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Thursday, June 14, 2007


An Interview with Bryon Smith: UFOs, Aliens, and Angels?
by Brent Raynes

Bryon Smith of Fort Smith, Arkansas, is the director of Rainbow Productions, a professional video production and video editing firm, and the author of several novels containing UFO themes. Bryon and his wife were fellow vendor’s at the recent Ozark UFO Conference (April 13th thru the 15th) in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I was looking over the various DVD videos that Bryon had made and that were on sale of speakers from the 1989 Ozark UFO Conference, and of his interview of UFO eyewitnesses Susan Stockman and Teri Baker of Fyffe, Alabama. We engaged in a casual conversation that later developed into a full-blown interview. As you read, you’ll see why!

Bryon can be reached at: director@dream-link.org

Editor: Well Bryon, first of all, just how did this all begin for you?

Bryon Smith: I grew up in a little town called Pearl, Illinois, on Route 100, about a 140 miles or so north of St. Louis, and about 80 miles north of Alton.

We used to have this bright UFO that used to come down the river from the north going south. The first time that I saw it I was parked right next to the river and I was talking to some friends of mine who worked in a floating fish market, and I looked at it and it was low over the water and I thought, “Is that a barge coming down the river?” I had seen a lot of barges, and you see a light sweep back and forth, but there wasn’t any light sweeping back and forth on this, and they said, “Oh no. That’s our UFO.” And I said, “Yeah, okay.” And they said “Yeah, in a few minutes it will get down here. It’s not moving very fast, and it will come up and it will hover over the bridge and then it will turn to go hover over the power lines and then it will go southwest over Pearl and then it will turn south again and then it will go on to the south and then it will disappear. I stood there and I waited and they weren’t kidding. This thing came down to the river bridge and went up and over it and then it turned, just like they said, and went up over the power lines, and when it went up over the power lines it stopped. There is a power line tower up there and we had a power plant just a little bit south of us, maybe half a mile from where we were.

While it was hovering up there we jumped into my Dodge Charger and we tried to catch it. So we drove up the hill and just as we got up into the fields, and this is rough, like a farmer’s hill, not a road, and we got up to the top of the hill just in time to see it leave the power lines and start off south, or southwest. I turned around, went back down, and drove down to Gasville Hill Spring, which is south of the Prairie and tried to intercept this thing. We drove up on top of the hill and we looked everywhere. It wasn’t moving that fast and my Charger would move pretty quick. So we got out and we all looked around. We didn’t see it, and we got back in and started going. We hadn’t gone just a little bit, and then all of a sudden there it was, like it had popped on, like somebody had flipped a light switch, and they said, “There it is.” We all stopped and jumped out. We could see it. It was just south of us, and it hadn’t been there a moment ago, or at least we couldn’t see it. But it was probably there, and then it went on to the south and then it disappeared, and then we saw it numerous times after that.

It comes through sometime between 11 o’clock at night till about 2 o’clock in the morning, and then one night Butch (Leslie Allen) and I had been to Pittsfield, to a roller rink. As we came back to Pearl, we saw it hovering over the power line tower. I said, “Pull over Butch. We’ll watch it go over.” So we were sitting there and I got out of the car and walked around and was standing in front of it and it looked like it was getting bigger. We determined that it was coming straight at us and it came down and hovered right over the road, right beside a tree close enough that we could have hit it with a rock, and it never made a sound.

It was like two soup bowls put together. It was bright white to look at it, but it had a shimmering silver-blue halo that flickered like a fluorescent light that was about to go out. Butch was spooked and I was standing there thinking, “Isn’t it beautiful.” He jumped in the car and nearly run over me, got it in drive instead of reverse, and I jumped in while the car was rolling and he hit the brakes and I looked up and it was right over our heads, right above the car.

And then I saw headlights coming up behind us and this thing just moved up, it never made a sound. It just moved up like that and went right up over the hill. The truck that came up behind us was my dad and my little sister who had been out to feed the horses at the farm and they both saw it as it left.

So after you’ve had an encounter like that you know these things are real. They’re absolutely real and it will change your life forever.

I knew another guy by the name of Albert and he lived on Old Pearl Hill and he was coming in one night and he told this story. I remember he missed school that day, and he was one of those people who was just about as honest as the day is long. He was a hard worker and an honorable fella and we all looked up to him. He was on his way home from a date one night and this thing landed on the road in front of him, right up on the Old Pearl Hill. He hit the brakes to keep from hitting it and his engine died and his lights went out, and he said there it was, right there in front of him. It was about 30 feet across. He was terrified and then all of a sudden it just lifted up and flew on to the south, his lights came back on and his engine started back up again and he went on to the house. So that’s another encounter with that same ship.

Editor: About when was it that these events happened?

Bryon Smith: Back around 1970. Right in there.

Editor: Did you start reading literature on UFOs then?

