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Wednesday, March 16, 2005


This article is not about dreams but about my friend's experiences.

My last known experience was in 1993 in the Bay Area. In October of that year, my wife, a friend (who is also an experiencer) and I drove into San Francisco from the East Bay across the Bay Bridge. The sun had already gone down. On driving onto the last section of the Bay Bridge that leads directly into SF, I saw a huge array of 8 "rectangular" intensely bright blue-white lights, arranged in a kind of Tic-Tac-Toe pattern (3x3 array) but with the top left space unoccupied. The thing was that these lights were situated from just to the right of downtown SF (actually the Transamerica Pyramid building) to just to the left of the hill that has the Coit Tower atop it. And the height went from the ground level to at least the top of the Trans America Pyramid skyscraper. So each of the 8 lights in proper persective looked to be a couple of city blocks in area. If you look at that area during the day, at least in 1993, there were no buildings or structures of any height in that geographical location.

At first I thought that there must have been a professional game on at the local stadium, but quickly realized that there was no stadium at that location. My next few thoughts involved the idea that there must have been some street repair work being done at night in the area, but the lights were so incredibly huge in size. Then I thought it must be an optical illusion and that the lights were actually situated next to the bridge on a barge or something and there was repair work being done. But the closer we drove to the city, the lights just stubbornly remained in that location between the buildings and Coit Tower area. When we finally got to the city and our viewing perspective changed so we were looking at almost right angles to the lights, I saw a huge glow form behind the downtown buildings where the lights were. Initially I said nothing when I saw the lights because I thought there was a prosaic explanation for them. I was silent but about half way across the bridge, for some reason I looked at my friend who, with wide eyes, stared back at me and said "what is that?!" and I replied that I had no clue. As happens in some of these cases my wife did not see the lights.

In any event, a couple of months later in late December, one night I went to sleep and felt very strange, something not quite right. I couldn't explain it. I wasn't feeling ill or anything like that. I tossed and turned and I noticed that I would close my eyes and try to sleep but would open them again a few seconds later, not feeling tired. After a short while, lying on my side, I noticed a pink-red light source(s), realized it was coming from inside my room, behind me, and also realized we didn't have any such lights of any color in that general area behind me. Satisfied that I had figured out where the light was emanating from, I did the only logical thing. I proceeded to close my eyes and go to sleep (!). To this day I still don't know why I didn't turn around to look where the light was and what it was, since I am an extremely curious person by nature. Anyway, an unknown length of time later I suddenly "woke up." Actually, what happened was that I did a super-fast sit-up suddenly from lying on my back, instantaneously awake and waving my arms in a "fighting" mode, adrenalin flowing, and filled with terror. I was yelling loudly and cursing at "someone" (I didn't have a clue who it was) and telling them to leave me alone, liberally using expletives and threatening them with harm if they touched me again. For a few seconds as I sat up, I saw at the foot of my bed the disappearing forms of 3 or 4 beings, smallish, maybe 4 ft in height. Their forms kind of seemed to shimmer of dissolve away, leaving the empty room behind them. My wife, who is a light sleeper and hears me when I tiptoe into the room, never woke up during my thrashing in bed and yelling and turning the lights on. Her breathing also seemed much too quiet. The next day when I asked her if she had heard anything she said "nothing at all" and was very surprised when I eventually had the courage to tell her what had happened. I had never and have never been as terrified as that nigt. I looked at the clock and noticed it was about 3:30a.m. For the next few days, I had to have the light on in the room, something I hadn't done since I was young and afraid of the dark. Since then I cannot go to sleep early any more. I usually get to sleep around 2:00a.m. to 4:00a.m. and I don't know why.

After that experience, I did some reading to figure out what had happened, came across Budd Hopkin's mail address and sent him a letter. He put me in touch with a couple of hypnotherapists but I was not able to remember anything of that night, between the time I closed my eyes after seeing the light, to the time I rudely "woke up" (was "switched on"). I have tried about three of four hypnotherapists, but was never able to remember a thing, and I so desperately wanted to remember.

Sorry for being long-winded but that sums up my experience. I've had other sightings and fallout from the experience but I will definitely not bore you with that.


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