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Tuesday, March 15, 2005


From California, a friend reports:
I have never seen anything interesting in the sky, two of my frinds did have very impressive sightings. One was in the Navy at the South Pole in the 70's and one in Russia. (I don't know the date on that - she was a very young woman at the time.)

The south pole incident involved aliens and his little jeep-like vehicle's engine dying. There were two of them in the jeep at the time, pitch blackness during "wintering over" months. They were involved in a nuclear materials clean-up. He claimed that there was telepathic communication between the two of them and the aliens.

Also mentioned that the mode of these aliens getting from the vessel to the ground was by floating down on a beam of light that was the color of anti-freeze. The greenish light was more of a beam than a flood light, as I understood.

That particular friend died two years ago - he was only 50. All of a sudden he came down with a weird stomach problem, then went to hospital. Before you knew it, he was in a coma that lasted for months on end. Finally, he got so thin and frail he died. Very strange. The odd thing was that before that he was always a super strong looking guy - big muscles and all.

One interesting point, he never wanted to talk to anyone about the whole UFO thing with anyone until he saw a library book in my cubicle called "Crash at Corona" (the Roswell incident).

He was embarrassed about the whole thing because he thought people would think he was weird. He never told the higher-ups in the Navy either. He and the other guy made a pact not to tell because they didn't want to end up in trouble. When I asked if time had been missing or sped up he said yes. The time seemed to go way too fast because when they got back to camp the chores that the others were doing should have been done hours earlier if everything they went through with the ETs had taken normal time.

It was so strange to know a big strong guy that was scared of the dark. He never went to sleep without the TV on.

I suspected radiation poisoning. I remember that he got sick, went to the hospital, felt a little better and then came back to work for a couple of months. Then, he got really sick - almost over night. He figured he got bit by a bug and maybe got some disease from that but they tested and that didn't pan out. Nobody ever said what the hospital finally put down for cause of death. The family was pretty strong willed about not wanting visitors from work, just close family at the hospital.

I asked my friend to contact his Navy friend years ago to compare notes. He tried, but I believe the buddy had died years earlier yet. The other guy was from Louisiana as I recall. My friend said that he was a very nice guy and that during the time that he was in the Navy he did visit with the family on "leave". So he did have a way to go about finding him but, if I'm remembering right, by the time he inquired about the buddy he had already died.

I'm not so sure these two actually went aboard the spaceship. He said he remembered clearly seeing creatures float down... even explained how their feet were pointed downward while descending. Sounded like the incident happened on the ground. He said that when they were approached by the light, the engine died. He reached behind the seat to grab something to defend themselves with, but the next thing he remembered was that they were both standing outside the vehicle near the light beam. Never mentioned being aboard.

The Russian incident involved lots of eye witnesses and it was close enough in broad daylight to spot details on the craft and a saturn-ring-like glow as it powered away. She said it sort of appeared to "discharge energy".

The Russian sighting was at the level of a typical multi-story building height - but not like skyscraper height. This was her second sighting but the more detailed viewing.


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