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Wednesday, April 20, 2005



Jim: The forest ranger, David, from California came again to visit. It was late at night, about 2 a.m. Almost all of these incidents have happened at night; we have never seen anything during the daytime. Peggy and Harry were also visiting. Nine disks landed in the front yard and I got a very clear view of them. They matched exactly one of the pictures I had seen in a book I have. Harry and Barbara were at the window and David was asleep in the bedroom. I called for David and I started out the front door. I was walking toward them as Barbara and Harry watched from the window.

Barbara: Harry and I were watching from the window, both from the same window. What I can't figure out is that Jim and I saw such a large array of them but Harry saw large, dark football shapes as if they were blocking part of the view. We were trying to see what would happen in the whole area -- and watching Jim walk out -- which I didn't want him to do. I have no awareness of what happened as far as what anyone else saw from that point on. My face was close to the glass and something hit me in the forehead -- a forceful impact like something hit me. I was knocked back off the couch and fell on the floor. Harry saw light out of the corner of his eye, and Jim said he saw a flash of light. I didn't see it.

Jim: Harry yelled to me and I said I saw it. Harry said, "It's Barbara, it's Barbara." And I went running back to the house and found her in the middle of the floor.

Barbara: The next thing I remember after looking out and seeing them was Jim putting a flashlight in my eyes to see if I had a concussion.

Jim: While I was working over Barbara on the floor, they disappeared. I thought about it subsequently and wondered why they didn't do it to me since I was the one walking toward them. But then I began to understand that they did the most practical thing that could be done to get me back inside and get both people away from the window. And I think I really began to respect how clever they were. Then I began to suspect that maybe the government was doing it to us. Except that there were a lot of unusual things. For instance, David had been paralyzed during the incident -- he could hear us calling but couldn't get up until it was over. But then he went out walking with me and we all heard ultrasonics, the extremely high-pitched sounds, were going on out there and continued all night. David was sick then for three days. The sound would sometimes give us headaches but not all of us all at once -- to different individuals at different times.


Jim: I went back to the Law Officer and had a talk with him and he started telling me about some of the incidents that had happened again and about how he had pictures. He said they have a box and he had seen it on occasion. He had seen blinking lights, where there shouldn't be any, in trees, and such. He said he was out on a patrol one night and he saw, in a group of trees, this box that was blinking. He said he didn't want to go in alone so he raced back to town and picked up another Law Officer to go with him. When he got back, the trees were gone, the box was gone, everything was gone. He thought they had gone into the ground; he had seen things go into the ground before. He is reasonably convinced that they just go into the ground; I've never seen that happen.


Jim: There is one piece of what you might call physical evidence on the ranch; there is a big burned spot on the top of the hill - approximately 35 feet across where nothing would grow the first year -- it's beginning to grow in a little now. On a compulsion, the older boy, Joe, and I drove up there one night and parked at the circle. In the trees, a bright yellow light, not bright I guess, a little dim but yellow -- looked like an old car headlight, just shined on the car -- the back was toward the trees. We got out and walked, over there was a box on the ground. I told Joe to stay back about 10 feet. It was making a buzzing sound just like zzzzz and there was light like inside it but not on it. Hard to describe. It was night but there was a full moon and as I walked to about four feet from it, it changed its tone entirely. It sounded like a bunch of angry bees. The sound went up so I backed away and I told Joe to go back to the car and watch me as I walked up to the box. We then walked back to the car and I told Joe that whatever happens, do not leave the car. Then I walked back and the box was gone. Following that is the part that Barbara prefers that I leave out.

Barbara: Absolutely!

Investigator: Are you leaving it out because it's personally embarrassing or because it's terrifying?

Jim: Too incredulous, that's the part that is too kooky, frankly. And she requested that I didn't. And I don't think that close encounters of the third kind are really interesting to anyone except to whom they happen.

Barbara: If something should happen, something should go wrong and our names should be connected with this, I could face it but I could not face this other situation. And I'm too psychologically upset -- almost destroyed - by this whole thing anyway and I'm trying very hard to keep from feeling that I have experienced something that I didn't experience -- or did I experience it and can't remember, or what.

(At this point, Barbara is shaking so badly she can hardly light her cigarette. She has been practically chain smoking since the beginning of the narrative.)


Jim: There were quite a number of other things. I think they fit pretty much into a pattern. One afternoon I went out walking in the woods and I saw a bird that was about three feet tall. I got one clear side of it -- it was brown and had three feather-like appendages on its head. We have a whole set of animal books and I went through them trying to track it down. I didn't find that any such animal existed on earth as I knew it. I tried to follow it and it went around those rolling hills and was gone. I came back to the house, and as I was coming through the fence, there was a slight snowstorm. We have this huge coon hound, and as I approached the fence, the kids saw me coming (they could just see me barely in the snow). The dog saw me and came running, and when he got to the fence, he stopped and started barking and growling when he got close to me. When I passed, he picked up some kind of an odor and wasn't letting me through the fence. That scared the kids and they went running into the house, thinking that something was coming -- they could just see the shape on the hill. The dog was still not letting me through the fence even though I was talking to him. It took three or four minutes of hard talking before my own dog let me through the fence. And I had been crawling all around where this unusual birdlike thing was. And I really thought about what it could be or how it could be, and I've come up with no data at all, except that it was a very unusual animal. And then it was just gone. And I don't hallucinate -- you know; I mentioned that I took acid -- but I've never had a conscious hallucination in my life, that I'm aware of. And I'm sure that if I had, it would be over more than birds at the ranch, because I never had them off the ranch.

To be continued


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