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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Another dream was very short and felt like a "flashback". In that dream, I was lying in my own bed in my room, on my back with my arms outside of the covers and laying straight down my side. Out of the darkness I then saw a very skinny arm with a rather disproportionately large hand that seemed to have only three very long and strange looking fingers (I could not see any knuckles on the fingers). As I watched this in my dream, I could not move. Then the hand grabbed my forearm with very strong fingers. It wasn't a sudden grab, just a deliberate, fairly slow approach and grab. At that point I woke up with a start

In yet another dream I was floating through the air about 2 stories off the ground. My back was toward the ground and I could not move but I could somehow see that I was heading for the attic of a 2 story house. I realized in my dream that I was going to smash into the house but instead of doing so, I felt the most incredible sensation of passing through the wall, feeling a feeling and sound something like when one opens up a Velcro fastener (that "tearing" sound). It was like a million tiny ripping or Velcro sounds and a feeling throughout my entire body of that sound. I guess another way of putting it is that it was almost like static electricity, for example, like when two pieces of clothing get highly charged with static electricity and cling to each other, and the sound the electricity makes (the "crackle") when they are force apart. The sensation stopped once I was through the wall. I then floated to a small table exactly the right size for my body. The table was right in the middle of this high-ceiling attic, which was completely bare. I didn't feel at all anxious but felt very calm, almost whimsical. I didn't see anyone around but I decided that I wanted to experiment and try to scream as loudly as I could, just because. I opened my mouth (which along with my eyes was the only other thing on my body not paralysed) and I let out as big a scream as I could muster, at the top of my lungs. Although I could feel that I was screaming very loudly, not one sound came from my mouth. I then woke up to find myself trying to scream but with a very weak sound coming from me.

I have come to realize that each of these dreams contain aspects of abduction-related phenomena. These dreams felt very different, especially in content, to my "normal" dreams.


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