke into two pieces. This seemed to deter the little fellows, for they left the two boys alone. Neither of the boys saw the ship leave, for Jesus had lapsed into unconsciousness and Lorenzo was busy dragging him toward the highway. When Jesus regained consciousness a couple of minutes later, the boys ran as fast as they could out of the area. They rushed to the nearest police station and told their story, both exhibiting multiple scratches and bruises. Later investigation by authorities revealed some strange-appearing little footprints in the area where the boys claimed they had their adventure.

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