Bryon Smith: Yeah, after that I became a little interested to find what’s going on and I’ve been doing research along those lines ever since because I know that they’re real now, and I’ve talked to numerous other people who I’m pretty sure they saw something too, so I’m not alone. There’s a bunch of us, and then these things come back every so many years. Different ones. I don’t know if anyone has seen that exact same one since, but they’ve seen others. Smaller ones and bigger ones. I talked to people who talked about a UFO that was down around the Hardin-Kampsville area, and they said they saw a bright beam of light, just a shaft of light come out of it and come right down to the ground. Said it was just a straight beam, not like a spotlight. Just a straight beam of light.

Editor: So you eventually got into the research part and you had various involvements.

Bryon Smith: I ran ParaNet Tau, which was a computerized bulletin board system before we had the Internet, and it had what they called FidoNet and Echo Mail, and these computers would call each other in the middle of the night and they’d send packets to one another across the country and around the world. I ran ParaNet Tau. Back then it was originated by Jim Spicer. He was in Colorado.

Editor: Now what I’d like to get into is this whole thing that we just talked about earlier about how you got into the video and I think that you suspected at some point that you may have been abducted.

Bryon Smith: I had a psychic tell me that I had been abducted and I said, “You know, I don’t really remember. But I do remember one night when I was driving home late one night, but I was really tired that night. I came on Milton Prairie headed south about 8 miles from Pearl and I come on to the Prairie and that’s the last thing I remember until I woke up, literally, asleep on the steering wheel, in the middle of the night, sitting in my own driveway, without any memory of how I got home. Now I had an explanation. I said, “Well, it must have been highway hypnosis.” Maybe I just drove home unconsciously under hypnotic suggestion. I had made the trip a lot of times, so maybe it was possible. I had no other explanation for it, but the psychic lady said, “There’s something about you that has connections to aliens. I believe you’ve been abducted.” I said, “Maybe. I don’t know.”

But I have had weird things happen to me that I couldn’t explain. I’ve had a few other things happen that were kind of like Ray G.’s (full name withheld but on file) experiences when he referred to talking to these beings that were with that triangular ship. I had a visitation by somebody that I couldn’t see, who spoke to me. I heard them in my mind. They hit me on my elbow, woke me up in the morning. So when I said something to Ray about that, I said, “Do you get visitation from these things and they’re there but they’re not there?” He said, “Yeah. That’s one way to explain it.”

It kind of makes you wonder if you’re losing your mind. But these things give information that you can verify, and not just one person but people in different places around the country. What they are I don’t know. Maybe they’re angels.

Editor: Could you tell about this Ray and how you met him?

Bryon Smith: One week before the Ozark UFO Conference back in 1989 I had a dream and I wrote it in my dream journal. In the dream, it was like a night vision (I refer to them as a night vision because they’re a lot more vivid than a normal dream and they have a message and a meaning in them that usually is pretty clear). So I dreamed that I heard a voice speaking to me, called me by my name, and said, “You are going to meet a man who has strange ideas about UFOs and the beings who control them.” Then I saw a page turn in front of me. I saw paper and I saw writing on it, and I saw the second paragraph, and the first lines in the paragraph were highlighted. They were lit up. It said, “Ask him to give you a sign so that you will know who sent him.” And that was the end of it. I woke up, wrote my dream in my dream journal, and forgot about it. One week later I came up here and shot the UFO conference in 1989 for Lou and this man walked right up to me, out of the blue, and started talking to me about a UFO that was being seen in and around Fyffe and Rainsville, Alabama area, and he told me, “You’re going to Fyffe, Alabama. You’re going to see Susan Stockman and Teri Baker.” And I’m thinking, “Yeah, right. Okay.” I had no intention of going to Fyffe, Alabama, but off and on he talked to me, over two days up here, and he was telling me about the things that were happening down there, and every little bit he’d say, “You’re going down there.”

I had no intentions of going down there, but I shot my video and I went home and a night or two later I had another one of these night visions. I was standing on a back porch at my house in Pearl and I was looking to the west toward the preacher’s house (that’s where the parsonage was of the Church of Christ) and I saw this light come up into this fog. I went over there to see what this light was and this light broke. Before I got there, a piece of it came off and went up into the sky and it turned into the shape of a classic flying saucer and it zipped off towards the east. I went over and I looked into the fog and I saw this light was still in there. It was like living energy. It was like light energy. Liquid energy, that’s one way to describe it. That’s the way it moved, like liquid. It changed into a shape and I saw a symbol in it. I saw a shape and a symbol, and then I understood what it was and who these beings were. At least, I had a good idea, or a better idea than I had before. So I woke up and I wrote it down. While I’m writing it down I saw the dream just above it that was telling me that I’d meet this weird guy and I had written the dream down and had forgotten about it, so when I saw it made sense. It said you’re going to meet this guy. That was seven days before I actually met him. Then I had this dream and I said, “You know, I’ve got to go to Fyffe, Alabama, and meet these people.” He knew that I would go. He was speaking almost as if like he had already seen it happen.

