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Saturday, March 19, 2005


When I was young, in my teenage years I was living in New Jersey some of my time, and one day I was driving down this lonely country road off the beaten path. I had my driver's license and I guess I had been driving for about a year or so and I was still pretty cautious when it came to driving. I was driving along, not fast, because I really did not know the road that well because it was winding and twisting.

As I came around this almost 90 degree turn there was an oncoming car coming in the opposite dirction which was a small black convertible. I started slowing down around the turn. The other guy was slowing down around the turn too but he was coming in the opposite direction. I looked at this guy and he looked at me when we passed each other and I am sure we were not going any faster than 10 to 15 miles an hour or so when we passed. This guy was bald and he had the longest head and the strangest eyes I have ever seen in my life and I still remember the face as of today, very vividly too. That guy, or whatever he was, gave me the willies. His eyes were deep set, round and dark, almost black. He had on a black suit.


My fiance told me of an incident some time ago when he was out camping when he had his camper. He was in a very remote place in southern Alberta where no one had been. It had snowed and the ground was covered with snow. The moon was bright and shining on the snow. There was a road that led up to where he was parked with the camper. He was laying in bed looking out the window towards this road when he saw a little rabbit hop across the road. The moonlight was that bright that he could see the rabbit. While he was watching that little rabbit he saw a "man" walking towards where he was parked. This man had no coat on, only shirt sleeves and pants. My fiance said it was about 28 degrees outside and no one would go walking like that in the first place. In the second place where did this man come from because there was no one around where he was, and hadn't been. The man just kept walking straight to the camper. At that point he went right to sleep!

The next morning when he got up and went outside he found the prints of the little rabbit in the snow but there were no foot prints of the man that walked up to the camper!


On June 3, 1999 I was told for the first time about the "shadow man." Several months before on the average of about once a week he would notice this shadow. The shadow was not really that noticeable at the time since it was very faint. He could hardly make it out. This was months ago so he never thought anything of it so he just dismissed it but it would appear about once a week. He could see it from the corner of his eye. Sometimes it would be on his right and sometimes on his left.

Over the past few weeks this outline had become much stronger and more prevalent, to the point where he could see it twice a week, or almost twice. He saw it three times in the past 2 weeks. It was an outline of a person but he couldn't make it out yet, it was getting clearer though. It made him feel eerie and uneasy. The shadow man would appear for a split second only, like he was standing next to him.

On June 14, 1999 my fiance told me that the "shadow man" will not come back again.

"The shadow will not come back anymore, believe me. It will never come back. I am somewhat concerned and puzzled and maybe even a bit frightened now. I am totally at peace now, but then again I always was, at least I thought so anyway."

"It happened around 2:00 a.m. in the morning when I was sleeping on Saturday morning. I woke up and he was glowing for quite awhile. I talked to him through mental telepathy. I asked him what do you want? He asked me to go with him and I said "No!" So he said then I am coming to you. His shadow came closer and closer until he amalgamated with my body until we were one being. Now it is within me and I am concerned and I am somewhat puzzled. I cannot feel him but I feel a bit different. I find that my senses are keener and sharper - all 5 senses. It looked human. It looked like the person I saw many years ago at the door in my out of body experience."

So this is the reason I say he won't be back - because he never left.


Some time after that the shadow man did leave but that is another story.


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