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Tuesday, June 05, 2007




Marc in schoolyard at night, following same procedure as before: pointing camera as directed telepathically. Result was one frame in roll, after developing, which showed a speck of light on a dark background. It was about 1/8 inch diameter. This was enlarged many times, until it became visible to the eye. It was a circular, lighted area, yellowish in color, with a humanoid figure silhoutted in front and to one side of center. The head, arm and part of the body can be seen. Marc said this was the porthole of a spacecraft, with a spaceman shown in the silhouette.


Six shots show a green crescent-shaped streak of light which he says were "probes" he requested.

FALL 1977

Four photos showing different shaped objects; one is a disc with a beam shooting down from it; another is a deep red coneshaped object; another is in two sections; a fourth was taken with Ralph Grieco as a witness (3:30 AM, Nov. 20, 1977) showing an egg-shaped UFO with a ball beneath its center.


MARCH 1978

Bright, orange-colored disc was filmed in action over schoolyard in Mahopac. Marc calls it a "scout ship." On film for 3 or 4 seconds, or about 20 frames.


MAY 18, 1978 MAHOPAC

Marc was alone with his dog, down by the dam near town. It was his 25th birthday, and he asked for a "birthday sighting." Around midnight, it was raining heavily. Marc was experimenting with thought control over the degree of rain. Several times he asked mentally for the rain to "speed up," and it did. Then he asked for a "slow down," and this occurred on cue. Then the rain stopped. A heavy mist was arising from the ground. Suddenly he was aware of a humanoid from a few feet in front of him. It seemed to be made of a mist-like substance, denser than the ground mist, but not totally "solid". No sound or words were heard. As the figure faded away, Marc noticed some bright white lights behind the trees.

Something then rose into the sky, an oblong lighted object which he knew instinctively was a spacecraft. It paused at a low angle, behind a cloud. Marc blinked his flashlight at the UFO, in a dots-and-dashes sequence. Immediately, the light in the dky blinked on-and-off in the same exact sequence. In a few seconds, it rose into the sky and was gone.


At 1:20 AM, Marc and Phyllis were on the grounds, asking mentally for a contact. Marc flashed his flashlight and a white light appearred in the sky. Marc flashed three times, and the UFO flashed the same sequence back. It moved to the left and flashed three times, then diagonally upward, then back to the original spot, flashing three times at each point in the triangle formed.

* * *

Lately, Marc professes to have been receiving telepathic material which he has written down in longhand in several notebooks. He has collaborated with several people in this upstate area who have gotten similar data. One experiment, to verify the material, was this: Marc would sit in one room of his house with a collaborator in another room. Marc would ask a question mentally, and the collaborator would telepathically receive both the question and the answer. The nature of the answer was such that it was judged to be coming from the "Mother Ship" which Marc strongly believes he is in communication with.

Marc is also an extremely gifted artist and has many paintings of space craft, scenes from other planets, and unicorns which he has made several commercially successful posters of. And while Marc is not shy about telling his experiences in public, he has been extremely selective about doing certain radio and TV shows, telling his story only to those in the media who seem sincerely interested in finding out the truth about UFOs.

Does Marc actually have the ability to take photos of space ships, or is something equally strange going on? Does he, as some parapsychologist might suggest, have the ability to psychically imprint certain shapes and forms onto the film, giving the impression that they are authentic UFOs, when, in fact, they might be a form of mental projection? There is, naturally, no proof that this is what is transpiritng, though certain "gifted" individuals such as Uri Geller and Ted Serios seemed to be able to perform such feats of mental manipulation which goes beyond the accepted fringe of science. Or is it possible that Marc is who he claims to be? Is it possible that he is a sort of a "Walk-In' who has arrived for spiritual purposes to help heal the wounds of humankind? Frankly, there are more questions than we have the available answers for. But, the fact is Marc Brinkerhoff has photographic PROOF that something is just "not right," and hopefully with proper investigation we can come up with some reasonable conclusions.
From UFO Universe by Harold Salkin


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