Editor: As matter of fact.

Byron Smith: Yeah. It was very matter of fact. He knew that I was going to go, even though I did not know at the time that I would go. So I went and I met Susan and Teri and I heard their story and I interviewed a bunch of other people while I was down there. I interviewed a highway patrolman who had taken a UFO report, and I had talked to other people who had seen this giant triangular craft. I saw some of their pictures and I did the interviews. I’ve got the Susan Stockman and Teri Baker interviews right here on DVD. It’s about sixteen and a half minutes.

In the first dream, I was told, “Ask him to give you a sign so that you know who sent him,” but I didn’t see a symbol. Then in the second dream, which was about two weeks later, I did see the symbol, and I never told anybody but my wife what I had seen. So I went down there and I told Susan and Teri the same thing that I’m telling you, but I never told them what I saw. But when I got back home from Alabama, Ray G. called me on the phone and he said, “What did you see?” I said, “You tell me,” and he told me exactly what I had seen in a dream. The only way that I think that he could have done that is if the dreams were coming from the same place, like a telepathic message, and we were both receiving the messages.

Editor: And with these two witnesses down in Alabama, when you went to interview them, we’re not just talking about an object in the sky, but a kind of spirit element to it.

Bryon Smith: Oh yeah. It was definitely a spiritual element. I mean, we commonly think, “Oh, we’re going to see the UFO,” just like the reporter said, and I went down there thinking the same thing.

This Ray G., this strange guy, told them, “You’re not going to see the UFO tonight.” He told them what night and what time, and he said, “You go down in this field, by this tree,” and the interviews that I shot show you this tree. That’s where we went to do some of the interviews. He said, “And you will have an encounter.” They took their cameras, thinking we’re going to see a UFO and we’re going to take a picture of it, but that wasn’t what happened to them. They said that a spirit descended around them and there was a sound, like a rushing wind, and the words that they used were, “If you backed a tanker truck up to a big parking lot and dumped a bunch of gasoline out and threw a match in it, that’s what it sounded like,” and Teri was laughing and Susan was crying, and this is on the interview too. They jumped back in their car and they drove down to the Fyffe, Alabama fire station and they told them that weird stuff was happening down there and they were afraid to go back and pick up their cameras and stuff. They didn’t get a picture.

But what I’m trying to say is that we go out commonly with a mindset that we’re going to see a physical craft, see something that we can take a picture of, but that isn’t always what happens. Some of these beings are so far beyond a physical form or a physical craft, that they can literally, I mean, you’ve heard the saying that God drives a UFO. He can drive anything he wants. He’s God! (laughs) You see?

Editor: Right, which brings us to the story that you mentioned earlier about two news reporters who went down there?

Bryon Smith: Oh yeah. Two news reporters came down there from Nashville. Brought their video camera and everything and they went right straight to see Susan and Teri at the Rainsville Post, and Teri told them, “You come down and get video of this thing. Everybody is coming to get video. Everybody wants a picture.” She said, “You won’t see anything if you take your camera out there.” She had already learned that the hard way. So she told them, “If you want to have an encounter with these beings and see what thing we’re dealing with (because it was easier to see it yourself than for someone to tell you what you’re going to see) you go to this place..” (at such and such a time) It wasn’t even dark. They left their cameras. She said leave your camera, don’t take it. They went out there and they said they heard (they hadn’t been there but for just a little while) and they heard the sound of a tractor trailer truck going down the highway and it was coming from the sky and they looked up and they saw a trailer, from a tracker trailer truck, just flying over the tree tops. They said that it was close enough that you could see the rivets in the side of the thing, and one guy started laughing. He said, “I can’t believe this.” It challenged what he believed was real, the basis for his reality. And the other guy started crying. It scared him to death. It freaked him out, and I was told that he eventually lost his job, but the other guy didn’t. They came back and they told Teri their story and they said, “This is the kind of thing you’re dealing with. Now I know why you wanted us to leave the camera and see for yourself, because you wouldn’t believe it unless you’d seen it for yourself.” These beings, if they want you to see a flying tracker trailer truck that’s what you’re going to see. If they want you to see their big beautiful triangular spaceship then that’s what you’ll see. But you’re dealing with beings that are so far beyond the physical plane that, well, you want to use the terminology kind of like we’re so far above that little ant down there on the ground, but I’m not even sure that would come close. We can’t even explain our own consciousness yet, and yet these beings are sitting up there looking down on us and keeping an eye on us.

I think maybe they’re the Watchers. You’ve heard the term the Watchers, the beings that look after life on earth. I think they’re watching the aliens too! (laughs)


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