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Monday, June 04, 2007



In UFOlogical terms, if anyone sees a UFO more than once or claims numerous encounters, they are known as a "repeater." In this category would be placed the likes of the late George Adamski who claimed many rides aboard interplanetary craft, Billy Meier the Swiss farmer who has a foot thick scrapbook of photos showing beamships from the Pleiades (Plajarans), and the Florida businessman known as "Mr. Ed" who says his home in Gulf Breeze is being buzzed on a regular basis by a Chinese Coolie hat-shaped vehicle of otherworldly origins.

Because they feel the odds of meeting up with an ET even once has to be in the million to one range, most consevative UFO researchers and the variouus "scientific minded" investigative groups tend to frown on the claims of such individuals. For the most part, they do not take too kindly to the likes of "repeaters," though there are always a few exceptions to any rule.

One young man, however, has attracted the attention of some sane and sober UFOlogists despite what may seem to be "far out" and unproven claims of meetings with extraterrestrials. For not only does Marc Brinkerhoff claim to have established an ongoing relationship with aliens, but he also seems to have the uncanny ability to point his camera at the heavens and take photographs of things that have no business being in the sky.

Marc's first UFO experience took place when he was just five years old on an athletic field near the Mahopac, NY high school. As best as he can recall, it was around 3 P.M. when he observed a large silvery sphere, "like the metal ball in a pin-ball machine. No sound was heard," but he does remember, "receiving a feeling of great love from it."

Since that day, Brinkerhoof contends that extraterrestrials have been contacting him and other humans. Apparently, they are programming us to save the world and the universe from a possible destruction. He sees the aliens as being benevolent, human-like, 'Space Brothers," who are here NOT to harm us, but to lead us along the path to spiritual enlightnment and to usher in the New Age. The mild mannered UFO contactee further believes that in a previous incarnation he lived in another galaxy, and that his mission in this life is to teach love to his fellow man. Marc says the beings he's in touch with come from the constellation surrounding the star Bootes. He further contends that he mentally talks to them and that they have appeared to him in the form of a white glowing light from which seven human-like forms emerged. He says they once surrunded him for 10 minutes to infuse him with love and then disappeared. Since then, Marc says he's been taking photos of spaceships from this field in NY state on the instruction of these beings.

Here is a summation of some of Marc Bringerhoff's experiences.


Marc was in the 5th grade. During the summer he was with his family on Prince Edward Island, waiting for a ferry, when a "huge cigar-shaped UFO appeared, making a loud humming noise, like a swarm of bees." As the party watched, it suddenly rose and sailed out of sight.


While watching the stars at night, behind the school, Marc spotted a "moving star." He had a telepathic contact. He seemed to be receiving descriptions of the different types of UFOs.


While attending a drive-in movie, Marc saw several UFOs in the night sky.


9:00 P.M., had sighting near the school. He telepathically asked for something to appear, and moments later a UFO came into view.


It was night, and Marc was asleep in his bedroom when he suddenly woke up and went to the window. He looke up at the sky and saw a large UFO.


"I was with an older person. He and I were looking out over the back yard area, where a 6-inch layer of snow had fallen. Suddenly we saw two strange white lights in the southern sky approaching us and growing larger. We called to my parents who came outside and joined us.

"As the UFO approached, we could make out definite shapes - the traditional disc-like configuration. The objects paused at a fairly low elevation, one being closer to us than the other. On the closer object, we could clearly see a curved "window" extending all around the forward rim, and it appeared to be lighted from within.

"Suddenly the lights inside became much brighter - so bright that my parents and my brother had to turn their eyes away. However, for some reason, my eyes were not disturbed by the glow, and I could make out six or seven figures standing at the window, looking down at us. In fact, it seemed as if the second figure in line was waving at me!

"Then the two ships moved back to the south, and disappeared from our view. However, a few minutes later, another UFO came over the house, sending down a bright, angular beam of light which lit up the entire area behind the neighbor's hedge."


About 7:30 P.M., Marc went alone to the school area, to try for a "contact" which he felt might be coming. In a few minutes, his hopes were rewarded, as he spied two large egg-shaped objects over the school. "I stood in the snow, and it was very cold out, but some sort of a "heat ray" was coming from the ships, and I felt no discomfort whatsoever.

"I mentally asked them, 'Why don't you land?' The answer came back, 'We're too large. A landing would cause too much commotion now.' The UFOs then maneuvered according to my mental instructions, going to the right to the left, backward and forward as I requested.

"I remainded there another two hours, actually sitting in the wet snow, but feeling perfectly comfortable because of the heat ray being beamed down on me. The ships then sent a telepathic message of 'Good night' and graually moved higher, until they appeared to be stars in the sky."


At 8:40 A.M. Marc was driving on Croton Falls Road with a girlfriend. Suddenly a huge 'double' object, like two footballs fastened together at the middle, appeared over the rees lining the road. It was as big as a large plane, but made no sound. The apparent size was 12 inches at arm's length.

JUNE 1976

At Mahopac, with a friend and his cousin, Douglas. All looked up and saw a silver ball travellilng slowly overhead, at a height of several thousand feet -- totally soundless.

During these telepathic communications, Marc was told they are from the Constellation Bootes, one of the known constellations in our Milky Way Galaxy. The people are from 5 feet to 8 feet tall.


APRIL 1977

Marc was in the schoolyard from 11:30 P.M to 1:00 A.M. He followed his usual procedure of aiming his camera at a part of the sky which he felt telepathically was what they wanted. Though no UFO was visible to his eye, he snapped the shutter when he felt the impulse to do so, and when the film was developed a picture was seen. Most of his pictures were taken this way.

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From UFO Universe, by Harold Salkin


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